What is the best disc for a grass trimmer?

When to use a disk, not a fishing line

For owners of dachas, land plots, lawn lovers, the grass trimmer is an assistant that speeds up routine work. When using the tool, a number of questions arise about which attachments are preferred, how to replace them yourself.

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When working with a chainsaw, you often use fishing line, which costs less than discs. In addition to the price, it also has the following practical advantages:

The disadvantage of a fishing line is that it is only suitable for mowing low grass, because otherwise it often gets clogged. This is true of both electric and gasoline-powered blades. When the grass is wound around the spindle, there is a lot of resistance and the shaft gets damaged. The piston system (in gasoline mowers) or the electric motor (in electric mowers) can also malfunction.

In some cases, blades are more effective. They are used for mowing:

  • high and coarse grass cover;
  • weeds;
  • tree shoots;
  • domestic (e.g. raspberries, currants) and wild (dog rose) shrubs.

blades wear down slower: This is because the tool is less likely to be clogged.

Cutting nozzles of this type are also called discs or mills, the essence does not change.

How to choose the best trimmer blade for grass?

Grass trimmers may be electric or gasoline. Gasoline mowers, in principle, have more power than the electric models. For low-power electric mowers. as a rule, plastic knives or light steel blades are used. powerful petrol mowers use both steel and plastic discs.

But the limitation comes not only in power. Because grass trimmers come with a rigid or flexible transmission. In devices with a rigid mechanism, the rotation is transmitted through the shaft, with a flexible mechanism. using a steel cable. The flexible cable, in particular, will become unusable if the steel disc is installed and the high mowing loads. That’s why you only use lines and plastic blades for brushcutters with bending bars.

The type of design is stated in the manual of the mower. And it can also be identified visually. the grass trimmer with a curved boom has a flexible gear. The type of transmission must be found out before purchasing the blade or disc.

Grass trimmers with a blade attachment are best for cutting tall, coarse grass in your home. The line on a brushcutter is no good in such cases. Thin ones tear very quickly. Using a thicker 2.3 mm cord or homemade rope strings cause vegetation to wind up on the bobbin. This increases the strain on the engine. The result is wear and tear on the piston assembly and other moving parts.

If you mow weeds with an electric trimmer without a blade, you can’t solve the problem with just a line, even if it’s thick with a shaped section. There is always a risk of overheating the electric motor and disabling the flexible shaft. This is all about the high torque of the electric motor. The grass coiled up on a spindle creates a strong resistance to a shaft, reminding a cable of a speedometer, which can’t withstand and twist.

In order to preserve the technique from premature wear, manufacturers have provided the ability to install special knives on trimmers for grass. Design and shape of existing cutting elements allow to cope not only with rough and overgrown grass, but also to fight successfully with young shrubs.

What shape to choose?

It is not necessary to buy a trimmer blade for the grass with the original shape. Often it’s just a marketing ploy to increase sales, not a necessity. The shape as well as the number of blades may be important for specific tasks such as haymaking. If you want to deal with an area completely overgrown with weeds, and from the equipment only a light and not too powerful trimmer for the grass, the peorized blades of hardened steel will help.

Star blades

These types of blades have a pointed blade edge. By far the most common type of metal blade, which is often supplied as standard. If you need to change the disc on the trimmer, you should pay attention to this group. There are an almost infinite number of shapes of blades for blades, but one thing they have in common is that they are usually stamped from thin sheets of steel.

The most common is the star shape with three or four cutting edges. They are relatively cheap and good for cutting grass, but quickly lose effectiveness as the blade tip blunts.

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Round or square blades

it is important to understand that at the moment of grass cutting only sharp edge of the blade is used. So you need to choose your weed trimmer blades according to the amount of work you do. If you have to work with thickets of coarse weeds, you need the maximum cutting surface, then the weeds won’t wind up on the gearbox and the work will go faster.

Different blades are better suited to different types of vegetation, so it makes sense to have several options and change them as needed. Again, rectangular and star-shaped blades are best for mulching because these blades have the largest area. A more rounded shape with much shorter blades is almost useless for mulching.

Let’s take a closer look at the teeth

These types of blades have sharpened teeth around the perimeter of the blade. They are all circular in shape and have a varying number of teeth on each side. These teeth can be part of the blade and have a curved offset for blade clearance, or they can be chain-saw type blades, or riveted to the blade. Most today have tungsten tips.

Such discs are more effective when cutting, as the cutting edge is around the outer surface, that is, the real contact with the material to be cut is more. This is useful when dealing with old, woody weeds. But there are also disadvantages. They tend to be more expensive because of their more complex shape and require additional machining to bend, sharpen, or attach additional parts. Because the cutting edge is on the tip, it is subject to more impact and wear.

Types and application of knives for grass trimmer

Knives greatly expand the trimmer’s range of applications. The cutting elements mow tall grass, handle shoots, overgrowth, shrubs. Electric grass trimmers, which are less productive compared to gasoline units, are equipped with plastic knives. On the other hand, larger lawnmowers are fitted with metal cutting elements.

According to the execution of the cutting edges of the products are divided into solid, toothed, peorized. The choice of size and design of the blade depends on the purpose of application, the features of the boom and the performance of the engine.

What should be the cover for the grass trimmer?

The main purpose of the cover is to ensure the safety of the person working in the process of mowing. With this in mind, the cover must be made of reliable and lightweight material. Most models of modern grass trimmers use hard plastic. It is this material can not only protect people during work, but also does not increase the weight of the unit for mowing.

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Technical characteristics and cord diameter

The lines are sold in special packages. At the same time, only two basic parameters are indicated on the pack:

There is no special instruction on what line for the grass trimmer is better to choose, so, first of all, it is recommended to ask for help from professionals. Every year stores produce new models of consumables, as well as new spools, which also complicates the choice.

To begin with, before buying a line, it is necessary to decide what diameter it should have, as well as how thick the consumable material should be. In fact, this is one and the same parameter with which you can characterize the performance of an electric or gasoline grass mower.

To pick up a string of a suitable cross section, it is recommended to take a small section of old cord, which was previously used in the trimmer, to the store and show it to the consultant. An employee of the store, knowledgeable in the subject, will prompt which cord the buyer needs, as well as bring him the right model.

The best line to mow with? A fishing line or a knife?

Many users of such a beautiful device as a trimmer for grass, probably wonder how to choose the right consumables for it. This, of course, the line (special for trimmers) and special disks / blades (called differently), which, like the line, perform the function of mowing grass and small bushes.

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As there are a lot of variants on the market, at the stage of selecting the disc or line can be a problem that you just can’t choose the right disc or line when the line diameter is not suitable for your brushcutter model or the disc has a different fitting diameter at all. So at this stage it is necessary to be careful and attentive.

And to prevent this from happening, you need to have in your garage or anywhere else (where your trimmer for grass is) to review its specifications. This is to be able to immediately determine the thickness of the line or the shape of the disk.

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Also when choosing a fishing line or trimmer for the grass is worth paying attention not only to the characteristics of his trimmer for the grass, but also on what exactly you intend to mow. For example: a disc is absolutely necessary for small bushes, because the line will just crumble on branches and it will not lead to anything good. For normal cutting of smaller grass, a small line diameter is best, as it can best handle this situation. usually 1.2, 1.6 or 2 mm.

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Now let’s look at what types of lines and discs are available in stores or markets.

The discs come in many shapes, from the usual circle to a three or four pointed star, made directly from special steel (and most often coated with diamond chips on top) to make the disc last as long as possible. For example discs company Klettfix suitable for absolutely any type of trimmer (electro. benzotrimmeram) and cost in the range of 500 apiece. And there are all kinds of shapes and modifications for every taste.

Many people may notice that brushcutter blades are sometimes very soft, and when they hit a rock, they flatten. do not immediately run to the service center and yell about the poor quality product. No, it’s made specially to reduce the shock load on the engine and its transmission, that is, a part of the shock force is absorbed by the disk, crushing. Just like the crash-tests of the car cool foreign cars in case of a collision are flattened like aluminum ones, to save the driver and passengers, due to the crumpling they dampen the force of the impact.

Fishing lines-the assortment of lines is much larger than discs, because the disc can be used many times, and one skein of fishing line is only enough for a small clearing. A line differs from each other in several factors.

One of these factors is diameter. There are different diameters, it also depends on what type of grass you are going to mow. On the market, the diameters range from 1.2 to 4 mm. A thin line is for low-power trimmers, most often with the lower arrangement of the engine. The classic 2mm fits most gasoline and electric models. 2.4 mm is for more powerful. Please refer to the datasheet to see which diameter is right for you. Also, brand-name producers have different line diameters in different colors. Take, for example, STIHL blue 1.6 mm, green 2 mm, orange 2.4mm. This makes it easier for the shopper to visually see which fishing line to buy. for example, he mowed with a green one, that’s what he says in the shop, and the salesman guesses that it should be 2 mm. And the sale took place. We cut 5, 10, 15 and more meters from these reels.

Most importantly it is available in bobbins (big and small) or can be cut to length, which makes it noticeably cheaper. At our store, for example, while if you buy 15 meters of line in a reel, it is always better to ask if it can be bought as a pre-cut.

The cheapest one is made of regular plastic. The trimmer line is being added every day because of the high demand. For example, ARNETOLI MOTOR adds new lines every day. And one reel of medium-diameter line costs about 60. The steeper line has all sorts of additives for strength, in particular they add aluminum particles. All this helps to extend the life of the trimmer cord. expensive lines are made of high quality polypropylene, it is flexible and at the same time strong. Such cord lasts several times longer than cheap analogues.

The cross section of the line is one of the most important points. Most often in the stores you can see a round line, it is suitable for most of the works, the main thing is to choose the right diameter. For difficult terrain it is better to get a line with a sharp edge: either a five-fingered star or a square edge. Accoring to mowing professionals, a line with edges cuts steeper, but tears quicker. Most often this line is taken by owners of trimmers without a blade to mow a plot with thick weeds, burdocks, and other muck. Basically, a line with facets replaces a disk.

To give you an idea of what a line is for, here’s a helpful picture (it’s a STIHL line):

over, you can see the squares and triangles twisted in the section, even there are special notches on the line, all to increase the efficiency of mowing. However, it is far from certain that the most expensive fishing line will do the job.

However, the nuances of the section is that different species are designed for their specific task. The grass is young, it only needs to be mowed, not chopped cleanly. And it’s important for us that it continues to grow. So you have to cut the tops gently and cleanly. It is ideal to pick up the top of the lawn with a line so called “star”. Whereas the square one is designed purely for impact loads, chopping up stubborn weed stalks.

So we’ve got the types of fishing lines and discs. Now we need to deal with the fact that it is better to buy a fishing line or disk. To do this, you first need to decide what exactly you’re going to mow. For example, if you have a very tough weed growing in your yard, then you will be fine with either a very thick fishing line or a disc of any shape (the shape of the disc has absolutely no effect on anything).

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And if young grass is growing, then the thinnest fishing line you can find in stores or on the market will do. But if you are a beginner, you should buy a fishing line, because it is much easier to mow with a fishing line than with a disc. And it is safer, of course.

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Many people just don’t know how to wind the line on the reel, so they prefer a disc to a fishing line. But in fact, if you get the hang of it, you can reel in a few seconds. Nothing complicated really, just do it a couple of times and then it goes like clockwork.

Here is a video, which clearly shows the whole process of winding the line on the grass trimmer reel:

  • So, to wind the line on the reel, you must first open the reel itself. And this is how it is done: first, you need to find a special attachment on the reel. Usually on newer models, it looks like a rectangle.
  • Now you need to slightly push this rectangle and at the same time scroll it counterclockwise.
  • Then you need to take a special spool, which is located inside the spool and find a small hole in it in the form of a loop (it is in the middle of the spool). And then you need to take a certain length of line and fold it in two (for example, if you put 5 meters, you bend in the middle, you get 2 ends of 2.5 meters).

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  • Now you need to put this loop in the loop on the reel and wind it evenly. And when the line is already wound on this spool, you must now proceed to close the reel. To do this, insert the spool with the wound fishing line and put it to one side of the reel.
  • After that, extend the ends of the fishing line into the special holes and close the drum. That’s it, you can consider that your reel is ready to work.

And to put the disk on you don’t have to suffer a lot, all you need is to put the disk on the nut, on which the drum is screwed and put a washer on top. And then tighten the nut, but not clockwise, but counterclockwise, as all models of trimmers thread on the bolt is cut in the wrong direction. It is not advisable to tighten too much, for by default the threads go to tighten, as on an angle grinder.

Plastic discs on grass trimmers. when to use

If metal milling and paddle discs are used on gasoline trimmers, then plastic discs are recommended for electric tools. Their main advantage is their low weight, so the strain on the electric motor is completely eliminated. Structurally, the nozzle is a plastic base, on which the knives are mounted along the perimeter. Blades are made of soft plastic that bends without deforming upon contact with obstacles. The blades are mounted on a circular base at an angle of 120 degrees.

They are designed for mowing dense grass with electric trimmers, when the line can not cope. If the nozzle has a high moment of inertia, it can be reduced by making symmetrical holes. When the teeth are blunted, they need to be sharpened at an angle of 30 degrees, using a grinding wheel with a low or medium roughness.

Disc construction Use Characteristics
Milling peoria with 40 tines Accurate cuts in lawns and tall grass. Ideal for mowing grass in fields and forest belts Eliminates winding of the grass on the disc and low stress on the gearbox. High output for large quantities of grass
Milled with more than 40 tines (60-80) For small trees with a stem thickness of 7-8 cm Suitable for cutting grass with small growing trees
Solid blade with 8 to 32 tines Cutting thin and stiff raspberry and currant bushes. Mow grass effectively, but only with powerful equipment Effectively cuts shrubbery stems. Stresses the gearbox
Blade with one, two and three knives Stiff grass, thistles Breaks the grass several times, shredding it, which increases the load on the gearbox
Blade with 4 or more blades A brushwood and stiff grass scythe, can be used for making hay Has a low moment of inertia
Plastic disks For smaller and denser home garden lawns Does not stress the electric motors of trimmers

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