What is the best single axle tractor. Distinguishing characteristics of the shtenli g-192 diesel power tiller:

Top 10 best power tillers

For many owners of homestead and garden plots, as well as small farms, the single-axle tractor has long been an indispensable friend and helper. It spares you from doing hard, monotonous physical labor and saves a lot of time. It is estimated that even the simplest single-axle tractor or power tiller with a small motor increases productivity by at least six times and reduces the time spent on agricultural work on the homestead by the same amount.

Before continuing, it is necessary to define the terminology. Many people think that a single axle tractor and a power tiller are the same thing and use these terms synonymously. In fact, this is fundamentally wrong. Motor cultivator. a device designed exclusively for loosening the ground with cutters. You can say that the cultivator is a simple mechanical soil loosener and nothing more.

The single-axle tractor is another matter. Even the simplest of these wonderful agricultural machines, in addition to the tiller can be equipped with a plow, harrow, seeder, potato planter, hoe and potato digger. It can be hitched to a wagon and transport loads of up to 300 kg. and more. The most advanced models have a PTO (PTO in short), which allows this agricultural machine to be additionally equipped with a mower, a pump, a snowplow rotor, and other useful devices and attachments. In fact, a single-axle tractor is a two-wheeled tractor, and this comparison becomes more relevant when you learn that heavy power tillers are as productive as mini-tractors.

Which single axle tractor is better?

The answer to this rather simple, but at the same time complicated question can be very simple. What is the best single axle tractor?? The one you have.

But this is of course all lyric. And the question is really serious. Since when choosing a tractor the potential buyer can not formulate for himself a complete list of works that he needs to perform today, and what, potentially, in a month, two, six, and also does not consider the functional purpose of this or that equipment, does not consider his return or physical capacity.

You see, choosing a single axle tractor is like choosing a car. And in this regard, when choosing a car man puts quite a lot of questions for themselves. Comfort, fuel consumption, number of family members, marketability. Choosing a washing machine, housewives also put a lot of questions for themselves, power consumption, loading weight, number of functions, etc.д. But when choosing a power tiller, very few people ask themselves questions. How I’m going to work on it? Will I be able to walk behind the equipment at the pace offered by the manufacturer? Will I be able to plow with a plough?д. Of course this does not apply to all buyers, but the lion’s share of customers, just trying to point fingers in the sky, at random. And God willing, if you immediately fall into our caring hands, and we can find out the volume of tasks, work, your physical data and pick up the technique that best suits you. But if you accidentally fall into the hands of illiterate stores perekupov, for you it can be a real tragedy, without exaggeration of the word.

Let’s try to figure out now what your options are if you decide to buy a single axle tractor.

Bear service. Do you have your own plot of land and your neighbor has a single axle tractor? In this case, you will come to him and of course begin to wonder what a single-axle tractor is better to take for yourself. It so happens, alas, that no owner of the motor block in any case will not admit to you that he has a problem with machinery. He’ll tell you about his, about the tasks he performs, and ultimately recommend that you buy one just like it. Because it’s the best, the most powerful and so on.д. This kind of consultation, this is a conditional trap. Because all people are different, and for your neighbor may be the norm, for example, weld something to your power tiller, how to improve it, can make your own repairs. And you for example, this is quite categorical, believing that the technique should begin to work, but do not force you to make something else. Therefore, to avoid such a trap, you need to find out the model of your neighbor’s power tiller and, at least, read reviews, watch video reviews and find out all the strengths and weaknesses of this technique.

Our own bumps. If you do not have neighbors, relatives and generally in the environment of someone who does not have any experience in operating this type of equipment. Here you will have to yourself to surf the Internet, articles, reviews, forums, reviews. The trap of this way of choosing a power tiller is very simple. The agreement between the farmers and gardeners is absent, from the word completely. Everyone will praise that technique, which he has. So you’ll see a lot of contradictory information, someone will shout that China. is cool, someone will praise the technique Neva, and someone will categorically argue that better than MTZ and Motor Sich does not exist. The problem with modern videos is that we can either find a review of some single axle tractor, where you will be told about its features, or a video where they do some work on it. What does this information and this video format give you, exactly NOTHING. For example, you can enter the query milling with MTZ power tiller in the YouTube search line and be impressed by how coolly it grinds the ground into fluff with an active milling cutter. But you can never tell how much is being worked by the person who films this video for you. For example, you have a suburban area of 6 hectares, and the presenter of the video 2 hectares of land, in this case, buying MTZ, you actually can not work in your garden. Exactly like the reverse side, you are shown a video of motoblock Mobil K, beautiful, colorful, advertising the incredible efficiency of this baby. But the author of this video clip has 2 hectares of land in cultivation, and you have 40, and what should you do with such a baby on your plot. Therefore, the video materials, reviews and various kinds of promotional information should be very carefully and with a maximum amount of skepticism.

objective reality. The easiest and most reliable way, it seems, is to come to the sales organization, to touch the technique, and get a complete and detailed advice of the seller. Within the limits of Belarus, it is actually the most unfortunate option to buy equipment. There are many reasons for this. And we will now take them apart step by step.

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By class

The defining characteristic when choosing a power tiller is its weight. It affects the ability to work the land and transport goods. In the following three reviews you will find the best light, medium and heavy power tillers.


Lightweight power tillers are suitable for plots up to 0.5 ha. They are maneuverable, but because of the low engine power they are unable to withstand the weight of a loaded trailer. Optimal loading is a small dolly, an attachment with 5-6 tillers, or a plow.

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

  • 4-stroke motor
  • Easy to shift speeds
  • steering wheel reinforced by a crossbar
  • Working depth 34 cm
  • dry run protection

Review of lightweight power tillers opens multifunctional model, which can be used all year round: to remove the snow, plow the garden bed. Handle is set aside for convenience, so as not to trample the furrow. Dinking DK 170F 7L motor power. с., Belt is used for clutch.

Huter MK-7000

The German 72-kilogram model is inexpensive, so it is in demand among customers. Set includes 6 curved power harrows with diameter of 30 cm, depth is adjusted by coulter. Front wheel gives stability for easy control of the tiller. The engine of an unknown brand stalls until it warms up, say users.


On a field of up to 1.5 hectares, fast and traction models of the middle class are used. They both plow the field and take the harvest from remote areas to the storehouse. This is the most versatile power tiller with a wide range of cultivation, but it also weighs more.

Neva MB-2KS-(168FA)

The model weighs 85 kg and is equipped with a 4-stroke chain-driven engine. 6 gears: 4 forward and 2 reverse. It can be fitted with a variety of attachments (to be bought separately). The gear lever is far away from the hand, the handle is uncomfortable and it vibrates a lot.


For a mid-range tiller, 96 kg is the weight limit, but in the field it will handle even the virgin soil without additional effort. The tillers go down to 30 cm, and there are 6 of them in the set. The cable must be bolted to the handles and it is important not to hit the gear lever with your foot when you buy the machine.


This review presents the most popular for 2021 power tillers with reliable engines for working the land, which have received a large number of positive reviews.

Aurora COUNTRY 1400

The single-axle tractor with a powerful 4-stroke engine has a downshift for full-load operation or driving uphill. Here is the biggest tank in the range: even 6.5 liters, plus independent PTO switch on the clutch lever. Disadvantages are the empty market for outboard equipment and parts.

Champion DC1193E

It’s a 177kg diesel single-axle tractor with a 4-stroke engine, which is quiet enough (92dB). 12-inch pneumatic wheels run well over sand or clay, and vibration protection is implemented on the handles. After purchase, you need to fasten the cables so that they do not dangle, and tighten the knot fasteners. China, after all.

Now let’s look at the attachment for the power tiller.

Plow Its main function is to lift the stale layer of soil. A plow for the power tiller should be used if the ground hasn’t been tilled in a while. This attachment lifts the soil layer, forming large lumps, so you need to cultivate the soil after tillage with the plow. Please note that the plow has to go deeper into the ground during operation, this is an important quality indicator.
Tiller Basically, it’s a V-shaped plow. Besides ploughing, it is also used for furrowing. There are three types of planter. fixed width, variable width, and disc.
Potato digger This attachment on your power tiller makes harvesting potatoes much easier without damaging them. The principle of the potato puller is as follows: the device picks up chunks of soil, the soil crumbles, and the potatoes are separated.
Mower Used for cutting grass. There are two types of mowers: rotary and knife mowers. The first ones are more powerful, but they are less safe to use. The latter are more maneuverable and can even be used between beds.
Aerator This device is needed to better provide moisture and oxygen to the soil. The principle here is the following: many small holes are pierced in the ground. this helps saturate the soil with oxygen, fertilizer and moisture even in the deep layers, near the roots of plants.
Rotary brush Allows you to use a single-axle tractor as a machine for clearing snow or small debris.
Bulldozer blade Can shovel snow, earth or small embankments. Acts like a bulldozer.
Soilers Allow you to ensure a good grip on the ground. Often used with smaller machines.
Cart It is used for transportation of cargo, usually from 250 to 550 kg (capacity depends on the model). For the convenience of the operator the dolly is equipped with a seat.

Note that attachments must be matched to each model of power tiller. Before buying make sure the attachment can be installed on your model.

Single axle tractor. an excellent helper for owners of homestead or summer cottage. It will serve its owner for many years. But it must be a reliable, high-quality machine. Consider the most popular models in terms of price/quality ratio, according to owners who have tried them out.

Mobil K MKM-3 PRO MBK0018441

One of the most popular single-axle tractors in Russia, it is equipped with a gasoline engine Loncin G200FA capacity of 6.5 л.с. Two gears are available for forward travel, the linear speed is 2.5 to 8.5 km/h. Rear gears have only one speed, with a range of 1.6 to 2.6 km/h. The gearbox belongs to the professional class, has an aluminum housing, bearings, hardened shafts and gears. This results not only in a high degree of reliability but also in simple operation, as all gears shift smoothly and accurately.

A distinctive feature is the unique hardened knife design, manufactured by a special technology. They do not need any service during the whole service life because they are self-sharpening and are not afraid of coming in contact with branches or even stones. The steering wheel is adjustable in two planes, the handles are made of anti-vibration alloy, so even during prolonged use the operator will feel comfortable.

The machine can perform 13 different operations, for some of them you will need to buy additional attachments, which can be found at official representatives of the manufacturer.

  • Catchy motor.
  • Aluminum gear housing.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Excellent build quality.


Inexpensive single axle middle power tractor. It attracts customers by its low price and multifunctionality. Unit runs on gasoline, provides 7 horsepower. It has a manual transmission with six speeds, four front and two rear.

Initially, the model is equipped with three wheels. a small, narrow front and two wide rear wheels, as well as cutters. However, there is a pulley in the mechanism to which other types of equipment can be hooked: a rocker, a digger, a trailer, etc.

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Huter GMC-7.5(М)

A compact single-axle tractor equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine with a 6-liter fuel tank. Two pneumatic small wheels with deep treads give it a good cross-country ability on all types of soil, off-road. Easy to operate, reliable in daily use.

There is a manual gearbox with three speeds: 2 forward and one reverse. Availability of mounting hardware allows the selection of any attachments. The single-axle tractor is initially equipped with a cultivator with six tillers. Other elements: mowing head, mower, snowplow and others, if necessary, you need to buy additionally.

Aurora GARDENER 750

A model in the lightweight class. It has a medium power level, which allows its use on household plots, cottages, farms. The machine is equipped with three wheels. The two rear ones are the main ones with big treads and facilitate the machine’s movement on all types of terrain.

Only the tillers are included. The rest of the equipment is purchased additionally, if necessary.

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

The machine, which is suitable for work in country houses, homesteads, small farms. It is equipped with a professional licensed engine with a long service life. The tiller can be adjusted in two positions and is vibration-free during operation, so there is less strain on the hands.

Primarily equipped with only cutters. But it can be additionally equipped with other mounted implements: plow, trailer, potato harvester or potato planter, hoe.


Reliable single-axle tractor with a strong frame, attractive with its power and versatility. It will be irreplaceable helper in the homestead. It can be used to work with various attachments: a trailer, a potato harvester, other mechanisms.

It’s easy to drive thanks to the comfortable, adjustable steering column. Two large wheels with deep tread provide good cross-country mobility and traction. The mechanical gearbox is represented by two speeds for driving backward and four. forward.

Neva MB-2KS-(168FA)

Powerful model with compact dimensions. It is characterized by ease of operation, reliability in operation. the single-axle tractor is equipped with a four-stroke engine, two not the biggest, but wide wheels with good deep tread, due to which it has high cross-country ability on any soil.

No intermediate platform between the frame and the engine, thereby increasing durability and reducing vibration in the mechanism. Gearbox has three speeds: 2 forward, 1 reverse. Not only suitable for its intended use as a cultivator. The availability of output shaft gear enables the purchase of other attachments in addition: a mower, a trailer, and others.

Celina MB-901

Compact model that only at first glance seems small, unable to perform a large amount of work. The unit is designed for working the soil up to 80 hectares. Four-stroke engine is located on the top of the machine to ensure air-cooled operation.

Best mid-range tiller

Huter MK-11000(M)

The perfect model for country houses and farms. Motor cultivator has the following features:

  • A function that allows you to change the width and depth of tillage, if necessary;
  • powerful 11 hp motor for plowing even heavy soils. Fuel tank capacity is 3.6 liters;
  • low oil level warning, which helps protect the machine components from breakdown;
  • 3 speeds: 1 reverse, 2 forward;
  • reversing function;
  • The presence of a special support (coulter), which allows you to conveniently store the equipment or set it up for a break in work. The split-frame design makes the cultivator very compact to store;
  • weight of 140 kg
  • Working width 1150 mm.
  • reliable, overheat-proof motor;
  • The motor will not start when the oil level is low;
  • Easy operation;
  • ergonomics. Despite the large weight of the product, your hands are not tired;
  • powerful motor;
  • All necessary accessories for plowing are included.

Champion BC1193

Another Champion brand product. Heavy device equipped with a powerful gasoline motor and a multi-disc clutch. Recommended for use on plots up to 3 hectares. The equipment belongs to the professional category. Cultivator is equipped with a 4-stroke motor of 9 liters. с. Gearbox is pinion type, steel. No belts in the construction of the cultivator contributes to the reliability of the entire construction. Working width: 1100 mm, working depth: 300 mm. Three speeds: 1 reverse, 2 forward. The weight of the device is sufficient for plowing virgin land. 132 kg. Fuel tank capacity of 6 liters, number of tools in a set. 8.

Negative reviews are virtually nonexistent. Only complaint about shifting to the right gear.


The PATRIOT Kaluga M belongs to the middle class of power tillers. Ability to use attachments significantly expands the functionality of the unit. Reliable and high-quality components enable use on all types of terrain. Deep-treaded wheels provide excellent off-road mobility.

single axle tractor equipped with 4 stroke 7 hp gasoline engine. Tillage width 850 mm. Weight of the device is 87.4 kg.

  • Robust frame that can withstand not only its own components, but also the attached equipment;
  • easy steering with a steering wheel. Thanks to this feature the work with the rotary cultivator does not represent any difficulty even for a beginner;
  • Height adjustment of the tiller arm;
  • 3 speed modes: 2 front and rear;
  • reverse function;
  • Reinforced sickle-shaped cutters. even in virgin land
  • Efficient mudguards to protect the operator from dirt that rushes out from under the wheels;
  • limiting the depth of plowing, which is important if the thickness of the fertile layer is small;
  • Soft rubber padding on the handles to minimise vibration;
  • low cost.

The owners note a slight bounce of the device when cultivating virgin land. The problem is solved by the use of weights (the same attachments.

Caiman VARIO 60S TWK

The machine is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine with a volume of 169 cm3. Caiman looks nice and is easy to operate. The unit weighs 72 kg and has an automatic transmission with three speeds (2 forward and 1 reverse). The model can work on an area of up to 2,500 square meters. Fuel tank holds about 3.4 liters. Included are:

Chain gear and belt clutch ensure good performance for a long time.

The advantage of this model is a motor. Even children can handle it.

You should not give a child to use such a machine, it can lead to an accident.

The owners of small plots find it powerful. Balanced weight and belt clutch are nice. Attachments are easily attached to the body. Many note that the size of the machine can be transported in the back of domestic wagons. On medium throttle, the single axle tractor easily breaks up the hard ground into fine crumbs. Caiman. the perfect cultivator.

There are times when a single-axle tractor gets buried in the ground faster than it pulls the plow (the problem is in the transmission of force to the ground by standard rollers). In such cases, additionally welded on the reamers. There is no PTO in the model. Taking into account the price of the machine, all the components bite the price. Over time, transmission oil begins to leak and the shifter gets jammed.

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

The Russian-made machine is cheaper than its predecessor and weighs less (67 kg). The cost is due to the mechanical gearbox (similarly 3 speeds). Gasoline engine has 7.07 horsepower. The main figures of the unit:

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With less weight and size, the tank of Mobil. 3.6 liter. The equipment is poor: rubber and support wheels with a coulter.

Oddly enough, they lack, momentarily, the weight of the machine. Heaviness would help improve the machine’s performance and reduce the user’s effort. No significant disadvantages for its price.


The cheapest in the lightweight class under consideration, but also the heaviest. Manual transmission pleases with an abundance of speeds: 4 forward and 2 reverse. The working width of the power tiller is 100 centimeters. Clutch and drive are similar to its predecessors. Pneumatic large wheels have a good cross-country capability. The manufacturer offers 6 cutters in a set. Transmission supports reversible operation. The fuel tank is commensurate with the model from Mobile.

The advantages are pleasantly surprising: low price, compactness and excellent performance. Many people use it in the north, where the ground is frozen and hard. There Patriot lives up to its name and copes with digging. Machine has excellent maneuverability because of its size and heavy weight.

Not happy with the transmission of a motor-block: after ten acres of plowing, the oil in the box starts to leak. The knot adjusting the steering wheel is well conceived, but poorly implemented (requires tightening after installation).

What to look for when choosing a power tiller

Single-axle tractor. equipment for performing tillage, cleaning up, and transporting goods. When choosing, various parameters should be taken into account: the quality of assembly, engine power, starting method, etc.

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The choice of device class is determined depending on the work to be performed. This parameter includes the main technical characteristics.

Light class

Models of this class are characterized by low weight and dimensions. Milling width from 50 to 90 cm, which increases the productivity of the unit. As a rule, such models are equipped with four-stroke powerful enough engines. Used for farming plots up to 40 acres. Compatible with auxiliary equipment: mowers, ploughs, etc.

Medium Class

Models of this type weigh up to 100 kg. Equipped with a powerful motor. Most models are equipped with a gearbox with multiple speeds, which greatly simplifies the operation of the machine and increases passability. Great weight makes it possible to cultivate even virgin lands. Multifunctional. Can be used as pumps, electric generators, etc. Able to carry up to 0,5 t of load.

Heavy duty class

Equipped with high-powered engines, full-featured gearbox and pinion gears. Models of this class can withstand heavy loads. Suitable for cultivation of large areas, as well as for community work.


The choice in this parameter depends on personal preferences. Motor blocks with gasoline engines are chosen for small private farms. Diesel-powered units are better suited for heavy loads.


The main difference is the ignition system, which is based on compression and heating the fuel. The advantages of the diesel unit are its high output and economic efficiency. The models are very heavy. Controlling this power tiller requires strength. Low speed at low rpm. Fuel system is quite sensitive.


In this type of engine the fuel is ignited by a spark. The engine can be injector or carburetor. The first ones are more in demand. They feature low fuel consumption. Modern direct-injection engines are the most economical. Fuel and air supplied separately.

Engine design

Modern power tillers are equipped with 4-stroke internal combustion engines. Two-stroke can be found on earlier models.


An air-cooled carburetor internal combustion engine. modern models have a water system. Motor blocks with a two-stroke engine have a high power density and liter capacity. This type speeds up faster.


Motors of this design are most adapted for installation on motor blocks. The crankshaft is located horizontally, the combustion chamber is compact and the compression ratio is high. Mothoblocs equipped with a 4-stroke motor, have an economical fuel consumption, can perform a wider range of works.

Engine power

This parameter is important for the performance of a power tiller. For a small area, a 3 to 4 hp model is the right choice. с. Cultivation of fields, starting from a hectare, it is recommended to carry out with a power block of at least 5 liters. с. For maintenance of large areas and virgin lands suitable units from 6 to 9 liters. с.

Engine start method

The engine is started by hand or electric starter. In the second case the construction is additionally equipped with a generator or battery. On modern models, the electric start is duplicated by the manual. Autostart is especially useful for heavy-duty products with a powerful diesel engine. Manual start is available for low horsepower gasoline engines.

Maximum working width

Parameter that affects performance and efficiency. This is the size of the maximum width of one pass of the power tiller. For an area of a few acres, 60 cm is enough, but for a large one, it must be at least 80 cm.

Power take-off shaft

Increases the possibilities of the power tiller, makes it multifunctional. Allows the installation of additional equipment, which through the engine performs its options in active mode.


Transmits torque to the drive axle from the engine shaft, as well as to the active attachments. There are several types of drive design.


One of the most reliable methods of delivering torque to the torsion axle. The drive of this design is characterized by performance and a fairly high noise level.


The most reliable and simple design, transmitting torque through a chain drive. Primarily used on light-duty tractors.


This type of drive is capable of transmitting power over long distances and is protected against possible seizure.

Number of gears

Standard number of gears for comfortable operation. at least 2 forward and 1 reverse. Most modern models have a multi-stage transmission. Models available with 8 forward and 4 reverse gears.


Rear drive increases maneuverability. Reverse is necessary when working too small areas, where it is difficult to turn around.

Type of clutch

The clutch is an important component in a power tiller’s transmission. It transmits torque to the gearbox from the engine shaft. Often a disc or belt drive type of clutch is desired. The second features a simple design. The disc version is more reliable and has a longer service life.

Type of wheels

Two types of wheels are installed on power tillers:

  • Pneumatic. Construction is in the form of rubber tires and chambers.
  • Rubber. These are monolithic tires, consisting of durable, molded rubber and rims.

Steering column

It affects the usability of the machine. It is important that the tiller can be adjusted in different directions. This is necessary so that the user can control the tiller while working the land from the side so as not to trample ploughed soil. It is important that the handles were equipped with rubber pads, which will dampen the vibration during operation.

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