What is better a chainsaw or an electric.

What to choose, electric or gasoline saw

Only a terminator robot is able to cut the huge trunk of a poplar tree into billets in one go, and then immediately after that cut a cubic meter or two of construction board to size. And to do all this with an ordinary wood hacksaw But jokes aside, sawing a large volume of wood does not tolerate manual labor. That’s why every home economist can most likely find such a tool as a chainsaw in his pantry.

This tool is just the kind of tool that can turn a worker into a cyborg capable of cutting immense poplars in a single fell swoop to make compact and neat chunks.

Today tool stores offer several types of chainsaws:

There are also cordless models, but because of the high cost, they are not widespread, and in general it is unlikely that the cordless chain tool will ever become popular.

Despite the common concept of chain saws and electric chainsaws are still designed to perform different tasks. Of course, both types of chainsaws have their undeniable advantages, as well as obvious or indirect disadvantages. This review will look at the features of gasoline and electric models, their pros and cons. This article will help to decide what to choose, electric or gasoline saw.


In terms of performance, we want to know how long each tool can run, how fast they can cut, and the overall cut quality. Both saws have a 16-inch bar and a new chain. We fill a quarter tank of gasoline in a chainsaw, and a cordless one will have a quarter battery charge.

better, chainsaw, electric

Chainsaw result:

The chainsaw worked for about four and a half minutes, making quite a few cuts in that time.

The result of a cordless electric saw:

The electric saw didn’t run long, barely making two cuts.

Let’s summarize

The choice of the tool, first of all, depends on what tasks with its help you are going to perform. If you’re involved in home and household repairs. be sure to buy an electric saw. You avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and much less noise.

Another thing is if you are going to use a chainsaw for felling trees, sawing thick wood or other work away from the power source. in that case, you can’t do without a chainsaw.

Which unit is best considering the device? Gasoline saw

To start the engine, use the recoil starter. Handle is anti-vibration and has an inertia guard. If the saw chain jams, the equipment can bounce back, increasing the risk of injury to the operator. A protective arc stops the motor upon contact with the hand and reduces the chance of damage to the chain. The latter can be of one of several types. The classification by pitch, which is the distance between the bottom teeth, is often used to select. They mesh with the drive sprocket.

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How to choose

The decisive factor when buying a petrol or electric chainsaw is the planned scope of work.

If the tool is bought for periodic work in the garden, for example, to cut down old trees, to build a pergola or to repair a sauna, either a gasoline or electric saw is equally suitable.

For long-term outdoor work, professional, productive chain saws that can work without stopping for several hours will be suitable.

If you have to work indoors, the electric version will be more advantageous. Under the roof the device can work regardless of the weather, low noise level and absence of exhaust gases play in favor of this option.

Response to the post “Screw the news, here’s the crown

Note to LL: Buying a saw chain. check if the connecting link is installed correctly. The arrows on it should correspond to the direction of movement of the chain on both link cheeks.ap: STIHL says it’s not, their answer is at the end of the post.

My 180 chain broke off. Well, broke and broke, went and bought a new one.

Then I think. and my old one isn’t old at all, it’s not even sharpened. Why not have it repaired? Googled “saw chain repair”, Found a long tedious video on how to rivet a chain.But it’s not about him. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев the author noted that he “I put the wrong link” and gave a link to a video (also long and tedious: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=wecIrJkqXeI )

It says that the cause of the breakage. Incorrect connecting link.Briefly on the video and the problem: 0. Chains come in coils. 1. For retailers by size their “cut” (riveted) somewhere in the bowels of the delivery channel, there they put the connecting link.2. The connecting link has a direction and is marked with arrows. The reason. the front of the link is higher than the back, which normally saves chain and tire life.3. At least some workers have not read the manual or there is no manual, so the connecting link is not set correctly.4. Chain with a wrong link often breaks before the first sharpening.

I went and looked at my old chain. Yes, the link is wrong. You can not see well in the photo. the connecting link is not the same as the “native” The chain is riveted, it is easy to find on the new chain.

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Looked at the new chain. similarly. Went to the store to change to normal. dick. Out of the 15 I looked at, NO ONE chain was done correctly (which is interesting, because according to probability theory, you can put the connecting link fork in two ways. Correct and incorrect, 1/2 chance correct, same with the plate, t.е. Probability of correct installation by accidental fitting. 1/4).

I bought a connecting link and riveted it myself.

This raises a question for STIHL. Do dealers who bring in and rivet the chains for sale not have a strong recommendation about the correct assembly of the connecting links?

better, chainsaw, electric

Surely there is a problem with other chains, but I have STIHL, so I consider only this manufacturer and its representatives.I will not even consider the possibility that unscrupulous manufacturers are doing it on purpose to sell more. then the chains would all have unidirectional links, but in reality there are unidirectional (one arrow forward, the other backward), and misdirectional (both backward).

Hello! The directional arrow on the connecting links is an aid for positioning the saw chain on the guide bar in the correct direction.The turning of a link has no effect on the saw system (guide bar and chain sprocket) and the motor itself. Since the link is not stressed in a way that could cause the chain to break, it may be installed in either direction.The asymmetry is due to the use of identical manufacturing processes for the different types of links. The back heel bevel is important just for the cutting links and is not important for the connecting link.If the chain breaks frequently, it is advisable to check the condition of the chain sprocket, because wear on the sprocket can cause the chain to break. No more than 0,5 mm of wear is permissible. We recommend that you periodically check that the tension in the chain is correct and that the guide bar is in good condition. It is also necessary to use original chain oil that dissipates heat well and cleans the headset properly. Additionally you can check the chain sharpening. If the cutters are poorly sharpened, of varying lengths or angles, this can also cause chain breaks.

An electric chainsaw

The tool is equipped with an electric motor and runs on a 220 V mains supply. You don’t need to buy fuel and you don’t have to fill up the saw. It produces no exhaust fumes, so it’s suitable for indoor use. Usually an electric saw is not as noisy as a gasoline-powered tool. Most of the time it is lighter and easier to use: you don’t need to start the engine by hand.

But there are weaknesses. The electric motor is not resistant to voltage fluctuations. What it means? Let’s imagine that you have blunt teeth on the chain and you are sawing a trunk. The motor is under a great strain. it can’t cope and fails at the critical moment. The same thing happens in case of a voltage drop. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on it, especially when you’re out of town. In addition, you should not use your electric chainsaw in rain or high humidity.

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The main differences between electric saw models

The higher the setting, the greater the fluctuations in the network the tool can endure. But on the other hand the weight and size of the saw will also be higher. For garden work, a tool with a 1,000-watt motor is suitable; for regular sawing of trees or construction in the countryside, a saw with a 1.5-2.5 kW output is preferable. Units with higher ratings are used for daily long-lasting work.

There are electric saws with transversal and longitudinal drive. The first ones are usually shorter and more compact, but their center of gravity is displaced, what complicates control. Saws with a longitudinal motor are easier to control and more convenient to operate.

Additional features and details of electric chain saws

Soft-start motor protects against overloading. This is especially true in the countryside, where electrical equipment may not be in the best condition.

Locking of accidental switching avoids injuries. In order for the chain to start rotating, you need to unlock the trigger with your thumb and only then press it.

The chain brake stops the saw. It is located on top of the tool and is designed as a shield. If the saw jumps off the workpiece, you automatically press it with your hand.

Thanks to the overheat protection system, the saw stops operation when the motor reaches a critical temperature.

Keyless chain tensioning: You manually tighten the handle so the chain does not slacken. No wrench or screwdriver needed.

better, chainsaw, electric

Automatic chain lubrication. The oil pump works in conjunction with the saw engine. No need to manually feed oil to the chain or dip the entire bar in oil.

TUNDRA electric chainsaw

Which is better. electric chainsaw or chain saw??

Electric and chain saws perform the same functions and have similar working principles, but there are important differences between them.

The chainsaw in particular is suitable for self-contained work in areas where there is no electricity connection. On the other hand, electric models weigh a lot less and are ideal for simple garden and yard work.

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