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How to use an impact screwdriver

Locksmithing at home or professional repair and manufacturing activities is not without the use of tools. Even people who are accustomed to using the services of professionals to perform household repair tasks should have a standard toolbox: hammer, screwdriver, pliers and other elementary tools in their arsenal.

In this article we will talk about one of the tools called “impact screwdriver”, which is not considered to be elementary, but helps to cope with the difficult to unscrew “stuck”, rusted bolts and screws. Consider the features of this tool, its purpose, the need for availability in the economy, the advantages of operation and disadvantages, tell how to make your own functional device.

Cordless screwdrivers

In order to minimize the mechanically monotonous stresses of large amounts of assembly or disassembly, the most efficient and convenient ones are cordless screwdrivers. Factors like economical battery consumption, tightness of fit and torque ratings are worth considering when making your choice.

Hammer ACD3 cordless screwdriver.6LE

With a compact size and relatively low weight (0.3 kg) the tool has a pretty decent torque of 2.8 Nm, which allows you to screw in rather long screws in materials of high hardness. The LED spotlight, reverser, and ability to quickly change tips make this cordless screwdriver one of the most popular tools for home and professional use. The elastomeric-coated rotary handle makes it very comfortable to hold, and allows you to work even in hard-to-reach places. Nickel-cadmium battery with a fairly high capacity makes the screwdriver fully self-contained. The exchangeable bits included in the set are coated with an anti-corrosion lubricant and are characterized by their better wear resistance.

Some explanations and symbols

Every screwdriver consists of a rod, handle and tip. Can be either one-piece or compound, with a variety of bit sets, greatly increasing the tool’s working range.

Screwdriver handles are most commonly made of plastic. They are easy to clean and very practical. To make the screwdriver more comfortable to use, many manufacturers make rubber inserts on the handle, which helps to avoid slipping.

Quality screwdriver rods are made of high-alloy steel and have a stainless coating. Rods, made of chrome vanadium alloy, are not afraid of corrosive liquids and oils. Shank hardness should be no less than 48 HRC (designation of hardness determined by Rockwell method).

Tip. the tip of a quality screwdriver is often magnetized, for better fixation of small fasteners. Oxidized tips last a very long time as evidenced by their dark color and roughness.

Screwdrivers are also cordless and reversible, impact, dielectric, and indicator screwdrivers. May be sold individually or in sets. From the variety of tools on the market today, we have selected the best ones based on feedback from real customers and professional users. The best, in our opinion, screwdrivers of each type, as well as the most convenient and high-quality sets are presented in this article.

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It is easy to get lost in the variety of screwdrivers.

Impact self-made screwdrivers

Many people wonder if it is possible to make an impact screwdriver with their own hands. You can, but it’s worth thinking about before you do it. The hammer screwdriver, or pressure screwdriver, is made from special alloy steel. It must be impact resistant, but it must not be brittle. Machining such steel at home is hardly possible, you need a special tool for that. In order to transmit the shock impulse to the rotary mechanism, the mating parts must have a certain curvature. They can only be machined on a milling machine.

In some designs, bevel gears are used for the torque transfer function. You need a self-centering chuck or something similar for interchangeable bits. Alas, you can’t make all these parts “at home”. You can make some kind of homemade impact screwdriver, using softer materials. But in this case there is a high probability that after several hits on such a device it will be destroyed and sent to scrap.

Without special materials and skills, you can probably only make a handle for a screwdriver with your own hands. Some models have a plastic handle as standard. It often cracks and craftsmen replace it with a self-made wooden handle.

This tool is an indispensable helper of a locksmith-repairman. It can be used not only for screws, bolts and self-drilling screws. By fixing a hex adapter in the chuck, you can use various sockets for unscrewing nuts as an accessory.

A rotary impact screwdriver can also be used for the reverse operation, that is, for tightening fasteners. If you do this, it will be impossible to unscrew such a connection with an ordinary hand tool.

Screwdriver reversible with a set of bits

Most manufacturers produce such screwdrivers in a set with a variety of bits.

In addition to the screwdriver itself, which can have any type of handle, such sets usually also include:

  • bit holder;
  • bits (for precise work the set includes similar bits of smaller size);
  • extensions (for precision work a flexible extension cord is needed);
  • adapters for socket heads;
  • sockets with different diameters.


This type of tool is needed when dismantling old structures, the fasteners of which are “welded” or covered with a layer of rust. This rating of screwdrivers by quality includes three of the best samples with straight and Phillips heads that can withstand the toughest loads.

matrix SL8x150 19117

A robust impact screwdriver whose main advantages are the comfortable two-piece handle with a steel plate on the back (can be struck with a hammer), the solid core with a high degree of safety and the reinforced protection of the magnetized head (SL8). Durable tool even under toughest conditions.

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Handy cross-head screwdriver with a solid shaft and ergonomic handle that can take a hammering. Magnetized working part is characterized by high durability and allows to work in hard-to-reach places.


Straight-toothed impact screwdriver suitable for difficult-to-reach screws. Can be combined with an impact tool and a wrench.

Impact screwdriver technical parameters

Every manufacturer strives to make his product not only qualitative, but also multifunctional. The impact screwdriver, depending on the technical features and configuration, has the following characteristics:

  • reverser. A good tool is sure to have a reversible design. This function is not always needed, so on products from Soviet times, they are absent. The presence of reverser affects the cost of the tool, but is not always justified by the need
  • Material of production. Products of Soviet times were made of steel, and in this form went on sale. Modern models are rarely seen without a surface coating, which is polyurethane, rubber or polyethylene. The metal base coating not only provides extra protection to the tool, but also eliminates the possibility of slipping and electric shock when working with electrical devices
  • Handle. The role of the handle in an ordinary tool is to apply physical force. The impact screwdriver has a slightly different handle that is part of the impact-rotary mechanism, and is designed to hold the product during cutting operations

This is interesting! Every home handyman has encountered a situation where a fastener cannot be unscrewed. Usually such a situation is familiar to car owners, when the rusty bolt of the door hinge mount is not unscrewed. For such purposes, a special bit is put on the impact screwdriver and used to perform the corresponding actions.

A tool with a screwdriver bit for unscrewing screw connections

best, impact, screwdriver, reverse

Impact screwdrivers come with several variants of interchangeable bits. over, manufacturers complete their tools not only with cross and flat bits, but also with hexahedrons and a star. bits with different diameters do not have to be included in the set with the product, because the usual bits from standard screwdrivers are suitable for such a screwdriver.

What are impact tools for?? Everyone will be able to answer this question independently, once they have used the product. These tools are always useful if they are available in the arsenal of a home handyman. If there is an urgent need to use a tool, but have not yet had time to buy it, it is possible to make an impact screwdriver with their own hands.

Impact screwdriver overview

Below are some models of both domestic and foreign manufacturers, with a brief description of the technical characteristics.

Impact screwdriver Jonnesway

Screwdriver Jonnesway, model AG010055 (Taiwan)

Advantages of the tool and its technical characteristics:

The Force impact screwdriver

  • There is a set of 4 bits;
  • weight. 950 g;
  • overall length. 200 mm;
  • Length of the rod. 50 mm;
  • metal handle;
  • packed in a plastic case.
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Impact screwdriver Zubr

This model of the Russian company Zubr is well suited for plumbing or assembly work.

Zubr impact screwdriver (model PROFESSIONAL 25271-8)

Technical characteristics of the tool:

  • has an oil- and gasoline-resistant handle, allowing the tool to be used in aggressive environments;
  • weight 300 g;
  • It has a magnetized tip;
  • Total length of the tool. 260 mm;
  • stem length. 150 mm.
best, impact, screwdriver, reverse

FIT impact screwdriver

Screwdriver by the Canadian brand FIT (Profi 6100 mm SL FIT IT 55636)

  • Has a hexagonal key at the end of the handle that allows you to use a wrench for more effort when working;
  • compact dimensions;
  • stem length. 100 mm.

Topex impact screwdriver

Topex 8 slotted impact screwdriver.0300 39D256 (Poland)

Advantages and characteristics of the tool:

Indicator screwdriver

Dielectric screwdriver

This tool is needed when leveling walls, ceilings, floors, building foundations, laying tiles, installing windows and doors, for marking walls before painting or wallpapering, as well as other types of construction and repair work. Even installing built-in appliances and laying pipes is impossible without a spirit level.

A good alternative to brushes and rollers is the paint sprayer. You can paint quite a large area with this tool. At the same time, paint sprayers can be of several kinds.

The most popular and tested tool for applying solutions to the surface are ordinary paint brushes. Currently there are quite a few types of brushes, which differ from each other by the type of construction, material, purpose, etc.д. It’s important to mention that one should treat responsibly to the choice of such tool because in case of using a low-quality brush the paint substance will be applied to the surface unevenly, bristles may remain which will spoil the look of the painted surface in the end result.

Painting work is one of the most common during repairs. To apply paint materials to the surface are usually used paint brushes. However, if you need to paint a large area, it is better to use a roller. In addition, the roller provides a more even and faster painting of the surface, in contrast to the brush.

In addition to conventional ladders, which are located inside the house, there are also construction (or household) ladders, which are designed for repair, construction, and other works. It is an auxiliary constructions, thanks to which it is possible to access an elevated position to perform any work (painting, whitewashing walls, cleaning roofs, pruning trees, etc.).д.). It is recommended that such a ladder should be in every country and holiday home.

best, impact, screwdriver, reverse

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