What gasoline to fill a Husqvarna chain saw

The ratio of oil and gasoline for chain saws of famous brands, the correct proportions, as well as what you should not dilute

Preparation of the fuel mixture. a very important process, from compliance with the correct proportions of gasoline and oil, depends on both gasoline consumption and service life of the chainsaw. Many are accustomed to mix 1:50, but this is not correct.к. the ratio of these two components, all manufacturers have different. In this article let’s understand what is recommended by the most famous manufacturers to fill, in what proportions, and also give an example how to dilute and prepare fuel correctly.

Only two-stroke engine oil is added to chainsaw fuel. Oils for four-stroke engines are categorically unsuitable. The reason is that in two-stroke internal combustion engines oil burns together with petrol.

In automobile and other four-stroke engines, it is poured into the crankcase, has many special additives, is not originally designed for combustion. If it is put in a chainsaw, it will smoke, it will not burn out completely and quickly forms a thick sludge layer which may eventually put the chainsaw out of operation.

In addition to the general specification “for two-stroke engines” a chainsaw manufacturer may recommend the use of a particular brand of oil on its model. It may have special combustible additives and additives that extend the life of the saw’s engine.

This is what oil looks like for 2-stroke chainsaw engines of the famous Champion brand

Older, Soviet-era two-stroke engines used the same engine oil as four-stroke engines, such as M8. Older motor oils did not contain as many noncombustible additives as modern oils. In order to get sufficient lubrication from this unspecialized oil, higher dosages were used.

When the engine was running-in the ratio 1:20 was used, after 1:25. High amounts of multipurpose oil that is not designed for complete combustion resulted in rapid coking and sticking of piston rings, formation of soot on top of the piston, spark plugs, cylinder exhaust windows and muffler. For the same reason, the spark on the chainsaw spark plug may disappear.

In neglected cases, the windows and muffler can become completely clogged with soot. The thick layer of soot on the piston significantly reduces the volume of the combustion chamber.

Modern special oils for two-stroke internal combustion engines provide much better lubrication. That’s why it needs about half as much as before. from 1:40 to 1:50.

The engine remains clean and durable for a long time, despite the lower mechanical strength of modern engines compared to older ones.

how to put gas and bar oil in a husqvarna 555 chainsaw

We also recommend to read an interesting article on what chain oil to use and how it can be safely replaced.

Husqvarna chain saw instruction manual

In order to extend chain saw’s service life and to reduce the wear of its major components it is necessary to carefully study and adhere to all the advices given by the manufacturer in the application manual. Here are some of the most common questions about operating a Chinese or Swedish Husqvarna chainsaw, and we provide detailed answers to them.

What kind of gasoline to fill Husqvarna chainsaw??

To make the right mixture for your Husqvarna chain saw, you must use 92-grade AI fuel. It is very rare that the instruction manuals of newer models of this brand specify that you can use 95 gasoline to prepare the mixture.

As practice shows, it is better not to do this, as the producer country of Husqvarna garden tools is Sweden, where the gasoline is of much better quality than in post-Soviet countries.

What oil for your Husqvarna chain saw??

Parts in the construction of Husqvarna chain saws can serve for a long time, if the owner of the tool will not skimp on engine oil.

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Mineral or synthetic oil can be used to dilute the blend. The second option will always cost more, but the effect of its use will be several times better.

Gasoline to oil ratio for the Husqvarna chain saw

The ratio of oil to gasoline used depends on the power of your chain saw. If the power rating of the tool is less than 2 liters. с If the petrol and oil are in the correct proportions of 1:40, then the ratio of petrol to oil is 1:40. In other words, you need 25 ml of engine oil diluted in 1 liter of fuel. If your Husqvarna chain saw has more than 2 liters of power. с., It is necessary to dilute gasoline for a Husqvarna chainsaw in the ratio of 1:50, i.e. dilute 20 ml of oil in 1 liter of fuel.

Proper running-in of a Husqvarna chainsaw

  • Start the chain saw and let it run for 2 to 3 minutes. It is strictly forbidden to cut branches or logs;
  • After that, go on to cutting down small limbs;
  • After another half hour, you can start sawing large logs.

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How to Mix Fuel for a Husqvarna Two Stroke Engine Chainsaw

Always follow the instructions listed to help maximize the life of your engine and carburetor.

Alternative fuel option

For domestic and professional chainsaws it is recommended to use gasoline without alcoholic components and additional additives. automobile gasoline type AI-92.

Up to date it is still a moot point whether to fill gasoline in a chainsaw with 95. Theoretically, the anti-detonation properties of gasoline AI-95 is higher than that of standard fuel AI-92, but in practice it is better to prefer the second option.

The problem is that to improve anti-detonation characteristics in the composition of gasoline 95 manufacturers and implementers are introduced additives, the quality and effectiveness of which raise reasonable doubts among experts.

Such fuel does not fully meet the required characteristics, does not have the required stability during long-term storage. After 3-4 months of exposure its performance deteriorates by 25-30%.

Proportion for Druzhba chainsaw

The pedigree for the Druzhba chainsaw began in 1953 with development at the ZMKB Progress. Production of the product was entrusted to two enterprises. the Siberian Instrument Manufacturing Plant and the Perm Machine Building Plant. The mass production of the mechanized product began, which is still the trend of the day, as the unit has been systematically modernized.

For engines use fuel with low octane numbers. The unit shows the highest performance when pouring AI-76 and AI-80 brands of gasoline into the engine.

It is recommended to dilute the gasoline and oil according to the following algorithm:

Take 2 clean containers, dried from moisture with volume marks. Then dilute the fuel with two-stroke oil in a ratio of 1:50. That is, the fuel is diluted with 20 milligrams of oil.

Criteria for independent choice

A wide range allows you to choose the right oil to suit your chainsaw’s grade and specifications, and the conditions in which it will be used.

  • Standard oils can be used for low-cost models, and Super and Ultra types are recommended for professional chainsaws.
  • For making a proper fuel mixture for a chainsaw it is advised to use brand-name oils or their brand analogues recommended in the instruction manual. In particular, STIHL and Husqvarna motor oils of the same composition and use are fully interchangeable.

Specialists recommend chain saw owners to exclude from their attention motor oils intended for two-stroke engines of mopeds, boat motors and other mechanized machinery of household group.

The power units of this equipment work in more comfortable conditions, which makes less stringent requirements for their performance characteristics.

Overview of internal combustion engine oil manufacturers

STIHL STIHL lubricant is a direct-use oil for chain saws. It comes in 5-litre bottles and canisters in the stores. This type belongs to the mineral type. They have a cheap selling price. But they are of lower quality than synthetics.

Synthetics retain their lubricating properties for a long time. If the temperature increases, they are not able to burn out after the first heating. Do not emit toxic substances that can harm the health of the owner.

Husqvarna lubricant is used to lubricate chain saw engines. It must be diluted in petrol at a ratio of 1:50. Or 20 grams per liter of fuel. Engine grease from other manufacturers must be diluted in the ratio of 1 to 33. That is, 30 grams per liter of gasoline. This fuel dilution component consists of mineral elements by seventy percent. Synthetic additives are also added. But they only make up a small fraction of 30 percent. This lubricant is designed for the CIS countries, where there are problems with high-quality gasoline.

gasoline, fill, husqvarna, chain

“Kreissman”, an example of which was given above, is used for two-stroke chainsaw engines. Dilute the oil with the fuel in the same proportions as above. “Kreissman” stops the formation of soot and gives excellent lubrication to pistons and other engine parts.

Tool manufacturers usually complete their chainsaws with their own lubricant. This achieves the best ratio of lubrication properties and increases the service life of the saw.

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The chainsaw is started by the engine that runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil adapted to the conditions of the environment. It is necessary to observe the proportions of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw, then the device will work steadily. To get high power the saw is used in high engine rpm operation. That is why there are higher requirements for the quality of lubricants and fuel.

Husqvarna 2-stroke engine oil

Husqvarna chainsaws have two-stroke engines only. For all engine models, the manufacturer currently offers one universal brand, Husqvarna HP, which is often referred to by retailers as Husqvarna 2t oil. Is a brown liquid that smells like organic solvent. Viscosity at 40° C is 57.5 mm 2 /s. Very slightly soluble in water. Chemically classified as semi-synthetic. Company engineers emphasize the orientation of their product to the operating conditions in Russia and claim it contains additives that prevent the growth of deposits when using low-quality gasoline.

Comes in black, 1 liter cans with labels on two opposite sides of the can. It should be noted that on the label on the back side there is a recipe for Husqvarna chainsaw (and other saws) fuel mixture, in addition to the classic obligatory information. The canister is equipped with a semi-transparent strip with risks for easy assessment of the remaining volume of liquid. Now, unfortunately, the purchase does not include a dispenser, but this is not critical.

To mix the fuel for your Husqvarna chain saw you must always maintain the oil to gasoline ratio.

It is a well-known fact that if you reduce the proportion of the first ingredient you increase friction in a chainsaw engine, which accelerates wear. If you add more oil than normal, the spark plug will get sooted, which makes it harder to start the chain saw and can cause the spark to go out, and the piston may even get burned out due to reduced cooling.

The oil to gasoline ratio for the Husqvarna chain saw is indicated as 1:40. This means that 25 ml of lubricant is needed per 1 liter of fuel.

Before you buy, make sure you buy a canister labeled 2t and not a lubricant for lawn mowers with four-stroke (4t) power units. Two-stroke oil is quite different from four-stroke by its characteristics and range of use. To reduce the chance of error, 2t and 4t products are packed in differently shaped canisters.

What octane number to use. 92, 95 or 98?

Here begins the most interesting part. Is it possible to fill up a chainsaw with 95 gasoline? In all chainsaw instruction manuals the manufacturers specify in bold letters: “Do not use gasoline with octane number higher than 92 to prepare the fuel mixture”. That’s understandable, but apparently not for everyone.к. more than once service centers get chainsaws with burnt cylinders!

Let’s find out what kind of gasoline you should or should not put in your chainsaw! All 2-stroke chainsaws use 92 gasoline, that’s what the tool is designed for.

Filling the 95 gasoline, the engine will start detonation (piston push in the opposite direction), something like a micro shock, which will occur almost at every revolution of the crankshaft. I think it’s clear about the 98 gasoline, the effect will be even stronger, and it will already be a mini-stroke.

For your reference! Did you know that the fuel should not always be prepared in the ratio of 1:50?? It turns out that the proportion can be 1:40 and even 1:25. What it depends and when to choose the right ratio, read in our detailed article-guide about the proportions of oil and gasoline for chainsaws of all brands.

What gasoline to fill in a chainsaw of a popular brand?

A chainsaw is a handy unit that can solve a lot of household problems. Works on fuel, which must be prepared independently just before pouring it into the tank. Those who have purchased a functional device for the first time, are interested in the question of what gasoline to pour into the chainsaw. To avoid damage and to prolong the life of the device is possible only if you follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, listed in the manual.

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Modern brands of chainsaws (Husqvarna, Partner) from foreign manufacturers will operate in a smooth mode on gasoline AI-92. it is ideal for the engine. The owner’s manual may also show the 95 grade, but it should be used with caution. The quality of this gasoline is being questioned nowadays, its octane number has been increased with the help of various additives. This is detrimental to the chainsaw engine, which can lead to complete overhaul of the machine. And its cost will be at least half the cost of a new model, not including spare parts to be replaced.

For devices from domestic manufacturers (Ural, STIHL, Druzhba) gasoline AI-80 is recommended. It is important for the user that it should consume as little as possible.

gasoline, fill, husqvarna, chain

Gasoline and oil proportions

In view of the two-stroke type of engine, fuel is purchased separately in pure form, and then mixed with oil designed specifically for this version of the engine. Most experienced users mix the substances in proportions of 1:50. In the photo you can see popular, high-quality products for preparing the fuel mix.

Important points to keep in mind:

  • domestic chainsaws (Ural, STIHL, Druzhba) work with a component of oil brands M8-B, M-12TPU, M8-B, TP, MGD-14M, sometimes foreign variants can be used the recommended proportion. 100 g of oil for 2.5 liters of gasoline AI-80
  • foreign models (Husqvarna, Partner) work on foreign-made oils (1:50 or 1: 40), are characterized by minimum consumption.

How to properly prepare the fuel mixture

Buying gasoline for a chainsaw and oil, it is worth thinking about additional accessories. The following tools are used to measure and be able to pour the mixture into the chainsaw:

  • a container for dilution (plastic or metal),
  • syringe,
  • measuring bottle (fits for measuring gasoline),
  • dispenser,
  • watering can (to pour into the chainsaw).

A convenient tool is a special STIHL dispenser bottle (pictured), which allows you to do everything quickly and accurately, measuring out the right amount of each substance. When choosing gasoline for STIHL chain saws (Friendship, Husqvarna, Partner), pay special attention to the second component.

Oils from different manufacturers have variations in shades. HP products are in red, the premium synthetics are mainly in green. If you take gasoline for the chain saw Husqvarna, then the oil must be of the appropriate brand, not cheap (by color green or blue). You can see the fuel mixing process in the video.

Useful tips

Experts and manufacturers do not recommend to prepare a large amount of fuel and to store it for a long time. Oil and gasoline can “behave” differently in a mixture depending on the brand, quality, additives and additives. Oxidation and crystallization processes take place. The result can be disastrous and incur additional financial costs to the user: incorrect operation or engine failure.

Fuel is prepared for up to three refills by mixing in containers made of metal or durable plastic. Normal plastic breaks down, reacts with petrol, spoils the fuel composition and creates a risk of sudden ignition.

Gasoline consumption and operating time

An important question is the consumption of gasoline chainsaw, because the user must understand what to count on.

gasoline, fill, husqvarna, chain

Fuel tanks have a capacity of about 0.5 liters. When the power of the device is 2 kW, the consumption of gasoline with oil will be about 1.2 liters per hour. In layman’s terms. a chainsaw can run continuously at maximum speed for about 30 minutes. Less powerful devices have a smaller tank volume, the gasoline consumption is controlled by the owner himself.

Over time, you will learn how to independently perform maintenance of this household unit. The main thing is to keep it working and use only good quality fuel. Mixing must be done safely so as not to damage your health or the environment.

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