What is the best angle grinder for home

What is the best angle grinder: a review of the most high-quality and reliable models

What are the angle grinder? Angle grinder are divided into two types: household and professional.

Domestic tools are cheaper and designed for short-term use of maximum 60 minutes. For complex works, grinders of this type are not used, but for dacha and home use. it is an ideal option.

To say which angle grinder is the best and will work reliably and for a long time, it is impossible to say unequivocally. It depends on what kind of work the tool is purchased for. If for quite simple, for example, dacha. you can take a household angle grinder with a minimal set of options. If you are aimed at solving various problems and at the same time long-term use of equipment, it is better to buy a professional model.

The design of professional and consumer hand equipment practically has no differences. The angle grinder consists of three main elements:

  • Housing. Inside the housing is a motor. In most gasoline or electric power drills of well-known brands, the housing has an ergonomic design to make the tool as comfortable to use as possible.
  • Rotating spindle. It is designed to fix the accessories of the angle grinder. disc elements with different diameters.
  • Gear. This is the element that connects the spindle and motor, due to which the rotation occurs.

Dimensions and weight of angle grinders vary. It can be quite lightweight, weighing just over 1 kg, or quite heavy, weighing from 4 kg or more.


DeWALT DWE 4150 of 900 watts and 11800 rpm has a good ergonomic and low-profile housing. Dimensions. 390120150 mm. The brush holder is spring loaded and independent, which increases the maintenance-free life of the brushes.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Robust, able to withstand considerable loads.
  • Powerful as advertised by the manufacturer
  • moderately noisy.
  • The motor armature is epoxy coated to protect the motor from dust.
  • Self-disengaging brushes, prevents damage to the armature.
  • Low vibration level.
  • Weak side handle.
  • Short power cord.
  • Disc mount is non-standard, with a hexagonal socket. Can be uncomfortable at first use.

Conclusion. Applications for this angle grinder. household chores or small production. Great for precise trimming and bodywork. Top spindle lock button for maximum cutting depths.

BlackDecker G650

Power output of BlackDecker G650 is 650 W, 11000 rpm. Dimensions. 310134115 mm. Body a little thicker than standard, but weighs only 1.84 kg. Handle is two-position, can be set on the left or right side. Standard spindle lock for disc replacement.

  • Good combination of ergonomics and weight.
  • Quiet motor operation.
  • Soft start, no jerks.
  • Comfortable in your hand.
  • Sufficient power.
  • Good vibration damping.
  • Short power cord.
  • Thin plastic handle.
  • According to reviews in rare cases there is no lubrication on the gear wheels, if the gear is too noisy when you turn it on, you need to disassemble the tool and lubricate the gears or exchange under warranty.
  • There is no speed regulation, the start button is loose, but well responsive.

Conclusion. This angle grinder is a convenient option for the home workshop, for short-term work. Use it in production is not recommended because of low wear resistance. With timely prevention and repair will serve for a long time. For convenience, you can extend the power cord. After purchase, it is recommended to check the model. when working, there should be no loud noise and unpleasant odor.

All discs must be selected according to their use. For example, in order to cut a curb, the 125 mm wheel is not suitable. And to grind wood impractical to take a circle with a wire nozzle.

Where to begin to choose an angle grinder

How to choose the right angle grinder for home use: it is necessary to determine for what purpose you buy the tool. Based on the type of work for which it will be used, selected speed, power and disc diameter.

best, angle, grinder, home

Manufacturers when choosing an angle grinder offer equipment in two classes, for professional and home use. The units have significant differences.

best, angle, grinder, home


This type of tool is originally designed for many hours of daily use. Increasing the operating time of the equipment and facilitating the work of the master is achieved at the expense of:

Attention! Professional machines have design features that help reduce the noise level.

Some variations of the equipment require a non-standard connection not 220 W. before you take it, you need to make sure that the device can be plugged into a standard electrical network.


Suitable for household needs, used no more than half an hour a day. A domestic appliance has a lower intensity and requires breaks when operating. This type of machine must stop and cool down every 15 minutes. During this period, the engine is cooled, which prevents its rapid failure.

How to choose an angle grinder: what you need to know, going to the store

angle grinder is an electric tool that is used for grinding, polishing work, as well as for grinding from dirt and rust, and actually cutting almost any material. This versatile multi-tool is indispensable for large-scale construction, and to perform minor household repairs, so every man begins to think about acquiring an angle grinder (it is also called a turbine) over time.

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If you are confronted with angle grinders for the first time, have little idea of their structure and principle of operation, going to the store, you should first read this material about all the nuances and criteria for choosing a quality electric saw.

Best angle grinder machine in india 2022 | Best angle grinder for home use 2022

Main components of angle grinder

Abrasive disc size

The abrasive sanding disc is a wheel-shaped part designed for sanding and abrading (stripping paint and rust) products made of a wide variety of materials, from wood to high-strength tile. The diameter of such a wheel is decisive in choosing the right tool, because it directly determines what materials you can work with and how thick a sheet or board you can cut. The larger the diameter of the grinding wheel, the deeper you can make a cut, so for professional work, such as cutting metal pipes with a diameter greater than 20 cm, you should buy an angle grinder with a disc size of at least 180 mm.

Important parameters for angle grinders

In total, there are five types of angle grinder, depending on the diameter of the grinding disc:

  • 115 mm. This is a very primitive variety of angle grinder, which is suitable only for small jobs in the home, as it is inconvenient to cut with such a small disc, in addition, it has an increased wear resistance. The 115 mm angle grinder is mainly suitable for machining and grinding hard and brittle materials to a specified size (sometimes to a micron accuracy).
  • 125 mm. Ideal for the home. Not only can this disc be used to blast surfaces, but also to cut elements and parts of small thicknesses. Grinding machines with a 125 mm disc have a small weight and affordable cost, so they are excellent for domestic repair work.
  • 150 mm. Not the most popular, although quite a compromise model of grinders, suitable for grinding and cutting products. If you choose an angle grinder for the home, it can not be called the best option, as it does not have any additional functions compared to the 125 angle grinder, but it is much heavier and more massive and has a higher cost. For professional works, its functionality is also not enough, so these machines are not in great demand in construction stores.
  • 180 mm. Discs of this diameter are quite able to cope with construction work of medium complexity (for example, such a tool can cut both bricks and thick metal pipes). For small home works, the angle grinder for 180 mm is very bulky and heavy, so if your activity is not associated with construction, the purchase of such an angle grinder. not the most practical option.
  • 230 mm. The most powerful variety of grinders, which is suitable for cutting all types of metal, bricks, ceramic tiles, wood, etc.д. The 230 mm angle grinder is indispensable for professional construction work, but is not suitable for blasting because of its size.

Please note! Diameter grinding wheel is in direct correlation with the power of the angle grinder. This means that a small power machine will not work with a large disc (and vice versa).

Types of angle grinders according to the size of the nozzles

for abrasive blades

Cutting disc color

Cutting-off wheels are special abrasive discs that are used for the direct treatment of products. They usually have different composition, which allows using them only for certain materials, so when buying you need to pay attention to their marking, which is indicated by different colors.

  • Green circles are used for cutting hard rocks. mainly granite.
  • Yellow discs are used for cutting ceramic (glazed) tiles, fired clay products with quartz and sand, as well as gypsum and calcite parts.
  • Orange-colored discs are mainly used for cutting brick.
  • Blue cut-off wheels cut workpieces made of artificial stone, concrete, metamorphic rocks, marble.

If you need to work on tiles, you should choose discs marked gray.

Spindle speed

Spindle is a shaft that has left and right rotation speeds. In professional tools this parameter is selected and set automatically. In simpler models, the speed depends on the radius of the grinding wheel, so if you buy a large angle grinder with high power, be sure to pay attention to the presence of the speed controller, using which you can reduce the speed and optimize the angular speed with the maximum allowable parameters.

If the regulator in the selected tool is not available, be prepared for the fact that the use of many discs on it will be impossible because of the difference between the maximum and actual speed, determined by the radius of abrasive circles.

Internal device of the angle grinder

Number of knobs

Many people do not dwell on this point, evaluating it solely in terms of convenience, and in vain. It is important to understand that the powerful angle grinder during operation produces a strong vibration, and to hold them in one hand, even a strong and physically strong person is very difficult. If the model has one handle at the starting shaft, which can be rotated to the right or left side, the use of high power can be dangerous to life and health, because there is a possibility that the tool can “bounce” to the side. To protect yourself, it is better to choose devices with two handles (usually on the body of the tool), which allow you to more tightly fix the tool in your hands and avoid its slipping out.

How to choose a good angle grinder 125 mm?

Before you buy a power tool, it is important to understand what models differ from each other and what benefits certain options bring. We will pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the equipment, but also to the functions that should be equipped with the best 125 mm angle grinder.

best, angle, grinder, home
  • Engine power. The parameter is key to many aspects of the power tool: it affects size and weight, power consumption, rotational speed, resistance to overheating. It is worth bearing in mind that it is relevant only for network grinders; its counterpart for wireless models is the battery voltage. angle grinder with low power will cope with cutting wood and plastic, grinding; more productive will be able to use a cutting wheel for concrete or metal. Good power rating for devices with a disc diameter of 125 mm. from 600 W to 1550 W.
  • Battery capacity. Characteristic that is important for wireless models. It is a good decision to pay attention to this parameter if you want to get the most out of a cordless tool away from mains sources. The higher the capacity, the longer will be able to use an angle grinder. At the same time the weight of the equipment will also increase. it will become much less comfortable to work with.
  • RPM. Each piece of work tool is designed for a specific speed range. Compact 125 mm wheels are designed for high RPM, when their bigger counterparts spin much slower. The best speed range, judging by the rating. 8500-11500 revolutions per minute. The most “slow” angle grinder in our rating are cordless.
  • Electronic speed control. The regulator is a good feature if you plan to work with all kinds of accessories and materials of different density. Note that metal and brick are sawn at high RPM, while wood and ceramics are sawn at low RPM. otherwise the workpiece can be damaged. We understand the importance of the speed control, and that is why we have singled it out as a separate criterion in our angle grinder ranking.
  • Electrodynamic brake on angle grinder disc. The function makes the wheel stop instantly after releasing the start button. Helps you to control your work more accurately, avoiding dangerous situations and damaging your workpieces.
  • Quick disc change angle grinder. This is useful if you frequently have to change tooling, e.g. between grinding and cutting discs, brushes, etc.д. Thanks to the quick-change nut, you don’t have to use additional tools to change the disc.
  • Soft start function. Essential criterion for choosing a professional power tool. First, it protects the motor from sudden power surges when pressing the start button; second, the function helps to do without jerking, which will increase the quality of machining and safety. As our rating of inexpensive 125 mm angle grinders shows, the function is not found in the budget price segment. For your convenience, the aspect is made a separate column in the comparison table.
  • The handle position of the angle grinder can be changed. All models in the rating are equipped with a side handle. It is necessary for a firm grip and enables you to grind and cut with high precision. Some angle grinders are equipped with several threads for the handle: on the left, right and on top of the base. It allows you to work with comfort in different positions.
  • Prevention of overheating angle grinder. In the body of the angle grinder holes are created, through which the hot air is exhausted from the motor. This system of natural cooling prevents the breakdown of the device as a result of excessive use. Also look for rated models with electronic overheat protection. They automatically shut off the power if the temperature exceeds the permissible limit. Overheating is rarely a problem with the 125 mm angle grinder. it is much more common for larger angle grinders.
  • Disc socket diameter angle grinder. To determine the compatibility of the disc with the tooling, it is important to consider not only the outer diameter, but also the dimensions of the hole in the center. In most of the models in our rating, they are 22.2 mm. this is the size most working tools are designed for.
  • Ability to lock the start button. When selecting which 125 mm angle grinder to choose for continuous continuous work, pay attention to this criterion: instead of constantly holding the start button, it allows you to set it once in the active position and start grinding.
  • Dust protection for the engine of the angle grinder. The working environment of the angle grinder is filled with dust, shavings, concrete chips and other small particles. As they become blocked in the air outlet, they can damage internal components. To avoid this, the models included in the rating of bolsters 125 by reliability and price, are equipped with a labyrinth design: it protects the motor from clogging.
  • Brushless angle grinder motor. Most of the angle grinder in the ranking refers to the brush: this ensures their cheapness and ease of maintenance, but leads to the need for regular replacement of carbon brushes. Professional power tools are increasingly equipped with brushless motors, characterized by increased performance and price, resistance to overheating.
  • Disc jam protection. If the disc jams in the material, motion is no longer transmitted from the motor to the shaft. As a result, the user will prevent damage to the power tool and save himself from injury.
  • Vibration Protection. Prolonged use of vibration equipment may lead to health problems. Good professional-grade tools have vibration damping systems that minimize the harm of working with an angle grinder.
  • Comfortable holding the angle grinder. When choosing in a retail store, which angle grinder to buy for home, hold it in your hands. Ensure that the handles are comfortable to the touch and are the right thickness for your palms.
  • Automatic brushes turn off angle grinder. Ensures that if a sudden power outage occurs during operation, the disc will stop spinning and will not restart until the machine is restarted.
  • Maintaining a stable rotational speed. With high loads, the rotational speed is often unstable. the RPM falls below the expected value, which affects the quality of the final work. In heavy cutting conditions, the speed stabilizer reduces speed but keeps it constant. In the rating of professional models there are several models with holding steady speed.
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The torment of choosing a 125 mm angle grinder (or angle grinder)

While you are young and bold, you do not need an angle grinder at all. Strong enough teeth, and what you can’t chew, you can cut with a penknife and a hammer.When your puberty period is over, along with the era of grinding cylinder heads on the curb in front of the driveway, comes the period of personality formation. It manifests in buying cheap tools, filtering the price in ascending order.The next stage is when you finally say to yourself the phrase carved in granite: “I know that I know nothing” and start to adopt the experience of others.

I’ve been holding an angle grinder for 25 years. Or rather, in one, if we’re talking about 125 mm.To my shame, I always bought recklessly and only now, after watching a lot of videos and reading all sorts of technical “literature”, I realized how many problems I created myself with such an irresponsible approach.

I remember the endless agony of “it doesn’t fit” And it doesn’t fit because you, Misha, bought a piece of crap with a high gear.And the clatter and clang, which rings in my ears like a grenade explosion? It’s simple. spur gears.And so on.

I always thought you had to be a craftsman in the first place, and it doesn’t matter what you work with. After all, I’m a master swimmer and in flippers with a snorkel will not catch up, right?

About three months ago I stopped buying the Black Decker crap and bought the gray Interskol. That name is disgusting. It’s like chipping half a tooth.It’s a small machine. About 650 watts.Well, you didn’t have money for something more interesting.

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Only now, after reading and watching for the past 24 hours, I can say that this is just crazy.It’s a piece of crap that can only cut a piece of paper, and I was trying to clean welds with it.But I’m grateful to her. It’s the reason I had an idea that it has a power on the side for a reason, and probably the power has something to do with the price :)))

It appeared that the more powerful angle grinder, the less probability to kill it, because if it does not cut metal, you begin to press on it more instinctively and here it comes. It comes with.

In one edition about the tools were even laid out: 1 km of welds the dead Bosch will cut in 63 days.And a Bosch 1900 watt in 14 days. Well, there with a break and a rest, but you can see the difference without a magnifying glass.

I’ve seen enough and read enough, so I went to the store.

Angle Grinder Big Or Small What’s Best

Was looking for something with 1400 watts or so.

AEG Well beautiful all such, with a smooth start, not heavy.I don’t know. A very gray machine. Something stopped me.

I looked at Bosch. Blue series, professional type. 1.4 kW. Just an angle grinder, like it’s from the 80’s Light, but thick. No regulator or anything.I would understand if they were offering a simple powerful angle grinder with a hell of a lot of power for 8000. You could forgive its simplicity and inconvenience.But it’s a bitch, it breaks like everything else.

Metabo. I looked at their top-of-the-line model. Thick as a beer can. And it weighs an awful lot.And no soft start.At more than 1 power.5kW, it’s gonna tear right out of your hand. Especially the fat one.

I’ve been looking at two 9565 series models.One for almost 10,000, the other almost 8,000.Quiet, with sliding bevel gears, low gearbox forehead, climb up just to grind joints.The body is thin. For my taste.But the switch is tight. No anti-vibration handle.

The fact that I am always cutting overhead. I don’t understand those who clamp the iron in a vice, put it under their foot, blink their eyes, grind their teeth, blush as if in a cloaca.

I don’t need a handle at all on an angle grinder, and the weight is relevant. But even more pressing is the vibration loading.Makita for 10,000 is subjectively heavy. The only thing heavier than that is a log from Metaba.

10 times over all angle grinders. Drove the salesman by flicking the switches. I need an angle grinder that I can turn on with one hand without holding it with the other.Yes, it’s not a fine Interskol. Powerful angle grinders are thicker and tear out of hand like the neighbor’s cat at the sight of a dog.

In short, I got tired of it all and I chose a Makita with a soft starter.

Guys, the soft starter. it’s convenient and somewhat safe.

A 10,000 m2 angle grinder is not some iPhone you don’t know or have forgotten about half its functions.

It needs everything. And prevention of furbearer when the disk is jammed, and speed stabilization regardless of the load, and the speed regulator, and all sorts of other tricks.It needs all that.

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