What Chinese screwdrivers are suitable for ice picks

A few practical recommendations from experts

To modernize a manual ice axe, you will need:

What kind of auger is needed

As a rule, experts recommend to use screws from the hand-held ice axes of the “Mora” brand. They are ideal for automating the tool needed to organize a place for fishing. The Swedish brand offers a large variety of models, among which it is easiest to adapt the following lines of products to the manual fishing device:

On a limited budget and with some skill, you can try using an ice drill of the well-known domestic brands “Tornado” or “Barnaul.

If you choose an ice drill of other brands, pay attention to the design of the product. it should be collapsible type, in order to disconnect the handle from the auger necessary for further work.

Adapter nozzle

This design detail should also be of a certain type. If the original model of ice drill brand “Mora”, it is sufficient to purchase a nozzle-adapter. It is important to select the part in accordance with the ice drill series:

  • Mora Nova System line. 22 mm adapter is suitable;
  • Product line with a handle that extends when necessary. uses an adapter with a diameter of 18 mm.


Shape of the adapter’s tail part

Only the hexagon shank prevents the rod from spinning freely in the power tool.

In case of severe frost

In particularly harsh winters, the ice layer can reach 120 cm, the standard tool length is not enough to organize a hole. To double the length of the ice drill, you need to buy an insertion rod.

Top 10. Einhell TE-CD 18 Li-i Brushless. solo

chinese, screwdrivers, suitable

Accounted for 47 reviews from resources: Yandex.Market, All Tools, 220 Volt

Few people know that the Einhell brand is actually German. It is believed that it is Chinese, and partly so. The entire tool is made in the Celestial Empire, and from Germany it is only the motherland of the brand. And the manufacturer does not particularly watch the factories that produce the product, because of which the quality often suffers. And if you were lucky enough to become the owner of a defective product, the electric screwdriver may well be called a good. But judging by the reviews, the defect gets very often, so you can buy this tool only in order to save money. It’s pretty cheap, especially when you consider not the lowest specifications.

A Chinese electric ice drilling screwdriver.

For about a year I’ve been monitoring the new “screwdrivers” with technical characteristics suitable for ice drilling: brushless, torque 100-120 kN, 18-20V battery, 4-6A amperage. Many different models were added to the “my wish list,” but since there were no reviews from real customers, I was in no hurry to buy.

Over time, the most brave guys began to actively take this machine.

and began to appear some (often positive) reviews, and I decided to.

I think. While the price is around 6200r for a copy of Makita, it is necessary to take! I ordered, waited for 2 weeks, the screwdriver came home, and then I was surprised.

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The company, or maybe not a company. Anyway, the name and everything else is exactly what I kind of. as ordered, but the electric screwdriver with a chuck under the drill 10 mm and it’s like a smaller visual, and the gear housing is different.

I tried to figure out what’s going on, and I found out an interesting detail. Ordered a completely different screwdriver (less power), although I just added myself to my favorites and placed an order for another. It turned out that while the product was in my favorites, the seller has changed the screwdriver and description, t.е. I tried to contact the seller to open a dispute, but the answer was: e) “Previously, the link was the right one, but now it is not.

I try to contact the seller, to open a dispute, but in response:. May yours does not understand, you ordered, I sell and that’s it! Scolded, told the Chinese, I’ll write you such a review that the store will close. But, swear. Do not swear, it does not solve the problem, so I keep looking. Here I look, for 6100 p. is the screwdriver that I need, but already in another store. twisted my temple, went for a smoke, potupil and made a new order.

Two weeks later, came the notification that customs opened the parcel in connection with the new rules and the lack of data for the declaration of “What’s the trouble with these screwdrivers? I think. It means it’s not mine! I open a dispute, the seller writes me the following: “Close the dispute, then reopen it, indicate that I received the item, but want a refund, as the product is not satisfied and you will send it back. Do not worry, you do not need to send anything, we have already received the goods back, and as soon as you open a dispute as we ask, we will immediately return the money”

Chinese Tools vs iFixit Kit!

-Wow, I think I’m going to open a dispute as requested by this guy, and he will ask for a refund and the hell I will get. Neither shuriken nor stiff will be! But I did not go along with this type of guy, he understands that the scam is not successful and writes: “Ali will pay you the money at the end of the dispute. After a couple of days, this store stops functioning at all. )))

Approximately two weeks after. call: “This is the courier, you have a package, you’re home?”I go out and get the box and there’s a shurik in it.

And from whom this screwdriver, I now even do not know )))) Whether my correspondence with the first salesman affected and he sent me the correct unit or the second salesman sent me a new product, I do not know, but the fact remains. I now have two different power electric screwdrivers from one company-not a company.

As before I had such units in the use was exactly zero, while charging a large battery (the one with a capacity of 120 kN), I encountered a problem. “Where’s the charging jack?” )))

I twisted and turned the battery, here it is at the end.

-Fool. say you! Well, I did not have a screwdriver before, well, what now. I’m such a jerk :)))

Yes, I went to the charger after the test on the ice, which the electric screwdriver passed quite successfully.

And then yesterday we compared it to the Devolt in terms of drilling speed.

So far it’s working, I hope so. By the way, the batteries fit Makita and judging by the reviews of those who disassembled the unit. This is a complete copy of it.

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That’s the story. At the moment on Ali is of. Nanway store, but the of these screwdrivers have gone up significantly. Now, with one ac, the price is about 10,000, with two 12,000. You can look at other models, but most importantly, look carefully at the specs and reviews of owners.

Mid-priced screwdrivers

The category of medium-priced devices would include models with a cost of less than 20 thousand.

Model DeWALT DCD791D2 powerful and reliable, the torque reaches up to 70 Nm, and it is considered the most optimal for use in conjunction with a mechanical drill. The unit itself is small and light enough to be easily transported and carried. Includes two batteries, charger, storage case. Brushless motor is resistant to wear and provides high performance without overheating the tool. Backlighting is available as an option.

  • high quality;
  • long service life;
  • performance;
  • reliability;
  • power;
  • small weight and size;
  • equipment.
  • quality and reliability;
  • the rotary element is 65 Nm;
  • equipment;
  • possibility of controlling the operation of the device.
  • small battery capacity;
  • no additional handle;
  • slightly overpriced.
  • Battery voltage: 18V.
  • Battery capacity: 2A∙h.
  • Torque: 25. 60 N∙m.
  • Speed: up to 1850 rpm.
  • Weight: 1.2 kg.

Selecting accessories

Adaptor for ice pick for electric screwdriver

Adapter. this is an important part of such devices, without it you can not connect the screwdriver with the main device. It serves as an adapter, so it is important to choose the right size to fit the dimensions of the tool.

It is best not to use adapters with various structural add-ons, as in most cases they have a negative effect on performance.

Ice pick adapter for electric screwdriver

The universal and most optimal version of the adapter design is as follows:

  • The shaft on the drill side should be 6.8 cm long.
  • A distance of approx. 2.5 cm must be maintained between the fastening point and the end face.
  • Standard diameter between 1.8 and 2.2 cm.
  • Not all adapters are equipped with a special stop to ensure secure fixing and handles, so it is recommended to choose adapters with these elements.

Top 12 Best Ice Drill Screwdrivers of 2020-2021

Place Name Price
Top 6 best cordless ice drill screwdrivers with high torque
1 DeWALT DCD991NT Find out the price
2 Makita DDF481Z information about the price
3 DeWALT DCD796D2 Learn the price
4 Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I Learn the price
5 DeWALT DCD996P2 Learn the price
6 Metabo BS 18 LTX Impuls 2013 Find out the price
Top 6 best cordless ice pick screwdrivers with high torque
1 DeWALT DCD791NT Find out the price
2 DeWALT DCD791D2 See price
3 Metabo BS 18 LTX BL I LiHD Find out the price
4 Makita DHP458RFE Check price
5 Makita DHP451RFE Check price
6 Makita DDF481RTE Learn the price

Inexpensive models (up to 25,000 )

The first thing you look for when buying something is its price. A high price is considered to be a commitment to the same quality. But the pattern does not always work. And this is successfully proven by models of screwdrivers for winter fishing from the budget segment.

Makita DDF458RFE

  • watertight housing
  • quick-action chuck
  • high power
  • The metal gearbox
  • 21 torque settings with drill function
  • battery charge indicator
  • side handle
  • Compatible with 4 Ah battery

The Makita DDF458RFE electric screwdriver offers excellent performance. Chuck diameter up to 13 mm. A side handle and light make your work more efficient. Torque values from 58 to 91 Nm and 21 gears help to handle different material densities. High reliability and user friendliness were praised by the users.


  • easy
  • tough and durable
  • High torque up to 95 Nm
  • Battery can withstand sub-zero temperatures
  • bright backlight
  • high battery capacity
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Makita DDF458RFE Quality Impact Tool. Electric Screwdriver with 3 Speed Modes. Designed for active professional use. Equipped with electronic motor protection and additional handle. Comes with 2 5 Ah batteries. Despite the fact that many users have noted the fact that the model can not be repaired, it is considered the best in the “value for money” category.

Makita DDF451RFE

The Makita DDF451RFE is a reliable impact drill with 16 torque steps and 3-speed modes. Dual light, power button lock, and side handle. Rugged enclosure provides all-weather performance. The peculiarity of the model. compatibility with more powerful batteries for 4 and 5 Ah. Users have repeatedly noted the reliability of the tool.

Top 9 best screwdrivers for ice drills

Go fishing often and want to drill the ice with ease? Are you planning a repair and need quality tools? You are a professional builder and can not do without professional devices? This article presents a rating of screwdrivers for ice drilling and other drilling, drilling, screwing.

Rating of the best models

Electric ice axe screwdriver is a versatile and effective tool that makes winter fishing easier and more effective. Currently such units are produced by many well-known brands. It is worth considering a small rating of the most popular and high-quality copies.

Hitachi DS18DSFL

Our small rating is opened by Hitachi DS18DSFL model. This is a perfectly balanced tool that has a wonderful and very comfortable rubberized handle. This model has a voltage level of 18V. The Hitachi DS18DSFL runs on a lithium-ion battery and weighs only 1.7 kg. Even if you use the tool for a long time, your hand will not get tired. It comes with a spacious carrying case to make it easy to transport.

However, keep in mind that the power level of this model (41Hm) will not be sufficient for drilling holes.

Fishermen, who have to prepare them in the dark, say that this screwdriver would be very useful with light in the form of a good flashlight.

Makita 8434DWFE

This is a light and small electric screwdriver. Only weighs 2.5kg. Runs on nickel-metal hydride batteries. The Makita 8434DWFE has a maximum torque of 70 Nm. And it is also worth mentioning that this model is characterized by a highly durable body, which is difficult to damage or break.

This tool has a quick-action chuck that is distinguished by its secure attachment. The Makita 8434DWFE electric screwdriver has a very handy side handle.

Bosch GSR18-2-LI Plus

This high-quality and reliable device is perfectly suitable for an ice pick. The Bosch GSR18-2-LI Plus is a professional tool that offers high performance at an affordable price. This model is characterized by the fact that it has a reliable protection of the electric motor from destructive overloads, so you can safely talk about the long life of this device.

The Bosch GSR18-2-LI Plus weighs only 1.1 kg. It has a lithium-ion battery. This model also has an addition in the form of a flashlight, which is ideal for illuminating the work area.

Metabo BS18 LTX Implus

This practical and reliable electric drill/driver is one of the Makita DDF 441 RFE’s equivalents. It has a high capacity battery.

It can be used even in quite severe climatic conditions.

This model is famous for its reliability, durability and failure-free operation.

In stores you can find Metabo BS18 LTX Implus for the price from 20000

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