What is the best impact drill?

Top 20 drills: rating of 2021-2022 by price/quality for home use

Drill is a versatile tool for construction and installation work. It allows you to make holes in various materials, tighten screws, stir liquid construction and finishing mixtures.

In 2021-2022 there is a large selection of drills of various modifications. To make the choice of such devices easier our rating, which includes 20 reliable models with different features.

For the convenience of the user provided detailed information about the functions, technical characteristics of each model of the drill, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of equipment identified by buyers and experts during operation.

Choosing recommendations

Chuck type. You should start your search for a tool with the type of chuck.

  • A quick-action chuck is found in many of today’s models. The strength of the operator’s hand is sufficient to fix or remove the tool. But when working with concrete or stone, it is not uncommon for the drill bit to rotate in this chuck after getting jammed.
  • The key fixing method looks preferable when working on hard substrates. But changing tooling is slower, and a special toothed wrench should always be on hand.

Power. The performance of an impact drill directly depends on the power of the installed electric motor.

best, impact, drill
  • Professional tools are equipped with 1000-1500 W motors. It is capable of performing complex tasks, working continuously for hours at a time.
  • For the home, it is enough to buy a drill with a power of 700-1000 watts. Such a model will help to make repairs in the house, hang a picture or cornice, create in the workshop or garage.

Hole diameter. The impact drill can be used in a wide range of materials. But the maximum bore diameter is very different.

  • Hole thickness in wood up to 30-50 mm (with core drill).
  • When drilling metal will have to be limited to a diameter of 13-20 mm.
  • The most difficult task for an impact drill will be drilling in concrete. Unlike peorators, the impact force of drills is more modest, so the maximum diameter is often limited to 20-22 mm. But powerful machines with diamond core bits can make holes up to 100 mm in diameter.

Safety sleeve. During drilling, it is not uncommon for the tool to get stuck in the material. Blockage occurs most often when machining metal materials, concrete, masonry or masonry substrates. To avoid damage to the motor, power drills have an anti-lock (safety) clutch. It breaks the mechanical connection between the motor shaft and the spindle with the chuck. This feature also provides reliable protection for the operator against “blowback.

We’ve selected 12 impact drills in our review. All these models are sold in the retail network of our country. When assigning the positions the editorial staff of expertology magazine relied on the opinion of the expert community, taking into account the feedback from Russian consumers.

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Which drill to choose?

deciding on a tool that will last for a long time.

The modern drill is fundamentally different from the tools used by our ancestors and grandfathers. This is not an ordinary hand spudger, but a serious multi-tool with a lot of technical characteristics and capabilities. The choice of model depends primarily on the purpose of its use:

type of material to be worked with, scope of use (household or professional model), need for special functions.

3 decisive points in choosing a drill1. Quality

Regardless of the model and purpose of the drill, the main point on which one pays attention when choosing it is the quality of the tool. It is first of all good construction and exterior finishing, information on the nameplate with CE abbreviation (it means that the tool complies with the requirements of the European Union) without hieroglyphs, high-quality interior filling, reliable mechanics.2. The price

You should not overpay for a function that you only use once a year. over, you should not forget that, as a rule, excessive multifunctionality is the first sign of poor quality of any tool.3. Power

When selecting power, it is important that the tool does not overload the home power grid. But the principle “the more the better” does not quite work here. Everyone chooses for himself the optimum ratio of power tools, their size and weight. parameters that are directly related to each other. Household drills are available in the power range of 250-1500 watts. powerful drills are used by professionals in construction, giving them more options to work with.

In order to choose the best option, without overpaying for excessive power, but at the same time not to overload the motor with too high loads, you should pay attention to

soft materials (wood, plaster, plastic) require up to 500 W power, brick or concrete with impact drilling. minimum 600-800 W (energy is spent not only on rotation of the drill bit, but also on impact), a hole 8 mm in diameter in concrete can be drilled with a drill 500 W in case of short-term work.

best, impact, drill

impact drill, weight 2.2 kg, quick-action chuck, 48000 rpm, 3000 rpm, maximum drill diameters: metal. 13 mm, wood. 40 mm, concrete. 20 mm.

impact drill,power 1050W,weight 3,8kg,key chuck,chuck diameter 16mm,550rpm,maximum drill diameters:metal. 16mm,wood. 35mm.

Best Makita Impact Driver in 2022. Top 5 Review | Battery Powered Impact Driver

power drill, power 2000 W, weight 6.3 kg, 400 rpm, the maximum diameter of drilling: metal. 32 mm wood. 70 mm concrete. 45 mm.

impact drill,power 500W,weight 1,5kg,2300rpm,chuck diameter 1,5-10mm,maximum drill diameters: metal. 10mm,wood. 22mm.

Cordless impact drill,850 Watt,weight 2,6kg,51000 strokes/minute,3000 rpm,chuck diameter 1,5-13mm,maximum drill diameters: metal. 10mm,wood. 40mm,concrete. 18mm.

best, impact, drill

impact drill,power 550W,weight 1,6kg,2900rpm,chuck diameter 13mm,maximum drill diameters: metal. 13mm,concrete. 16mm.

cordless drill-driver,weight 1,4 kg,1300 rpm,chuck diameter. 10 mm,battery voltage. 18V,maximum torque. 33 Nm,maximum drill diameters: metal. 10 mm,wood. 16 mm.

1700 W power,weight 5,5 kg,2000 rpm,chuck diameter 13 mm,max drill diameter 132 mm.

impact drill,power 580 W,weight 1,4 kg,51000 strokes/minute, 2800 rpm, chuck diameter. 1,5-13 mm,maximum drill diameters: metal. 13 mm, wood. 20 mm, concrete. 12 mm.

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power cord impact drill nut, power 650 watts, weight 1.6 kg, torque. 5 Nm, 47600 strokes / minute, 2800 r / min, maximum drilling diameters: metal. 13 mm wood. 25 mm, concrete. 16 mm.

The best impact drill. Bosch PSB 750 RCE

In case you need to drill a hole in wood or metal, masonry or concrete, the impact drill will fully meet expectations. This tool has two operating modes: normal drilling or drilling with impact. The impact drill works with high frequency, low power and amplitude, unlike the rotary hammer drill.Model advantages

versatility (can operate not only as an impact drill, but also as a screwdriver at low speeds), anti-vibration system, the ability to lock the spindle, wide range of speed adjustment without loss of torque, reverse, a small weight with high power,

Not found by users.Typical reviews of the Bosch PSB 750 RCE impact drill:

” Very versatile. Eats concrete without any problems and quickly! I’ve been thinking for a long time about whether to buy a drill or a peorator. The quick-action chuck is very convenient.”

“For the price it is a great drill, better than most drills from other manufacturers or even some peorators. Compact, ergonomic drill, not bad anti-vibration, and most importantly powerful. Great tool for the home, when you need to drill something occasionally.”

DRILL VS. DRIVER (What’s The Difference?!! Cordless Drill Vs. Impact DriverCOMPARISON)

The mixer drill is a combined model mainly for professional use, which is able to mix viscous mortars and mixtures in addition to its direct functions.Advantages of the model

Great torque, high build quality, unpretentious, does not overheat, easy to use.

No toggle flag on the reverse button.

Typical reviews of the Interskol D-1050P drill:

“During the use: (preparation of a mixture with a mixer, cement-sand, plaster, also prepared in a bucket of cement-sand mortar from river sand), faults did not find.”

The Makita HP2051F drilling rig is equipped with a local lighting system, so it is essential for working in low-light conditions.

It has two operating modes. drilling and drilling with impact. The Makita HP2051f is characterized by low vibration at high speed, which is greatly aided by a comfortable handle with a vibration protection insert. Speed is controlled electronically.

A two-speed gearbox makes working with the tool more convenient and qualitative.

Reverse function stops the drill from turning if it jams.

  • Type. drill;
  • Chuck type. quick-change chuck;
  • Number of speeds. 2;
  • Power. from the network;
  • Chuck diameter. 1.5. 13 millimeters;
  • Max. Number of strokes per minute. 58,000 strokes per minute.
  • Max. idle speed. 2900 rpm.

Metabo SBE 760 (VWP) Case 760 W

Expert Rating: 9.7 / 10
Owner’s review
Reliable all-round tool for home use. When you don’t have a big repair job, but you like to have plenty of power and capacity. Feels well assembled, expensive, trigger is moderately responsive, easy to control speed. Advice to buy. In foam concrete, bricks works clearly. No drill can handle concrete.

The Metabo SBE760 impact drill is ideal for drilling in wood, metal and concrete.

The unit weighs 2.3 pounds, and the power cord is 2.55 meters long. Main controls are positioned both right-handed and left-handed. Depending on the material, you can use the adjustment wheel to choose the right number of turns. The extra handle helps you hold the tool securely.

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With an impact mechanism and high impact rate per minute.58000, this is a high-performance production tool.

The gearbox has two speeds: 0-1200 rpm and 0-3200 rpm.

The maximum diameter of drilling for metal is 13 mm, and for wood. 40 mm.

Metabo S-automatic safety clutch provides safety in case of jamming. Drill spindle has an internal hex, which is used to use the drill as a screw if you have the proper equipment.

The Metabo MSU9-16-2RE 1050 W

Expert Rating: 9.6 / 10
Owner’s note
I have been using it for professional interior work since 2007. Knead tons of mortars and mixtures over the years. I replaced the power cord and replaced the brush and chuck two times. Came in recently to replace a similar Interskol drill, which burned out on the third fence of a log cabin. It was like heaven in comparison! Easy to drill 25 mm holes. Simple and reliable, like a crowbar. At the first speed of 800 rpm., not 1200 like others.

Impact drill “Fiolent”. it is a compact and practical power tool for repair and finishing.

The equipment is powered from a domestic power source and can be used for drilling in wood, metal and concrete surfaces. Impact function. Drill is equipped with a 16-millimeter chuck.

The tool is equipped with an auxiliary handle and depth limiter for penetration into the material.

Rugged box for storage and carrying.

  • Type. drill;
  • Key chuck type;
  • The number of operating speeds is 2;
  • Powered from the mains;
  • The maximum no-load speed is 2000 rpm;
  • Power consumption. 1050 W.
best, impact, drill

Choice of impact drill?

The first and foremost thing to look for in your choice is the intended use of the appliance. For drilling medium-density surfaces, an ordinary drill is enough, but to make holes in concrete or stone will need a peorator or a drill percussion type. It is convenient to screw a screwdriver with an electric screwdriver or a drill with the appropriate function.

In order to operate the device was comfortable, and expectations from the purchase were fully justified, it is important to study the tactical and technical characteristics of the tool. Here are the main ones:

Which is better. a peorator or an impact drill?

It is not quite right to compare a peorator and an impact drill, even though both devices are used for drilling holes.

Peorator is a more powerful device, so with its help you can make a hole of any diameter even in a very strong wall made of brick or concrete.

Even the highest-quality impact drill model usually can’t do the job. If the user tries to drill a hole in such material, the motor will overheat or simply burn out.

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