What company to choose a single axle tractor. Champion bc8716 7 l heavy cultivator.с.

Top 10 best power tillers

For many owners of homestead and garden plots, as well as small farms, a single-axle tractor has long been an indispensable friend and helper. It eliminates the need to perform heavy monotonous physical labor and saves a lot of time. It is estimated that even the simplest single-axle tractor or power tiller with a low-power engine at least six times increases productivity when working on the farm and on the same time reduces the time costs.

Before we continue, we need to define the terminology. Many people think that a single-axle tractor and a power tiller are the same thing and use these terms synonymously. Actually this is fundamentally wrong. A motor cultivator is a device designed solely for loosening the ground with cutters. You could say that a cultivator is a simple mechanical soil loosener and nothing more.

A one-axle tractor is another thing. Even the simplest of these amazing farming tools can be equipped with a plough, harrow, seeder, potato planter, weeder and spudger in addition to the tiller. It can be towed by a cart and carry loads of up to 300 kg. and more. The most advanced models have a PTO (abbreviated. PTO), which allows this agricultural machine to be additionally equipped with a mower, pump, snow removal rotor and other useful devices and appliances. In fact, a single-axle tractor is a two-wheeled tractor, and this comparison becomes more relevant when you learn that heavy power tillers are not inferior to mini-tractors in performance.

How to choose a single axle tractor for a vegetable garden

To understand which one-axle tractor is better to buy, you should decide on the conditions of its use. So, the size, design features and power of the unit should match the area of the plot, the features of the soil and the work to be done.

For processing virgin or neglected lands it is recommended to buy machines with considerable weight, as lighter devices can simply “jump” out of the ground and to keep them in the right position you have to apply considerable physical force. For cultivation of areas that have already been repeatedly cultivated, it is better to buy devices of low weight, otherwise they will bury themselves in the ground under their own weight, which will require the operator to make efforts to return the mechanism to its original position.

Also when choosing equipment, you should consider what kind of work will be done most often. For example, a massive and heavy single-axle tractor will work perfectly with the attachment, but it is much less suitable for work with milling machines than its lighter counterpart. Therefore, those who will use a single-axle tractor mainly as a cultivator should give preference to units with a relatively low weight (70-80 kg).

If the machine will be used more often with the rear-mounted equipment (eg, with a plow), it is better to buy a design weighing 100-120 kg. Connoisseurs of functionality, maximum convenience and reliability will like devices with power shaft and active cutter. True, you will have to spend a lot on them.

Attention deserves and attachments, allowing a significant expansion of power tillers functionality. For example, potato planters allow mechanized planting of potatoes, and potato diggers speed up and facilitate harvesting. The adapters allow a deep and even cultivation, while the trailers can transport loads of different sizes.

It is important to understand that the single-axle tractor can significantly speed up the process of cultivation, but does not reduce the physical effort of the operator. Therefore, the opinion that a single-axle tractor makes it easier for women and the elderly is mistaken. The effort required with this device is probably no less than with manual tillage, but the desired result is achieved in a shorter period of time. So, ten acres of land can be cultivated in two to three hours, rather than two days like with a handheld tractor.

The easiest to operate products, producing plowing active milling machines, but they provide tillage of the ground to a depth of no more than 15 cm and are characterized by cumbersome designs.

88% of survey participants said that they prefer units equipped with gasoline engines.48% give preference to machines that allow working widths between 75 cm and 1 m.34% of users prefer equipment with a working depth of up to 30 cm.The most popular models (39%) weigh 51-75 kg.The most popular features of these devices: height adjustment of handles, availability of transport wheels and the possibility of reversing.

After deciding on the specific technical and functional characteristics of a power tiller, it is necessary to choose the manufacturer and the model.

Top 6 best diesel power tillers for 2022

Diesel motobloks are indispensable for difficult field work, processing large areas of bad soil, up to the virgin soil. Diesel fuel is cheaper than petrol. good economy. After a couple of years, the purchase costs will pay off in fuel savings.

Consider the most successful options in different weight categories:

The best lightweight diesel power tillers

Made in China;

Brand name: China;

The model belongs to the light class, is used in the home, for processing the site up to 0.8 ha. Comes complete with locking lever, tiller, a pair of wheels. Weighs 100kg, but can carry loads up to 400kg with the help of a trailer. Bearing frame made of quality steel, lightweight design provides good maneuverability on any ground. The machine is comfortable and safe to work with.

Weight 100 kg
Power 4.5 л.с
oil volume 1.1 л
Cooling air
Start-up system manual, mechanical
Number of gears 2 (front, rear)
Treatment depth up to 30 cm
Width 80 cm
  • Reliable diesel engine, low-speed and powerful, one of the best in its class;
  • Wide blade, easily breaks up the ground to a depth of 25 cm.
  • the quality of metal processing, the surfaces are poorly sanded;
  • the fuel pump clamps are loose; check and retighten them before use.
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Homeland of the brand. Russia;

Made in China;

Designed for cultivation, cultivation of land on the orchards. This model is the most powerful in the Aurora line. Equipped with a three-speed gearbox, one reverse and two forward speeds. Economical fuel consumption, large tank capacity allows to work a long time without refueling. Working area width: 800-1350 mm. Depth: 30 cm. Weight of 117 kg. Works with a plow without additional weighting.

  • Robust protection. equipped with a front bumper that covers the wheels and engine, preventing bumps and stones.
  • Excellent cross-country ability on any terrain.
  • Convenient. 360-degree adjustment of operating handles and anti-slip rubber pads.
  • Safe operation of the operator. the cultivator is equipped with good rubber mudguards, which prevent the soil from falling from under the wheels onto the person.
Weight 120 kg
Engine H186FD
Dimensions 1030x570x880
Electric start There are
Plowing depth 25 cm
Plowing width 135 cm
Speeds 3
Motor Manufacturer Shineray
  • Three-speed gearbox;
  • High efforts and long service life;
  • Reliable fixation of wheels, hexagonal axles;
  • Possibility to equip the unit with a plow, cart;
  • Sturdy cast iron gear housing prevents stones from getting caught.

Reliable medium-class diesel motor blocks

Diesel machines are economical, but heavy, mainly starting from middle class. Medium class. machine weight 120. 150 kg, designed for plowing up to 1 ha. Main purpose of application. plowing, hilling, sowing crops.

Russia. home of the brand;

Made in China;

Similar in technical characteristics to the Aurora, but less expensive. The main purpose of this machine is to plow through virgin lands. Due to the big weight of 141 kg and the big diameter of the wheels, the grip is good, no problems to overcome any bumps and irregularities. Options:

  • The depth of plowing the field varies from 10. 30 cm;
  • Safety for the operator due to the hinged wings over the wheels;
  • Good passability will provide powerful pneumatic wheels;
  • Comfortable adjustment and control handle;
  • The possibility of using additional equipment. haymower, motor pump, potato digger, plow, flailbow;
  • Equipped with both hand and electric starter.
Weight 141 kg
Engine Champion D300-1HK
Dimensions 1800x1100x800
Electric start Yes
Plowing depth 30 cm
Plowing width 110 cm
Speeds 3
Motor Manufacturer Champion
  • Economical, durable diesel motor;
  • Manual and electric starter available;
  • has a silencer and parking stop, something more expensive units are famous for;
  • multifunctional.

Brand name: China;

Country of manufacture: China;

Capable of cultivating unploughed land well. Front and rear gears provide good maneuverability and passability of the machine. LIFAN Diesel 186FD engine consumes fuel rather modestly, runs for a long time on a single fill-up.

  • Long work cycle, due to low fuel consumption;
  • A metal cover protects the engine and gearbox from rocks and dirt that fly out;
  • Good working depth and adjustability;
  • Convenient location of the limiter in the rear of the device;
  • Passability on any soil, due to the massive wheels.

Now let us have a look at attachments for the walking tractor.

Plough Its main function is to lift the stale layer of soil. A plow for a power tiller should be used if the soil has not been tilled for a long time. This tool lifts the soil layer, forming large clods, so it is necessary to cultivate the soil after ploughing. Note that during work, the plow must go deeper into the ground, this is an important indicator of quality.
Hiller It’s essentially a V-plow. In addition to mowing, it is used for cutting furrows. There are three types of share drills. fixed width, variable width and disc.
Potato digger This attachment for a power tiller makes picking potatoes much easier, without damaging them. The principle of the potato digger is as follows: the device lifts up pieces of soil, the soil crumbles, and the potatoes are separated.
Mower Used for cutting grass. There are two types of mowers: rotary and knife mowers. The first ones have better performance, but they are less safe to use. The latter are more maneuverable and can be used even between beds.
Aerator This attachment is needed to better provide moisture and oxygen to the soil. The principle here is as follows: many small holes are pierced in the ground. this helps to saturate the soil with oxygen, fertilizer and moisture even in deep layers, near the roots of plants.
Rotary brush Allows a single-axle tractor to be used as a machine to clear snow or small debris.
Bulldozer blade Allows you to clear snow, earth, or move small embankments. Acts like a bulldozer.
Soilers Allows for good traction. Often used for smaller machines.
Cart Used to carry loads, usually between 250 and 550 kilograms (capacity depends on the model). Operator-friendly cart with seat.

Please note that attachments must be selected for each specific model of trimmer. Check before buying that it is possible to install the attachment on your model.

As a rule, light motor blocks are units with gasoline engines up to 7 liters.с. They are used for plowing and milling the soil, with the attachment installed instead of the wheels.

Mobil K MKM-4 Comfort MVK0018462 7 l single axle tractor.с.

  • Engine capacity: 212 cc. see
  • Engine power: 7 hp.с.
  • Gearbox: manual
  • Speeds: 9 km/h forward, 3 km/h reverse
  • Type of gearbox: spur-chained
  • Type of connection with universal joint shaft: pulley (belt)
  • Weight: 67 kg

The Mobil K MKM-4 Comfort MVK0018462 7 liters is considered the best motor-block of the light class among gasoline units with belt drive.с.”. This is the top model in the Mobil K range of tractors, which are manufactured at the Russian enterprise with the same name. The single-axle tractor is a machine of the new generation and is an example of innovative approach to the design of similar equipment. It is designed for tillage of large territories, for which it is equipped with a reliable engine Dinking DK170F rated at 7 l.с.

The innovative Mobil K Strong Transmission 2000 (4 forward and 2 reverse gears) paired with a belt-driven clutch makes this power tiller highly functional. The placement of the center of gravity in the center allows for evenly distributed load, which does not require the operator a lot of physical effort when working. Steering wheel adjustment for operator’s height is provided as well.

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Comfort Speed Motion II technology with its ideal combination of rotation and travel speed (at minimum gearbox shaft speed of 35 rpm the speed of the walking tractor is 3 km/h) provides loosening the ground to the desired condition for planting.

It is interesting. on every motor-block there is a plate with the surname of a worker who assembled this concrete unit and who is responsible for the quality of its assembly.

Caiman Vario 60S single axle tractor

  • Engine capacity: 169 cc. see
  • Engine type: gasoline four-stroke, cylinders: 1
  • Number of gears: 2 forward, 1 reverse
  • Accessories: tillers, coulter
  • Gearbox type: chain
  • Type of connection with universal joint shaft: pulley (belt)
  • Weight: 3.4 л

Caiman Vario 60S gasoline single axle tractor is designed for tilling a garden of about 25 hectares. It is equipped with a low-noise Japanese Subaru EP17OHC engine (5.7 hp.с.) with the innovative Vario Automat transmission. With two forward gears and one reverse, the single axle tractor is easy to work in areas that require maneuvering. The original PneumoTec clutch on the Vario 60S D3 achieves a smooth engagement of every gear, considerably increasing the service life of the gearbox and also making work easier for the operator.

The collapsible Fast Gear II chain reducer with grease that doesn’t need to be replaced ensures minimal power loss on the output shaft.

Quick-release Razor Blade sabre cutters make it easy to change the working width, and a special sharpening angle allows the power tiller to easily handle any kind of ground.

The single axle tractor is furthermore equipped with a front mounted drive unit, the pulley of which is covered with a protective cover. The entire range of attachments for all-season use of the power tiller can be connected to the drive.

Distinctive feature of the power tiller is its balanced (The Right Balance system) ergonomic design, which minimizes the impact on the operator’s hands and spine.

Neva MK100P-DM163 single axle tractor

  • Engine capacity: 163 cc. cm
  • Engine power: 5 l.с.
  • Number of gears: 1 forward, 1 reverse
  • Cutter Speed: 87-125 rpm
  • Gearbox type: spur-chained gearbox
  • Engine type: gasoline, four-stroke, cylinders: 1
  • Weight: 45 kg

The single-axis tractor “Neva MK100P-DM163” is considered the best for country houses with a plot of land up to 10 acres. Chinese single-cylinder four-stroke engine KS168FDM163 (5 hp.с., 66 kg of tractive effort) provides high-quality loosening of cultivated soil and makes it possible to perform the entire range of agricultural works.

Gear and chain reducer of the power tiller, filled with grease that does not require replacement, provides 1 forward gear and 1 reverse gear. And the rear gear is inside the gearbox, making it easy to start the engine.

The soil can be cultivated with four or six cutters, which makes the soil loose and breathable, which is necessary for good yields.

PATRIOT Pobeda single axle tractor (440 10 7212) 7 l.с.

  • Engine displacement: 198 cc. see
  • Engine power: 7 liters.с.
  • Gearbox: mechanical
  • Number of gears: 4 forward, 2 reverse
  • Type of gearbox: chain
  • PTO connection type: pulley (belt)
  • Weight: 78 kg

Patriot Pobeda is considered the most versatile power tiller among similar units present in the domestic market. It is equipped with a 7 hp Patriot four-stroke engine.с. With belt clutch and chain reducer in aluminum housing. Gear shifting is done through the gearbox, and downshifting or upshifting is done by flipping the drive belt from one pulley slot to another. 4 forward, 2 backward.

Reinforced frame with initially installed:

  • Three-way pulley allows you to connect the snow blower and whether the mower;
  • Powerful trailed unit (the most popular in Russia) provides the ability to install a variety of attachments.

Honda FG205DE 2 Cultivator.18 л.с.

  • Engine power: 1.60 kW / 2.18 л.с.
  • Cultivation depth: 15 cm
  • Maximum working width: 45 cm
  • Gearbox type: worm
  • Engine capacity: 49 cc. see

One of the most expensive models from a renowned manufacturer. Top of the rating because of its well-thought-out construction and high-quality workmanship. Four-cycle Honda GXV50 gasoline engine is installed on the machine, worm gearing and automatic centrifugal clutch are used. The unique design of the cutters allows to use the unit for loosening even difficult soils. Low center of gravity and good weight distribution provide outstanding maneuverability.

  • Side protection discs;
  • Wide wings for protection of the operator at work;
  • Handy carrying handle;
  • The set includes transport wheels, as well as the attached support wheel, equipment for tilling;
  • Reinforced handle design;
  • Two handle folding options. forward or backward;
  • Three positions for adjusting handle height;
  • Easy start system;
  • Only one speed and no reverse.

Cultivator Zubr MKT-150 3 l.с.

  • Engine output: 3 liters.с.
  • Cultivation depth: 25 cm
  • Maximum working width: 45 cm
  • Type of gearbox: chain
  • Accessories: coulter

Robust, lightweight and inexpensive power tiller with high maneuverability and easy operation and maintenance. Equipped with belt clutch for smooth, jerk-free travel. Protects the operator from lumps of soil on the body. Additional covers are also available to prevent access to the cutters during operation. Torque transmission: By means of a robust chain gear with a robust and hardened shaft.

  • Side discs protect the plants that are not in the treatment area;
  • Hardened steel cutters with self-sharpening function;
  • Plowing depth adjustment available;
  • Not designed to work with additional attachments;
  • The handles can be folded for transportation and storage;
  • There is an auxiliary transport wheel;
  • Only one speed;
  • No reverser;
  • 5 years warranty on the device.

Cultivator Steher GK-150 3 l.с.

  • Engine power: 3 liters.с.
  • Cultivation depth: 25 cm
  • Maximum working width: 45 cm
  • Gearbox type: chain-driven
  • Accessories: tillers, coulter

Despite the fact that the previous model is more ergonomic, this machine is characterized by good workmanship and low price. It is best suited for plowing plots of 3-4 acres, cultivating the soil in greenhouses, in flowerbeds and seedbeds. Easy to operate and easy to maintain.

  • Four-stroke gasoline engine;
  • Belt clutch for smooth movement without jerking;
  • A paper filter provides a purified air supply;
  • Hardened steel cutters with self-sharpening option;
  • Additional protection that limits access to rotating parts during operation;
  • Height-adjustable handle;
  • Rubber pads on handles reduce vibration, which reduces operator fatigue during prolonged operation;
  • Rugged chain gear provides long service life;
  • Easy adjustment of working width and depth;
  • Spare protective wings, additional cutters, fasteners included.

Echo TC-210 1 Mini cultivator.02 л.с Best for the greenhouse

  • Engine power: 0.75 kW / 1.02 л.с. at 3600 rpm
  • Cultivation depth: 25 cm
  • Maximum working width: 21 cm
  • Type of gearbox: worm
  • Engine type: gasoline, two-stroke, cylinders: 1
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The cultivator is equipped with a reliable two-stroke engine that excels on both flat surfaces and on slopes. Distinguished from other models by its high build quality. One of the lightest machines. its weight is only 9.5 kg. Transmission of torque is provided by steel worm gears enabling high rotation speeds of up to 277 rpm. Suitable for loosening soil, removing weeds in greenhouses, in flowerbeds, seedbeds.

  • Good motor Kioritz Japanese production;
  • Equipped with the Power Boost Vortex system;
  • Vibration protected, easy-to-use control knobs;
  • Electronic ignition;
  • Easy-Start technology allows you to quickly turn on the device in any weather;
  • Unique serpentine power tillers for best soil loosening;
  • Low noise level;
  • Robust tillers made of forged steel;
  • Extended warranty for 5 years.

The best heavyweight mulcher

Aurora COUNTRY 1400

Heavy equipment with a weight of 160 kg. Powerful engine (13 l. с., 3600 rpm.) ensures the machine’s high performance. Fuel tank capacity 6.5 l. model feature is that it is equipped with a reduction gear, which provides a good torque. High-strength frame and heavy-duty power unit enable comfortable use of the mower, plow and other attachments. Cultivation depth 300 mm, working width adjustable between 900-1700 mm. 162 kg weight of the aggregate.

  • reliable power-unit (4-stroke, petrol engine);
  • 6-speed transmission (4 front, 2 rear) with a reduction gear;
  • pneumatic wheels with aggressive treads;
  • Different variants of steering;
  • minimum vibration and noise level at work;
  • Impeccable assembly, good balance, optimal location of the center of gravity (above the wheel axle);
  • 10 blades included.

Champion DC1193E

The multifunctional implement. In addition to plowing, a number of other tasks can be performed by using the attachment: harvesting, mowing the grass, pumping water, etc. д. This model lives up to its name: It’s a Champion in terms of power and performance. The machine is equipped with a 9.5-horsepower diesel engine that starts with the key. Large pneumatic wheels facilitate free movement. Gearbox provides 3 speeds: 2 forward and 1 reverse. Maximum working width 1100 mm, plowing depth 300 mm. Coulter allows you to adjust the depth of cultivation depending on the crop being grown and the thickness of the topsoil (150-300 mm). Folding support at the front. Wide fenders protect the operator from dirt and stones. Adjustable handle makes controlling the device even more comfortable. Machine weight 177 kg.

  • powerful engine powered by diesel fuel
  • Variable working width and working depth;
  • economical fuel consumption (280 g/kWh);
  • The ability to use attachments: a motor pump, plow, potato shovel, plow, haymaker;
  • Convenient parking stop;
  • 8 mills in the set.

Huter MK-7500

The powerful self-propelled high-capacity tool from the well-known Huter brand for working large areas. The cultivator is equipped with a powerful 7-hp petrol engine with a displacement of 208 cm3. 6-litre fuel capacity for a long service life. Rubber tire wheels with cleats provide excellent flotation, and special shields prevent the earth from scattering. The reversing function significantly improves the machine’s maneuverability in tight spaces. Coulter allows you to adjust the depth of plowing. Tillage width 850 mm. All controls are placed on the handlebar, shaped like a motorcycle handlebar. This makes operating the cultivator much easier. Design features of MK-7500 allow its use with a variety of attachments.

Champion DC1193E

Bright single-axle tractor with 418 cc 4-stroke engine. Champion is powered by an electric starter and has a worm drive with a disc clutch. Cultivator has characteristics:

Fuel consumption is 280 g/kWh at 5-tank capacity.5 liters. The single axle tractor is mainly used for professional purposes. It is capable of plowing the soil, harvesting crops, mowing hay, pumping water (attachments). Key control for starting.

Despite the size of the device, it is easy to control. The device has comfortable handles that do not deteriorate over time and do not make your hands sweat. Decent price for this class.

The power tiller has small wheels, often gets bogged down in loose soil (not light weight). Some attachments are difficult to install and not all attachment options are listed in the manual.


The inconspicuous-looking unit surprises by its peculiarities. Diesel engine has 9 horses, for a total weight of 164 kg. The operation of the transmission with 3 gears, pinion drive and disc clutch, gives good speed and power. Electric starter provides quick start in no time. The Boston 9DE has a wide base, so that, with the maximum number of cutters (diameter 340 mm), the working width is up to 125 cm.

The machine can be used as a mini-tractor on the farm. The absence of belts in the gearbox and the simplicity: two forward and one reverse gear. This model is often equipped with a headlight for nighttime operation. The most positive thing about it is the price.

The Boston 9DE is not without its weak points. Wires are all flimsy and, after a long and careless use, may require replacement. The starter for the diesel engine is weak. Battery, similarly, leaves much to be desired, but easily replaced (e.g. from VAZ).

Herz DPT1G-135E

The diesel Austrian beast is equipped with a 4-stroke engine with a single cylinder, producing a power of 8.9 л.с. Its main purpose is agricultural work: cultivating the soil and plowing. The following attachments are supported:

Launch with electric starter and cord. In one pass, the cutting width is 135 cm greater than its predecessors less time is spent working. When you remove the cutters. this figure decreases.

The unit digs like crazy and starts up quickly. Uses little fuel. Stones in the ground can easily be removed without damaging the machine. If they do not immediately yield, the single-axle tractor simply breaks them down.

The speeds eventually begin to fly out from vibration. As in many examples, the instructions are a riddle, not answering any questions. Shafts can fail from aggressive use of the machine. But without it, the machine continues to function.

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