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In a private home, a chainsaw is not the most convenient tool: it requires regular refueling, carburetor and air filter service, and the service life of the high-speed two-stroke motor, especially in low-cost Chinese models, is far from ideal. And after all, most of the work performed by the saw in such circumstances, there is not far from the socket enough to pull an extension cord in the street to be able to use an electric saw. Electric motor doesn’t need refueling, its resource is higher than that of gasoline one, and the owner gets rid of smoke, roar and vibrations, which are inevitable for gasoline-driven tools. If the saw is cordless, you can avoid being tied to a socket as well.

Well, it is worth looking at what electric chainsaws are the best in 2021. Given the variety of models, we will divide them into five categories:

  • Amateur electric saws are the budget segment of the market, simple tools made in China. Cordless models of the lower segment we will not consider: here we will have to immediately sacrifice either the quality of the battery or the performance. A characteristic feature of electric saws is the absence of a clear division of power and bar length, as with gasoline: that amateur and professional electric saw will have similar characteristics.
  • The medium segment includes electric chainsaw models that can handle continuous work, if necessary, which requires more attention to engine cooling and oil pump reliability. Cordless models in this segment will be lower in performance, but already show a decent autonomy.
  • Professional chain saws, both cordless and corded, are designed to last and to give the best performance. Not only are the materials and workmanship high quality, but they also incorporate well thought-out ergonomics, without which a professional tool would not be considered as such.

Best professional electric chainsaw

The high-performance STIHL MSE 250 C-Q-16″ corded chain saw is designed for tough jobs on the construction site. The electric motor rated at 2.5 kW works in conjunction with an electronic control system, equipped with a soft start. Additionally, the saw has an LED overheat warning. In this case, you can start working again in just a few minutes after stopping the tool. The inrush current limiter avoids mains overload. The ergonomics of this model is top-notch: not only is the handle padded, but it is shaped so that it can be comfortably sawed at different angles.

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The working part of the saw is a 400 mm Rapid Super chain. The stock version together with a powerful engine gives high productivity. Considering that this model comes from Germany, you can’t complain about the reliability of the tool and the quality of workmanship. The only weak point is the plastic gear of the lubricating pump drive, which nevertheless has a long service life of several years with proper maintenance. With all this, the regular cable length is 4 meters, which allows you to do in most situations without an extension cord, and most importantly. hanging the wire on the hooks of the handle.

How To Size Electric Motors for Any Project: A Beginners Guide #085


  • Power: 2.5 kW.
  • Power supply: 220 V single-phase.
  • Chainsaw length: 400 mm (16″).
  • Chains: spacing 3/8″, number of links 60, thickness 1.6 mm.
  • Chain tension: instrumental, screw tension.
  • Weight: 5.7 kg.

The right balance

A properly balanced tool has its center of gravity in the exact center. This electric saw is easy to work with. It doesn’t swing sideways, you don’t have to strain your arm muscles to hold the tool or redistribute its weight. The correct balance is especially important for chain saws with a motor that is mounted longitudinally. The tool becomes an extension of the hand and is perfect for hard-to-reach places, different angles and angles.

Depending on the type of motor, a distinction is made between electric and gasoline-powered saws. The cordless tools are distinguished in the first group separately. Let’s look at each type in more detail and see what to look for when buying.

Electric chainsaw

The tool is equipped with an electric motor and runs from 220 V. You don’t need to buy fuel and you don’t have to refuel. It does not emit exhaust fumes, so it is suitable for indoor use. Usually an electric saw is not as noisy as a gasoline-powered tool. Most of the time it is lighter and easier to use: you don’t need to start the engine by hand.

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But there are weaknesses. The electric motor is not resistant to voltage fluctuations. What this means? You have blunt teeth on the chain and you’re sawing a tree. In this case, the load on the engine grows. it can not cope and at a critical moment simply fails. The same thing happens when there is a voltage drop. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on it, especially when you’re out of town. In addition, the electric saw can not work in the rain and in high air humidity.

The main differences between electric saw models

The higher the value, the greater the fluctuations in the mains power supply the tool can endure. But on the other hand, the weight and size of the saw will also be larger. For works in the garden the tool with the engine on 1 000 W is suitable, for regular sawing of trees or construction in the country house the saw with the capacity 1,5-2,5 kW is preferable. Units with higher ratings are used for daily, long hours of operation.

There are electric saws with transversal and longitudinal motor location. The first ones are usually shorter and more compact, but their center of gravity is offset, which complicates the control. Saws with a longitudinal motor are easier to control and more comfortable to operate.

Additional features and details of chain saws

Soft-start motor protects against overloading. This is especially true in the countryside, where electrical equipment may not be in the best condition.

Accidental start lock saves injury. For the chain to start rotating, you need to unlock the trigger with your thumb and only then press it.

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Chain brake stops the saw. It is located on top of the tool and is designed as a shield. If the saw jumps off the workpiece, you will automatically press it with your hand.

Thanks to the overheat protection system, the saw stops cutting when the motor reaches a critical temperature.

Keyless chain tensioning: you manually tighten the handle to keep the chain from sagging. No wrench or screwdriver needed.

Automatic chain lubrication. The oil pump works together with the saw motor. No need to manually oil the chain or dip the entire bar in oil.

TUNDRA electric chainsaw accidental start

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Cordless saw

Also electric motor, but battery operated. Like all electric saws, these models are quiet and do not emit any noise. But their main advantage is that they work independently. You are not dependent on an electrical outlet as long as the battery is charged.

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages: the battery increases the weight of the saw and takes time to charge. However, the latter problem is solved by a spare battery.


The tool does not require a socket, extension cord, battery charging. If we consider comparable models of electric and gasoline saws, the latter will cope with the work faster. The fact that the electric motor consumes energy from the network, and gasoline itself produces it. So a chainsaw is more powerful if its performance is equal (for example, 2,000 watts).

However, such devices are more expensive to maintain: you need not only oil for the chain, but also fuel. Another disadvantage is considered their high noise level. But there are small chainsaws for gardeners, which do not work louder than their electric counterparts.

Classification of chainsaws

Depending on why you need a chainsaw, there are several types.

Suitable for dacha. The power of such a tool is 1-1.7 kW. Performance is low, but these saws are designed for jobs around the house: to cut down wood, trim branches, prepare wood for the sauna, or wood for building a barn.

they are also called semi-professional tools. The tool withstands long and frequent, even daily, loads. an option for those who live in a private home. Such a saw will help in construction, clearing land from trees, and making firewood for the winter. The power of the devices is 2-3 kW.

Professional chainsaws

These tools are designed for professional logging jobs. The power of the saw reaches 6 kW. The units are designed for hours of daily use. they are big and heavy machines, capable of sawing wood for half a day without a break. They are used by industry and craftsmen, and are not needed in the home.

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