What Gearbox Grease to Use for Grass Trimmer

Echo SRM-22GES SB grass trimmer

Technical characteristics of Echo SRM-22GES SB grass trimmer

Engine power, kW/l.с 0,67/0,91
Engine capacity, cc.See 21,2
Fuel tank capacity, l 0,45
Mowing width, cm 40
Idle speed, rpm 3000
Grass trimmer shaft speed at maximum power, rpm 6500
Grass trimmer weight, kg 4,7
Drive shaft Flexible
Gear ratio 1,4
Line diameter, mm 3
Sound pressure level at work with knife, dB(A) 87,4
Sound pressure level at operating with fishing line, dB(A) 89,7

Removing and lubricating the lower shaft of the lawnmower

To extract the shaft from the lower part of the rod initially remove the reducer of the coil.

Lower gear of grass trimmer PRORAB-8406

  • Unscrewing the central fixing screw completely. On the back side of the bottom clamping screw, loosen the nut and unscrew the screw completely to disconnect the reel gearbox from the guard.
  • Loosen the upper clamping screw and remove the lower part of the rod from the reel gear housing. Take the lower shaft out of the boom on the gear side.
  • Clean the shaft of dirt and lubricate it with grease for joints or lithol-24, not forgetting to clean and lubricate the coupling (sleeve) with splines in the gearbox.
  • Install the shaft in the boom, and the boom in the lower gear of the lawnmower and align the hole on the boom with the hole for the center screw. Screw in central screw. Then screw in the lower screw, clamp the lower part of the rod in the gear housing with the upper and lower screws and tighten the nut on the back of the lower screw.
  • Add 20-30 ml of grease to the reel gearbox through the hole covered by the screw in the photo on the right.

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In the operation manual for gasoline grass trimmer PRORAB 8405M, 8406M it is recommended to lubricate gear reducer with solidol or its analogues, in extreme case pour liquid motor oil. Excess oil will leak out as the gearbox has no seals.

gearbox, grease, grass, trimmer

In the user manual for PRORAB 8402P, 8403P, 8405P, 8406P gasoline grass trimmer it is written that two-stroke engine oil may be used as a lubricant for the gearbox. No mention of solidol or its analogues.

To save yourself the trouble, lubricate the lower gearbox of your lawnmower with the same grease as the shaft of the boom, or pour in motor oil.

How to grease a STIHL gearbox

Sometimes the grass trimmer starts to rattle and make unpleasant noises during heavy mowing, which is an indication that the gearbox is not lubricated. This assembly is considered the most heavily loaded, and therefore wears out the fastest. If it is not lubricated in time, the drive may soon jam!

characteristics and use on the vehicle

The basic functions of bearing grease

The application of grease has a specific purpose:

  • Reduction of friction and, consequently, wear of contacting surfaces of parts.
  • Increase of sliding parameters of surfaces at deformation due to loading.
  • Formation of an oil film to cushion shock loads during operation.
  • Uniform distribution of the heat generated by the friction process.
  • Corrosion Protection.
  • Prevent ingress of dust and other contaminants.

In order that the selected rolling bearing grease complies with the above requirements, the operating conditions of the machine or machine must be taken into consideration.

Lithium greases

The main characteristic of lithium bearing grease is its high water repellency. Greases of this group are highly viscous and have one of the widest operating temperature ranges. For this reason, lithium-based grease is considered the most universal and is used in many machine parts.

How to lubricate a brushcutter gearbox

Magazine bearings and other sliding contacts Lubricating grease is used for pins, bushings, sliding contacts, and slide bearings that experience shock loads, frequent starting and stopping, or reverse direction. In these applications, the grease provides a thicker lubricating film than oil and protects against wear during boundary lubrication.

The grease used in a plain bearing must be replenished periodically. The frequency required for regreasing depends on the lubricating efficiency of the grease, its thermal stability and the speed at which the wear is generated. Bearing temperature has the strongest influence on grease life. As with ball bearings, higher temperatures increase the rate of oil loss from the grease structure through oxidation, leakage and evaporation. With drying, the grease tends to thicken and loses its ability to distribute in the bearing and replenish the boundary films.

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This grease is produced as a mixture of synthetic materials and mineral oils. Various organic and inorganic substances are used as thickeners. The viscosity of the substance decreases as the number of revolutions of the bearing increases. Of the best-known lithium greases, popular materials such as CYATIM-201, 202, OKB 122-7. CYATIM-203 and VNIINP-242 are widely used in closed bearings.

Figure 1 shows the recommended continuous operating times for applications such as sliding bearings in farm and construction machinery, depending on the bearing temperature. 4. Another problem with heavily loaded designs. Their oscillating nature of operation. A condition that can be stronger than the continuous, unidirectional speeds common to most machines. This can be a problem with damage or breakage. Experiments show that the coefficient of friction can suddenly increase after a few cycles with little warning.

In the home

The expendable substance is used to lubricate bicycle chains, locks, door hinges of apartments, garages, and cable drives of brake systems. Due to its thickness, the grease can be mixed with solvents. This gets the substance into places that are hard to reach. After application, the solvent evaporates and the grease remains. The product can be used in treatment of rubber and plastic parts, as well as on surfaces impregnated with paint coatings.

Grass trimmer lubrication points

Careful inspection and maintenance is essential for smooth operation and a long service life of the machine. Lubricating moving parts is important. In most cases these are:

HOW TO GREASE YOUR BRUSHCUTTERS GEARBOX. A commonly overlooked part of the brushcutter.

  • The place from the transition from the engines to the straight shaft;
  • The junction of the straight shaft with the flexible shaft;
  • The transition of the shaft with the planting head;
  • the gearbox.

Popular among users is multipurpose water-resistant grease “Lithol-24”. Operating temperature range from.40 to 120 degrees. This grease is used in friction units and is effective at higher temperatures.

How much grease to use when replacing in the gearbox of an angle grinder

If the amount of grease in the bearings is controlled by its leakage from the back side, then a certain amount of grease is stuffed into the gearbox angle grinder. Excess grease will leak out during operation. A small amount of it will not provide quality operation of the gearbox.

Leave as much grease in the gearbox as is needed to cover the gears.

For your orientation, apply as much lubricant as is needed so that it takes up a little less than half of the gearbox cavity volume.

How to lubricate the gearbox of brushcutters, gasoline grass trimmer

Side bolt at 17 on the gasoline trimmer gearbox for grass

For safety reasons, in order to avoid accidental starting, all preventive work on the brushcutter is necessarily carried out with the electric cap / plug removed from the plug. Do not turn the grass trimmer upside down to avoid gasoline leakage.

Remove the side screw on the brushcutter gearbox. Depending on the garden tool manufacturer, there may be a wrench bolt instead of a hexahedral screw, most often a 17. Thread is normally unscrewed in a counterclockwise direction. Do not lose the sealing washer.

If no grease is visible on the inside face of the screw, you should add 3 to 4 grams of. Turn the transmission by hand, reversing the direction of rotation to distribute the lubricant over the gears.

Repeat the operation several times. On average, about 5 to 10 g goes into the gearbox. The assembly should be completely filled with grease, taking into account the installation of the screw.

Then replace the screw and tighten it firmly.

As you can see, to lubricate the gearbox on a brushcutter does not need a lot of time or special skills. Usually takes longer to assemble than to do all the preventive maintenance. Have fun with your gardening equipment. Share your experiences with petrol lawnmowers in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Lubrication of Gear Units and brushcutter shaft

Lubricating gearboxes and brushcutter shaft

It is believed that there is no universal grease for grass trimmer gearboxes, but this is not quite true. In fact, the appropriate lubricant will be the one that contains the following components:

  • Antiwear additives which do not contain poisonous lead;
  • Solid lubricants with the presence of graphite or molybdenum disulfide (the latter is better, because with all this, the lubricating power is preserved for the vast Spectra revolutions of the shaft);
  • Only mineral (inorganic) lubricants!) High-purity oils.

The above requirements fully meet the lithium greases Gear Grease OREGON on other Champion EP-0, the Russian compositions Oleo-Mas, Lithol.24, or Azmol 158, also those that are recommended by the manufacturer of a particular model of grass trimmer.

How to Grease the Gearbox of an angle grinder

Before applying the new grease, stir it thoroughly and apply a thin layer. Design of the Tiggo lawnmower motor. In the bearings, the grease is applied by packing. If the grease is in a plastic tube, the neck of the tube is put to the side cage of the bearing and squeezed out until it flows out the back side.

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Main gearbox malfunctions and remedy

With the gearbox of an electric or gasoline grass trimmer, various breakdowns occur. The table below shows the most common faults. There you can also find the causes and remedies.

Gearbox malfunction Possible Causes of Failure Remedy
the transmission unit is very hot Use of unsuitable (low-quality) lubricant or its absence Lubricant must be replaced or refilled
Gears are new and have not lapped for break-in work for a short time without heavy loads with regular stops so that the mechanism had time to cool down
Shaft seizure during rotation, play and knocking Failure or considerable wear of one of the bearings Replace the defective bearing with a new one
The transmission gear is coming off the brushcutter bar or is loose the housing is damaged part must be replaced
in some cases of minor damage, tighten the fractured area with a metal band
not fixed on the tube wear and tear at the coupling point You can make a winding of insulation tape in the place of attachment or change the rod
the output shaft with the blade does not turn or stops when the load increases Wear on the gears or one of the gears It’s necessary to replace the interacting pair of worn-out parts

Bearings deteriorate due to the use of unsuitable or missing lubricant. Also damage is caused by hard working conditions of the brushcutter and the ingress of foreign material (e.g., broken metal teeth in the mechanical gears) because the integrity of the dust cover is compromised.

To remove the bearing, you need to disassemble the gearbox and use a special puller. If it is not available, you can try it with a mallet. In this case please work carefully so as not to damage the seating. Using the preheating method to remove the bearing is not recommended. it is connected with the fact that metal can lose the required operational characteristics.

If the blade stops rotating under load or does not turn at all, it is accompanied by an abnormal sound.

Most gearbox failures can be easily fixed by your own hands. Replaceable parts should only be used with original parts intended for the model of brushcutter in use.

Properties of trimmer grease

Special substances are used in the production of the lubricant and must comply with environmental regulations and standards. After use, they decompose without harming the environment.

Material consistency initially has a high viscosity level, and during operation this parameter decreases. This factor assures full penetration and reliable protection of the working couples under hot conditions.

Prolonged use and trouble-free operation is ensured by timely and proper maintenance. Various materials are used for maintenance operations. Well-known manufacturers develop their own brand care products. These include: lubricant for trimmers “Husqvarna”, “Champion”, “Makita” and others. The gearbox of the gasoline grass trimmer must be lubricated every 8 to 10 working hours.

Mineral and synthetic oil

Mineral compositions must have a low viscosity (density). These include, for example, Yuko multi-purpose oil or other products made from refined crude oil. They are inexpensive and safe for machinery and people. Synthetic oil is similar to mineral oil. But in its production, oil is distilled using special techniques and additives are added. Such compounds are produced, for example, by XADO.

  • evenly distributed over the surface of the working parts;
  • easily penetrate into narrow, hard-to-reach places and wash dirt out of them;
  • clean and lubricate the surfaces.

Trimmer Gearboxes Internet Spares.ru

Modern reducer for lawnmowers differs from other similar mechanisms by the seat and diameter. The seat can be round, square or star-shaped. The most common sizes in diameter are 24 mm, 25.4 mm and 26 mm. Gearbox mechanisms can be:

gearbox, grease, grass, trimmer
  • Cylindrical.
  • Wave.
  • Worms.
  • Planters.
  • Beveled.
  • Spiroids.
  • Combined.

For gears are used the following types of grease: liquid and semi-liquid, plastic and solid. The main thing is to know how and when to apply lubricant to the gearbox of your weed trimmer. This is necessary because the product is fitted with gears that are in constant contact. Lubrication is required in the following cases:

  • Lithium. Contains no harmful substances and no lead. It is saturated with wearresistant additives in the form of minerals. This compound is not only an ideal lubricant, but is also an excellent anti-corrosion agent.
  • Graphite. Significantly improves the rotation of the gears. It is designed for machining the speed governor. Lubricating the lower gears has the best effect.
  • Universal lubricants. Contains mineral oil with improved refinement and impurities of useful components.

Gearbox disassembly and replacement

Because of the different gear types, shape and size of the seating surfaces, interchangeability of gearboxes is rarely possible. Therefore, when buying a new part, you should take into account the model of the old unit and the brand of the grass trimmer. In the event that you still need to use a non-original device, you need to choose it with the following nuances in mind:

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If the listed parameters are the same, it is allowed to replace the old gearbox with a suitable non-original part. And in order to carry out the replacement, you need to remove the gearbox from the rod and disassemble. To do this, you will need to loosen the tie bolts located under the construction and remove a pair of corkscrew rings with round pliers, and then remove bearings from the drive and drive shafts, using a special puller for this. And to reassemble the mechanism, you need to install the removed parts in reverse order.

Advice! In the absence of a puller, the bearings can be gently knocked out with a hammer and a wooden bar. Apply the blows carefully so as not to damage the seating. However, it is impossible to turn the stuck parts, so to extract them you need to heat with a construction hair dryer (the temperature is equal to 600 ° C).

Reassembling the gearbox is easier than disassembling it. Parts of the structure are put in place with light blows of a hammer. When the machine is assembled, make sure that the machine shaft turns freely by hand.

How to lubricate the gearbox of a grass trimmer?

All of these details and the particularities of maintenance and lubrication have already been taken into account by the manufacturer. the operating instructions give recommendations on what materials can be used for maintenance. Most often there is not a specific brand of lubricant, but those generally accepted standards to which it must comply.

If there is no possibility to buy material recommended by the manufacturer, or it is not specified in the instructions, it is up to you to choose a lubricant.

Lubrication must take into account all the above factors. temperature conditions, high rotation speed, dynamic loads and vibrations.

An important requirement for the lubricant is also its ability to remain in the friction zone, not to be discharged by centrifugal forces during rotation and not to be squeezed out under load.

Gear lubricant must have good corrosion protection properties and protect components reliably against rusting due to weathering.

Lubricants are selected on the basis of these requirements.

You can not break your head, and buy a specialized agent for the maintenance of electric or gasoline-powered machines. Such materials are now offered in large quantities by both manufacturers of motor and electric washers, as well as other companies.

To make life easier for the user, well-known manufacturers sometimes offer universal lubricants that are suitable for the maintenance of all garden equipment of this brand. Can also be used.

Gearbox maintenance can be done with general purpose greases. The main thing is that they correspond as much as possible to the operating conditions and contain anti-wear additives and fillers in the form of solid lubricants (preferably molybdenum disulfide).


This product by American NAC was developed for the lubrication of brushcutter bevel gears. Produced from lithium complex thickened mineral oil and a special set of additives.

The grease has moisture resistance, excellent antioxidant and anticorrosive properties.


Champion EP-0

This is a universal lithium grease of NLGI consistency 0, designed for gearboxes operating under high mechanical loads.

The grease provides long-term lubrication, prevents corrosion, protects against wear and scuffing and effectively reduces friction losses.

The lubricant is available in tubes of 50, 120 and 250 ml.

Hammer Flex 501-027

This special semi-fluid gear lubricant for electric and gasoline power tools, with anti-oxidation, EP and anti-wear additives, ensures reliable power tool wear protection for a long time.

The grease penetrates well into the friction zone and has excellent lubricating and heat dissipating properties, preventing overheating of the unit.

Many users even use cheap conventional greases, such as ShRUS-4 or Lithol-24 to lubricate grass trimmers.

CV 4

It is a mineral lithium grease with molybdenum disulfide and additives. The presence of a solid lubricant filler provides it with a high load-bearing capacity.

ShRUS 4 also has excellent extreme pressure characteristics and good anti-corrosion properties. It minimizes friction and minimizes wear on friction surfaces.

A considerable advantage of this material is its low cost.

The grease is produced by many Russian producers and is available in different packing variants.


LITOL 24 grease, like the previous one, was developed in the USSR and became very popular because of its universal use and easy availability.

It is a lithium saponified pure mineral grease with no fillers or additives.

Nowadays there are a large number of more advanced lubricants.

It has a low level of performance, but for a short time is still able to perform the protective and anti-wear functions.

Incredibly low cost makes it still attractive to many owners of garden tools.

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