What electric chainsaw to choose

Rating of reliable electric chainsaws. from the best and cheapest for country houses, to professional quality for work

Before you buy an electric chainsaw, we recommend reading the rating of the best tools, compiled by our editorial board. The rating includes only the most popular and best saws, for convenience they are divided into 3 categories: from reliable for country houses, to professional. Therefore, the rating will be useful for everyone who needs to choose an electric chainsaw.

Many customers pay attention to the manufacturer when choosing a saw. And this tactic is also correct. After all, the well-known brands care about their reputation and product quality. There are 5 companies that are leaders in electric chainsaws:

  • STIHL. In its 90-year history, the company has earned trust and continues to dedicate itself to the quality and functionality of its products.
  • Bosch. For 80 years the company has been committed to quality. Its priority is concern about the environment, so produces reliable and durable models.
  • Makita. The Japanese nonsense has been on the market for almost a century. Quality and reliability.
  • Husqvarna. This family-run German company has been making original, functional machinery for 80 years.
  • Champion. Has earned a reputation for quality over the years.

How to choose a power saw for home and cottage

Many owners, buying such a tool, reason sensibly and realize that they will have to work with it quite rarely. At best, several times a season to cut down old limbs on trees and once every few years to saw a couple or three logs for firewood. Of course, nobody wants to pay big money for a saw that is to be used so seldom. That’s why many potential owners try to choose the cheapest models. Even if their power is not too high, they are inexpensive and quite capable of handling small amounts of work. So, to consider a few budget electric saws, which have received good reviews, will be very useful.

electric, chainsaw, choose


Kruger electric saw is increased in power and perfectly balanced. Its body is reinforced to withstand mechanical impact with ease. The 2500 watt motor allows for extended work with the tool. High-alloy steel chain has a long service life. The saw comes with a holster that protects the guide bar from damage.

The Kruger electric chainsaw is packed with many useful features, such as automatic chain lubrication. This ensures convenient maintenance and saves time for the operator. Injury protection with accidental start lock function.

Champion 120-14

A good and inexpensive electric chainsaw for country houses. Its bar length is not too long. only 35 cm. But for limbs and not too thick logs it will be quite enough. The power is rather high, at 2000 watts, so you can get through a whole pile of firewood with a minimum of effort and time.

The chain pitch indicates the spacing between the rivets of the links. It is 1/4 to 0.375 of an inch. The greater the value, the greater the performance. But at the same time the load on the tool increases.

The chain pitch is 3/8″. a good compromise for good performance and relatively low saw load at the same time. It’s nice that the model weighs a little. 3.8 kg, so the work does not give you too much trouble. So, we can confidently say. if you need an inexpensive electric chainsaw, then, having purchased this tool, you will not regret your decision.


Another good electric chainsaw for the home. A chain pitch of 3/8″ is considered by many specialists to be the optimal value. It has a relatively long guide bar. 40 cm. This is the length that is recommended by experienced users for ordinary users who do not work in logging, but just occasionally saw logs at the cottage.

Relatively high power of 1800 watts, which means that even quite thick logs can be sawn in a short time. The presence of the chain brake function makes the work safer. in case of an accidental jerk back the chain will simply stop automatically, which means that the operator will not get hurt. Finally, the weight of the electric saw is 4.4 kg, which is relatively low, which means that it will not be too much trouble during transportation, and it is quite convenient to work.

  • Optimal bar length.
  • Acceptable price.
  • Decent build quality.
  • Chain brake function.
  • Pretty powerful motor.
electric, chainsaw, choose

Hammer CPP 1800 D

If it’s not the best power saw among inexpensive models, it’s certainly one of them. It has a chain brake function, which makes it safer for beginners and advanced users alike. In addition, the bar length of 35 cm is not too much, but for most operators, who sometimes have to saw a couple of logs, this is quite enough. In addition, the power is quite high. 1800 watts.

electric, chainsaw, choose

Sometimes kickback occurs when you work with the electric saw. the tool jerks sharply backwards. Even experienced operators can be injured. A special chain brake (or inertia brake) function stops the chain saw in order to prevent negative consequences.

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Chain pitch is pretty standard for an inexpensive saw. 3/8-inch. The oil tank has a capacity of 0.13 liters, so you can seldom stop to refuel. It is true that the saw weighs quite a lot. 5.5 kg, which makes it less comfortable to work with.

  • Economy.
  • High power.
  • High quality workmanship and materials.
  • Safe operation.
  • 3-year warranty period.
  • Easy to service.
  • Low noise level.

Additional features

Modern electric chainsaws are equipped with electronic and mechanical safety systems for the operator and the mechanism itself. Some options are not on all models.

Protection against overheating

Electronic device switches the motor off in the case of critical overload. With this device, the motor does not smoke and burn out if, for example, the chain is jammed in the kerf or the motor overheats. Useful feature. But on low-end models, this can have the disadvantage that it trips frequently, even under normal loads. No such “excessive vigilance” is found on quality saws.


All electric chainsaws are equipped with basic safety features. Primarily a brake that stops the chain even when the motor is running. Until the operator turns it off, the chain will not turn. Brake is activated and deactivated by a safety handle which in addition closes the space between your hands and the chain.

Chain tensioning adjustment

It is impossible to use the tool without tension control, that is why the function is present on all models without exception. The principle of adjustment is the same everywhere.

The differences may be in the design. loosening the cover and tensioning with a wrench or without it, with a built-in regulator. Regulator is more convenient, no additional wrench needed. The plastic cover of the regulator of quality brands is reliable. For the budget ones not always, so for them the tightening with the wrench is easier and more reliable.

In general, the design of the chain tensioning system is not the decisive criterion when choosing a model. Sturdy threads, metals are more important. When you buy it, you can’t visually check it. Only indirectly, by the reputation of the brand.

Smooth start

With this function, the chain does not speed up immediately, but slowly. The system protects the power grid from overload during the start of the electric motor. Plus, during the soft start there is time to correctly guide the chain, which increases safety. Minus soft start. it takes a few seconds for the engine to reach full speed. Those accustomed to conventional starting may be annoyed at first.

Pros and cons of the electric

The undoubted advantages include the following points:

Choosing the right Chainsaw for the job

  • Always ready to work. No need to mix gasoline with oil, store and fill fuel tank, start by pulling starter. Runs as soon as you press a button.
  • Electric motor is more stable than internal combustion engine, which sometimes stalls at idle speed.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Environmentally friendly, no exhaust fumes, can work in confined spaces.
  • Working with large hardwoods may be limited by lack of power and rpm.
  • Operating radius is limited by the length of the hand-held cable.
  • Electric motor overheats quickly. Every 40 minutes of medium-load operation, it should be allowed to cool down for about 20 minutes. In hot weather even more often.
  • The need to keep an eye on electrical safety. On busy construction sites, for example, the cable can be damaged by accident.

Some users report that chainsaws with electric chainsaws fail faster than those with gasoline-powered saws. In fact, this happens through users’ own negligence. Often you simply forget to refill the oil reservoir to lubricate the saw chain.

When the chainsaw is inevitably filled with fuel, the oil is topped up in passing, almost automatically. With electric saws it is enough to miss it once and after half an hour of dry running the bar, sprockets and chain can be out of order.

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An experienced user can tell if there is oil, even without checking the oil level. Lubricated chain has a matte oil sheen. When cranking it by hand with the engine turned off, you feel its soft running and muffled sounds. The unlubricated dry chain shines with a light metallic sheen and emits specific light tones and knocks during operation.

Rating electric chain saws

Electric chainsaws have a number of advantages compared to gasoline-powered tools. Electric appliances are plugged in, have higher performance, are lightweight, low-noise and economical.

In compiling the rating we took into account reviews of electric chainsaws and experts’ opinions. In the TOP equipment was selected according to the following parameters:

  • Power. This value has an effect on the ability of the equipment to withstand heavy loads;
  • Locking system. Affects the safe operation of the device and protects against unexpected shutdowns;
  • Protection against heat. Mains disconnection for higher temperatures;
  • Soft start option. When you turn it on, the RPM increases gradually, which increases the operating time of the equipment;
  • Chain tension control. The safety properties of the tool depend on this value.

When selecting nominees, the tensioning mechanism and gearbox reliability also played an important role.

How to choose an electric chainsaw for home: study the characteristics

Before buying any electric tool, you need to consider the technical characteristics and power. These parameters affect the amount and quality of work performed on the site. Choosing an electric chainsaw, we recommend paying attention to the following:

  • Power. The key factor is the power factor. The higher this characteristic is, the faster and easier it will be possible to solve the task at hand. In addition, a powerful electric chainsaw is less likely to break down, because it rarely operates at the limit of technical possibilities, which has a beneficial effect on the service life. However, such models are characterized by high weight and cost, which should also be taken into account before purchase.
  • Placement of the electric motor. The motor can occupy a longitudinal or transverse position. The first option means a simplified design and often belongs to the budget price category, but it is not very convenient to act with the tool in hard-to-reach areas. It is better to buy a transverse model, which is more maneuverable, but costs more. Here we should proceed from the priorities and peculiarities of the consumer’s tasks.
  • the length of the tire. This parameter means the length of the working area. On the one hand the longer the guide bar is, the thicker the wood can be cut. On the other hand, it is not convenient to use such models because of the weight of the equipment. over, such a tool costs an order of magnitude more. It is better to choose the golden mean and to prefer a tool with a tire length of 40 cm, no more, no less.
  • Safety. Do not forget about the safety of the machine. An important feature is the ability to lock against accidental start and the inertia brake.

How to choose a good electric chainsaw

A good electric saw has a number of advantages over the gasoline one and a couple of disadvantages.

What’s better electric chainsaw or chainsaw?

There are four main differences between gasoline-powered and electric saws:

Gasoline engine works thanks to gasoline not lower than А92 grade, mixed with two-stroke oil; electric engine. electricity from household network. The first engine has a longer service life, but it makes much more noise than the electric one and releases the products of burning of the petrol and oil mixture. Not all budget electric chainsaws have an oil pump for automatic chain and bar lubrication.

The motors are on the power saw along or perpendicular to the guide bar:

  • transversal location. slightly to the left along with the center of gravity. you have to constantly make efforts to regain your balance. suitable only for crosscutting vertically lying logs;
  • longitudinal. longer, but more comfortable, balanced and maneuverable. suitable for small-scale building material harvesting, gardening, construction and carpentry work.
  • Power and performance.

Motor power of electric saws does not often exceed 2.5-2.8 kW because of the application. for household needs such power is more than enough. Saws with motors with 3 kW or more weigh more.

The saw headsets of electric saws rotate at about 9000 rpm, whereas chain saws rotate faster. about 12000 rpm. Hence the difference in performance. the gasoline saw is faster to cope with hard wood, the electric saw outruns it when it comes to soft wood. lime, willow, poplar.

To start the electric saw it is necessary to unfold the extension cord, connect the machine to it and press the two buttons. After a few seconds of warm-up the tool is ready for work (in frosty weather the engine should be warmed up for a minute or two). Depending on the quality of the graphite brushes and the intensity of use, they need to be replaced every few years. The chain is tightened either with a wrench or a special thumbscrew without tools. depends on the model.

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Gasoline-powered saw is much more difficult to prepare for operation and maintenance. It requires gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90-92 with two-stroke oil in the ratio of 1:50. The fuel and air filters need periodic cleaning and replacement, carburettors often become clogged and must also be cleaned, and the spark plugs and pistons do not last forever. The carburettor has 3 regulating screws: idle, low and high revolutions. With their help the work of the engine is adjusted. Chain tensioning is done in two steps with a wrench and screwdriver. The engine is started with a manual starter mechanism in a couple of steps and needs a long warming up (work at low idle speed), especially in cold weather. the operating temperature of gasoline engines starts from 60 0 C.

As for the rest both saws need to be cleaned from sawdust, which gets clogged under the lid due to getting soaked in oil, add oil for chain lubrication, timely tighten and sharpen the saw clothing, replace driving sprockets.

A chainsaw is more productive and durable than an electric one, but it costs 2-4 times more and needs constant maintenance. It is considerably cheaper to cut a trailer of firewood with an electric saw than with a gasoline saw.

The chainsaw can work in rainy weather away from civilization. The electric mains drill needs source of electric power, and you can not use it far from the house or garage. Moving around the site or the garden, you will have to constantly drag an extension cord (this does not apply to cordless, but the batteries need to be recharged). It is not recommended to use an electric drill in wet and especially rainy weather. The tool with an electric motor can be used in residential areas. it does not emit exhaust fumes and is less noisy.

From the features of the electric saw. after cleaning the casing from sawdust and oil drainage can be stored on the balcony. does not emit odors. Otherwise, there is little or no difference.

electric, chainsaw, choose

Best 18 Inch Electric Chainsaws Reviews 2022[Top 4 Pick]

Expensive electric saws

Tools are expensive if equipped with a more powerful motor (from 1,900-2,000 watts). The models are also usually equipped with all modern safety systems. This is actually a professional tool for working in logging or construction.

1 Husqvarna 420EL 2000 W

Saw with electronic overload protection. Powerful and efficient. Withstands heavy loads and continuous work for a long time. Oil check through a window on the housing.

Husqvarna is one of the most famous European brands of electric saws. The model exhibits moderate noise during operation and a soft start. Design and ergonomics of the tool are also top-notch.

2 Bosch AKE 35-19 S 1900 watts

The saw with its characteristic Bosch design and keyless chain tensioning. Provides automatic lubrication. Chain tensioning is changed and adjusted manually. Designed for 15 minutes of uninterrupted work.

The saw is strong and lightweight. Handle is easy to grip. You can use the stop for work. The electric saw is safe and efficient for felling wood or just a lot of trees.

3 Makita UC4050A 2000W

Powerful chain saw with inertia brake. Heavy in weight, but stable. Easily cuts hardwood. Has a high chain speed (800 m/min).

Makita made with a chain brake. Fully dependent on electric cord. Can’t work by itself. Some users complain that the chain dulls quickly and breaks down. But there are many more positive reviews of the model.

4 Husqvarna 418EL 1800 W

Handheld circular saw with keyless chain tensioning. Easy to work with. with good chain tensioning and automatic emergency stop. There is an oil level indicator, which can be easily monitored.

Weight-balanced saw. Easy to work with for extended periods of time. Engine power is enough for difficult cutting of hard materials.

5 Makita 5008MG, 1800 W

First-class saw with adjustable cutting depth. Operates via 2.5 m long mains cable. The package also includes a saw blade and tools. Suitable for demanding jobs where it is important to control every millimeter when sawing wood.

  • 5 200 rpm;
  • Disc diameter is 210 mm;
  • Engine power is 1,800 watts;
  • Cutting depth. 90° 75.5 mm, 45° 57 mm;
  • weight 5.1 kg.

Circular saw fully recoups its value. The tool is light in weight and has all the options you need for precise operation, even with hardwood.

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