What can you make an angle grinder gearboxes with their own hands

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My DIY for angle grinder, or devices that really help me out

Good day, dear readers.

Before I start the story of my homemade, I want to share with you a photo, which I will now insert. Please write your guesses about my next idea, what do you think I have out of it?

make, angle, grinder, their

Now, let’s move directly to my three authors self-made products for angle grinder, with their help angle grinder turns into a versatile tool that can perform a variety of tasks.

This version of the product came to my mind not by chance, as I had to carry out certain work for which I needed a separate factory tool, it was not expedient to buy it especially to use it once or twice a year, so I decided to make it myself in the form of a special attachment for my angle grinder. The materials used to make the first one, I used two screws, 201 bearings and two pieces of sheet metal 5 and 3 mm thick.

The tool I used the following: a drill, an angle grinder (angle grinder), a welder.

Now I show you what I’ve got and tell you what I need this attachment for:

Told how I made from a broken wheel t shopping cart good and pretty handy device for angle grinder. I found the wheel itself at a scrap metal recycling point. It (the wheel) looked something like this:

I also needed a magnet from a Soviet speaker, a round one with a hole in the center. This magnet must be glued to the flat part of the wheel, or rather to the place where it was attached.

For this purpose I used a particularly strong and frost-resistant adhesive.

I show you what kind of device I have got.

To realize this homemade, I needed:

Bolts, nuts and two bearings (number shown in photo)

Also sewage PVC pipe 40 mm in diameter, it needs to be measured and cut 1 meter.

Well, for today I have all for you. Do not judge me strictly, as I’m just a regular guy without a special technical education, which loves to make and invent different things with their own hands.

For those who want to see an accelerated video version of all three of my handyman projects, I edited it down as well:

Cool idea from a burned out angle grinder

Hello, dear readers!

Recently I went to buy all kinds of metal for the workshop at the scrap yard, in other words on scrap metal. Walking among the mountains of different iron junk, picking out for myself something necessary. And in one place I saw an angle grinder, or rather what is left of it. I took it to evaluate visually. It turned out that the gearbox at first glance was intact. Since almost all lathes have good reducers and from them you can invent many things, in terms of homemade devices, it was decided to take her. When I got home, of course I disassembled it, removed the old grease from the gearbox and added new. It turned out, as in most cases, burned out the armature, and lacked brushes and wires. When I started putting it together, I had a pretty interesting idea of how it could be used in this form, and what would need to be reworked in it. I want to say right away I had no idea what the result would be, because it was more of an experiment, but I was totally satisfied with the results.

I even shot a detailed video of how I made it, I hope you will be interested.

To rebuild a non-working angle grinder, I needed:

  • A small piece of rubber, reinforced hose
  • A non-working electric screwdriver (gearbox failed)
  • A heat gun with quality glue
  • A non-working angle grinder

The first thing we need to disassemble the angle grinder into two parts. Removing the gearbox with the armature.

On the plastic housing you need to use a working angle grinder to remove the extra part for this modification.

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Also saw off the armature from the gearbox, leaving about 15 mm.

Disassembling the old non-working electric screwdriver. Of it I need first of all the motor itself with the gear. I took the pinion from the motor shaft and pressed it into a piece of metal pipe of the same diameter as the shaft on the gearbox.

I put the pressed gear wheel on the motor shaft from the electric screwdriver, where it was. Now you need to connect the motor and the gearbox from the angle grinder. For this purpose I took a regular reinforced hose of the right diameter, cut it and put it on the shafts, thereby connecting them. I’ve tightened it with cable ties to make it safe. The advantage of this connection is that the hose dampens vibrations and irregularities in the connection. And you don’t have to go to a lathe.

Then I decided to use a button from an electric screwdriver, since it makes it easy to adjust the speed and switch the direction of rotation, reverse. This might come in handy if you use it to polish a car body, for example. Since the button and battery are well located in the handle from an electric screwdriver, I decided to saw it off and combine with an angle grinder in one piece.

I have been buying good quality hot melt glue for a couple of years now. It does not freeze in the cold, it really does not freeze, and the price for 10 pieces of only 140 That’s with him and decided to connect these two different parts together.

Installed the battery, testing it in operation. For this I took a 20 mm thick round bar and decided to saw it.

Sawed it without any problems, but the speed is of course a bit slow. Although for the house is fine. And for polishing is good.

That’s all for today. Write what you think about it, what do you think of this idea?

I want to recommend you to watch my other ones and videos. For those who do not know how to go to them, you just need to click on the blue text below.

Pendulum saw

A special device called a pendulum saw provides the precision of high-speed cutting of different materials and at the required angle. At home, it can be made from the angle grinder power from 0.9 to 2.5 kW, reflecting the design, which depends directly on the model angle grinder. All you need to do. make a metal platform with a slot, an angle, a pendulum and securely fasten the tool itself on it. To do this, you must use the holes to install the handle on the most angular grinder. Under their size must be made bracket, strips, studs and bearings, with which to fix the angle grinder in the working position. Attachment for the angle grinder is ready.

There is only one way out. to make a cutting machine with their own hands

What elements are necessary to anticipate in the design:

The rocker stand will fit strictly perpendicular to the table.

If the angle grinder can be fixed in such a way that you can use the standard handle. this is the most reliable option.

The spring, which will return the tool to the initial position after the end of the cut;

The correct option. a tensile spring, with a return stroke of more than 2. 25% of the axis travel of the angle grinder gearbox.

Required with the introduction of any disc, for example an abrasive, as it is also called iron circular. Open working sector is not expected to be oriented towards the operator.

The device that will fix the workpiece;

If you need accuracy, as it is also called need to cut completely uniform workpieces. you need to use the marking with a step of 1 mm. For this purpose, you can use an iron ruler connected to the stop.

Start device not emergency shutoff.

In addition, after fixing the angle grinder on the bracket, it can become inaccessible. Therefore, the start button on the angle grinder is translated into position ON, the regulator (if available) are set to the required speed, and the machine is started by a separate starter.

DIY with a gearbox from an angle grinder

Hi! In this video you will see a creative and useful idea from an old broken angle grinder!! Can do it.

I am shocked. What can an inverted gearbox from an angle grinder do.

Who wants to give any financial assistance to the author of the channel, the material for future selfmade, here’s the link.

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Thank you all for watching. The lowest priced tools with free shipping I use:.

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Gearbox from angle grinder

Here are three videos in the pile on the request of the workers. Although the request was only one, but hopefully to someone else.

Useful homemade with an angle grinder! Unusual use of angle grinder!

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Milling machine from angle grinder!

Screwdrivers in Russia. Grinders in Ukraine. Instagram.


BQ TVs: Promo code for 10% discount: TERAFOX Hello all!Today I continue.

TOP 3 GREAT DIYs for angle grinder. these are GREAT inventions that make your work easier!

Hi all! Today in the review I will show you an interesting collection of handmade products, which you can easily repeat!

DIY DIY from an angle grinder! I DID NOT EXPECT SUCH A RESULT!

The Chinese have not yet reached such a level, and the Russian e-katalogue is the only one of its kind in the world.

Ice Drill Gear. Makes ice drilling easier. Fits a 14 volt screwdriver.

Special gearbox for ice pick. Makes ice drilling much easier. Fits wrenches 14v and up.

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DIY from a CD for angle grinder.

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Cool home-made from an ordinary angle grinder.Garden grinder from angle grinder

Cool home DIY from an ordinary angle grinder.Make yourself this garden machine. Simple working branch chopper with their own hands.

Electric jack 12v. DIY.

Jack that can lift the car without loading.


In this video we will make the most real chainsaw from an ordinary angle grinder. The nozzle was bought here:.

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This is genius! Cool do-it-yourself machine that the Chinese are shocked to see! e-katalog Russia e-katalog Ukraine.

A cool idea for an angle grinder Useful DIY for angle grinder

I have a cool idea for an angle grinder. This is a very useful homemade grinder for the angle grinder, which.

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The process of making a lathe

It is necessary to dismantle the gearbox of the angle grinder, and clamp its shaft into the drill.

Then, having provided its rotation at the expense of it, it is required to grind a spindle under a cone on an emery.

Then, the gearbox is bolted to the board that will serve as the base of the machine.

Angle Grinder Hack! Don’t Throw Away the old Angle Grinder!

Next it is necessary to grind under a cone a part of a stud M14. Then the halves of the nut, cut in half, are screwed on, and a washer is clamped between them.

The washer is marked into 6 sectors, and cut to nuts. Then each of them is turned out to get a semblance of an impeller. The part is then clamped in the drill chuck.

From a board or batten is sawed out a two-part clamp for fastening the drill. It must be drilled and slots must be made in the sole for the holes made. This will allow you to clamp the drill with the clamp and move it along the base, changing the distance to the axis of the gearbox.

We fix a wooden bar undercarriage to the base with self-tapping screws.

To clamp the workpiece in the lathe, you need to rasp it between the points and clamp. A wrapped washer will prevent slipping of the workpiece on the thin axle. After that, guided by the dimensions of the billet, and available cutting tools, screwed to the bottom of the stop lath.

After starting the drill, the workpiece is machined as on a conventional lathe.

See video on how to make a home-made lathe:

Popular self-made machines on our site

  • Homemade machine tool from a washing machine motor and a.
  • Homemade wood lathe from a drill
  • Wood Lathe Using a Drill
  • Wood lathe from a drill with his hands
  • Lathe from the angle grinder with his hands
  • Homemade universal wrench for angle grinder and drill
  • Homemade wood lathe from a drill
  • Homemade wood lathe
  • Handmade Wood Lathe
  • Homemade wood lathe with his own hands
  • Homemade wood lathe with their own hands
  • Self-made lathe from the engine from the.

Self-improvement to a cutting machine

The easiest self-made machine is a machine from a small angle grinder. The work will be accompanied by a minimum of costs, and the manipulation will take a few hours. The structure at the output will be a long metal tube, which acts as a handle and frame.

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To one of the ends is welded a cross bar made of metal with two holes for fixing the tool. On the same side, the tube is fixed to a piece of angle on a movable shaft. The first one can be fixed to the work table or to the floor in the workroom. If you are faced with the question of what you can make from an angle grinder, you can perform a cutting machine, acting according to the described algorithm. According to him, on the opposite side of the mount, it is necessary to fix the spring, which will ensure the return of the structure to its original position. Once this step is complete, you can use your homemade. The only thing you need to do is install the device correctly.

This version of the machine is the easiest solution for machining metal, whereas for complex tasks precision is required, so the design for such tasks must be made more stable, and thus the work must be done more thoroughly.

How to make a bed for an angle grinder

angle grinder can be used for grinding or cutting by changing the necessary accessories, according to the principle of the circular saw. Thus, it is possible to process pipes and workpieces even with a large diameter at an even angle of section.

  • angle grinder.
  • Drill.
  • Welding fixture.
  • Steel plate.
  • 3 mm thick steel plate.
  • 40×40×5 mm square tube.
  • L-profile 30×30×3.
  • 80 mm screw, nut, two screws, spring washers.
  • It is necessary to cut off parts of the required size and grind the ribs from shavings and irregularities.
  • Easy attachment for the angle grinder. Next, you need to create handles on both sides for the angle grinder, which will increase the number of possible positions while working. The handles for the angle grinder can be tilted slightly instead of pointing straight up and down for a comfortable grip. The clamp that connects the handles to the angle grinder can be V-shaped, which will create optimal conditions for excellent work. This shape makes this simple structure strong enough, no need for additional connections. To connect the new module, use the factory threaded grooves at the angle grinder. Before welding, simply install these plates and a screw (to disassemble the joint if necessary) with an angle grinder. Keep the cutting disc in its place and use a right angle for padding.
  • Make an additional position for the handles. Make a hole large enough for the handle threads to screw securely into the grooves (10 mm). Cut the handle necessary for the base of the form and fasten the nut on the drilled hole. Next, you need to weld the elements. Place and shape it so that you can still press the “disk lock” button. This way you can change the new disk without having to delete your application.
  • Creating the bottom plate. You need to create 8mm holes for the “back stop”, this is the part of the 30x15mm L-profile mentioned earlier. Connected by butt welds. This way the bottom plate stays straight, and the result looks better.
  • Connecting to the bottom. Join these two parts of the metal module together. You can use a simple “hinge” from a piece of 40x40x 5 mm square tubes. Drilled a hole with a diameter of 12 mm to the center of the side, through both surfaces. The product is welded.
  • Step 6.The material is pushed away from the “back foot,” so that the angle grinder is suitable for moving lower vertically. The welds need to be cleaned with a steel brush and finally painted in the desired color.

What you can make from the gearbox from an angle grinder with your own hands

The master will show a selection of interesting ideas on the use of the angle grinder, which will help expand the functionality of the tool and make it more convenient. See a selection of 5 options and choose what you can do, based on your experience. 1. The screen shows the assembly saw. This is not a factory production. This homemade product has two clamps. horizontal and vertical. Thanks to the duo of clamps, no part will come off. whether it’s an angle or a pipe. In addition, there is a movable limiter for the series sawing of parts of a certain length. A great tool that is not hard to assemble by hand.

Grinder may not be visually beautiful, but no one ever demanded that from him. An idea in reliability and practicality. The most interesting thing is that no welding machine was used for this construction. In other words. not a single part is welded. Everything is bolted together, so it is easy to assemble.

From an old table you can make a home mini sawmill. Attention! In a fragment of this video shows an unfinished machine or a protective cover is removed from it. There are questions, besides this and others, about the gloves. Observe safety rules when working on the sawmill.

With the help of the power regulator you can change the speed of this home-made machine. The angle grinder is mounted under the table in three places. Thereby eliminating any vibration of the disk. But note that this is just an idea, not a finished machine. Making such a homemade machine, take care of safety first of all. Always cover the unused part of the disk. For the convenience of expanding the table and installing the rails.

A modest variant for cutting molded products. This makeshift with the presence of guides can saw metal at 90 degrees, 45 degrees. The guides themselves are removable. That facilitates transportation and storage of the saw. In this home-made machine two ways of cutting wheel return to initial position are used simultaneously. This is a counterweight in the form of a dumbbell and a spring. You can use only one of them to choose.

There is another idea. to make a milling machine from an angle grinder. Not only can it be used for cutting, but also for notching. You will not cut metal with a mill, but with a milling disc. The angle grinder is easy to mount. It is screwed by its handle through the corner that goes along the table. If the option seems simple, you can develop the idea and come up with something of your own.

If you saw large-diameter pipes, you faced the problem of sawing the metal in a single plunge, as the gear angle grinder always interferes with it. Самоделка поможет решить проблему. В дополнение к монтажной или к маятниковой пиле станина с мебельными роликами помогает упирать и фиксировать трубу. При этом, делая небольшой пропил благодаря роликам, ее легко крутить и отрезать по всему диаметру.

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