What is the best head for grass trimmer?

Trimmer coils. types and features

The efficiency and performance of the domestic grass trimmer on the site largely depends on the quality of the fishing line. It is located in the spool, or as it is also called, the trimmer head. Manufacturers produce different types of coils. Each of them has its own design features and an individual principle of action. Having studied them in detail, it will be easier for the gardener to choose exactly the head that is suitable for specific operating conditions.

The device of a household brushcutter begins with its working body, the role of which is most often played by the spool for grass trimmer.

There are 3 types of heads on the market, which differ from each other by the method of feeding the cutting line:

  • Automatic reels. in this type of nozzles, the cord is fed when the revs of the working engine of the brushcutter are increased. At the same time, the operator himself does not take part in the extension of the fishing line. it occurs in fully automatic mode. Automatic heads are the most convenient to use and are most often used by gardeners caring for large plots. Among the disadvantages of these attachments experienced users allocate frequent breakage of the device and the highest cost among all types of trimmer reels;
  • semi-automatic heads. heads of this type work on a fairly simple principle: for the filing of the cutting line the spool must rest against the surface of the ground. When you simultaneously press a special button, the built-in anchor mechanism activates. as a result, centrifugal forces are created, under the action of which the trimmer line extends and the operator can continue to work on the site. These attachments require a certain amount of skill on the part of the operator;
  • manual reels. in the construction of these heads the cutting cord is extended mechanically. Accordingly, to feed the line, the operator must turn off the engine of the brushcutter and pull the line for the trimmer by hand. Despite the inconvenience in operation, it is this type of coil recognized as the most reliable and popular among gardeners.

In addition to the listed types of mowing heads, there are universal heads on sale. They can be installed on any domestic grass trimmer model, regardless of its factory equipment and purpose. Universal head stands out for its high reliability and does not require frequent repairs.

Top 5 best models

The following rating includes the most popular reels in five different categories. We based our list on current 2021 sales figures and customer feedback for these models.

Most affordable model

Among the best available spools stands out the Patriot DL-1200. This semi-automatic collapsible bobbin from Patriot is suitable for straight-boom chainsaws. Thread connection dimensions: M10×1.25 LH (left-hand metric thread, 10 mm diameter, 1.25 mm pitch). Line thickness up to 3 mm. Compatible with other devices: Lesnik, Home Garden, ELG, Huter.

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Positive aspects Negative points Initial price,
Robust model, attaches firmly to the trimmer. Not noted 175

Best automatic spool

The best reel of the automatic group. Denzel 96308. It fits gasoline and electric equipment with an M8×1.25 RH nut mount (8 mm diameter, right-hand thread). Maximum cross section of the line. 1.6 mm, length. up to 15 m. The cords extend automatically when the mower is switched on.

Positive aspects Negative aspects Initial price,
Quality materials and assembly, convenient line feed. Suitable for one model. 96608 TE-550, can only be used on soft grass. 430

Best semi-automatic model

The STIHL AutoCut C 5-2 bobbin, which is designed for the FSE 60/71/81, FS 38/45/50 trimmers of the same brand, leads in this category. It is designed for trimmer line of 2 mm thickness and is easy to thread without disassembling the head.

Positive aspects Negative aspects Initial price,
Long life, fast winding. High price. 850

Best manual model

Among manually-operated reels, the Strong STU-226 bobbin, aluminum, gathered the most positive reviews. This is a spider-type reel with the number of cutting ends. 8. Suitable for electric and brushcutters; does not corrode or deform, even in the toughest working conditions. To change the filament the ignition/mains power must be switched off.

Positive aspects Negatives Initial Cost,
Versatility, extra durability, reliability. You need to constantly monitor the length, condition and stock of the fishing line, which is used up faster through the use of cut-offs. 650
best, head, grass, trimmer

The best all-purpose model

Of the many universal spools, the Denzel 96316 is particularly popular. This is a semi-automatic line reel for trimmers up to 3 mm in length. Diameter and thread pitch (left) is M10×1,25, but thanks to adapters this spool can be mounted on grass trimmers with 8, 10 and 12 mm nuts and screws. This bobbin is suitable for many models of motorcycle and electric scrapers.

Positive aspects Negative points Initial cost,
Compatibility with various devices, easy and fast mounting of the reel in the body, a good combination of price and quality. Not detected 650

So, trimmer head failure is an unpleasant, but easy to remove obstacle on the way to a tidy plot or harvested hay. Even if the desired model is not available in the store, you can always make a coil with their own hands, although with the current variety of products for the garden to this method has to be resorted to very rarely.

Top 3 most reliable reels for domestic use

The market has its own ranking of the longest-lasting mower heads. They stand out for the simplicity of the device, reliability and resistance to damage. They include:

best, head, grass, trimmer
  • 3rd place. Bosch K-103. It is a multi-purpose reel weighing about 300 g. It is most often used to complete Makita and Hyundai brushcutter companies. The model stands out for its low cutting cord consumption, resistance to impact and durability. Its core and other parts are made of forged steel and its body is made of plastic;
  • 2nd place. Flymo 15. This semi-automatic model for trimmers is equipped with a thin cup, which leads to increased cutting line consumption. Nevertheless, it has proven to be very good for grass mowing in stony conditions. To work with it, you only need to use a thin line for the trimmer;
  • 1st place. EFCO 8100. This model is among the most reliable mowing heads. It works in fully automatic mode, which makes it easy to fill it with cutting filament. Only thin line for trimmer is used to work the bobbin. The body of the model is made of durable laminated plastic.
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Despite of stability and durability, all listed reels are cheaper than other, less qualitative analogs, which makes them leaders in the post-Soviet market.

Types of trimmer spools

The varieties of the trimmer reel depend on the method of feeding the cutting line:

  • Automatic heads. Korda on these models is fed by the increase in rpm of the running engine. All this is done automatically without any intervention by the operator. Suitable for the care of large areas, but also costly.
  • Semi-automatic nozzles. The line is fed by the spool against the ground. if the button is pressed at the same time, the anchor mechanism comes into action. The centrifugal force begins to work, due to which the line for the trimmer is extended and the operator can safely continue working. Minus: some skill is required for using it.
  • Manual. With this mechanism, the line is extended mechanically. The operator first needs to turn off the brushcutter, manually pull out the line for the trimmer. But many gardeners prefer this option as the most reliable. Pros. simple design, reliable and inexpensive. Disadvantages. the work has to be stopped every time.

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best, head, grass, trimmer

How to insert a line into the trimmer for grass trimming?

Filling the mowing reel with cutting filament for the grass trimmer is not a difficult task, but beginners gardeners will have to practice a little to be able to quickly insert the cord into the existing household grass trimmer in the future.

In total, there are several ways of threading the grass trimmer mowing head. The first method is the easiest, and is well suited for beginner gardeners.

In this case, the cord is inserted into the spool in this sequence:

  • At first you need to unwind about 6 m of line from the total spool for grass trimmer, and then cut the resulting section in half. The result should be two strands, each 3 m long;
  • Then on one of the ends of the first section will need to make a kind of hook, and insert it into one of the through holes located in the upper part of the bobbin;
  • Then start winding the line on the bobbin in the direction of the arrow. During winding, you need to make sure that the line for the trimmer lies evenly on the surface of the bobbin, and does not go beyond its upper section. It is not necessary to wind the section all the way to the end, about 15 cm of thread should remain in the hands;
  • The remaining loose end of the wound cord will need to insert into one of the recesses located at the top of the bobbin;
  • Next, do the same procedure with the second piece of fishing line. It will be necessary to wind it on the lower section of the bobbin;
  • As in the first case, it is not necessary to wind the line for the trimmer on the lower section to the end. The remaining piece of thread must be inserted into the second slot of the bobbin.
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After this operation, the spool must be installed on the grass trimmer and start it. To check whether the thread is securely fastened, you need to press the throttle lever all the way down so that the engine reaches maximum rpm. If the trimmer line does not fly out of the head, it means that the trimmer line is held securely and will not fly out of the mowing reel while cutting the grass.

Review of reels for EFCO 3060 trimmers

This is a very compact and inexpensive reel for grass trimmer (universal). The system of winding up is of semi-automatic type. Mounted with a diameter of 6.2 mm. The trimmer line itself wears out very slowly. If buyers believe the model is capable of mowing grass of any height. Adapter is installed with a thread connection. The cup in this case reliably protects the head body. Suitable for “Intratool” trimmers, “Hyundai” and other manufacturers. You can buy the model for 850

Features of EFCO 8100 trimmer reels

This reel for grass trimmer universal (photo shown below) is sold with a special adapter for connection. Automatic threading system in this case. Diameter of the attachment is 6,2 mm. The head height of the model is 76 mm. The line for the trimmer is used with a diameter of 1.3 mm.

The unit is attached by screwing. Protective cover at the spool is made of impact-resistant plastic. The cup in the presented model by the manufacturer is not provided. According to customer reviews, the coil can be connected without any problems. The model copes with small grass very quickly. However, large weeds should be avoided. The user is able to buy this reel for 1300

Types of semi-automatic heads

Semi-automatic mowing head. usually consists of a body with several springs and a bobbin inside. Spools, by design, are divided into:

Many home trimmer owners convert single-section bobbins to two-section bobbins. To do this, you will need to find a solid metal plate, and draw a contour with the diameter of the bobbin. The plate is then cut along the contour so that the thickness is near the filament winding point. As a result, the resulting circle should move freely around its axis. Next, you will need to make a cut on the resulting ring and slip the bobbin inside the ring. The two parts need to be connected to each other with tape or quick-drying glue. The result is a manufacturer’s bobbin, in which the line for the trimmer can be wound in two sections.

What users say

What consumers say about the Husgvarna T45X trimmer head? As the owners note, this element has practically no disadvantages, except for the high cost. But this part has a lot of advantages. Among them:

Best Trimmer Head For Stihl: Our Top Picks

  • Automatic filament feed.
  • High quality workmanship.
  • Thoughtful design.
  • Easy and convenient to operate.
  • Two-section bobbin.

This model is suitable for country houses, gardeners, communal workers. Used with scythes, the working shaft diameter of which is 3-3,2 mm.

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