What is the best Husqvarna chainsaw?

Husqvarna 2021 best chainsaws rating

The best all-purpose saw in the Husqvarna 455 Rancher is one of their best-selling models and probably the best known.

It is powered by a 3.5 liter engine.с. With a 20-inch bar with a top speed of 9,000 rpm, making it the perfect professional-grade saw, but it’s also suitable for high-complexity domestic jobs.

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The ergonomic handle and LowVib system make it a great tool for extended use, because these features reduce hand fatigue and allow you to hold the saw for longer periods of time.

Like most Husqvarna chain saws, it has an X-Torq feature that reduces exhaust emissions and also speeds up fuel injection.

It also has a centrifugal air cleaning system that keeps out most large dust particles, which will reduce the need for frequent filter cleaning, as well as greatly increase engine life.


  • Conveniently located chain tensioner
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Minimal exhaust emissions
  • Reduced vibration
  • Ergonomic front handle

Husqvarna versus its main competitors: Patriot, STIHL, Huter, Champion

Husqvarna’s main competitor on the market is the German manufacturer Huter. He also specializes in gardening equipment, including gasoline tools. The competitors match each other, remaining almost on an equal footing for years. Both have the best chainsaws with high durability and not the most democratic price tag.

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw 2022. Top 6 Picks [Buying Guide]

The company STIHL (STIHL), also has a German origin, but the here are much nicer than other brands. All of the products of this brand are manufactured in Asian countries, which made them significantly cheaper. When you compare STIHL chain saws with Husqvarna, the former loses in quality and reliability, but wins in price and maintainability. It will cost a lot cheaper to fix a STIHL saw, but it will be repaired a bit sooner.

Patriot (Patriot). American company, firmly established in the European market. It has the most extensive catalog, but not so many chainsaws. The company clearly loses to Husqvarna in diversity. But its are much lower than those of the Swedes, and its service centers are located in almost all Russian cities and CIS countries. The Americans are inferior in quality, but it should be understood that the gardening tools are not their main business.

Champion is a Russian company that tries to deserve competition with the mastodons of the market. Of course, the quality is inferior to famous Swedes or Germans, but the pricing policy is radically different. Champion chainsaw can cost a few times less than the same model from Husqvarna. In addition, in case of a breakdown you can easily find a service center in your city. Champion has the highest level of customer service. Yes, the products are made in China, but many modern manufacturers do that, and Champion at least does not hide it.


Engine output has a direct influence on the performance of the machine. So, household chainsaws are available with engines up to 2.5 liters. с., semi-professional. up to 3,5 liters. с., and professional: 2,5 to 6 l. с. For logging, saws with an engine from 5.0 L are used. с.

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Cutting length of the saw is directly related to the length of the guide bar. The guide bar is the main working part of the tool, on which the chain is pulled. Household saws come with a short guide bar up to 40 cm. But saws that saw thick trunks of trees need a guide bar at least 50 cm long.

As a rule, a new saw comes with a guide bar and chain suitable for the particular model. But you can buy a longer or shorter guide bar if you want to. It is important to remember that the bar length must be matched to the engine power. It is better not to use long bars on small powerhouse saws, because the motor will be overloaded, which will shorten its life.

Husqvarna best chain saw ranking

Nomination seat product name price
Husqvarna chain saw ranking of the best chain saws 1 Husqvarna K 970 Chain 131 950 ₽
2 Husqvarna 365H 47 872 ₽
3 Husqvarna 372XP-18 36 292 ₽
4 Husqvarna 61 22 700 ₽
5 Husqvarna 353 23 670 ₽
6 Husqvarna 450e 15 650 ₽
7 Husqvarna 135 10 380 ₽

Why it is: A professional tool with diamond-powdered chain teeth.

The Husqvarna K 970 Chain is not even a chainsaw in the classic sense of the term. The device is classified as a chainsaw and focuses on processing a variety of materials, not limited to wood even the toughest species like cedar or oak. Equipped with 350 mm long bar, makes cuts up to 390 mm deep, can cut holes up to 110 mm in diameter and any shape.

The 94 cc X-Torq two-stroke engine is not only very powerful (4.8 kW), but also by its energy efficiency. fuel consumption is 20% lower than that of its analogues. It is completed by the DuraStarter sealed starter that starts the engine even in bad weather conditions, and the system of active air filtration that does not require maintenance and filter replacement for a long time. up to a year.

best, husqvarna, chainsaw

The gasoline cutter is also equipped with a vibration suppression system and a water sprayer for dust suppression.

Husqvarna versus main competitors: Bosch, Makita and Champion

When comparing Husqvarna and Makita lawnmowers, the first thing you notice is the price. The Swedes have never been very affordable in terms of price, but Makita does its best to embrace the market and satisfy all customers. As for quality, Husqvarna takes the lead. After all, the company specializes specifically in garden equipment, rather than spraying all kinds of tools. The quality of the Swedish product is unambiguously higher, but in the case of a breakdown for its removal will have to pay a considerable sum of money.

It is more difficult to compare Husqvarna with the German brand Bosch. It is also famous for its high quality products and not very often pleases with democratic prices. But the Swedes still have an advantage here. Again because of the company’s specialization. Bosch has the most extensive catalog, but its mowers take a negligible share.

It also makes sense to compare Husqvarna with the Russian brand Champion. Many people might find this comparison incorrect. Champion is a young company, has few models in its catalog, and the quality is significantly inferior to the Swedish brand. But Champion has its own advantages. For example, the price. Lawn mowers with the same parameters from Husqvarna will cost several times more expensive than products from the champion. Same with maintainability and maintenance costs. Of course, the reliability of the Russian manufacturer is lower, and the goods are manufactured mainly in China. The only question is whether you are willing to pay for Swedish quality.

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Technical Data

As standard, the Husqvarna 365 has a two-stroke engine with a cylinder volume of 65.1 cm³, which is twice the cylinder volume of a domestic chainsaw. With this volume and 12500 rpm, it is capable of delivering 3.5 kW. Due to this power, the saw can be fitted with bars that are more than 18 inches long.

Max. saw torque 3.9 N/m, and a chain speed of 20.7 m/s. Fuel consumption Husqvarna 365 sp 9670828 18 inches, is 490 grams per kWh, which is quite a lot, but also the performance of the saw is just shocking. In just a few seconds, it can cut a 60 cm diameter log.

The Husqvarna 365 is fitted as standard with a 1.5 cm wide, 18 in. chain groove and the saw chain, model H42, in 0.058 in.058″ pitch. It weighs 6 kilograms.

Item number Name Price,
5018414-56 Husqvarna H42 56dl / 3/8″/ 1.5mm chain 719.00
5018414-60 Husqvarna H42 60dl / 3/8″/ 1.5mm chain 779.00
5018414-68 Husqvarna H42 68dl / 3/8″/ 1.5mm chain 899.00
5018414-72 Husqvarna H42 72dl / 3/8″/ 1.5mm chain 949.00
5018414-84 Husqvarna H42 84dl / 3/8″/ 1.5mm chain 1049.00
5018414-92 Husqvarna H42 92dl / 3/8″/ 1.5mm chain 1409.00

Chinese technique for replacement

The better the demand, the more offers! The Celestial Empire does not sleep and is always ready to offer the less wealthy consumer almost “original” equipment with brand logos at quite ridiculous price. Husqvarna chainsaws are not the exception to the rule, but rather their observance. An inexperienced consumer who brings home a new Husqvarna saw in a package has no idea that the unit in the box has nothing to do with the Swedish Husqvarna! About this he will learn a little later. from the workers of the service centers, who refused to take the fake “warranty” to repair the fake saw, but it will be a little later.

Here are a few recommendations that will help you avoid an annoying purchase:

  • Original Husqvarna chain saws are sold only in specialized stores.
  • Compare the of chainsaws, the original models cannot cost 5-10 thousand. rubles, rather 50-60 thousand.
  • Chinese modifications do not have a metal tag with a serial number. it is a sign of originality.
  • The presence of additional digits (20) after the XP in the model name is also a sign of a Chinese counterfeit.

Husqvarna 365 or STIHL 361 | Lumberjack

A similar article was published by me on the former Lesorub, only it was called Husqvarna or STIHL. It has caused a lot of controversy among fans of one brand or another, and it is obvious. the two world manufacturers of chainsaws have proven their competitiveness, competitiveness, professionalism and quality in the Russian market.

Over the years, the palm has been systematically passed from one brand manufacturer to another. The positions of leadership on the domestic market are now inferior and now lead the ranking of the opponents. One way or another, and the firms have won the hearts of their fans by making them opponents and splitting them into two unwavering camps.

There are controversies, subjective points of view and constant rhetorical dilemmas as to which is better Husqvarna or STIHL?

Well, I suggest to speculate on such a subject, to engage in some demagogy but still come to the “golden mean”. Maybe all together we can change the opinion of the fierce opponents of Husqvarna and Stihl.

Why Husqvarna 365 and STIHL 361

Indeed, why Husqvarna 365 and STIHL 361? Actually the reason is banal and simple. I had to work with these models for a long time in industrial logging! Besides these models are from the manufacturer’s range of professional chainsaws and more often than others were used in their time by lumberjacks to harvest huge amounts of cubic meters of wood. In terms of power they are identical, the only insignificant difference is in weight. Since the blog is interested mainly in professional woodcutters, the topic, I think, will be quite relevant for them.

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I suggest that this article does not deal with “loppers” and “farmers”, and that we focus specifically on the felling operation. I’ll start with my humble experience.

A little history.

I began my way as a professional feller when I already had my “crusts”. My first chain saw I used was the rather threadbare Husqvarna 262, which I worked with for about 4 years.

Then the “armory” was renewed and I was given a new chain saw. Husqvarna 365, also “horny”. I worked with it for about 3 years.

After changing jobs and a private employer, I became the owner of a new chainsaw. Stihl 361, which I worked for 1.5 years.

All these chainsaws have experienced in my hands an intensive load of many hours of motor life, as the logging was carried out both in the autumn-winter season, and in the summer-autumn season, which is 8-9 months a year. In the first years of work the volumes were small, within 500-800 m³ per month, including kalyms, but the timber was also much bigger than in the last decade. Later the volumes increased to 1000-1300 m³ per month.

Working in the winter with Husqvarna and Stilm

Winter is the main logging season in Russia. On large logging sites preparatory work and cutting of lines, sites and technological corridors takes place in November, when the first real frosts begin to show themselves. December already “experiences” the lion’s share of the intensive workload of loggers, when loggers harvest the main “tonnage” of timber. Since a plot is already “cut”, the entire volume of timber cubed from apiaries and at this time stacks “grow by leaps and bounds”.

The chainsaw, the chainsaw, is the heaviest operator’s tool at this time. No snowdrifts in the forest yet, the logger’s is quite scarce by the beginning of the season, which is another good reason to use the tool intensively.

best, husqvarna, chainsaw

So, working Husqvarna 365 in winter. “Classic” (“pistol” type) didn’t work much, you can say that I just “tried” it. No particular problems in the work did not feel (did not have time to

Advantages: very light, handy, cuts perfectly boards, logs and trees.

I often go out into the countryside, so I chose the lightweight rechargeable model Husqvarna. Gasoline-powered ones are too heavy, and it is troublesome to work with them, but here 20 minutes is really enough to cut the branches for the fire, the tent, etc. д. Batteries took two for the replacement, for insurance. satisfied with the purchase.

Advantages: Husqvarna is very light, portable, no connection to the net.

Disadvantages: the battery lasts only 20 minutes.

I work with wood constantly, working indoors, no other options but the electric, when buying only real which manufacturer to choose. I chose Husqvarna, it has a lot of good things to say and write about it. The tool is 3 years old, it was used heavily and is still running smoothly. I recommend.

Advantages: Husqvarna electric saw is powerful, lightweight, reliable, durable.

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