What is better to grind wood with an angle grinder

Cutting discs on the angle grinder for wood materials

Operation of the angle grinder paired with a wood cutting disc necessarily involves compliance with safety. Work must be performed in special protective clothing, and the workpiece to be sawed must be firmly fixed in a vise or clamp. It is important to hold the tool with both hands to eliminate the possibility of knocking it out of the hands. Preference should be given to the angle grinder, which has a speed regulator.

Manufacturers produce discs for bolsters on wood of four main types, about which we will learn in detail:

  • Circular or serrated. appeared the earliest, but have not gained wide popularity due to possessing the effect of backfire. The disc has an external (facing) arrangement of large teeth. Manufacturers produce wood cutting discs on the angle grinder with a maximum diameter of up to 180 mm. The teeth can be equipped with special tips of carbide materials. Such circles, although the most common, but it is the most dangerous attachment in action. If possible, avoid using it. It should be noted that it is possible to use such discs on an angle grinder only if the tool is used as a stationary circular saw
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  • Chain. look like a disk, but there is a chain on the outer circle instead of teeth, like on chain saws. This type of nozzle is safer and can be used to cut medium-density chipboard. On this type of wheel, the risk of jamming and backfire is minimized. it is achieved by a special design of the nozzle, which is similar to the guide bar of a chainsaw. The circular saw blade is in two parts, and there is a groove in the end face. In this groove, the saw chain is slotted and moves by virtue of its inertia. This design prevents the blade from jamming and is thus a safer option than the first type. It is categorically forbidden to saw wood with nails. Teeth get blunt quickly and fail
  • Universal. is so called because it allows not only to saw wood, but also to cut metal, as well as make slots. The universal type has the form of an ordinary steel disc, but with additional teeth in the number of three pieces in the form of slots. The teeth have hard metal tips, which increases the service life of the cutting head. The advantage of the universal cutting disc on the angle grinder is that it is as safe as the chain wheel, and at the same time costs 2 times cheaper. Manufactured by Graff, hence the name “Graff”
  • With tungsten carbide edge. manufacturers don’t rest on their laurels, and are constantly improving their products. Another type of cutting wheel that is completely similar to a concrete cutting head. The only difference is the tungsten carbide facing (or sometimes even diamond facing). The disc has slots with holes, which are used for heat dissipation when working with dense materials, such as wood. Tungsten carbide wheels are not only effective for cutting wood, but also other materials like plastic, metal, and so on.п. Only such a nozzle for cutting one metal is better not to use, because it will quickly fail. Greatly copes with the circle with the sawing of wood, which has nails, screws and other metal objects

Now it is not difficult to choose wood saw blades for angle grinder, knowing what types they are. A wood saw blade universal or with a tungsten carbide edge is recommended for work around the house. They are not only considered effective, but also safe. Saw chain wheels are more expensive, but they are also safe when cutting wood with an angle grinder. The most dangerous discs are those with teeth. They are only recommended for use in situations where an angle grinder is made into a stationary circular saw.

How to sand wood with a wood grinder Basing

Wood sanding with an angle grinder is the most common and affordable way to sand a wooden house. The angle grinder is usually used for sanding logs from planed logs. With the angle grinder is also convenient to grind grooves and ends of logs. In fact, this tool, if you have the skills to work, you can handle any lumber.

CAN ANGLE GRINDERS CUT WOOD?? (Tricks TipsCutting Wood With Grinders)

Your choice of model

There are both domestic and professional models, which differ in power and performance. Do not buy the cheapest angle grinder, its power is unlikely to be enough to grind the entire log. Expensive professional models are also not the best choice for home use. They operate at high speed, are notable for their considerable weight and power. A non-specialist, not named skills to work with such tools, can simply spoil the sanded surface, leaving it in dents.

  • semi-professional models with power from 800 to 1000 watts. This will be quite enough to grind a log house.
  • It is advisable to buy a tool with a rear air intake, and not a side air intake, so it will be less clogged with dust.
  • You should also pay attention to cable length. A cord that is too short is not comfortable to work with.
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Nozzles on the angle grinder

To work will have to stock up on nozzles, which are fixed abrasive. There are two kinds of nozzles:

It is more convenient to work with plastic nozzles, they are thinner than rubber ones, but they serve longer. Rubber ones quickly deteriorate, and in addition, if the rubber nozzle accidentally touches the wood surface, it will leave an ugly black mark, which is very problematic to remove.

Abrasive wheels

or petal sanding discs. Sanding a log cabin is a very dusty job. A lot of dust is generated, which, together with the wood resin, gets clogged in the disc, the abrasive quickly rubs off, so the grinding discs quickly become unusable.

One disc for rough treatment is enough for about 3-5 meters of logs, then you have to change it. Consumption depends on the condition of the wood and the type of surface. How many discs for fine grinding will be needed, depending on how thoroughly the initial processing was carried out.

Longer life has an alpha-disk, which is a metal disk, the body of which soldered pobeditovye crumbs. Bar sanding alpha disk can significantly save on consumables. disc clogged with sawdust can simply be cleaned with a metal brush and you can carry on working in peace.

Petal head on angle grinder Multifunctional tool

  • angle grinder (angle grinder);
  • belt sander or eccentric;
  • sanding accessories (discs);
  • sanding blocks with an emery base;
  • The chisel for processing hard-to-reach places;
  • industrial vacuum cleaner;
  • eye protection;
  • respirator;
  • gloves;
  • Protective materials. flame retardants, antiseptics. acrylates, etc. д.;
  • Brushes or paint sprayer to apply products intended for wood treatment;
  • Sealant for wood warm joint (if there are gaps or such an idea);
  • Decorating paint or special oil impregnation (if desired).

And indeed, what to do when you need to grind not just one wooden handle file or hammer, and wooden fence posts for the entire perimeter of the site, and this can be 100 meters or more just the perimeter, without taking into account the height of the fence. Do not buy because of one manipulation of the belt sander, which is unknown when it is useful, if ever useful.

In this case, we recall the possibility of using existing tools, in particular, angle grinder. As practice shows, the angle grinder for wood sanding is perfect, not for nothing it is called an angle grinder.

In total, thanks to this tool with wood can perform the following manipulations:

All of these manipulations are subject to thorough disassembly.

To saw or not to saw

Nozzle on the angle grinder to work with wood.

Let us say right away that it is possible to saw wood with an angle grinder, but whether there is such a need, there are nuances. Considering this question, initially just answer yourself what cut you need. And be sure to check out our table.

Practical observation! We advise you to read again the column on additional features of the angle grinder, or rather, their absence. The thing is that although wood is a rather hard material, but it has a fibrous structure that accepts only one direction of cutting.

The slightest change of angle leads to the fact that the fibers “explode”, there are chips, roughness and other defects. In addition, there may be peeling and flying chips, so a reminder about safety precautions will not be superfluous.

Sanding: with what and how

Grinding wood with an angle grinder. the process, which has several possible scenarios. Therefore, this section is an attempt to combine the various options, it is a universal sanding instructions, you have only to choose what you need.

  • Step 1. preparing the surface for sanding. Very often, in barns and garages remain old boards that contain traces of previous staining, or the old paint from the outwardly digestible wooden fence has lost its marketable appearance. In this case, you need to remove the old paint.

An angle grinder is just perfect for this task. You will need an abrasive nozzle, which is a bowl, along the perimeter of which there are twisted wires.

Please note! There are several types of such nozzles, if the wires form thick harnesses. scrapers, they are designed to work with metal or concrete bases and when used on wood can significantly damage the outer fibers. It is clear that their use is undesirable.

  • Step 2. rough sanding. The purpose of this step is to remove from the surface of the wood small fragments in the form of protruding fibers, remnants of old paint, the bottom layers of bark. For this purpose, there are special grinding and polishing circles for bolsters.
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But it is better to take a universal base, to which are attached sanding discs of varying degrees of abrasive grit with internal bases. Velcro. These wheels at maximum speed angle grinder can quickly eliminate all those defects that may be on the wood.

This step is universal for all kinds of preparatory work for painting: grinding of wooden floors with angle grinder, sanding wooden planks and partitions terraces, all made under a single template.

  • Step 3. fine sanding. This step is more suitable for wood products, which are both aesthetic and functional. When using the tools already mentioned above, it is enough to set the wheel of zero grains, there you have a fine sanding.

A little more practice! How to grind wood with an angle grinder, has already described. Do not try to use metal cutting wheels for grinding wood. Despite the fact that the wheel itself is an abrasive, there is a high probability of its uncontrolled destruction with flying fragments and injuring working.

Here is the result of improper use.

Polishing. as a separate type

Polishing and grinding. twin sisters, the only difference is that the grinding is carried out with abrasives at high speed, and for polishing need fabric wheels and low speed engine.

Tip! At high speeds the cloth in friction against the surface is heated quite strongly, the price of such an application thermal destruction of the lacquer layer, which is clearly not desirable.

The main thing is to choose the right nozzle and speed.

And in all other respects the complete similarity. Both processes are done by hand, with an angle grinder and a universal base.

Sanding machines

In addition to the angle grinder, other equipment is also used for abrasive sanding. Today, a wide variety of sanding machines are available in a large assortment:

How-to Use Your Angle Grinder on Wood by Mitchell Dillman

  • Sanding machines for broomsticks. The machine grinds by means of an abrasive belt that rotates continuously on two rollers. The speed of rotation depends on the power of the device. The machine has a high output and copes very well with large quantities of smooth sanding. Excellent for roughing and removing old paint.
  • The eccentric sander for cylindrical logs. The machine can work on both flat and curved surfaces. It is equipped with a circular base plate to which the abrasive is velcro-coated. It is used for fine grinding and polishing wood.
  • Vibrating machine for sanding a log cabin has a rectangular base. The machine can work on an even surface, it is also convenient to process the corners of the log. Characterized by a high quality of sanding.

Polishing attachments for wood on the angle grinder

Angle grinder (angle grinder) or angle grinder. a tool necessary in every home. It is used not only for cutting, sanding wood, metal, but also perform them other work. A variety of auxiliary tools are used for this. Let’s see what are the attachments for the angle grinder, and what they are used for.

Needed equipment

In many cases, work with materials involves polishing, sanding, and roughing procedures.

It is no secret that cutting wood is a very dangerous occupation, but the grinding of solid wood under force even an inexperienced worker. The main thing is to have the required tools at his disposal. It is enough to understand the basic principles of the forthcoming work, and everything will be successful.

In most cases, petal discs are used for roughing. After a careful study of the specifics of the product, you can be convinced of its functionality and efficiency.

From the name you can understand what are the features and principle of the consumable tool. Its working area may have a small number of sandpaper blades. A similar structure can resemble fish scales. As for papers with low roughness, they provide soft sanding of elite wood species.

The quality and degree of processing is determined by the grit size of the material, so polishing and grinding is performed in accordance with the established requirements.

Despite the great popularity of petal models, you can apply other consumables. As an example, a very good solution might be a sticky disc for universal use. Most of today’s attachments have a quick Velcro changeover option. The cost of the sticky discs used is much lower than the cost of solid petal discs, but the low price characterizes the short service life. In any case, the universal sticky models are effective both in processing and in sanding a variety of materials, which explains their great popularity.

Options for carrying out the work

Wood sanding equipment can vary greatly, but for home use a few basic options are used, consider them.

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angle grinder

This tool is very versatile and can also be used for woodworking, for this you will need a special wood sanding disc, you can find several basic options on sale:

  • Petal discs are products on which are glued many strips of sandpaper, which can have different grit size depending on the nature of the work performed, the coarseness usually ranges from 40 to 120, although you can find finer options.

The flap disc sander for wood is a popular solution among customers

  • The second option. discs with velcro. it is a more practical solution, because you can change abrasive elements depending on your needs. There are two types of designs. hard and soft, under which there is a soft layer, so you can process surfaces with complex shapes.

How to use Your Angle Grinder on Wood

Important! It is worth noting that due to the large revolutions and not very convenient design, the angle grinder is suitable for rough processing and rounding edges, for more precise work this option is not acceptable.

Belt sander

Such a wood sanding tool is characterized by the following features:

  • This is the most powerful option. with the help of which one can work large surfaces in a comparatively short period of time. That is why such devices are used for processing floors and other structures of a large area.
  • The main work unit is the sanding belt. mounted on two rollers. Its width varies depending on the model in the range from 65 to 110 mm, the rotation speed may also be different and varies from 150 to 400 revolutions per minute.

Instructions for use of such a device is extremely simple: you need to put on the sandpaper belt and you can start working

  • At high speed, the quality of work can not be called ideal, in addition, you can sand only flat surfaces. and all difficult areas and connections to the walls will have to be finalized manually.

Vibratory grinder

This option is a design on which there is a flat soleplate with Velcro, to which the interchangeable sanding sheets are attached, the tool has the following features:

  • The greater the amplitude of the sole movement, the higher the speed of the work. But the lower the quality of sanding. It is therefore important to choose a model to suit your needs.
  • Compact models with an iron base for difficult-to-reach areas and hard-to-reach places. They allow you to get to any curves on wooden windows and door units.

You decide for yourself which wood is best to sand and, depending on the type of work involved, you can change the sanding base in a very practical and useful way

Eccentric sanding machines

This option is also very popular for the following reasons:

  • The round sole plate performs both rotational and reciprocating movements. The quality of the workmanship is vastly improved. Wood sanders are always the best option for a perfect surface finish.

How to sand a wooden surface fast and well? Use planetary sanding appliances

  • All good models have a dust extraction function. This greatly improves working conditions and reduces dust formation, you should not disable this node.
  • The configuration of the equipment allows you to use it for processing large constructions and grinding not very comfortable areas.
  • The fastening of interchangeable abrasive elements is performed by means of velcro. there are variants with special clamps, but they are less convenient to work with.

Grinding wood with an angle grinder

The modern market is flooded with various types of power tools, designed, each for its own purpose. Purchase of expensive equipment is reasonable in the professional sphere. In everyday life, you can use the same devices for different purposes and do not spend extra money.

So, often in wood sanding is used, the so-called angle grinder. Or angle grinder, designated by the abbreviation angle grinder.

With special attachments, the tool, originally designed for metal processing, turns into a grinder for wood.

How to choose sandpaper for woodwork?

Quite a few things can be considered when choosing a consumable. An example of this is:

As a rule, the marking indicates the grit size of the abrasive according to ISO. Special tables can be used when selecting. Wood is sanded with fine sandpaper if there are only minor defects or before polishing. Dry or wet grinding

Most often dry sanding is carried out. This technology is simple to do, and the consumables are inexpensive. There is also wet sanding, which involves the use of special paper.

Wet grinding and polishing involves feeding water into the work area. This causes the wood to soften. Today this technique is rarely used.

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