What can be made out of the angle grinder

Home-made attachments for the angle grinder

Features of the angle grinder can be expanded not only at the expense of various attachments, but also by installing it on special homemade devices. As a result, you can get a cutting machine, with which there is an opportunity to accurately cut metal workpieces at any angle. In addition, the angle grinder can be installed on a carriage, and use the resulting machine for cutting sheet steel.

In order to understand how to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder (angle grinder), you can look at various drawings on the Internet. But they will little help, because all the dimensions of parts will still have to pick up, based on the dimensions of available to you have an angle grinder. Variants of performance of devices can be both simple and more complex, requiring the ability to handle a welding machine.

Option 1

To make this attachment for the angle grinder, you need the skills of a welder. So, you need to do the following.

First cut 2 small pieces from the angle (50×50 mm). Their size is selected, based on the dimensions of the gearbox unit of your angle grinder.

Next, drill 14mm diameter holes in them and screw the angle grinder to the angle grinder as shown in the following photo. If you do not have suitable bolts, you can use studs with threads M14. Just be careful that the bolts are not too long. Otherwise, in some models of angle grinder they may cling to the impeller, located in the gear housing.

Without removing them from the angle grinder, weld them on. After that, the angles can be removed and well welded.

Grind the welds with an angle grinder.

Then you need to make a rotating support for the lever, which will be attached to the unit. Choose 2 pipes of such diameters that one can effortlessly fit into the other.

For a more precise cut, you can glue painter’s tape on the tubes and draw a trimmer line on it.

Then, while turning the tube, carefully cut it with an angle grinder. The piece of tube with the smaller diameter should be 20 mm shorter (this is the thickness of the 2 bearings) as it will serve as a spacer.

Fit the thicker pipe with two bearings that match its inside diameter. After that, insert the thin tube into the thick tube and press the bearings on both sides.

Then put the stud in the bearings. Make sure to put a washer in front of the nut.

When the swivel mechanism is ready, you need to weld a small piece of angle to it.

The next step is to make a stand for the swivel mechanism from the same 50×50 mm angle. To make the pieces equal in length, the corners can be clamped and cut.

Also, without unscrewing the clamp, they can also be drilled at once.

Attach the angles with drilled holes to the already prepared swivel block using nuts.

To this stand, weld a longer angle, as shown in the following photos.

Now you need to determine the length of the lever, which will be attached to the angle grinder. This is done by the method of selection, based on the dimensions of your angle grinder. You can put the parts on the table and calculate the approximate size of the lever, which is better to do from 2 sections of a square profile tube 20×20 mm.

Tubes must also be clamped with a clamp and cut to equal dimensions.

Once all the parts are ready, they can be welded together, as shown in the following photos.

In the next step, you can attach an angle grinder to the finished structure and check again what came out of it.

Into the old speaker a new Bluetooth

I wanted to brighten up my building life with music. And movies in the evenings with normal sound to watch in the living room. Looked at bluetooth speakers, and I don’t have to give 15-20 k. I remembered I’ve seen some posts about speaker construction. two

Don’t Throw Away the old Angle Grinder! Hack

And the esteemed @Mayeuski did not refuse advice.

At home I had an NS-C55 center channel from Yamaha. Sound quality. At one time I was not satisfied, small fronts adapted to the rear of the home theater, and the wood was gathering dust.

Glued a baffle in the speaker cabinet. to separate the channels

Glued the batteries to the plywood with thermo glue, soldered them on

I put it all together, wired it up Works. Only the step-up card went up in smoke and said it didn’t want to step up anything, but just gave out the input voltage. Good thing I bought two.

Amplifier screwed through the gasket of polyethylene foam, two screws so that you can turn the volume knob and showing wonders of dexterity to the slot flash drive to reach through the hole in the back. Fastened the battery pack with two strips of insulation.

made, angle, grinder

Built the case. I installed 3,3μF capacitors on tweets, screwed speakers, connected everything to the screw terminals. Turned on. And this monster started playing !

There is no rejection from the sound. It has some bass!

Cut out the back panel of metal, and then realized that I can not cut the USB connector into it, too close to the pins, so it will be like this. In the winter, I’ll make it out of plastic.

Everything works fine, the sound is soft, airy, mid overtones, in the midrange is a slight tapping, it’s probably due to the galvanized self. I’ll have to replace the audiophile ones later.

Dude is not a radio technician, or whatever it’s called. Soldering iron at home to warm your hands. So don’t swear, I don’t understand anything anyway.

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Grain chopper or plant chopper

If you live in a country house and raise any kind of livestock, the electromechanical grain grinder comes in handy for making fodder. It is not designed for large volumes, but it will do quite well with medium-sized ones.

To create will need a container. it can be an old pot or tank, it all depends on the size and power of the angle grinder. The cover should be redesigned so that the working shaft of the angle grinder connects to the axle on which the cutting blades of the grinder are located. It is also necessary to provide a window for filling portions of grain. it must be equipped with a door.

  • A frame based on a lid. It is needed to strengthen the device, the legs can be attached to rivets or bolts.
  • The axle, which passes through the upper and lower bearing. It reduces the load on the electric motor.
  • Knives for crushing the grain. They are also fixed on the axis of the device.

Other variants are also possible. with the bottom position of the blade, the tank on top.

Or a small design where the shaft of the angle grinder passes through the bottom of the container.

In the countryside it is possible to assemble a dry grass chopper, which will help with the garbage on the site.

When making homemade machines, it is important to observe safety precautions. This applies in particular to high-speed rotating parts and electrical wiring. It is recommended to equip machines with protective covers, securely fasten rotating elements: cartridges and disks.

made, angle, grinder

Do not forget that the motor of the angle grinder needs a periodic rest. You should not leave it running under load for a long time.

Angle grinder allows you to assemble many useful devices for the home, garage and countryside. Each of them can greatly facilitate the performance of routine operations.

What can be made from an old angle grinder?

If the angle grinder, unburned and the motor whole, you can use it as a sander for wood floors. The only thing left to do is a wide round casing, under which to place an abrasive wheel for grinding the floor.

In the case if the motor of the angle grinder is burnt out, then you will need to connect an electric screwdriver or an electric drill through the gearbox. In this case, the gearbox of the angle grinder will act as an adapter.

made, angle, grinder

You need a mounting saw with vertical and horizontal clamping (read the website navseryki.)? Not a problem if there is an old unnecessary angle grinder left in the household. It is enough to construct such a fixture in the form of a machine, and the clamping saw is ready.

Note that the angle grinder can be used in this case, both for direct purpose, and to transmit torque to the rollers, which will be located on the abrasive belt. The stand for the angle grinder in this case is collected from a profile pipe, and the power tool itself is attached through a hole in the metal.

It is important to make sure that the tube for fixation of the angle grinder was movable, and at the bottom there was a stopper or a special squeezing spring. It goes without saying that when working with an angle grinder must comply with safety rules, and in any case do not risk using this tool without a protective cover.

Chainsaw conversion into an angle grinder

Sometimes it is necessary to cut a pipe or profiled sheeting in a place where there is no electricity. For this purpose, an angle grinder is used from a chainsaw, which is easily converted using a purchased attachment.

To install this attachment on a chainsaw, it is necessary:

  • Remove the guide bar and chain;
  • Remove the oil from the tank and remove the clutch drum;
  • mount the pulley of the attachment on the drive shaft of the drive sprocket;
  • fasten the safety device and install the belt drive;
  • put the cutting disc. and the machine is ready to work.

The main advantage of the design is that it can be used in places where there is no electricity. When working with such a machine, you must exercise extreme caution, because the chain saw has a higher torque than a standard angle grinder. In this case, there is an increased danger of destroying the cutting disc.

Retrofitting an electric screwdriver

If there is no handy drill or chain saw, and it is necessary to cut materials, you can make an angle grinder from an electric screwdriver. The algorithm of its modernization is almost the same as in the manufacture of an angle grinder from a drill. The main element of the design will be a purchased nozzle. adapter or spindle of a faulty angle grinder.

The advantages of such an electric tool include the rapid transformation of the mechanism and the possibility of using it away from the power grid. Self-made can be used in cramped conditions, where the standard angle grinder is not suitable because of its large size.

The main disadvantages of a homemade device can be called:

  • low battery life (when using a cordless electric screwdriver);
  • low rotation speed of the cutting disc. about 700 rpm;
  • insufficient power of the electrical device.

Such a machine can only be used as a low-power angle grinder. It can be used to cut metal no thicker than 1.5 mm or an angle of 2020. It can cut rebar with a diameter of less than 8 mm. It is not possible to use an electric screwdriver as a full-fledged cutting tool.


To make it more convenient to operate, it should be supplemented with a push button with a switch or a trigger pedal. In the first case, a low-voltage relay is used, through it the voltage will be supplied to the tool. This uncomplicated design allows you to free your hands and achieve a clean cut without using a vice. It also saves you time, because you don’t have to measure accurately.

What you can make from a burnt-out angle grinder, you now know. But if the tool is not out of order, and you want to expand the range of tasks it performs, you can make a chisel. For this purpose, the tabletop is made rotatable. This will allow you to cut at a certain angle baguette, plinth or profile of different materials.

The tabletop is installed at an angle, the appropriate disk is mounted, then the cutting is carried out, which turns into a pleasure. With such a homemade machine, it is possible to cut paving tiles diagonally, thereby diversifying the ways of laying them.

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How to make a milling machine?

It is necessary to ensure the correct fixation of the machine in the vertical density. What materials will be needed for this?

Angle Grinder Hack! Don’t Throw Away the old Angle Grinder!

  • A sturdy angle grinder;
  • working table;
  • thick plywood;
  • welding machine;
  • fastening elements (nuts, bolts);
  • locksmith’s tools.

To make a router does not need any exorbitant materials, everything can be in the workshop of everyone.

The sequence of making a milling machine:

  • From the wood chipboard is made a base for the machine, the walls of which are opposite each other.
  • The body made of metal is fixed to the moving part
  • Place the tool on the side frame, you can use any size.

Making such a machine is not difficult, it seems that using the already existing cool ideas, anyone can make it.

What can be done with the angle grinder: self-made of the angle grinder with their own hands

Due to its versatility and practicality, the angle grinder is a very popular tool. It can be found in almost every garage, and in almost every home workshop. This tool is used to cut metal, stone, tile, grind surfaces.

The angle grinder is excellent for use on a stationary machine and as a more precise tool, and as a motor with a gearbox for all kinds of homemade. The angle grinder is very often used for construction, repair, installation tasks. the angle grinder is advantageous because the number of accessories used increases the number of applications.

Cutting machine / stand from angle grinder

The circular saws are very often used in metal processing, mechanical engineering, furniture production, woodworking. This equipment is also suitable for the household. it is used as a very handy tool to perform various works in the garage and workshop.

On the cutting machine is convenient to perform a variety of tasks: to divide the metal profile in pieces of desired length, cut sheet metal, making the same workpieces in large quantities in a short time, cut ceramic tile, cut parts at any angle, to obtain cuts of desired length and depth.

Makeshift wood mitre saw

With the help of a crosscut saw, the dacha worker will significantly simplify his life. Saw of this type is offered in all construction supermarkets, but a branded trimmer is quite expensive.

To avoid buying such a tool, it can be assembled with a broach, using improvised material and old tools that almost every owner has in his arsenal. Now we will see how you can assemble a homemade mitre saw with your own hands. An example of making a crosscut saw can be seen here.

How to make a circular saw from an angle grinder

From time to time in the home workshop you need such a tool as a circular saw. However, for these infrequent tasks it is not profitable to buy a saw. In such a case it is recommended to make a circular saw powered by an angle grinder. This option is much cheaper, compared to buying a factory saw to work with it for a couple of hours. An example of such a home-made tool you can see here.

Homemade lawn mower

Instead of a new lawnmower is quite realistic to assemble a model with their own hands. you need an angle grinder and straight hands.

Such a lawnmower turns out to be less powerful and with small dimensions. In most cases, special lines are installed on it instead of knives to cut the grass. this is shown in the photo. Mower from an angle grinder is convenient because the tool can be easily removed and used for its intended purpose. How to make a lawn mower from an angle grinder is described here.

Electric bike with a drive from an angle grinder

Today we will look at how to assemble a full-fledged electric bike with an angle grinder as a drive.

Homemade electric lawn mower

Those who are engaged in farming, as a rule, have in their arsenal such equipment as a cultivator. With the help of this equipment it is possible to process the soil and at the same time not to evert large layers of soil, not to violate its fertile layer. The only and significant disadvantage of such a machine is its price. Because of this, farmers in our country often use a manual or electric cultivator, which is made with their own hands from the angle grinder.

A milling machine from an angle grinder

Angle grinder is a tool that can also be used as a router. In this case, it is important that the angle grinder can, if necessary, be removed from the home-made device. To make such a design, you need to fix the grinder under the made table or workbench, and derive the tool shaft in a hole workbench adapter with collet clamping for cutters. With the help of a manufactured tool, you can perform different work with wood, using a different cutter.

Strompolzor from the angle grinder with their own hands

the angle grinder can be used for such tasks as cutting cuts in the wall. These are cuts for laying wiring, pipes, and other elements. If for such work, take the stock angle grinder, the depth of disc plunge is very difficult to control. To solve this problem, a special frame can be made.

We must remember that the advantage of such a device for the angle grinder is that the depth of the slot can be adjusted.

Such a frame is made in the form of a sole with a stop, by means of which the tool can be moved along the wall with uniform immersion. This is how to achieve the necessary penetration depth. To make such a miter cutter, you need to remember about such details as a protective cover and a special dust collector. For the latter can serve as a bag, but more convenient would be to connect a hose from a vacuum cleaner.

What your angle grinder can do?

Today will be a short, but I hope, useful post about the angle grinder (angle grinder) and its use, based on my personal experience. For those who got here by chance. the last three years I am engaged in house-building, including. technical supervision and correction of problems which have arisen at the customers due to violation of construction technologies by their contractors. In connection with that, I have experience as both a home builder and a handyman. I need to be able to quickly navigate the situation and be able to perform repairs with what fits in the trunk of my car.

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And although there’s a lot of room in there, I try to make the most of every tool I have, rather than buying a special tool for a procedure I might have to do once only.

So, first we need to understand that in addition to the angle grinder (angle grinder), there is a device that is similar to it, but completely unsuitable for our purposes. It’s an UPM. a polishing machine that looks like an angle grinder. They differ in the speed of the spindle, that is, the number of revolutions per minute. In a standard angle grinder without a speed controller, it is about 10,000 rpm. The FPS rotates at 2,000-3,000 rpm.

Angle grinder with speed control combines the functions of an angle grinder and a rotary sander. And although I have one, today I will tell you about the most unpretentious angle grinder, with fixed speed, which is in the arsenal of almost every master.

So, despite the word “grinding” in the name of the device more often used angle grinder for cutting metals, with which it copes perfectly with the standard abrasive disc. There is not much to say, most have experience with cutting discs. About myself I can add that, in my experience, when sawing thick metal elements of solid metal you should not use excessively thin discs (0.7-1.2 mm), t.к. they quickly fray and do not forgive errors at the slightest deviation from the axis of the cut. Well, it is clear that a small angle grinder is not worth cutting rails. it will work at the limit of power and will soon be out of order.

The angle grinder can also be used directly for grinding. For example, using a petal disc (right in the last row above in the photo), or using a rubber disc with Velcro and sanding discs with Velcro (installed on the angle grinder). The petal disc is bad by the fact that, first, it gets clogged quickly, its replacement takes time and money. it is not very cheap. The advantage is that it grinds aggressively, it is convenient to clean the metal from rust. Wheels with Velcro are replaced very quickly, are inexpensive, and you can use different grit size abrasive to get the desired result. When working with the rubber grinding wheel, it is important not to put pressure on the tool, while learning to hold it horizontally to the surface of the workpiece. Then the result of processing will be no worse than after a thicknesser or electric planer. The surface is pleasant to the touch and very smooth. The disadvantage is that it is still necessary to master technical tricks of working with such a disc. if you take the wrong angle it is easy to spoil the part by picking out a recess in it with the edge of the disc.

Using grinding or abrasive discs with an angle grinder you can sharpen tools and knives, but you need to have good experience, because at high speed any wrong move can lead to the fact that the cutting edge will be blunt, with proper effort even irreparable.

Is it possible to saw wood with an angle grinder? Despite the horror stories of open chests and sawn skulls, I responsibly say you can. That said, I don’t deny the truthfulness of these stories. All of them happened because of nonobservance of safety precautions and installation of circular saw blades on the angle grinder. So, unless you want to become a designer for a surgeon, use only specialized discs for the angle grinder. On the KDPV, they are arranged in the second row and are represented by three-toothed and multi-toothed discs. The multitooth one has a raker on the teeth to prevent jamming. These discs are suitable for rough cutting of sheet metal and boards, for trimming and selecting wood in awkward places. In most cases, an angle grinder with such a disk replaces my Renovator. Also you can use these discs to make half-circular slots in wood. Of course you need a steady hand for a smooth cut, or better yet, a support base like a circular saw.

Some manufacturers have a universal disc for working with wood and plastic. In the photo below a disc from Bosch. And they have discs for working on wood with nails.

Well, wood is fine. What do you think of concrete?? And that’s where the angle grinder is all right. Even with 125 mm disc size it can easily cut paving stone or paving tiles, help to pierce a wall for electric cables or cut unwanted corners on concrete products. For this purpose it is better to use steel discs with diamond coating that can cut concrete like sausages. The only disadvantage is that the dust flies just a cloud. In the photo the discs are in the first upper row. And the first one in the bottom is a diamond cup, which equally well cope both with concrete and wood. For example, if you need to remove a large amount of wood, it is better to use it first, and already after a rubber wheel for the final sanding.

If necessary, you can put a diamond drill bit on the angle grinder to drill holes in concrete. For example, in the photo below. 83 mm drill bit, which is mounted directly on the shaft of the angle grinder.

In addition to accessories shown in the photo to the angle grinder can put a steel brush for grinding, an adapter for cutters or drills, an attachment transforming the angle grinder in a chain saw, an adapter for installation of a grinding belt and other exotic. It is up to you if you need them, I prefer to have a drill, a saw and a cutter as separate units.

As you can see, in experienced hands, the angle grinder is a versatile tool that is applicable in both locksmithing and carpentry. It makes life much easier and faster when cutting and processing a variety of materials, from wood to metal and concrete. Take the angle grinder seriously and work with it will bring you only positive emotions

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