What is the best cordless chainsaw?

Rating of cordless saws from Aliexpress: Top 17 popular models for country work

A cordless saw is a power tool that is small in size and light in weight. It is indispensable for repair work in the cottage, in the garden, as well as at construction sites and at home. Most saws are used for cutting wood or sometimes for working with soft metal. Before you choose a model for your home, you need to decide for what purpose you want to buy it.

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If you just want to use it around the house, then just about any model will work for you. It should have a light weight, a small cord so you can work indoors and an easy start motor. For professional outdoor work, you will need a cordless chainsaw. Such a saw should have low noise and vibration levels, a soft start, and low kickback.

Cordless saws are power tools that are small in size and light in weight

Such a saw should be able to withstand up to 8 hours of continuous work. Recently, cordless chainsaws from Aliexpress have been very popular. They are small, less noisy, easy to start and can be used even by people with poor health. To help you decide on the choice, we have ranked the top 17 best cordless saws from Aliexpress.

Makita DUC204Z

Ideal tool for trimming shrubs, small growth, twigs and branches in the garden. Very handy to take on picnics. One 5 Ah battery lasts for a day to cut firewood for the campfire/mangala. Can be used for carpentry work. Gives a very smooth cut, because the rotation speed is very high and the chain tooth is very fine. I am very happy with the saw.

  • Functions: soft start, electronic motor protection, motor brake, variable speed control, chain brake
  • The bar is 20 cm long
  • Chain pitch 3/8
  • Cutting length of 180 mm
  • Battery operated
  • Weight 2.8 kg

Rechargeable saw, strictly speaking, is designed the same way as the one working on fuel, only instead of the “heart” it has a gasoline motor, and a battery, and there is no starter motor and fuel tank. So it produces no exhaust emissions and weighs considerably less than its gasoline counterpart. Modern saws are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which provide long work without recharging.

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The most powerful cordless saws

SAFUN CCS-36-401

  • Keyless chain tension adjustment yes.
  • Longitudinal motor alignment.
  • Voltage, V 36.
  • Weight, kg 7.8.
  • Bus length, cm 40.
  • Oil tank capacity 75 ml.
  • Number of links, pcs. 57.
  • Chain pitch 3/8″ (0).375).
  • Length of bar, inch 16.
  • Chain speed, m/s 21.

This is the most affordable model with a 40 cm bar. The engine is in the longitudinal position that makes it quite narrow and quite heavy at the same time. 7,8 kg. Not every home-use gasoline-powered machine weighs this much. However, the toothed cam, good chain and the weight make vertical sawing of logs great. Unfortunately you have to change batteries quite often. Nothing you can do about it. you have to pay for more power. Other nice little conveniences in an obviously budget-friendly tool like keyless entry, half-swivel oil tank lid, and window for checking lubricant level.

Pros of Disadvantages
Great power Poor plastic quality
Longitudinal positioning of the motor Battery discharges too fast
Convenient in operation
Low price


  • Battery voltage 36 V.
  • Oil tank capacity 0.12 л.
  • Complete set of delivery bar, chain (without battery and charger).
  • Weight 4.2 kg (with guide bar and chain, without battery).

Well-known chain and tire manufacturer just can’t be ignored. Powerful cordless unit is as good as its gasoline counterparts in everything. cutting speed and accuracy, power, operator comfort. But the battery does not last long. So even if you can fell small trees with the CS 300, it will not last long, even with plenty of battery power: The electric motor overheats. But for countryside use it is irreplaceable.

Pros Cons
Lightweight for its power Battery runs out quickly
High-quality construction
Good chain saw included

Greenworks GS-180

  • 45 cm long guide bar.
  • Li-Ion battery type.
  • Battery voltage 82 V.
  • Battery capacity 5 Ah.
  • Oil tank capacity 0.05 л.

The most powerful saw you can find on the market. The engine is powered with 80 volts! Luckily, all contact pads and electrodes are made safe, so you can’t get your hand in there. On the bar the inscription commercial can be read, which seems to remind of a semi-professional purpose of the saw. Really: It’s more logical to see it on a frame or timber frame house construction site than in a cottage industry. Even if only for a short time, this tool can be used for felling several trees. The main thing is not to overheat the motor.

Pros of Cons
Great power High price
Lightweight for its size With battery and charger the price almost doubles
Quality construction
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Good chainsaws without a battery included

Sometimes it’s a good idea to buy a chainsaw that doesn’t include a battery. For example, if a suitable battery is already in your household or if you require a battery with a high capacity to run for a long period of time without interruption. In this case, it is worth paying attention to the following models.

best, cordless, chainsaw

Top 10 Best Electric Cordless Chainsaws


If you frequently have to cut down trees, prune shrubs and cut firewood, you will certainly like this cordless chainsaw. It does a great job at all of these tasks. The saw is lightweight, so the owner will not get tired even after long work with it.

The power tool can be held securely thanks to the two handles. No need for additional tools when changing the chain.

Busbar length 35 cm
Cutting speed 15 m/s
Oil tank capacity 0.22 л
Battery capacity 4 Ah
Weight 5 kg
  • Low noise level, so the owner does not need to use special headphones or earplugs.
  • Low price.
  • Brushless motor that only gets slightly warm during operation.
  • Easy maintenance.

Greenworks GD40CS15 14″ guide bar

The leading advantage of this saw is its low noise level. This allows the owner, for example, to saw logs in the country house at night without disturbing the neighbors.

best, cordless, chainsaw

Equipped with a hand shield that protects the user’s hands. Flint-steel bar and Oregon chain guarantee a clean cut in wood.

best, cordless, chainsaw
Busbar length 35 cm
Speed of cutting 12 m/s
Oil tank capacity 0.2 л
Noise level 92 dB
Weight 3.24 kg
  • Low noise.
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber coating provides a firm grip on the power tool.
  • Made of high quality plastic, so there is no unpleasant squeaks during operation.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.

Makita DUC353Z 36 V

Two battery-powered saws are its specialty. This gives it a solid performance, and it cuts through wood quickly.

Safety for the operator when working with power tools is ensured by a chain inertia brake. Protected against accidental start-up, overheating and overload.

Bus length 35 cm
Performance 20 m/s
Noise level 100.4 dB
Dimensions 44.3×23.5×21.5 cm
Weight 4.6 kg
  • Inertia brake stops the chain instantly if necessary, so the model is safe to use.
  • Easy chain adjustment without the need for wrenches.
  • Operates silently.
  • Chain lubrication is automatic.

Husqvarna 120i-12 36.5 В

The chain saw is easy to use because of its lightweight design and small size. Brake is activated by inertial forces.

High-quality BLDC brushless motor for high torque. This cordless chainsaw is the right choice for someone who has never used one before, because it is simple and intuitive to operate.

Busbar length 30 cm
Cutting speed 2 m/s
Oil tank capacity 0.2 л
Noise level 100 dB
Weight 3 kg
  • Oil tank hinged lid easy to open.
  • Reliable brushless motor that will last a long time.
  • Stylish design.
  • Low weight, so the owner does not get tired even after long hours of work.
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Husqvarna 436 Li 36 V/3 Ah

Engine type electric, battery operated
Speed 1
Chain pitch 3/8 (0.375) inches
Busbar length 35 cm
Power Li-Ion, 36 V, 3 Ah battery capacity
Weight 2.5 kg (without battery, bar, and chain)
Average price from 23,990

Top 5 semi-professional and professional saws

Professional and semi-professional chainsaws are equipped with a more powerful motor and higher capacity battery and feature a high level of equipment. All models have an inertia brake and overload protection for safety.

Makita DUC353Z

Equipped with a brushless and low-noise motor that guarantees comfortable work in large-scale production. Features two lithium batteries for good cutting speed and performance. Each battery takes 30 minutes to charge. Inertia brake that stops the chain quickly. Original Oregon chain provides a clean cut of materials.

Greenworks G40CS30 20117UA

Equipped with a large hand guard to protect your hands from chips, the chain can be adjusted quickly and easily without tools. Chain is automatically lubricated, has low vibration and stops in 2 seconds. Noise level is less than 97 decibels. Long battery life, takes 40 minutes to charge. Battery charger included in kit.

Ryobi RCS36B35HI 5133002761

Easy-to-operate and maintain high-speed chain saw that produces a smooth cut. Mechanical and electric brake for operator safety. Equipped with rubberized anti-vibration handle for comfortable operation. No headphones required during work. No exhaust fumes, so it can be used indoors.

PATRIOT CS 402XL 220201402

This model has excellent performance and durability, with a lithium battery that works even in sub-zero temperatures. The chain can be tensioned and dismounted easily without tools. Safety features include rubber-coated handle and inertia chain brake. Vibration transmission virtually imperceptible thanks to the Oregon chain. Thanks to the easy tilt of the tank’s neck, it is easy to pour oil into.


Professional cordless saw of high quality, popular among professionals. Can work for half an hour without overheating. Thanks to its balance, it can be operated comfortably with one hand. Stepless speed adjustment during operation. Equipped with a battery level indicator, so you can calculate the remaining operating time and recharge the battery on time.

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Brand (ROUND 2)? Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Oregon, DeWalt

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