What is the best cordless impact wrench?

best, cordless, impact, wrench

Electric nutrunners: “Za Rulem” experts have chosen the best one

We found out how easy and convenient it is to unscrew nuts on wheels. with a budget wrench or a conventional wrench.

There is no sense to buy a professional nutrunner just to use it a couple of times a year: it is too expensive. So for the test we picked up a “budget” company of four tools priced from 2000 to 7900. All impact wrenches are low-voltage: two are cordless and two more are externally powered by the vehicle’s onboard power system. You can use these on the road.

The real tightening torque for wheel fasteners on cars is 100-120 N-m. Sometimes even higher power is needed, e.g. to tighten the hub nut or to unscrew rusted joints. The company we bought has declared torques of 140 to 380 N-m. Let’s find out if these promises are true! And in order not to break bolts by accident while testing, we took a more powerful fastener from GAZelle and under it a massive head of 27. It reduces the power of wrenches, but all tools were tested under equal conditions, so tests with “weights” are correct.

Top 10. Makita DTL063Z

Designed for difficult-to-reach screws and fasteners.

  • Average
  • Country: Japan
  • Torque: 60 Nm
  • Impact frequency: 3000 beats/min
  • Speed of rotation: 2000 rpm

Highly specialized wrench will be of interest mainly to professionals who need tools for work in hard-to-reach places. This model features high quality construction and thoughtful design that includes an ergonomic handle, bright backlighting and dynamic brake that stops the chuck rotation instantaneously. However, many craftsmen think that the functionality can’t compensate for the cost of a model comparable in size to a fully-fledged conventional nutrunner.


DeWALT cordless tools generally succeed. unless, of course, we’re talking about the budget series. This impact wrench is a real monster, capable of producing up to 950 Newton-meters of torque. Few cordless models rival it. except the Makita DTW1001RTJ. Naturally, this kind of thrust is not always needed, so a three-speed gearbox is used here.

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“The heart of the tool is the traditional DeWALT 610 watt brushless motor with effective cooling. For impact wrenches, this is no small thing: they often have to work at maximum power and then the winding must be allowed to cool down quickly. The DCF899P2 fits well in your hand, the rubber pads are comfortable. Of course, the weight is felt, but it is also good. it is fatal to save on metal with such characteristics. And for the nutrunner “death” is quite literal. So Boris Razor is, as always, right: heavy is good, heavy is reliable.”.

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It is powered by 18 volt brand batteries with 5 amp-hour capacity. The set includes two of them, that justifies the price to a certain extent. we already got used to the fact that the beautiful figure on the price tag usually means that neither batteries nor charger are included. Here everything is in place. However, please note that the tool runs out of them quickly. a powerful motor requires its.

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As for the minuses, if you are already familiar with cordless “DeWalt”, you will immediately guess. Naturally, here again the battery pad is backlash! “How much longer?”. With that exclamation, we’re going to cut back a little bit on the rating.

Zubr ZGUA-12-Li KNU

For many jobs in the apartment and a private home need a lightweight, handy tool with enough power: for example, for furniture assembly, minor repairs, small jobs in the garage. Optimal option in that case will be a compact nutrunner Zubr, which weighs 1kg. Of course, it has a maximum torque of only 90 Nm, but the principle of the impact wrench allows you to unscrew and tighten the nuts with ease, and also cope with such fasteners, which are not under the power of a much more powerful screwdriver.

According to customer reviews, even going with the tool included 12-volt battery capacity of 1.5 Ah is enough for 4 hours of intensive work. Owners are also satisfied with a reliable case and high battery charging speed. And what’s more, it has a bit holder for screwdrivers that is ideal for house use. Disadvantage. fast battery discharge at low temperatures.

The best electric nutrunner for cars

The Autolux AL-1304 cigarette lighter electric impact wrench is a reliable helper for drivers on the road and in the garage. Robust housing made of ABS plastic hides a powerful motor with 340 Nm of torque to the spindle. Has a handy two-step start button that also controls the direction of rotation of the shaft. the impact wrench has a weight of only 1.6 kg, so it tightens the nuts on passenger car wheels with sufficient torque.

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During operation, the device consumes 10A current, and its main disadvantage. the inability to work for a long time without stopping. The impact wrench overheats and can break down after 10 minutes of use. The model comes with a plastic case for storage and transportation that does not take up much space in the trunk of the car.


  • Type. straight, impact, 12 V power.
  • Power. 175 W.
  • Torque. 340 Nm.
  • Chuck: ½” type.
  • Reverse power. yes.

Advantages of

  • Powered by the cigarette lighter socket;
  • weight;
  • cost;
  • impact mechanism;
  • The availability of the case;
  • Russian-language manual.

Makita DTW1001RTJ

The Makita DTW1001RTJ is a powerful cordless impact wrench equipped with a modern brushless motor that features reliable performance and economical power consumption. Users have three different operating modes, so they can choose the right speed and impact force for the job at hand. Smooth, electronic speed control with electric brake for longer tool life.

Integrated LEDs perfectly illuminate the work area, enabling you to work in dark environments. The body is made of impact resistant plastic that is resistant to mechanical impacts. The package includes two 5 Ah batteries, a metal hook to hang the tool, as well as the battery charger and carrying case.

The owners to the unambiguous advantages of the model refers to a high torque, which allows you to use the unit in professional activities. Powerful enough to unscrew any threaded connections without the use of grease and deoxidants.

Bort BSR. 12H

Bort BSR. 12H. a car network impact wrench of household class. Used for torquing and locking bolts when changing wheels on cars and light commercial vehicles. The tool body is made of impact-resistant and colorfast plastic. Electric motor driven by 12 V vehicle electrical system. For connection uses a universal plug, which allows you to connect it to the cigarette lighter or a special socket. The scope of delivery also includes an adapter that enables the wrench to be connected directly to the battery.

The 3.5 m length of the power cable is long enough for twisting bolts on vans and small commercial vehicles. Additional convenience is achieved thanks to built-in work area illumination. In addition to the wrench, it comes with a plastic carrying case, two extra fuses and two double-sided chrome-vanadium sockets, sizes 17/19 and 21/23 mm.

Makita TW1000

The Makita TW1000 impact wrench rounds out the top.

best, cordless, impact, wrench

This is a professional, plug-in tool. With a 1000 Nm impact and high torque, this impact wrench handles even large rusted nuts up to an M30 thread with ease, so it has a wide range of applications.

best, cordless, impact, wrench

To the advantages of the wrench is worth to include an aluminum casing, which protects the tool from external influences and overheating, which allows you to use the wrench for a long time. And the quick access to the brushes makes replacing them easy and saves time.

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The Makita TW1000 weighs quite a lot. 8.4 kg. Although it is heavy, it is a very handy tool to work with. The bottom handle is positioned so that it is easy to hold in every position. And the additional side handle makes the weight of the unit more evenly distributed, so you can steer it more precisely. over, both handles are rubber-coated to prevent the impact wrench from slipping out of your hands when operating it.

Owners have commented positively on the wrench, saying that it is an excellent truck nut remover that can be used for extended periods of time without breaks. So for professional use, the Makita TW1000 is a great buy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a pneumatic impact wrench??

Answer: an air impact wrench is a compressed air powered mechanical tool designed to tighten and unscrew any type of fastener. What “impact wrench” means is clear from the answer to the following question.

Question: How does a pneumatic impact wrench work??

Answer: The pneumatic impact wrench doesn’t just provide more power in terms of rotational motion (like an electric drill). Most of the torque is transmitted through the rotating masses inside the impact wrench.

These masses release their energy in the form of impacts that pass through the bit into the bolt. This gives more power to unscrew or tighten bolts and nuts without hurting your hands.

Q: What type of air compressor is needed?

Answer: To determine this, you need to know the recommended PSI and CFM values for your air impact wrench. You need a compressor that is about 1.5 times higher than this.

For example, if a wrench needs 5 CFM at 90 PSI, your compressor should provide 7.5 CFM at 135 PSI.

Question: What are PSI and CFM??

Answer: PSI is unit of air pressure, psi. CFM is the unit for volumetric air flow, cubic feet per minute.

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