What electric chainsaw is better to choose

Rating of the best chainsaws 2022: technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of popular models

For farming or dacha farming, cutting down trees and proper care of the site, you will need the right tool. The best electric band saw is easy to use and won’t make it difficult to operate, maintain, and store.

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple and consists in conversion of electric current into mechanical energy, which makes the chain move. The main components of such a unit are:

  • Electric motor, located in the housing.
  • Guide rails that keep the cutting attachments in place.
  • Sawing circuit.
  • Oil pump for cooling and lubrication of the saw chain.

When electric chainsaws appeared on the market, many people began to refuse working with gasoline analogues, because the electric tool avoids difficulties with power supply, smoke from exhaust gases, and it can be operated in unventilated space.

Operation of the electric saw is governed by the maximum stresses specified in the machine’s data sheet.

First the machine is plugged into a 220 V household electrical outlet, then the operator presses the power button. The motor is driven by transmitting the rotating force to the available mechanism through a gearbox or transmission.

The chain ensures the sawing of the blade. It is lubricated by an oil pump located inside the housing. In modern models it is possible to control the force, which guarantees a certain amount of oil to the working material.

Rating of the best electric saws

Nomination Place Name Price
The best inexpensive chainsaws for home and country houses 1 DAEWOO Power Products DACS 2500E 6 390 ₽
2 Bosch AKE 30 S 6 769 ₽
3 Huter ELS-2400 6 490 ₽
4 DDE CSE2418 5 250 ₽
5 Hammer CPP1814E 1800W 4 990 ₽
6 PATRIOT ESP 1816 6 090 ₽
The best electric chainsaws by value for money 1 STIHL MSE 210 C-BQ-16 2100 W 21 990 ₽
2 Husqvarna 418EL 1800W 19 990 ₽
3 STIHL MSE 170 C-Q 1700 W 16 990 ₽
4 Makita UC4050A 2000W 13 345 ₽
5 Oleo-Mac GS 200 E 2000 W 11 990 ₽
6 Makita UC3551A-5M 2000W 11 708 ₽
7 EFCO 2000E 1900W 11 500 ₽
The best professional chain saws 1 STIHL MSE 250 C-Q-16 2500 W 34 990 ₽
2 STIHL MSE 230 C-BQ 2300 W 23 990 ₽
The best cordless chainsaws 1 DeWALT DCM575X1 40 999 ₽
2 Husqvarna 436 Li 24 490 ₽
3 Makita DUC353Z 21 207 ₽
4 Bosch UniversalChain 18 2.5Ah x1 12 046 ₽
5 RYOBI RCS36 19 314 ₽
6 Greenworks G40CS30 2.0Ah x1 10 990 ₽
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For household tasks, the capabilities of budget saws are most often enough. They are usually equipped with small motors and short busbars. There are several models that experts recommend for you to consider.

DAEWOO Power Products DACS 2500E

South Korean electric saw DAEWOO Power Products DACS 2500E has an excellent ratio of affordability to power. It’s perfect for making firewood, building materials, and DIY jobs. Experts praised the powerful electric motor (2.5 kW), which, combined with a 40 cm bar, allows you to easily cut wood. For safe operation of the operator is responsible guard, if this element is touched, the chain brake is automatically triggered. It is easy to operate the chain saw, no chain tensioning device is needed, and it is convenient to check the lubricant level through the inspection window.

The dirty secret about electric chainsaws

The model ranks first in the rating for its comfortable grip, high power, keyless tensioning and reasonable price. The lack of a soft start can be attributed to the disadvantages.

Bosch AKE 30 S

Electric appliances of the German manufacturer Bosch traditionally occupy leading positions in various ratings. The AKE 30 S electric chainsaw is no exception. Less expensive than its competitors, the model is distinguished by high engine power (1.8 kW), light weight (3.9 kg) and ease of operation. The chainsaw is ideal for gardeners looking after fruit trees and shrubs. Chrome plated chain, sharp sharpening and keyless chain tensioning are the strong points.

Experts gave the German saw the second place for quality assembly and quiet operation. the electric saw does not pull out of your hands when you start, it is economical to use the chain lubrication fluid. But the short bar, the lack of a star on the end face cause dissatisfaction among Russian consumers.

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Huter ELS-2400

An electric chainsaw Huter ELS-2400 can be a good helper at home. The German-Chinese model is equipped with a powerful motor (2.4 kW) and a long bar (45 cm). The power tool somewhat loses out to the leaders of the rating in weight (7,5 kg) and reliability. However, for gardening or repair work, the electric chainsaw is a great option. A toothed fence is responsible for the accuracy of the cut. For the adjustment of the chain tension the manufacturer offers a usual wing nut. Considering its affordable price, it becomes a tempting purchase for the Russian consumer.

Electric chainsaw is in the third position in the ranking. Users praise high-quality construction, sharp chain, and reasonable price. Owners note the short cord and frequent gearbox failures.


The low-maintenance DDE CSE2418 American electric chainsaw. The model is assembled in China, which allowed the manufacturer to offer the domestic user a reasonable price. Single-speed design is powered by a powerful unit (2.41 kW). These parameters, combined with a long guide bar (45 cm) allowed the machine to get into the ranking. On the plus side of the product should be included a chain brake, a small weight (4.7 kg), electronic motor protection and soft start. To take a higher place in the ranking of the unit did not allow a short cord and noisy operation.

Users have no serious complaints about the quality of the budget electric saw. Pleasantly surprised with high power and long guide bar.

Design features of the electric saw

The main design difference between gasoline and electric saws is in the different types of drive and power units. Obviously, but the electric ones use an electric motor, which can be installed longitudinally or transversely. The type of clutch depends on this. The first one transmits its rotary motion through a gearbox, the other one transmits it directly through a clutch.

Useful! In fact, the structure of the models can be called identical: the operation of the engine drives the sprocket, which in turn pulls the saw chain.

Location Name Parameters
Power output, W Working part Weight, kg Case Disadvantages Advantages
1 Makita UC3541A 1800 The bar is 35 cm, the pitch is standard, tensioning is done without a wrench 4,7 Ergonomic, handy Not the best chain There is an emergency “stop” for the chain and an anti-vibration function
2 Bosch AKE 35-19 S 1900 Chain length of 0.35 m is sufficient for private works 4,3 Lightweight, easy to maintain Non-metallic chain clamp There is an emergency motor and circuit braking
3 “Makita” UC4041A 1800 Bus bar. 0.4 m 4,7 Handle is rubberized Safety at a high level: a brake, low weight with a wide chain
4 STIHL MSE 190 C-BQ 1900 Chain 35 cm or 40 cm (depending on the selected set), there is a quality tensioning system 4,5 Reliable, quality assembly High cost Long 4 m cord, effective lubrication system
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For those who are considering a stand-alone saw, here is a comparative characteristic of the best battery-powered chainsaws (see table).

Location Title Features
Chain Weight, kg Battery Disadvantages Advantages
1 Greenworks G40CS30 0 Length. 30 cm, by Oregon 4,4 Li-ion The battery and the battery charger are not included in the package with the saw, a high level of vibration is felt There is an auto brake on the engine, the handle is rubber
2 “Husqvarna 436 Li 35 cm chain, keyless tensioning 2,5 3 Ah capacity (runs continuously for up to 45 minutes on a single charge) Not cheap (more than twenty thousand) No vibration, lots of noise, the motor is reliable, efficient
3 Greenworks G24CS25 2.0Ah x1 Size. 25 cm 2,7 Capacity. 2 Ah Narrow chain Lightweight, high-quality saw, has a reliable safety system

The following is a review of the best electric chainsaws (rating, taking into account user characteristics and customer ratings). see the fourth and fifth table.

place. Makita UC4041A: Features and price

Type of motor electric
Power 1800 watts
Number of speeds 1
Chain pitch 3/8-in
Busbar length 40 cm
Weight 4.7 kg
Price 8 857 ₽

Makita UC4041A: Advantages and disadvantages

Instant chain stop;

Adjustment of mix pump;

Convenience of use;

Quiet operation;

Does an excellent job of its main task;

�� Best Corded Electric Chainsaw. Review Of 5 Strong & Lightweight Saws

electric, chainsaw, choose

Positive ;

Low weight;

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