What Grass Trimmer should buy?

best coping saws with broach

Very good tool for household chores, put up a bath, used the saw for finishing work. understandable in the operation, I understood what to do immediately. Laser installed conveniently. The line is cut evenly under 90 degrees. Stable on the workbench. I recommend.

  • Disc diameter: 255 mm
  • Cutting depth 90°/45°: 80/42 mm
  • Cutting width 90°/45°: 340/240 mm
  • Cutting depth on top table 45° 240 mm
  • Functions: cutting depth adjustment
  • Special design features: laser marker, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner, dust bag
  • Turning speed: 5000 rpm
  • Diameter in the hole: 30mm
  • Angle of inclination: 45°
  • Swivel angle: 45°
  • Weight: 12.63 kg

Bosch GCM 8 SJL

  • Good quality materials
  • Cutting precision
  • Easily adjustable
  • Powerful enough
  • Good disc included in the package
  • Good dust extraction
  • Smooth start-up

Great repeatability of the saw. Precise angle setting straight from the factory, no need to turn anything. Excellent dust extraction, after a day’s work there is only a fine mist of sawdust around, there is practically no dust in the air when working. Lightweight, can be carried from place to place in one hand. Nice saw.

  • Wheel diameter: 216 mm
  • Cutting depth 90°/45°: 70/48 mm
  • Cutting width 90°/45°: 312/214 mm
  • Cutting depth on top table 45°: 214 mm
  • Design features: laser marker, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner
  • Speed of rotation: 5500 rpm
  • Seat hole diameter: 30 mm
  • Tilt angle: 47°
  • Slewing angle: 60°
  • Weight: 17.3 kg

Basic selection criteria

Before you start to choose a crosscut saw, you need to know what structural elements and parameters you should pay the utmost attention to. Let’s look at the main criteria for choosing a good trimmer in more detail.

Motor type

Three types of motor can be used in modern pendulum saws. Each design solution has its pros and cons:

  • Induction motor. Characterized by reliability, efficiency and low noise level. However, this solution has one serious disadvantage: low power and rotor speed at a considerable weight. This is why most manufacturers do not equip domestic models with asynchronous propulsion systems;
  • Collector motor. Has the perfect power to weight ratio. Such power plants have simpler systems of control and speed stabilization. Collector engine shaft speed can easily exceed 10 thou. rpm. There are some disadvantages: limited life of brushes, high noise level, overheating of the armature windings at high loads;
  • Collectorless motor. is a kind of symbiosis of the collector and asynchronous technology. This motor has replaced the weakest link in the chain, the brushes, with an electronic unit. Such power plants have all the advantages of classical technologies: high power at low weight, noiselessness, low maintenance, high reliability. The only disadvantage of the crosscutters with a commutatorless motor is the high cost, which is more than compensated by the long service life of the tool.

Asynchronous motor Collector motor Collectorless motor


Gearbox type

When deciding on the right package crosscut saw you have to consider the gearbox design, the second most important element of any package crosscut saw. This element is the link between the power pack and the saw blade. There are two types of gears used in this cutting assembly:

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Trimmer saw with gearing Trimmer saw with belt drive

Toothed gears in the gearbox are reliable and long lasting. They transmit the torque from the motor rotor to the saw blade spindle without slipping. But should a gearwheel fail (tooth breakage due to excessive use), the entire gearbox must be replaced or the unit can be repaired at high cost.

The belt transmission also has a lot of disadvantages: belt slippage on the shafts is possible, wear and tear is quite fast due to the high friction coefficient. Nevertheless, producers of pendulum saws widely use belt drives in their products. Thanks to this design, manufacturers managed to reduce bearing wear caused by vibration, which is partially smoothed out by belt drive. The belt that has come off is easy to install and easy to replace if it becomes critically worn. Besides, in case of disc jamming, the belt slips on the shafts, saving the motor windings from overheating and expensive components from destruction.

Circular saw blades

Answering yourself the question, what model of crosscut saw is better to buy, you should determine its purpose and operating conditions. In other words, any disc is suitable for working with wood. If you intend to use a crosscut saw for processing different materials, the correct choice of tooling is very important, which differs:

  • Outer diameter. Depending on the model, crosscut saws can have saw blades with a diameter of 210, 250 and 305 mm. Smaller and larger diameter circles are quite rare, because they are designed for specialized equipment, which is very rarely available on the market;
  • Seating hole, the diameter of which can be 25 or 30 mm;
  • Material. Saw blades can be solid or carbide-tipped. The first are made of high-carbon steel, which tends to “shrink” quickly. You can sharpen such a disc yourself without using special equipment. Carbide cutting tools are equipped with pobedite tips, which perfectly hold the sharpening;

Monolithic (left) and carbide (right) disc

Power and speed

Depending on the model, the motor power of the facing discs can vary from 0,8 to 2,5 kW. Low-power models are often used for short-duration work with small-diameter tools. Maximum power is characteristic for professional tools, which can cope with almost any material with appropriate accessories. A power of 1,5-1,8 kW is considered optimal for crosscut saws for home use.

Number of saw blade revolutions affects the cutting quality and performance of the device. Most modern models have power output within the range of 3200-6000 rpm. rpm.

Important! The best models of crosscut saws have a variable speed drive.


How to choose the optimal weight and dimensions of a wood mitre saw? It is necessary to know that there is a correlation between the power of the equipment and its weight and size indices. The higher the power and the larger the tool diameter, the greater the dimensions and weight. That is why it is not necessary to chase after super-powerful models, if the tool is not expected to be used for professional purposes.

Crosscut saw with broach: the rating of the best budget models

If you pay attention to the in the table, you might wonder: “What are these budget models, when there are trimmers? ?”Yes, but these angle saws are designed for small and narrow workpieces. Best inexpensive sliding compound mitre saws cut through large workpieces, which place high demands on the motor power and overall reliability of the mechanism. We have selected 5 models with a cutting width up to 310 mm.

Circular saw model Saw power, W Circle diameter, mm Max kerf at 90° / 45° Max. cutting depth at 90° / 45° Backlight Laser Average price in Russia,
STAVR PT-210/1800 1 800 210 310 / 215 62 / 36 No No 18 130
Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PL 1 800 255 305 / 210 90 / 55 No Available at 35 290
PATRIOT MS 215 1 500 210 300 / 200 65 / 38 Check out Yes 22 930
Zubr ZPT-210-1600 PL 1 600 210 220 / 160 70 / 35 No Check out 27 100
STANLEY SM18 1 800 254 310 / 190 92 / 47 Yes No 26 628
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Trim saw STAVR PT-210/1800

Budget-friendly unit that will appeal to beginner carpenters. Will be useful for intermittent sawing.

  • The crosscut saw deserves a place in the ranking due to its better price.
  • The power tool is a good value for money because it comes with spare brushes, extension cords, and a dust bag.
  • Value for money assembly.
  • Unlike other models in the ranking, this saw is not equipped with an illumination and a laser.
  • The included saw blade dulls quickly.
  • The scale is in the form of a paper label.

Tr Trim saw Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PL

The compound mitre saw can handle carpentry and joinery jobs, if woodworking is your hobby.

  • Metal facing saw with a pullout is considered one of the best in the home segment due to its powerful 1.5 m motor.8 kW.
  • Good handle with composite pad will make holding the working base secure.
  • The model hits the rating because of the clamp, which allows you to clamp the material.

Trimming saw PATRIOT MS 215

The tool is suitable for making rough cuts in wood. Compact size makes the tool suitable for outdoor use.

Which Grass Trimmer Should I Buy?

  • The best budget crosscut saw with pull-through is characterized by small size and weight (12 kg).
  • Best in the budget price segment thanks to laser and lights.
  • Device made the rating because of the speed of the motor. 5 000 per minute.

Trimmer saw ZUBR ZPT-210-1600 PL

Powerful enough to cut thick wood and thin aluminum sheet.

  • Dust extraction port to help remove sawdust from the work area.
  • Laser guide rail that makes it possible to cut very precisely.
  • Table extensions for sawing large workpieces.

STANLEY SM18 crosscut saw

The aluminum mitre saw has a powerful 1,800 watt motor that will cut through aluminum profiles.

  • The XPS positioning system, which is used exclusively in STANLEY and DeWALT trimmers.
  • Cutting base of the crosscutters can be swivelled to the left and right.
  • Good quality frame and plastic elements.

Hyundai M 2000-255

The Hyundai M 2000-255 was designed by a South Korean company. High power and speed, yet light and compact. The saw has electronic speed control that allows you to adjust it for a variety of materials other than wood. The soft start system with override protection gets you started comfortably and gives you a better surface finish. The tool is equipped with table extensions for longer workpieces.

  • speed adjustment
  • laser marker
  • Dust extraction function
  • soft start
  • clamp for securing the workpiece
  • turntable extensions

See the video for an overview of the tool’s features on precision machining:

Choosing a crosscut saw, assess its ease of use, power and safety.

The following parameters are worth paying attention to:

  • Power rating. From 1000 to 1300 watts. beginner and hobbyist saws that can handle simple household tasks. 1600-2500 W. professional tools.
  • Turning speed of disc. The lower it is, the more precisely it cuts and the less the dust is generated. Good RPM 3,000-4,500 per minute.
  • Types of materials. Not every model can handle metal, even thin aluminum. Be sure to clarify this point before buying.
  • Power Options. Cordless models are worth considering if you often work outdoors.
  • Motor protection. A smooth, jerk-free engine startup and braking under heavy loads is important.
  • Additional functions. This includes laser marker, backlight, vacuum cleaner connection. This makes controlling the saw and working with the materials as comfortable as possible.

The best professional mitre saw

The rating of the best crosscut saws of professional class includes models focused on long intensive working sessions. With motors up to 2 kW, trimmers are suited for industrial companies and construction sites. Larger blades can be used to cut solid wood and aluminum workpieces.

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Trimming saw model Saw power, W Wheel diameter, mm Max. cutting width at 90° / 45° Max. cutting depth at 90° / 45° Speed adjustment Soft starter Average price in Russia,
Makita LS1018LN 1 430 260 310 / 220 91 / 50 No Check out 65 790
Bosch GCM 12 GDL 2 000 305 341 / 240 104 / 51 No Yes 145 520
DeWALT DWS 780 1 675 305 349 / 244 112 / 56 Yes No 89 988
Makita LS1216 1 650 305 363 / 255 107 / 107 No Yes 65 966
Bosch GCM 8 SJL 1 600 216 312 / 214 70 / 48 No No 65 669
DeWALT DW717XPS 1 675 250 320 / 226 89 / 56 No No 97 295

Makita LS1018LN crosscut saw

The saw is designed for cutting wide pieces of wood, plastic and laminate. Equipped with a laser to increase cutting precision.

    Extends the life of the electric motor.

  • Screwdriver, with which it will be possible to clamp the workpiece.
  • Good handle, which makes it possible to use the saw in different working positions.

Metal mitre saw Bosch GCM 12 GDL

The professional saw is aimed at carpentry workshops. The powerful 2 kW motor can handle the load of a 305-millimeter saw blade.

  • Dual-beam laser guide for more precision.
  • The handle is equipped with rubber pads, making it comfortable to hold.
  • Extendable supports that allow you to work with wide workpieces.
  • Like many of the best crosscut saws for professional use, this model is good with a powerful 2 kW motor.
  • High quality of assembly. no backlashes, all important elements are made of metal.


DeWALT DWS 780 mitre saw

Metal crosscut saw with a dust bag is ideal for woodworking professionals. 49° tilt for specific cuts.

  • The model made it to the top of the miter saws because of the stability that is achieved by fixing the device on the table.
  • The depth stop will make it possible to perform cuts with high precision, making it easier to create grooves.
  • The proprietary positioning system makes it easy to calibrate the cutting line.

Makita LS1216 mitre saw

The device will be useful for cutting large wooden and plastic workpieces. Thanks to the rotary ruler, you can place the material as precisely as possible, which will allow you to achieve a high quality of cut.

  • Dust extraction duct with connection for a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clamping clamp that helps clamp the material to be cut.
  • Handle lies comfortably in the palm of the hand due to its rubber grip.
  • Dual rail system for the smoothest possible sliding action.
  • Cutting mitre saw holds a constant speed under high load.

Bosch GCM 8 SJL mitre saw

Professional mitre saw is designed for intensive use and long engine life.

  • Engine power rating of 1 600 watts.
  • Horizontal supports that can be adjusted in width are suitable for sawing large workpieces.
  • Solid support stands ensure the stability of the trimmer on any horizontal surface.
  • RPMs up to 5,500 per minute.
  • High quality materials and workmanship.
  • Precise cuts, precise corners.
  • Quick and easy laser calibration.

How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

DeWALT DW717XPS mitre saw

Closes the crosscut saws top American tool, which is positioned as an ideal solution for construction sites and carpenter’s workshops with high volume of work. Trimmer power is really high for woodworking. 1,675 watts.

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