What chain oil to use for chainsaw chain

If you look closely at a working chainsaw, you immediately notice its main moving part. the saw chain, which slides on the bar during sawing. Since the law of friction still exists, both parts gradually wear out. To slow this process down, it is customary to use chain oil specially formulated to lubricate saw chains.

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Chainsaws can be fitted with both four-stroke engines. and two-stroke engines. On 4-stroke machines, the crank bearings are lubricated by the oil in the engine crankcase. Two-stroke engines are a little different in design and operating principle. Gasoline in this type of drive goes directly into the space under the piston, where the crank mechanism is located, which has several bearings and bushings that need to be lubricated. This is why chainsaw 2-stroke oil is added to the petrol to make sure that it gets onto the rubbing parts in this block and lubricates them.

How to Oil a Chainsaw Bar and Chain

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I don’t know about this oil. I use German Bio Sage-Kettenoil. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s really good.

Can Bar & Chain Oil be used as Motor Oil? Let’s find out!

I’ve got used turbine oil and transformer oil. You can use it?Who knows?The topic is still alive?

If you’re sawing all day, you can use I-40, or other new oil. Waste. no way. it stinks, then all black, the oil pump can leak if unfiltered. And the sawdust is all in the waste, it all gets absorbed into the ground afterwards.

If you saw a few cubes for yourself, then buy 1-2 liters at 2-3€ per liter of good proper oil, not such a big expense.

Special. chain oil is mostly mineral, there are even biodegradable oils. It’s sticky and stretches like snot. I recommend that you don’t skimp. It also depends on the saw, on normal saws the pump rotates only when the chain moves, and not constantly. It’s also possible to reduce the flow. The right oil and used the right amount of oil. On a Husk 550XP I had enough of one fill of oil for 1.5-2 gasoline refills. And you can get quite a lot out of two refills.

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A tire is killed by improper use, dull or not properly sharpened chain. And chains are pulled only new, and only a little, if the sprocket is not killed.

We use m8v, popularly “eight” or “autol”. The work is seasonal, from early spring to late fall. No more wear and tear on tires and chains than with the recommended oil.

What is Chainsaw Bar & Chain Oil and Why Do I Need It? | Tutorial | Gardening Products Review

Fully support, used before, compared by price when buying, at this gas station I-40a for the price (13.15 bel. ) was the cheapest, although in the online stores the price of M8B and I-40a is almost the same

I once suggested to a friend to use gl-5 transmission for chain lubrication.All summer I was building a house.

Tests were successful at the end of the day.I like the look of the chain and the function of the saw.

The only downside as he said smells more when working)

STIHL I have a 180Y and it 20 years and even the piston is native, and he works in the spring and fall and God knows how, and all the time I use scraps, but I try to benzinon take the exhaust, it is much cleaner.

Any clean (new, NOT used) industrial or motor oil will do, based on my 10 years of experience with saws “STIHL”.As for viscosity, you have to pour it depending on the season.In the winter, for example, you can pour in high viscosity oil, but it has to be warm.There is no need to pour waste oil, the oil pump does not like it.

I agree, that’s how I bought it, clean, new, didn’t feel very viscous, when looking at the counter all the engine and transmission ones were more expensive. That’s about the heat did not consider, in the winter, I will store in a warm pantry, not in the garage. Thanks.

Top 8 popular chain oils for chainsaws

Kalibr Chain Oil 1 liter

MAXCUT Bar Chain lube 1 l

Fubag Super Chain 1 liter

Type mineral
Seasonality universal
Properties Improves tool life, prevents oil splashing
Operating temperature range, degrees -3040
Volume, l 1
Price, 229

Rezer LUBRIMAX 0.946 л

What chain oil to use for chainsaw chain lubrication?

To run a chain saw properly you need two kinds of oil. one for the fuel mixture and one for the chain. In this article we will consider the second type, namely what oil to use for chain lubrication. Unsuitable oil leads to premature wear of saw bar and chain and therefore must be taken seriously.

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I’ll note right away that the oil used for this task is special, and it is necessary to use it. I’ll explain why below. Also, many in this context are interested in whether you can use other types of oil, including waste from the car engine, and if not, why. I will also give you an example.

Mineral or synthetic oil which is better to add to gasoline

Two-stroke oils can be mineral or synthetic. As in the case of a car, synthetic is always more expensive than mineral. Its most important advantage is that it does not produce soot inside the chainsaw cylinder. In this way you extend its service life. So if you want your chainsaw to last as long as possible, use synthetic oils.

But it is worth mentioning that if you have been using mineral oil for a long time (at least 100 hours), then you should not use synthetic oil. This is because synthetic oil, having cleaning properties, will wash off the layer of carbon deposits that have accumulated on the cylinder walls, and its pieces that fall off can cause damage. If you have been using mineral oil for a long time, use it.

Oil for chainsaw chain lubrication. What to use and when to use it?

Very often when you sell a chain saw the question: What oil to fill the chain lubrication? The most common answer is: Anything but used oil. That is absolutely true, but there are some details. For example, sellers often suggest buying chain lubrication oil from chainsaw manufacturers or specifically designed for this purpose. This is often useful at low temperatures or when you pay close attention to protecting the environment.

How to use chain saw oil

Chain oil for chainsaws is poured into a separate tank, and the optimal mode is when it runs out at the same time as the fuel. In practice, however, chain oil can run out sooner. You should keep an eye on the fluid level in the oil tank and top up in time so that the chain is always lubricated and does not overheat.

Using other lubricants instead of chain oil is ineffective and reduces the service life of the chain, tire and sprocket.

During wintertime it is advised to use special low-temperature chain oil. If it is unavailable, you can reduce the viscosity a little by diluting it with dehydrated kerosene. But it must be remembered that this method will reduce the carrying capacity of the oil, so the load on the tool when working with it must be reduced.

Before you start, start the chainsaw and let it idle for a few seconds, during which time the lubricant will get to the chain and spread evenly over all the links and bar.

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Check regularly that the lubrication system is working. To do this, use inspection (no fluid in the tank, oil leakage on the tool). System malfunctions can also be detected by the smell of heated wood, by the sound of the tool working, by changes in load.

Lubricants are better to buy in specialty stores or from certified representatives of the tool’s manufacturers.

Before you buy oil, it’s a good idea to ask about its reviews on the Internet or from other consumers.

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It is categorically forbidden to use mixtures of oils with different bases for chain lubrication, as well as used oil.

chain, chainsaw

What kind of chainsaw oil to use

I have a cottage in the countryside and without a good chainsaw there is nothing to do. Cutting firewood and pruning shrubs are not all the jobs that involve the tool. Last year I was building an extension house, and the chainsaw just came in handy. However, not everything was so smooth, because, I did not foresee that it is desirable to lubricate the chain saw chain with a quality compound.

When dealing with automobiles, you are often faced with different lubricants, oil compositions, other substances. But even with this format of employment, I had no idea that today they produce chainsaw chain oil in a very wide range.

For those who live in the countryside, and, for dacha residents like me, it is important to have a chain oil, which will not harm the mechanism and will allow to perform all the necessary functions. This is where it is important to know what is the best lubricant to use for chain saws, and what kind of lubricant is just not suitable for this purpose. So let’s serve the issue in a similar way.

Why chainsaw chain lubrication is needed

Lubricating the chainsaw chain is necessary for several reasons:

  • The prevention of tire overheating;
  • To improve the chain running on the bar;
  • Reduced chain wear, slower grinding of the blades;
  • stable operation of the engine (the less the load on the bar, the more stable the engine, with a bar that is not lubricated, the saw will not work for a long time);
  • chain lubrication will ensure that the chain can operate for a long time at low temperatures.

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