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The range of circular saws for cutting wood is so large that it is difficult for a layman to choose the right option for his workshop. In this article we have made an overview of the most popular models of sawing machines with an emphasis on their features, the strongest and weakest qualities. At the end of the review, you’ll find a list of basic design elements to look out for when buying.

The selection of products is based on reviews, opinions and ratings of users posted on various resources on the Internet. All information taken from public sources. We do not affiliate with any manufacturers or brands, and we do not encourage the purchase of any products. The article is informational in nature.

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Rating of the best circular saws

Category Location Name Rating
The best compact circular saws 1 DOLD DP-0,55 MF 9.6 / 10
2 Dremel DSM20-3/4 9.0 / 10
3 Einhell TC-CS 860 Kit 8.9 / 10
The best circular saws for circular saws up to 190 mm 1 Makita HS7601 9.7 / 10
2 Bosch GKS 190 9.5 / 10
3 Metabo KS 55 FS 9.4 / 10
4 DeWALT DWE560B 9.1 / 10
The best circular saws for large-diameter discs 1 Makita 5143R 9.7 / 10
2 Makita HS0600 9.4 / 10
3 PATRIOT CS 255 8.2 / 10
Best cordless circular saws 1 DeWALT DCS576N 9.6 / 10
2 Bosch GKS 18V-57 G 5.0Ah x2 Box 9.4 / 10
3 Metabo KS 18 LTX 57 3.5Ah x1 LiHD 9.3 / 10


The circular saw from the “Chinese-Russian” manufacturer has unexpectedly taken the first place in this rating, although it seemed to have many famous competitors. But in practice most of the branded saws for small disks (they are also rotary cutters) are battery-powered, so while choosing a circular saw we are actually going through only amateur models.

Well, in terms of price-performance-functionality ratio this is a good circular saw. Of course, the manufacturer did not think much about ergonomics, but it is convenient enough, and the power of 550-watt motor is enough for discs with a diameter up to 85 mm. The cutting depth can be up to 25 mm.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not provide for speed control. Therefore, when working with materials that give small and light shavings, it is worth to immediately provide dust extraction, otherwise the cooling impeller of the high-speed collector motor will scatter dust all around.

Diold has a worm gearing, which is preferable to the belt gearing in the budget segment. The main thing is not to forget about quality lubrication and not to overload the saw, so the worm and the pinion driven by it will not be damaged.

A great helper “for the money”. The mini-circular was useful for many repairs and it was definitely worth the money.

Dremel DSM20-3/4

The Dremel DSM20-3/4 continues our top of the best circular saws. At first and second glance, “Dremel” is not bad: the eye does not cling to the assembly flaws, the saw body sits well in the hand, the spindle lock is conveniently located, and the equipment in the carrying case is good. The 710-watt motor spins the spindle to 17,000 rpm, so 77mm discs will cut fast, but.

These are the very “buts” of this saw a bit too much, so we had to cut a lot of ratings with it. Powerful motor is good, but it gives a strong jerk when you turn it on. “Toothless” discs because of the aforementioned high RPM mercilessly dust and standard dust extraction here can only be called “seems to be, and seems not”. without a vacuum cleaner the dust flies anywhere, except the spigot, and with a vacuum cleaner this “baby” is inconvenient to use. It is better not to work with wood at home, for example. you’ll get a lot of dust getting into every crevice, which certainly will not be a pleasure to clean.

Cutting depth adjustment (up to 21,5 mm on standard disks). with a flag on the right side. Because of this it is inconvenient to work with a smooth plunge along the way. you have to intercept so that just the depth of the current setting on the scale next to the flag will not be visible. Besides this flag is weak, and if you press it hard, the depth set by it can be knocked down to a greater side.

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As a result the final opinion about this saw is spoiled all the same. Dremel dremels turn out better. not without reason the name of this company became a talking one for engravers, but the circular saw will have to be adjusted after purchase.

Varieties and choosing the right type of circular saw

To choose the right type of circular saw for the planned work, it is necessary to imagine their existing varieties.

Circular saws according to design

The design depends on the mobility of the device and the size of workpieces to be processed:

Stationary. Such saw is suitable for big and repetitive tasks, for example in production facilities where large amounts of lumber are regularly cut. Such a tool is mounted on a separate frame, has the appropriate size and requires a separate place to install, and in some cases even a room.

Benchtop. A smaller version of the stationary circular saw. also mounted on a stationary base but much smaller. Suitable for large amounts of domestic work. for example, when building a house, bathhouse or similar structure.

Manual. Mobile device, with which you can work a workpiece in several planes. Used for working with different materials: wood, plastic, soft metals, etc. д. Of all types, it has the lowest power and requires periodic rest, but is mainly used for types of work where it is not critical.

Circular saws depending on the intensity of use

Here it is necessary to take into account the volume of the intended work and the planned speed of its implementation. depending on this, the appropriate type of circular saw is chosen:

Professional. The materials and structural solutions used in such devices allow them to be used without interruption throughout the working day. Usually these are universal tools that are suitable for machining various hardnesses and sizes of materials.

Household. Modern household circular saws, as well as professional models, can boast of versatility in operation, but necessarily require compliance with the regime of loads. Usually it’s about 15 minutes of work for the same amount of time off.

Circular saws by type of work performed and materials used

Regular circular saw can be used to cut various wooden elements into pieces. An ordinary circular saw can cut into pieces various wooden elements at different angles. However, there are circular saws for special applications. Some are capable of plunging into wood, while others are adapted to work with metal.

Metal circular saw. Metal saws need to be more powerful and built to handle different types of cutting blades, both standard abrasive blades and heavy-duty blades. In fact, it is the most versatile tool for cutting any material: sheets, metal pipes and profiles, wooden workpieces, plywood, plastic and the like.

Plunge circular saw. This class includes manual circular saws and stationary saws, with a movable saw blade. The cutting edge of such tools can drop into the center of the part and start sawing from this place, which allows you to cut through holes in the workpieces. Plywood, OSB, and similar panel materials are the most commonly used applications.

Visually noticeable feature of plunge circular saws is absence of automatic lower protective guard and special design of bearing plate that allows setting cutting depth within millimeter accuracy. This allows not only to make through cuts, but also to make straight and shaped (if the design of the saw allows to make cuts at an angle) grooves, gutters and slots.

Before choosing a circular saw for wood for the home, it is necessary to consider such devices, as they have the maximum versatility.

Circular saws by type of power supply

Here it is necessary to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each type of tool very carefully:

Mains. The basic mass of circular saws is made with 220 V (household hand saws) or 380 V (stationary professional saws) power supply. They have only two disadvantages: the need for mains electricity and the possibility of getting tangled in the wire.

Cordless. This saw also needs a power outlet, but only for charging the battery. Then it operates fully autonomously, although only for 30-50 minutes, depending on battery capacity. The main disadvantage of such devices in the battery charging time, which is 5-8 times longer than the duration of autonomous operation.

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As a result, taking into account the high cost, cordless tools makes sense to buy only when frequent short-term work in hard-to-reach places, where it is easier to take a cordless saw than to lead a temporary cable to power a network saw. For example, it might be roofing or similar jobs at high heights where you have to constantly move with the tool.

How much do circular saws cost

Cordless circular saws are more expensive, because they allow a person to use all the benefits of the device even in the actual absence of electricity, until the battery runs out. For example, the model from Bosch will cost about 30 thousand.

Small circular saws sell for 5 thousand, but the tool under a disk up to 190 mm for 10 thousand, large diameter from 190 mm from Makita. for 50 thousand.

Makita 5008MG circular saw

Working disk 210×30 mm is kerf 75,5 mm and 57 mm at an angle of 57 °. Reliable operation of the tool is provided by a motor with the power of 1800 watts, which accelerates a saw blade up to 5200 rpm.

best, circular, choose
  • 4.8 kg is not a high weight for a saw with such characteristics.
  • The high power is immediately noticeable in operation. the saw “goes” smoothly and without jerks.
  • Good weighting and overall ergonomics. allows you to hold the saw with one hand if necessary.
  • A clean and even cut in all materials of the right thickness.
  • Rubber pads on handles. good grip.
  • Small power cord. 2.5 m is not always long enough for comfortable work.
  • Parallel stop is spring-loaded. does not always “hold” the saw steady.
  • There is no groove in the working sole for guide bar movement.
  • Light automatically turns on when the saw starts. even when not needed.
  • Difficult to see the work area. due to the design features of the tool.

Good, powerful universal circular saw. Suitable for a wide variety of tasks, but you have to get used to the tool. a little insecure mounting posts and the lack of a soft start can trade off power for accuracy.

Bosch GKS 190 circular saw

Professional circular saw with a 1.4 kW motor that spins the blade at 5,500 rpm. Saw gives a cutting depth of 70 mm, or 50 mm with a 45° inclined blade.

  • Long mains cable, 4 m long, is sufficient for carrying the tool in large rooms.
  • Weight of 4,2 kg is not much, as for a professional class device. if necessary the tool can be held with one hand or work with it vertically.
  • High blade speeds produce a clean, even cut. in most cases it does not even have to be reworked.
  • The angle of the sole relative to the disc can be adjusted within a range of 55°.
  • Cutting depth is sufficient for all situations where boards need to be worked with a handheld circular saw. If you really need more, you can put a 200 mm blade by taking off the lower shroud, and the cutting depth increases to 75 mm.
  • Hexagon socket for clamping the blade can fall out of the housing unnoticeably. better to keep it separately.
  • Sawdust collection system does not always work correctly. chips and clippings fly out from under the blade quite often with the vacuum cleaner running.
  • Lack of soft start. you need to hold the saw firmly in your hands when starting.
  • It can be difficult to find a blade with an outside diameter of 190 mm and an inside diameter of 30 mm.

the tool can easily withstand continuous use. considering the price, it must be purchased for this purpose.

When selecting a tool, the following features should be evaluated:

  • Power. the functionality in relation to the materials depends on this indicator, if you need to work with material or tile, you should choose the more powerful models;
  • Cutting height. depends on the disc diameter, for household use will be enough from 2 to 4 cm;
  • weight. the less weight, the easier it will be to work and operate the device, but this indicator is directly affected by the power of the device;
  • seating hole diameter. in most models it is 15 mm, but there are saws with non-standard diameter;
  • additional options. mini saws are often equipped with lights, a laser marker, a dust canister for collecting sawdust or the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner. All this makes it comfortable and easy to use.

Top 4 best Makita handheld circular saws

Makita handheld circular saws are designed specifically for domestic use. Small wood or composite materials can be sawed with this tool.

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Makita HS301DZ

An inexpensive but functional electric hand saw model that has optimal technical characteristics for domestic use.

circular saw size

In particular, the unit has an 85 mm diameter blade. You can make cuts up to 26 mm high with it, and the angle can be adjusted within 45 degrees. Speed of rotation is 1500 rpm.

Compared to professional saws, this is considered small, but sufficient for cutting small beams and other wood products.

For optimal and safe operation in the device is provided by a function of soft start.

The device runs on a built-in battery, but the battery itself and its charger are not included.

You have to buy them separately, which is a disadvantage for many users.

best, circular, choose


  • affordable cost;
  • works quietly;
  • There is a vacuum cleaner attachment to remove sawdust from the sawing area;
  • Very easy to use;
  • There is a function of soft start.

Makita HS301DWME

Another convenient and functional handheld circular saw that has a high autonomy of operation.

It is provided by the fact that the saw works from the built-in battery, so the saw can be safely used outdoors or indoors, where there is no connection to the stationary power grid.

Only one operating speed, but it’s also enough for precise cutting of wooden workpieces. The circular saw has a disk diameter of 85 mm, and the maximum cutting height is 25.5 mm.

The speed of rotation is 1500 rpm, and the angle of the disc can be adjusted within 45 degrees.

This model comes with an extended package: included with the tool itself is a convenient storage case, two batteries and a battery charger.

Technical features:

  • high autonomy of operation;
  • Great for cutting small workpieces;
  • the angle of inclination of the disk can be adjusted;
  • There is a soft start function;
  • advanced equipment.

Selecting the Circular Saw that’s Right for You

Makita HS301DWAE

Mid-priced handheld circular saw with optimum technical features for home use.

As the saw blade has a diameter of 85 mm and the maximum cutting height is 25.5 mm, the tool can only be used for cutting small workpieces.

Disc angle can be adjusted for more precise workpieces.

Speed of rotation at 1500 rpm is also sufficient for home use.

The device is equipped with a reliable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2 Ah, so the device has an optimal autonomy of operation.

As an option, the device has a soft start and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner to remove sawdust from the cutting zone.

Two detachable batteries, a blade and a wrench to hold it in place, a convenient storage case and a battery charger.

Technical characteristics:

  • extended equipment;
  • adequate cost;
  • The low weight facilitates the operation;
  • Full autonomy of operation;
  • Allows you to get a clean and even cut.

Makita 5477NB

Unlike previous models that run on built-in batteries, this saw is designed to be plugged into a fixed electrical outlet.

Only one speed, but enough power at 1800 watts to cut various sized workpieces. Circular saw has a 185 mm diameter blade.

With its help you can make cuts up to 60 mm, and the ability to change the angle of inclination in the range of 51 degrees allows to work with different types of workpieces.

The device has an optimal mains cable length (250 cm). This is not enough for some users, but if the saw is to be installed in a workshop, it will be quite sufficient.

For safe operation there is a spindle lock and a special protective cover.

technical characteristics:

  • allows you to get a precise and even cut;
  • Suitable for the preparation of construction materials;
  • optimal power;
  • disc angle can be adjusted;
  • disc arrangement that is easy to use.

What is the difference between domestic and professional circular saw?

Like all household appliances, a circular saw of this class is not designed for regular work, but “on demand”.

it has a low power, small or medium sized blade.

Power of professional tools starts from 1000 watts and the discs have a diameter of 165-190 mm for processing thick beams and boards.

In addition, various functions are used in the form of speed control, backlighting, smooth motor braking and connection of a vacuum cleaner. in other words, functions that greatly facilitate long-term work on a regular basis.

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