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TOP 15 best lines for grass trimmer: rating 2021-2022 and which one to choose 3 mm thick

Today’s grass trimmer line rating on our Tekhnik portal.top. the best way to quickly find the right model.

For quick navigation, we have divided the rating into categories:

Any grass trimmer requires a quality trimmer line that will effectively cut the grass and at the same time will please you with economical consumption and good elasticity, capable of providing a minimum number of rips.

We have compiled a rating of the best lines for trimmers in 2021-2022, where we tried to take into account the selection criteria, high scores of buyers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each variety.

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Top 10 best manufacturers of lines for grass trimmer

The American company PATRIOT has a complicated history. It has survived enormous popularity, a name change (Patriot Garden), and then the return of the old logo. Many production sites are located in China, which allows to supply the Russian market products for the best price and in a beautiful package. This fully applies to the line for grass trimmer. Cord is most often purchased by gardeners and brushcutter beginners. Buyers are attracted by the stylish look and affordable price. As for its performance, you can find a lot of critical words on thematic forums about Patriot line.

In the range of the American-Chinese brand there are different sections and diameters of cord. Already at the stage of winding on the bobbin happens entanglement material. Bruising is very common later on, due to the soft nature of the cord.

Which material is better?

Another important factor for assessing a line’s durability and quality is the material used for its manufacture.

In general, in most cases good fishing line for trimmer is made of nylon. polyamide or polypropylene. It is inexpensive, lightweight and hardwearing. Unfortunately, many manufacturers manage to cheat here as well by adding polypropylene to nylon. Of course, they officially announced that this is done solely to reduce the cost of consumables. In reality, the price is reduced very slightly, but the lifetime is quite noticeable. Such trimmer line wears out much faster, and overheating during prolonged work can ruin it in a very short time. Therefore, if possible, a nylon line for a trimmer is the best choice. Its price is affordable, but it has a much longer life than its cheaper counterparts.

Never use wire or metal rope instead of fishing line. High rotation speed combined with the hardness of the metal can lead to the fact that they will cut through protective equipment and even shoes, causing serious injury to the user.

However, the choice doesn’t end there. In fact, you can also find two-piece trimmer fishing line on sale. This most often applies to materials with a larger cross-section. three millimeters or more. A regular nylon line for trimmer is inserted with a rod of steel or graphite. Work with such a trimmer must be especially careful, but the aerodynamic properties of the line increases dramatically. now the thickest and hardest stems and even thin branches will be cut lightning fast.

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Also, you can see special reinforced lines for trimmers on the market, in which grains of steel are distributed throughout the volume of nylon. The main advantage of this material is very high wear resistance and durability. It will cost much more to buy than the usual nylon or, even more so, polyethylene analogue. But the service life is also much longer. You won’t regret wasting your money, because one skein will be enough for several years of gardening.

Characteristics of a grass trimmer line

To understand what line for grass trimmer trimmer is needed for your model of mower is enough to determine its basic parameters: the thickness of the thread, the shape of the section, the composition. Let’s consider all the components in detail.

Thickness of line (cord)

You can find out the desired thickness by looking at the characteristics of the grass trimmer or by reading the inscriptions on the universal bobbin. Cords with a diameter of 1.2 to 4 mm are used most often. There is a different line diameter for each model of grass trimmer. The fact is that if the thread is thinner than necessary, you will increase engine wear and tear, due to the increased number of revolutions of the shaft. If, on the contrary, it will be too thick, it will increase the resistance to rotation, and the engine will start to overheat and eventually fail. To determine the exact diameter of the thread it is best to be guided by the type of motor of the grass trimmer. You can see as follows:

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  • For electric low-mount grass trimmers with less than 500 Watts power you need 1.3 mm thick filament. If you do not find one, you can use a thicker line for the trimmer by 1.6 mm, but no more.
  • For an electric grass trimmer with an overhead motor of about 1 kW, choose a thread diameter of 2 mm.

In this case, it does not matter what type of electric grass trimmer shaft type, bent or straight (allows you to install knives).

Tip! If the tool is originally installed a 1.6 mm trimmer line diameter, then you can put a 2 mm thread, it will not affect the operation of the engine.

If we are talking about a gasoline model, in this situation, it is necessary to determine what kind of mower shaft. For the bent one, 2 mm thick threads are most commonly used. And on the tool with a straight shaft is installed a line for grass trimmer 3 mm or 2.4-2.5. The thickest thread for trimmer is usually put on more powerful tools (from 1.3 kW).

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If we talk about what line for the trimmer copes better with young grass or perennial dead wood, you can conditionally divide the cords into the following categories:

  • 1.2 to 1.6 mm trimmer line. It is the thinnest filament that is used to trim the lawn.
  • 2 to 2.4 allows you to cut both young grass and tougher grass. Suitable for occasional use.
  • A 3 to 3,2 mm filament allows you to mow grass and thick stems of weeds or dead wood if you rarely go out of town.
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Grass trimmer line for grass trimmer 4 mm is the most rare. This is due to the fact that rarely do you have to tackle such serious overgrowth. However, if you are the owner of a powerful gasoline “mower” and have not appeared on the dacha for several years, the line for the trimmer at 4 mm will be the best option.

Section shape

There is a large selection of cord with different cross-section, depending on which grass trimmer will be able to mow this or that grass:

  • Cord with a round section is the most popular, and such lines cost less than others, from 68 (12 m). They cut fresh grass well, but work less well on dead grass and bushes. The disadvantage of this line is a rather loud noise that resembles the rumble of a running car engine.
  • Twisted cord makes less noise, but is not very strong. So this line is only good for fine, young grass that you’re always tending to. It costs such a line for a trimmer from 100.
  • Square, rectangular or star-shaped trimmer line gives a smoother, quieter cut. True, such products also cannot boast of durability. It costs about 147 for 12 meters.
  • Serrated, sharp-edged cord is used for large weeds in neglected areas. At the same time, the line for the trimmer will not make much noise, and thanks to the increased aerodynamic properties of the mower will give additional power. This cord is suitable for a powerful grass trimmer. Notched cord is considered durable and reliable.
  • Two-piece trimmer line for trimmer with an inner core with a circular cross section is considered the most durable of all. With a core made of a different material, even small bushes can be mowed. True, this line for the trimmer is suitable only for gasoline trimmers. Because of the high cost (from 250) of such a cord, it is not practical to use it on a daily basis.

Line Composition

The composition of the fishing line has a direct impact on how long the line will last. Most often the threads are made of nylon. This material wears more slowly and is very durable under higher temperatures and loads. The duration of operation also has no effect on the properties of nylon.

Coaxial lines are considered the strongest. You can tell them by their thick core, which makes these cords last longer than nylon cords. Such a line for trimmer is difficult to cut with a knife, and during mowing it makes minimum noise.

The most expensive line for the trimmer is the one that contains aluminum, or more precisely, its inclusions. This cord is relatively new on the market, but already we can say with certainty that it is the most durable.


A variety of materials may be involved in the production of lines for trimmers. Nylon is classic, with polypropylene and polyamide as the basis.

Among the features of nylon are:

  • high durability. But in order to keep this value, it is important to ensure proper storage conditions. It is not recommended to leave the material in the sun or keep it in a room with low temperatures;
  • ease. This quality makes it possible to develop high speed, using the inertia of the grass trimmer head’s rotation;
  • resistance to mechanical influences. The material has a long lifespan and the cord can only be damaged if it encounters very hard obstacles;
  • low price. The material is consumable, so it is advantageous that manufacturers set low for the line for the trimmer.
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Often there are additional materials in the composition, and sometimes the manufacturer decides to use cheaper polyethylene. The disadvantage of this solution is that such material wears out quickly, so it is recommended to give preference when choosing a line that is made of the original nylon. it will cost more.

Thick lines, the cord diameter of which lies in the range from 2.6 to 3.3 millimeters are made from graphite and steel rods. In this case, the manufacturer receives a two-component cord, due to which it is possible to strengthen the strength and increase the durability of the material. A string with a larger cross section lasts longer compared to a standard thin line.

Finally, in stores you can find cords that contain metal particles. With the help of these additives it is possible to increase the efficiency of cutting the grass, and, therefore, to provide a faster mowing of the area with the grass trimmer.

To change the line for the trimmer on the trimmer, you need to unplug it and turn off the engine. Then remove the mowing head, open it and pull out the spool, on which the line for the trimmer will be wound. There are two ways to wind a trimmer line onto a grass trimmer reel:

  • Load lines for trimmer in single section reel. Prepared thread should be folded in half and slipped into the bobbin. Following the arrow pointers, you must wind both ends in the direction indicated.
  • Winding on a two-section line for a trimmer. The prepared thread is tucked in the same way as in the first option, only the ends of the thread must be secured in the grooves on opposite sides. After that, the thread is inserted into the reel and placed in the mowing head, while closing the lid.
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There is no difference what kind of slant the process will be carried out. The threading is made by one of the suggested options. The difference is that when using a gasoline grasshopper, there are no restrictions on the cable, which is present on the electric.

Today in the free sale you can find lines of different quality, cross-section, individual properties. On sale, you can see them both in the form of skeins, and in sections of the desired length. We will leave the question of volume to the reader, and about the other selection criteria and the best models can be read in the review. The choice should be taken with the utmost responsibility, because the line for trimmer will facilitate the process of mowing the grass and extend the life of the trimmer for the grass.

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