What can be used instead of fishing line for grass trimmer

Technical characteristics of the cord and the choice of diameter by power trimmer for grass

If you pick up a package of fishing line, it indicates only two main parameters. the overall length and cross-section. The instruction on how to choose fishing line for a grass trimmer, does not come with, so you have to find out from the experts. Find a good specialist is not easy, especially since every year there are not only new lines, but also coils.

The first thing to decide is the diameter, thickness or cross section of the cord. All this is one parameter that characterizes the performance of trimmers, gasoline mowers, brushcutters and grass trimmers. What cross section to buy a line for your grass trimmer? In order not to make a mistake, you should take a piece of old cord with you, and give it to the salesman. On the basis of the section you provide, the seller will give you a cord of similar cross-section.

This option is certainly reliable, but it is not the right one. Why? Because the choice of line depends not only on the head used, but also on the power of the tool used. To begin with, it is recommended to decide what diameter of fishing line can be used on trimmers and petrol grass trimmers, depending on their power parameters:

  • Electric grass trimmers with a power rating up to 500 W. Cords up to 1.6 mm in diameter are used. These tools are designed for mowing young grass in homestead areas
  • Units of gasoline and electric type with power indicators from 500 to 1000 watts. imply the use of cord thickness from 2 to 2.4 mm. These machines with consumables are used for mowing thin, dense grass and weeds. In grass trimmers with a capacity of up to 1 kW, you can install a line with a diameter of 1-1.6 mm, but it will wear out quickly
  • Grass trimmers and lawnmowers with power ratings above 1 kW. allow for a cord thickness of 2.4 to 3.3 mm. You can cut thick and dried stems, as well as dense thickets, with this kind of fishing line. If consumables thicker than 3 mm cannot cut the grass, metal discs with blades, teeth and knives are used

Fiber optic cable instead of fishing line for grass trimmer

After trimming like this, it’s best not to go barefoot out there. And don’t show that video anymore, or the fiber optic providers will be screwed. some dumb jerks will start cutting cables and pushing “trimmer-weed.”. 🙂

The fibers are sharp, so you can’t go barefoot. It’s better to cut the core on the brushes.

Yeah, and then the fiber optic needles will be sticking into your legs.

https://youtu.be/sdaRGWRGJ-M Here are some great ideas of what you can use instead of a fishing line for your grass trimmer, these tiphacks will help cripple or even self-saw in the most interesting way possible.

And a can of hairspray instead of. And all this with non-alcoholic beer

Yes, there is a metal reel on the trimmer, you can even put a metal cable is not afraid of anything

How to choose a line for grass trimmer?

It is almost impossible to imagine the care of a garden plot or yard without such a useful, time-saving tool as an electric trimmer for grass or lawnmower, for the operation of which you need such a cutting consumable material as fishing line (or as it is also called. cord, cord cord cord, mowing string, vein).

used, instead, fishing, line

Today on the market there are different kinds of line for grass trimmer from different manufacturers. What are their differences, what is the best line for trimmer for grass, how to choose the right line for trimmer for grass. we’ll talk to you about this further.

Such parameters as material composition, thickness and cross-sectional shape influence the choice of a line for grass trimmer. Let’s understand what they are and what their differences are.

Well-known manufacturers of garden equipment and tools, as a rule, produce trimmer cord made of nylon with special additives, which gives the cords flexibility, high wear resistance, breaking strength. over the material is easily drawn, perfectly withstands temperature changes and considerable loads.

Standard trimmer line is excellent for mowing the lawn, garden grass, but if you need to mow particularly tough grass (bromegrass, burdock, reeds). it is better to use reinforced fishing line. But it should be noted that although trimmer cord with a metal core is more reliable, durable and wear-resistant than nylon monofilament, but its installation in electric and gasoline trimmer power up to 1.5 kW is not recommended.

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According to the shape of the cross section cord cord can be:

A round line for grass trimmer is considered universal, as it is suitable for mowing all types of vegetation. It fits well into the reel of the lawnmower, is economical to use, and has an extensive selection of sizes. The big disadvantage of a round line is the higher noise during grass-cutting, so you should get special earphones or earplugs to protect your ears.

Curved grass trimmer line (square or star), due to the sharp edges, has better cutting properties, makes less noise, easily copes with fresh, overripe and coarse grass, but is less durable than round trimmer line, more likely to fray and tear.

Hack a String Trimmer. this rips stuff up

Twisted grass trimmer line, which has high aerodynamic characteristics, generates 50% less noise than round cord, which is appreciated in continuous operation. This type of cord cord is perfect for mowing thin vegetation.

As a standard, mowing line is made in diameters of 1.6 mm, 2 mm, 2.4 mm, 2.7 mm, 3 mm, 3.3 mm.

Metal Line In A Weed Wacker?

Used mainly in electric trimmers and battery-powered mowers up to 0.7 kW.

Used on electric trimmers with more than 1 kW output and on chain saws with 0.9 kW output.

Designed for medium power brushcutters up to 1.4 kW. The most popular twisted or round strands with this diameter.

Designed for semi-professional brushcutters.

Used for powerful professional brushcutter models.

Only used on professional models of electric and gasoline power trimmers. This line has a round cross-section and is sold in large coils.

Line for the grass trimmer should be ideally suited to the coil on parameters. Too small variant is unacceptable to use, as it will provoke entanglement in the coil and also lead to failure of the working unit or the entire trimmer for grass. At the same time, if the cord is too thick than recommended by the manufacturer, it will increase the load on the engine, and will not allow the trimmer to develop the required revolutions. That’s why you should choose the trimmer line diameter responsibly.

The fishing line may be different colors, but this characteristic has no effect on the performance of garden equipment. Except that a black fishing line shows less dirt, and a brightly colored piece of fishing line is well visible in the grass.

Here we have figured out with you, what is the best fishing line to use for grass trimmer and what are the main parameters affect the choice of trimmer line. It remains only to know where you can order accessories for petrol and brushcutters?

You can buy cheap line for grass trimmer at AGROVINN online store. We offer you to buy a trimmer line of the Polish manufacturer Bradas. There are trimmer lines of different diameters, with different cross sections, with and without a metal core, with a winding of 15 to 481 meters.

By calling our managers by phone, specified in contacts, you can not only learn the cost of line and order a mowing string, but also consult and know what kind of line is better to put on your trimmer for grass.

You can pick up the line for your trimmer from AgroWinn’s warehouse in Moscow. Vinnitsa. If you live outside of Vinnitsa, we can send you the spare parts for grass trimmer to Kyiv, Odessa, Nikolaev, Sumy, Kherson, Kirovograd, Cherkasy, Poltava, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lutsk or in any other place in Ukraine.

So if you need a good line to the grass trimmer for a reasonable price with delivery in Ukraine. contact AgroWinn!

How and which line to choose for grass trimmer

People who work in the countryside, you may need a trimmer for the grass, but not everyone knows what it is, how to choose a line for a grass trimmer, and what it’s for. Grass trimmer. a device that allows you to accurately mow the grass near trees, fences, paths. The operation of the device depends on the type of equipment, as which often use a cutting line. It affects not only the appearance of the lawn, but also the performance of the grass trimmer. The main requirements it must be bendable, have strength and stiffness.

Ingenious invention. To cut the grass with a polypropylene thread. And the first person who came up with this way of beautifying the homestead, immediately realized that a simple line for the grass trimmer. mower is not very suitable. You need something strong, but at the same time flexible, so as not to cling to every rock or branch lying on the ground. Or a very thick line.

It is quite logical that the working part of the grass trimmer is equipped with what can safely be called an expendable. The decision to buy a line for grass trimmer in bulk will provide an opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of maintenance of the household plot or park area. It goes quickly, and it’s not very cheap. That’s why we buy in bulk!

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Before you start making a homemade cord, you need to prepare the material itself, namely, a plastic strip of the required width and length. To dissolve a PET bottle on tape, use a variety of devices, the algorithm for making which can be found on the Internet. If you’re going to mow large areas overgrown with grass, and you need a lot of homemade cord, it certainly makes sense to make a more complex bottle cutter from an angle or U-shaped aluminum profile. The process of making a bottle cutter is shown in this video.

But if you are not interested in mass production of plastic tape, then on occasion you can dissolve the bottle into strips in a simple way.

  • Take an ordinary PET bottle cap.
  • Cut it in half (but not all the way through).
  • Remove any corked edges that may be inside the cork.
  • Folding the cut cork in half, pierce it with a knife as shown in the picture below, being careful as the plastic is very hard. To facilitate the process, the tip of the knife can be heated.
  • Use scissors to cut off the bottom of the plastic bottle (as evenly as possible, without jagged edges). Insert the bottle into the tool with the side where the knife blade is sharpened and begin to cut in little by little. When a small strip appears. just start pulling it.

In this way, the entire plastic capacitance will dissolve into a strip of the same width.

Can you cut grass using Fishing Lines?

A version of a bottle cutter that you will always have on hand can be made from an ordinary pencil sharpener, preferably made of aluminum. How to make it is shown in detail in this video.

Types of lines for grass trimmer

The fishing line on the grass trimmer is distinguished by its cross section. But not everyone knows what section is needed for the tool. The most versatile cord is a fishing line that has a circular cross section. It easily copes with the removal of grass, helps to mow any lawns. But all sorts of bushes it absolutely can not. Cross or star-shaped cord with pointed edges greatly improves performance of the grass trimmer. This is the consumable you are usually advised to buy in a store.

A twisted, notched cord is the quietest in operation. This property can be considered a big plus. Due to its structure, such a thread also increases the power of the tool itself. You can also buy a two-piece line for grass trimmer. It consists of an outer and inner layer. The outer layer always consists of nylon. This material wears slowly, is not afraid of stress and temperature fluctuations. There is a metal filling inside. Due to its rigidity, this material can mow shrubs well.

A line with projections and spikes on the surface has good wear resistance. It is recommended for use with high power trimmers. It can be used to trim thick grass, dry stems, small trees and bushes. For home you need to constantly have 1-2 types of consumables for replacement of used ones. It can be a thread with a circular section and a fishing line with a metal filler.

What kinds of trimmer heads are available

Automat. After a person lowers the engine speed, the filament feeds automatically. Such a head is very handy when doing a lot of work. Their disadvantage is the high consumption of thread.2. Semi-automatic. Simple to operate and do not require complex work. The cord is fed automatically when the tool is running at full speed.3. Manual. In such a head is pulled in a manual mode.

The best option is the semi-automatic heads offered at https://wellpart.com.ua/komplektuyshie/benzokosyi/katushki/.

Choose the type, thickness and length of thread depending on the model of the grass trimmer. It is clear that the thicker the cord, the harder grass you can cut. Most often a standard line is used, its diameter is two millimeters.In order to correctly buy the number of meters of fishing line needed for the bobbin, it is rolled on the bobbin so that the coil does not go beyond the edges. Because if the line will be out of the edges, you will not be able to insert it into the cover. Having selected the length of material, you can tuck the bobbin into the fishing line. If you look carefully, you can see an arrow on the bobbin, which indicates the direction in which to wind. Wind it as gently as possible with the thread tension. Then fasten the short end line. Insert it into the groove on the side of the spool. Attach the other end to the other side of the bobbin. After the line is fastened, cut the ends. Then mount this spool in the mower. Put on the cover and fasten it with the clips.

What can I think of instead of a cord on the trimmer for the grass

For cutting small bushes and cutting grass, the grass trimmer is used. Easy to operate and maintain, lightweight, so it is easy to handle even fragile girls. To qualitatively cut the grass, it is necessary to choose the right cutting tools, so the trimmer uses discs and knives. Consumable material for the equipment shown is considered a fishing line and special nozzles, but knives can be sharpened, and the line must be changed.

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What kinds of trimmer heads are there

Automat. After a person reduces the revolutions of the motor, the cord is fed. This head is very handy when doing a lot of work. Their disadvantage is the high consumption of thread.2. Semi-Automatic. Simple in operation and does not require complex work. Cord feeds automatically when tool is running at full throttle.3. Manual. In such a head is pulled in manual mode.

The best option is considered a semi-automatic head offered at https://wellpart.com.ua/komplektuyshie/benzokosyi/katushki/.

Type, thickness and length of the thread should be chosen depending on the modification of the grass trimmer. It is clear that the thicker the cord, the harder grass can be cut. Most often use a standard line with a diameter of two millimeters.In order to correctly buy the number of meters of fishing line needed for the bobbin, it is rolled on the bobbin so that the coil does not go beyond the edges. Because if the line will go over the edge, you will not be able to insert it into the cover. After selecting the length of material can be tucked into the bobbin. If you look closely, you can see an arrow on the bobbin, which indicates the direction in which to wind. Wrap as gently as possible with the tension of the thread. Then securing the short end fishing lines, We insert it into the slot that is located on the side of the spool. Attach the other end on the other side. Once the fishing line is secured, trim the ends. Then we put the spool in the mower. We put the cover on and fasten it with the clamps.

#37 The everlasting line for the grass trimmer #2. The solution is found.

Continuing to experiment with the grass trimmer line. Today on tests: 1. Wire for knitting rebar.

What can be used instead of a fishing line

Most people try to replace the cord with, for example, copper wire or fishing line. This should absolutely not be done because grass trimmer turns into a very dangerous device that can injure a person. Instead of ordinary fishing line it is of course possible to use fishing line, but this is not the best solution, because it tends to wear out quickly and is not suitable for thick grass.

Disk or knife

If the line cannot handle the load, it must be replaced with a disc or a blade. Many manufacturers in the trimmer package offer a different number of special attachments that will facilitate the work in the garden or on the site.In most cases, both electric and gasoline-powered trimmers have problems with the cord. Why does this happen??You can often find stones and other hard objects in the grass, which can tear the fishing line.Poor quality cord.Huge cord consumption

A cord will of course run out very quickly if the user is constantly banging his head on the ground. The line comes out and is automatically cut with the blade. The person does not skimp on the line and wastes it. There are cases when the string does not hold and constantly unravels. In this case, replace the spring that pops out.

Can I use a cord instead of a fishing line on my trimmer?

Of course you can. However, it is worth understanding the precariousness of this endeavor, and the super-fast failure of the transmission of the gasoline trimmer. It’s true that a steel cord is 100 times stronger than a fishing line, even a special trimmer one. It won’t tear from grass, twigs and rocks as often, so it will last much longer.

It should be understood that the fishing line breaks when the grass trimmer is working, and not for nothing, but because of the strong load. The result is that the brushcutter engine will not shut down and the dynamic shocks to the lawnmower transmission will be dampened. In the case of a steel cable, the whole load will be on the transmission, and it will fail very quickly as a result.

If you really want to try to use a cable on a petrol-powered brushcutter, you should at least install it correctly. Firstly, you can not wind a long cable on a reel. Make its length so that it does not catch the grass trimmer’s protective cover when the reel rotates.

Be sure to clamp the line with washers in the middle and put one drop of welding on its ends, so that it does not unravel. As a result, the cable should not have any release, and welding on the ends will protect it from unraveling. However, even in this way, it is very unsafe to use a rope on a gasoline mower or trimmer. It is much easier to use prefabricated factory nozzles.

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