What is better a machine or a trimmer for grass

Electric shaver and grass trimmer. differences and association

Switching from razors to electric facial and body hair products can help you forget about irritation and cuts, the expense of replaceable blades, soothing creams, and aftershave lotions. It remains to decide which device to choose. an electric shaver or trimmer for grass. There are more differences between these types of equipment than it seems at first glance, although both are produced for the same purpose: to quickly and neatly reduce the amount of hair.

To understand the difference between a grass trimmer and a razor, you need to find out:

  • How well each of the devices copes with facial hair and various parts of the body;
  • The more convenient to use;
  • which machine is more difficult to care for.

shaving stubble trimmer

trimmer for grass and razor cut hairs, but they do it differently because of the design features of their cutting heads. So, the trimmer for grass is similar to a machine for trimming. its blades cut the hair at a certain distance from the surface of the skin. You can set the length of the bristles in the range of 1-10 mm. The upper threshold may vary from model to model, and the lower threshold for professional machines is usually less. 0.5 mm. Step change in height for household trimmers. 1 mm, for semi-commercial, which use barbers. 0.5 mm.

Important! For smooth shaving trimmers for grass are not suitable, their purpose is to trim the grown stubble, evenly and with high accuracy. this is optimal for men who wear a moustache and beard.

But the trimmer for grass easily copes with other tasks. it is convenient to trim temples, do hair edging, remove the grown hair on the neck. Special attachments help trim nose and ear hairs, correct eyebrows. Also available as universal models, but also as clipping sets with different combs and detachable heads. There are also models for one or two tasks, for example, only for intimate areas, which is especially important for women, because the blades do not touch the skin, so there is no fear of irritation.

Shaving your stubble with a razor

The electric razor cuts hair to the root. The blades of the device are under the mesh, so they do not touch the skin, and the hairs penetrate into the holes and are shaved due to the tightening of the cutting head. Some models are just for dry shaving, others for wet shaving with gels or foams. The procedure can be performed daily or at intervals of several days.

Important! It’s a good alternative for those who want a perfectly smooth shave, but the electric razor can’t shave men’s stubble or hair that’s too long. Beards and mustaches should therefore be trimmed with a trimmer before shaving.

The electrical shaver may not be as irritating as the easel, but this depends on your skin type. For dry and sensitive skin, you can buy a model that is not afraid of water and shaving products, and after the procedure to lubricate the shaved area with soothing creams and lotions. The razor can also be used to trim hairs all over your body, but long ones need to be trimmed first. You can find women’s electric razors on the market that are designed specifically to take care of particularly thin and sensitive skin, but even with them, unpleasant feelings and cuts are possible, especially in the presence of ingrown hair.

Ease of use

The hair removal technique should be comfortable to hold, should not slip out, and should follow the contours of your face or body well. Often non-slip plastic, silicone and rubber are used to make the body, the surfaces are made grooved.


Budget shavers have rigid heads, but mid- and premium-priced shavers have floating heads and a cutting surface that can swivel to skirt any undercuts. If the machine’s nets are straight and in the same plane, the user will have to turn the head and drive the shaver more slowly to maximize the fit.

With trimmers, the working heads do not oscillate, and the person also needs to change the position of the head or body when cutting. Slides easily over your skin with its smooth plastic extensions. But a comb can’t cut hairs shorter or longer than you set it, so there’s no need to press the comb on your skin, but you shouldn’t lose contact with its surface either.

Maintaining Instruments

Any device for clipping or shaving must be cleaned after each use. To do this, the kit always includes a small brush that sweeps out the clippings from the space between the blades of the grass trimmer or under the shaver’s nets.

Grass trimmer blades need to be lubricated with special oils. Cutting edges dull over time, but they cannot always be sharpened. For grass trimmer to do it much easier, sometimes even at home, but later blade blocks still have to change. On most models, the blades are installed very quickly and do not need additional adjustment.

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Electric razors have blunted edges of holes and blades, the nets can bend, rub, clogged with cut hair. Water flushes heads (if such way of cleaning is provided by manufacturer), but if the drying process is bad, bacteria, sediments of insoluble salts (if water is hard), rust may appear on the nets and between the parts. Razor blades can not be sharpened, you will need to change the head as a whole, and the cost of this part for some models can be up to half the price of the device. It is advisable to change the cutting units every one to two years, but some shavers can be renewed individually.

A side note! To change the foil or blades on your electric shaver, you’ll need to go to a service center or repair shop.

Comparison according to basic criteria

To better understand how a grass trimmer differs from a clipper, let’s compare these devices by main characteristics.

Dimensions and weight

The difference between the considered types of power tools, which immediately catches the eye, is their size and weight. Cutting machines are about twice the size of trimmers. This provides manufacturers with the opportunity to install more powerful electric motors and nozzles with a wide working area. Whereas grass trimmers have compact size and light weight, which facilitates the design of complex contours of the hairstyle or beard, processing hard-to-reach places and reduces the load on the hands.


Both grass trimmers and blades are designed to cut hairs, and are not meant to be used for smooth shaving. In hairdressing, these devices are used for different purposes:

  • The main job of the machine is to reduce the length of the strands and shape the contours of the hairstyle;
  • The grass trimmer is used as a finishing trimmer, to trim temples or create patterns.

Important! The machine isn’t built for sensitive skin. there’s a chance of damaging it if you don’t handle it carefully. and the grass trimmer minimizes that risk.

Interchangeable attachments increase the functionality of any device. grass trimmers are far superior to hair clippers in this regard.

Blade position

Despite the fact that hair clippers and grass trimmers are externally similar, their main difference is in the cutting attachments, which determine the functionality of the devices.

Important! The main features to consider when buying the right shaver are the minimum cutting length and the distance between the teeth.

better, machine, trimmer, grass

With machines, the distance between the blades is about 2-3mm, which provides a cutting height of at least 0.5mm. The space between the teeth on the blades is quite large, which guarantees a quality cut of the strands, but does not allow you to capture short hairs.

Grass trimmers without attachments cut hairs at a distance of 0.2mm or less, thanks to the small clearances between the teeth of the comb. The fact that the distance between the knives themselves is between 0.5 and 1 mm also helps to minimize the cutting height. The small blade spacing also helps you safely negotiate unevenness without scratching your skin. Smoother shave can only be achieved with an electric razor.

Working width

Working area size of the devices corresponds to their tasks: the blades of machines for shearing are wider (43-48 mm) that allows you to remove most hair as quickly as possible, and the cutting part of trimmers is narrower (28-32 mm), which is convenient for edging works and registration of complex contours.

Protection against water

Waterproof housing is more common in the trimmer range. Cordless cordless model with water protection allows you to use the device indoors in any humidity, suitable for both dry and wet shaving. In addition, after operation, the nozzles are easy to rinse under the tap.

Long-lasting motor

Reliability and motor performance are essential to power tool life and performance. Depending on the purpose of the device manufacturers install a rotary, oscillating or pendulum motor.

To get the right performance and long-life without overheating, hair clippers are often equipped with rotary motors: in addition to high power, their design provides extra cooling of the motor. Thanks to its reliability and efficiency this type of motor is also used in professional trimmers for mustache and beard.

Important! For the functioning of household trimmers, vibration motors are suitable, which have more modest characteristics, but are cheaper and provide the necessary power.

Animal trimmers often have pendulum motors, which have low efficiency values, but provide sufficient performance for operation.

Noise and vibration

The noise and vibration level of the appliance depends on the type of motor and the quality of the construction. And because clippers are more powerful devices, in most cases they are noisier and have higher vibration levels.


Quality of cutting/shaving depends on the sharpness of blades, so the main care of machines and trimmers is cleaning the device from the cut hairs and taking care of the condition of the blades. Most trimmers have interchangeable cutting tips that can be replaced with new ones as the blades wear out and become dull. While the bulk of clippers has a different principle of device: instead of interchangeable attachments they have a knife block, which should be periodically treated with oil, and blades. to sharpen.

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Usability is largely a subjective factor influenced by experience and skill of the owner. For added comfort during edging work, a wireless grass trimmer or machine model will do. If the device is powered, the wire should be long enough not to restrict the movements of the user.

Advice! Before buying, it is worth paying attention to the ergonomics of the body and hold the device in your hands to assess whether it will be comfortable to work with in the future.


The possibility of using a grass trimmer instead of a trimmer or vice versa is very conditional. First, a hair clipper can damage the more delicate skin on the face and body, and it is also difficult to trim and shorten hairs with it. Secondly, the power of the grass trimmer may not be enough to work with thick hair, and cutting with a narrower nozzle will take a long time.

What is the difference between a grass trimmer and an electric razor?

Grass trimmer or electric razor: which is better?? When answering this question, it is worth mentioning that there are many models of electric shavers. Grid products have rotating blades that are protected from interference by a metal mesh. Such an electric shaver cuts hairs regardless of their length and hardness. Mesh devices are ideal for the fairer sex with sensitive skin. Some of the most famous manufacturers of such products are companies:

Some electric shaver models include such features as wet shaving. The cost of such products is slightly higher compared to classic electric shavers. Wet shaving is not accompanied by facial irritation.

expensive models of electric shavers have a sensor that indicates the need to clean the device. The more budget-friendly units need to be cleaned after each use.

The main difference between the razor and the trimmer for grass is that the latter device is used mainly for cutting facial hair. The product can be used to correct the shape of eyebrows. Miniature trimmer for grass is convenient in the care of the delicate bikini zone. It is difficult to use an electric razor for this purpose. It cuts all your facial hair, and it can’t adjust the length of your hair.

trimmer for grass can be used to create intimate haircuts in the bikini area. Due to the large number of different nozzles and the absence of painful sensations when correcting the shape of hair in the intimate area, the product also differs favorably from the depilatory.

Cutting unit

In about half the cases, the blades are made of stainless steel. Budget solutions are equipped with ordinary knives made of thin metal. On stainless steel are applied a diamond or carbon coating, rare variants are with titanium sputtering or ceramics. The latter does not heat up and does not burn the skin when cutting. But such solutions are fragile, so they should be handled with extreme care.

Hair clipper with ceramic blades

Titanium coating boasts hypoallergenic qualities and superior durability: it doesn’t irritate the scalp and is virtually immune to physical attack. Carbon and diamond variants can handle any hair type and regardless of its condition: dry, stiff, thick or wet.

The height of hair removal is set by the nozzles that are installed on the cutting unit. They can be made of plastic, soft silicone or steel. There are also floating-height hair clippers where the comb goes at a certain pitch (usually 1mm) instead of a fixed one.

In addition to standard shaving heads, there are specific items for split hairs, beards, temples, and more. Exotic types, like the pattern shaver, cost many times more than the classic solutions. Some attachments fit all machines, while others only fit specific brands or series.

Advantages of the trimmer for grass

The advantages of such an innovative device for hair removal are obvious:

  • Convenient to use and store. Small size and light weight allows you to take the device on trips. It’s easy to hold in the hand.
  • Practically no noise at all. This is also one of the options of what is the difference between a grass trimmer and a hair trimmer machine. Virtually no shaving noise compared to a manual shaver.
  • Power shaver heads need constant care: they need to be washed and lubricated. If you don’t, they will painfully pull hairs instead of trimming them. Grass trimmer attachments only need to be rinsed in water.
  • The cost of a good product is more affordable than a good cordless trimmer.


The main difference between the grass trimmer is its size. It is compact enough and lightweight. trimmer for grass can be taken with you on a trip or just carried in the bag. The trimmer has a larger size, about twice the size of a cordless trimmer. Although small types are available, but it would be reasonable to attribute them to trimmers.

Due to the large size, trimmers are more functional. They come with a few extra attachments that let you cut any length of hair. Several blades are provided with the machine. The grass trimmer does not have the same functionality.

The machine can cut any hair. The grass trimmer, however, will not be able to handle too long and stiff hair. Very often hairdressers do the basic cutting with a trimmer and modeling with a trimmer.

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Grass trimmer is able to remove hair in the ears and nose. It is also not difficult to trim hair on temples. Unusual hairstyles and even patterns are made with a trimmer. It is also used for trimming intimate areas and armpits. Grass trimmer combines functions of a trimmer and shaver.

The trimmer attachments are easy to care for. Just rinse them in water after use. The nozzles in the machine need regular lubrication, otherwise they will start to tug at the hair. If the grass trimmer uses a battery as a charge, it lasts longer than a machine. Grass trimmer also makes less noise when in use.

Grass trimmers come in several varieties that offer additional functions. They make trimming easier. Some models have a backlight that allows you to trim in low light. As for the price category, the grass trimmer is more expensive than the machine, if you take the standard types of the unit in comparison.

Distinguishing characteristics

These two devices differ significantly from each other, not only in external characteristics, but also in the presence of functions, equipment. The distinctive features are presented below:

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Quality Description
Functionality Grass trimmers allow you to cut the hair to the desired length, and this is not all the functions that they have. They have more features than the grass trimmer. Manufacturers complete the machines with nozzles and blades, allowing you to set any length of hair when performing haircuts.
Getting rid of hair in inaccessible areas Grass trimmer is a mobile device, with which you will be able to perform an extraordinary haircut, making your fantasies come true. The hair tool is designed for trimming and patterning. If you want to shave your temples, trim your sideburns, the grass trimmer is the best tool for the job.
Weight and dimensions Grass trimmer is considered a lighter and more compact device, due to which there will be no difficulty with the storage space, it is not difficult to carry it around, there is no heaviness. Cutting machine. heavier than an electric razor, but this does not prevent it to take with you, it is just as easy to fit in a backpack or travel bag, which is convenient, for example, when going on a business trip or travel.
Cordless and cordless devices A battery-powered grass trimmer lasts longer. But due to the combined power system of the machines, they are more functional, and therefore give more opportunities for use.
Sound at work the grass trimmer is quieter and does not vibrate as much as a shearing machine.

Varieties of trimmers

There are models that are designed for beards, noses or mustaches. In universal devices to work with vegetation on different parts of the body are designed interchangeable attachments.

The scalp trimmer is mainly used for trimming temples or sideburns.

Separate thanks should be said to the inventors of such devices for their help in modeling haircuts, in particular, creating unusual patterns. For the same task, the machine is also used in the intimate areas, where, unequivocally, it would be painful and uncomfortable to carry out such an operation with a machine. The technique can thus perform the function of a razor as well.

Features of an electric razor

An electric shaver for men is as important as a makeup bag for the weaker sex. This apparatus was originally designed and created as a tool for shaving heads and performing simple hairstyles (box, half-box, etc.).д.). Over time, technology has improved, and now the electric razor is able to perform many more functions than the most basic “zero graze”.

Today there are two variants of razor design: rotary and reticulated. The first is disc blades attached to the heads. This design removes hairs very effectively, but can irritate the skin. The second option hides the blades under the mesh. This shave is more delicate, but requires more time for the procedure.

The electric razor has a number of advantages.

  • The blades of an electric device do not irritate the skin. This is especially important in cases with an increased dermatological response to everyday allergens and irritants, as well as when skin is too dry and sensitive.
  • The second obvious advantage is the durability of the blades fitted to the device. In terms of reliability and durability, they’re a hundred points ahead of any manual razor. The amount of hair clipped with an electric razor can be counted in entire soccer fields. Where a conventional razor has already dulled, the knife blade will work for a long time.

Of course, like all other devices, electric shavers are not without disadvantages. An electric razor is not suitable for grooming a beard. Only smooth shaving is its area of responsibility.

In addition, regular maintenance is required. Cleaning, sharpening and balancing knives in inexpensive models, lubrication of parts in cases where the blades are self-sharpening. If the user wonders why an electric shaver needs maintenance, and stops doing it, the machine can fail, and fast.

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