What does the drill key look like. Video: how to insert a drill into the Bosch drill

What are the cartridges for drills and how they are removed and disassembled on their own

Almost every master has at the disposal not only hammers, but also a drill for drilling holes in wood, metal and even concrete. To work with this tool, the design provides for a special clamping mechanism. This mechanism is also called an executive organ or a cartridge for a drill that is different. Drilling tools are equipped with such a device, but when you fail, you will need to dismantle, repair or replace it, which will be discussed in the material.

When choosing a cartridge for a drill, the buyer is interested in the question of what diameter the drill can be squeezed in the lips of this device. That is why many buy cartridges in which the shanks of the working nozzles are clamped by the parameter (size of the muzzle). In addition to the maximum diameter of the drills, you must also know that the devices differ in design and type of seat. To begin with, we find out that the cartridges for drills are classified in appearance into two main types:

  • Key-this is their folk name, and in the scientific they are called gear-cage, which is associated with the mechanism of their functioning. This is a popular version of clamping mechanisms for drills, characterized by high reliability indicators
  • Quickly jokes or BZP. differ from key ones in that they do not need to use a special key that compress the sponges of the device

Tough-cage cartridges from fast-and-packed are highly reliable. The very first prototypes were used on hand drifts, which have similarities with key and quickly and quickly ascense. The principle of operation of the simplest cartridge from the old hand drill is as follows:

does, drill, look, video
  • To fix the nozzle in the device, it is necessary to hold the handle and twist the clamping coupling or sleeve
  • Install the nozzle with the tail of the tail
  • Twist the clamping coupling to the stop, and then additionally use a chisel or breakdown with a hammer for a more reliable fixation of the nozzle

Fixation with a chisel is needed so that there is no nozzle during operation. Such cartridges had many shortcomings, so the advanced models soon appeared. key. Unlike the first types of cartridges, key ones do not require the use of a chisel and a hammer for a clip of a shank nozzle, as they are replaced by a special key with teeth. In addition, the carving of the clamping coupling was quickly covered with corrosion, so there were difficulties with its twisting. Today, old types of equipment are found only on manual old droplets, and are practically not used on power tools.

It is interesting! Why outdated models of cartridges have much in common with modern key and fast.packed devices? All of them have the same principle of operation based on the movement of fists. These fists are also called lips or tsangs, from where the names of Tsang and fist cartridges appeared.

The main stages of refinement

First of all, you need to cut off the head of the factory key for the electrode cartridge, but not under the root, but with the shank. We clamp the key in a vice and using an angular grinder or a hand hacksaw for metal we cut off the desired part.

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39 No Drill Chuck Key? No Problem How To Remove Drill Bits Without A Key

Then we put on the shank, the interchangeable head from the wrench is 10 mm and drill the through hole at an angle of 90 degrees on the drilling machine. Then we make a small recess using a zenkovka and insert a slap in the hole.

Shplint’s head must be drowned slightly into a recess, and the ends are divorced in different directions and pressed to the surface of the nozzle. Since the “antennae” of Shplint is long, they must be shortened a little by cutting a corner grinder.

How to change a drill without a key in a drill

As is clear from the subtitle, here we are talking about key cartridges.

The most common method is the use of a cross screwdriver or a nail of a suitable diameter, which are inserted into any of the existing recesses on the cartridge, thereby fixing its first half. You can try to twist the other half with your hand. Usually in this way it is quite easy to unwind.

However, if this is not done so, then you can use a gas key or vise instead of a hand. Using them, you will manage to create the necessary effort, which is most likely enough to turn.

If, as a result of these actions, nothing happened, try what is described in the next section.

Falf of the cartridge

The drill cartridge, like the other mechanism, is subjected to production and over time may fail. The factory defect may also be the reason for the jamming of the cartridge. The spring in the device of the blocking mechanism can also break, as a result, the control element will cease to be released after pressing the button. The standard drill cartridge is intended for long.term use, subject to operating rules and periodic technical care. However, if he failed as a result of wear of the components, it is more advisable to replace it with new.

does, drill, look, video

Mounting device. nonsense cartridge

The cartridge is called fasteners in which the drill is fixed. The fastener itself is wound on the tool spindle. Most often, drills are equipped with a fist cartridge. This design is a hollow cylinder with metal “fingers” inside. When turning the adjusting ring, which is located outside the node, the “fingers” converge or diverge along the inner cone.shaped surface. In such a “fist” you can clamp both a drill with a cylindrical shank, and with a hexagonal.

Convenience and ease of use have provided the camer with popularity popularity. However, it is not without flaws. One of them is difficulties in working with small drills. A short product can simply fail inside. You can still fix it by putting the drill in a horizontal position, but you can’t press it strongly in the process. If another drill was inserted into the drill, it can be removed by checking the adjusting ring in the corresponding direction. It is not always possible to do this manually, for this there is a special key that acts like a lever, increasing the effort. By the way, it is also not recommended to tighten the drill without a key. the larger the diameter of the drill, the more reliable the mount should be.

When buying fasteners, make sure that it is rubberized. so you will injure your hands less when fixing the tool.

The work of fast.and.packed fasteners. the second most popular. is possible without a key. It is enough to insert a drill and crank the lever, often this can be done with one hand. Fixation of the drill, which is provided by this type of cartridge, is quite enough for most works, however, compared with the classic fastening version, it is inferior in reliability, and it is more expensive. The main advantage of fast.fastened fastening is the speed of replacing the drill and the security of the process, since such a cartridge is deprived of teeth that can injure hands. The absence of a specialized key is also a significant advantage! Experienced builders know how easy it is to be lost, so very often you can see the key with wrap with tape or island to the wire.

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True, this does not add convenience, but at least some confidence appears that the key will not have to be sought throughout the construction site. How to change a drill in an electric screwdriver? The scheme is absolutely identical. the cartridges of most drills are similar to fasteners in screwdrivers. Of course, the last tool cannot be a full.fledged replacement of a high.quality drill, if only because the fasteners are not provided for drills with a large diameter, and the turnover of an electric screwdriver, as a rule, is less.

Installation of a working tool on a peorator

As mentioned above, the peorator must be checked for the operation before installing the drill. To perform such an audit, the operating mode of the pedorator is installed for drilling without a fight. If, after pressing the starting button of the device, you will hear and feel that its engine is working exactly and without shocks, it means that the peorator can be used for its intended purpose, first inserting a drill or a bourgeois into it.

To fix the drill with a cylindrical shank in the ashorator, use an adapter with a fist type cartridge

Before inserting the drill into the peorator, it is necessary to treat the shank of the working tool with a special lubricant that will protect it from corrosion. The process of installing a drill in a peorator itself looks as follows.

How To Use A Cordless Drill

  • The ashor of the back is installed on the floor or other hard surface.
  • The mobile part of the clamping device is pulled back.
  • The tool is inserted into the peorator until it stops. In this case, a drill or a drill that must be inserted into a peorator must be kept vertically. If you neglect this requirement, you may face the fact that the tool will fly out or even break, and this can also lead to the failure of the penetrator itself.

Press the click, then pull the drill, if it is not taken out. everything is fine

Given the fact that clamping cartridges on modern peorators differ quite a simple principle of action, questions about how to get a drill out of the penetrator, as a rule, does not arise.

Having removed the tool used from the peorator to replace it with another, it is advisable to immediately clean its shank from lubrication and construction dust. In this case, the shank of the drill that you are going to insert should also be cleaned and pre.lubricated. The instrument replaced in this way will not harm the clamping mechanism of the penetrator and last much longer.

The lubricant extends the service life of both the drill itself and the pedorator

Using a peorator, you can not only get a drilled structural element, but also process with a special chisel. Can also be installed as a working body of such a mixer device.

Homemade masters often also have questions about how to insert a drill into an electric screwdriver or how to change the cartridge on the penetrator. Solving the first issue is quite simple, since cartridges of the same design are used in the design of the electric screwdriver as on drifts and peorators. But to the question of how to correctly replace the cartridge on the ashorator, one should approach the knowledge of the case: to perform such a procedure without certain knowledge and skills, it is not easy.

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Design and features

The classic cartridge for a drill belongs to the clamping devices of a cang or fist type. In them you can clamp not only various tools with a round shank, but also a cylindrical harvesting for their further processing. The main elements of the design of clamping cam cartridges are:

  • cylindrical body;
  • adjusting ring or sleeve rotating on the outer surface of the case;
  • Fist mechanism or tsang installed in the inside of the device case.

Fist (gear-cage) cartridge with a key

In turn, the zangia mechanism, the elements of which are made of hardened steel, consists of three exactly the same fists, which, when rotating the adjusting ring or sleeve, simultaneously approach each other, thereby ensuring a reliable clamp of the instrument shank. In the first models of cartridges for mechanical ditches, the tsangi fists converged due to the rotation of the adjusting wheel, now the adjusting sleeve is used for this.

On one side, the cartridge for the drill is installed on the shaft of the equipment used, and on the other, a tool is inserted into them, with which processing will be performed. Clime cam cartridges are used mainly to fix the following tools in them:

The fist cartridge of the drill is designed for the clip of nozzles with a cylindrical or hexagonal shank

The main stages of work

At the next stage, with a hacksaw for metal or corner grinder, cut off the key head for the clip of a drilling cartridge. In the housing of the homemade it will be necessary to drill a hole into which the key will be inserted.

From sheet metal 1.5-2 mm thick we cut out the U-shaped blank, and weld it to the case.

We insert the head of the key for the cartridge into the hole, we put on the “shank” of the washer on the outside, and weld the handle made of steel round bar.

Homemade is ready. Now it will be necessary to clean it using a grinding circle (or on a greenhouse), then paint.

You can clamp on a drill with this key, although not very convenient. But for a drilling machine, this homemade is great.

A detailed process of making a home.made key for the clip of a drilling cartridge can be viewed on the video below.

Features of a home.made key design

The key itself consists of two main elements: head and lever. The head is made of steel round blank. And in it it is necessary to drill a hole along the diameter of the drill cartridge (so that the head is freely put on the cartridge).

The thickness of the head itself can be any. at your discretion. At the top of the head, you need to make a groove in which the lever will then be installed.

The handle is also made on a lathe. It is additionally applied to it to be convenient to hold in the hand. Here, in fact, is all the features. The key is very simple. to make it to everyone (in the presence of a lathe).

Details about how a home.made key for a drilling cartridge on a lathe in practice works, watch in the video on the site.

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