What can be made of a power tiller

What is a sidecar and a scooter

Anyone who has ever ridden on a motor tug made especially for this purpose has noticed its striking resemblance to a power tiller. Then, why can’t we make it ourselves? After all, the engine, controls, method of generating torque and transmitting it to the wheels are similar. The only difference is that a power tiller has a pair of tracks, which allows you to move through the snow and drag the sledge behind it across an endless snow-covered field. To turn your dream into a finished product, so necessary for winter fishing and hunting, you can just buy a ready-made set of tracks on the chassis. If for someone the cost of this design will seem high, you can make it yourself. For this purpose, it is necessary to examine thoroughly the peculiarities of caterpillar construction, which consists of a driven and driven sprocket on each caterpillar and several rubber rollers. It’s all mounted on a frame, welded from a channel. The engine and steering wheel with the controls are also attached to it. Build a sled on skis is no longer any difficulty, for someone who copes with the previous task.

It is not worth bypassing such an interesting self-made machine, as a caracat. Its advantages are in the huge wheels, which are chambers, tightened with straps. Sometimes cargo tires are used instead of belts. They are lightened by cutting out unnecessary elements. They leave only the tread and part of the flange. For the manufacture it is most convenient to use an electric jigsaw.

The disks for the karakat use usual automotive wheels, to which the expanding construction is attached. Sometimes they act very originally, welding together two round metal basins and cutting holes in their bottoms for the wheel hub, as in the photo below.

Although such a caracat from a power tiller looks rather clumsy, it can overcome boggy terrain rather briskly, as well as carry up to 100 kg of cargo.

About the construction of the motorblock

Next you will learn which single-axle tractor is the best to choose.To understand better what is the principle of a homemade power tiller and its additional components, it is necessary to examine in detail the construction of the power tiller as a means of small-scale mechanization. So, this unit includes several main working units:


A standard internal combustion engine is used as the main driving force in the design of power tillers. Depending on the type and brand of power tiller, such as Caiman Vario, Patriot Ural, Texas, Pro Arab, Crosser, VIKING, Forza the engine used may be different:

  • Gasoline 4-cycle engine. This engine is used for units belonging to the light and medium class devices.
  • 4-stroke diesel engine. This kind of motor is used on heavy and powerful power tillers, designed to work on the most difficult surface areas.

For more details about diesel engine operation see

Of course, there are 2-stroke motors, but they are used in older models of motor blocks, significantly inferior to 4-stroke motors in terms of power traction. However, most consumers get exactly 4-stroke engines that run on gasoline. Their structure includes the following systems:

  • The system responsible for fuel supply. Consists of the fuel tank, carburetor, air filter and fuel hose.
  • The lubrication system, which carries out the process of lubricating those parts that rub against each other.
  • The starter, which provides crankshaft cranking.
  • Cooling system that removes the heat from the engine cylinder block by means of an air stream.
  • The ignition system, which produces a spark on the spark plug.
  • The gas distribution system, which ensures the flow of the fuel-air mixture into the engine cylinder, and is also responsible for the exit of the exhaust gases.
made, power, tiller

It is important that the engine is sold already with all the main working systems, which greatly facilitates the process of homemade motorblock.


The main function of the transmission is to transfer torque from the motor to the wheel base, as well as controlling speeds and changing the movement of the unit. Its design includes several working units: gearbox, clutch, gearbox and differential (there is not in all models).

The transmission can be of several types:

Basically, the classic type of gear transmission is used on heavy motoblocs, and it consists of conical and cylindrical gears.

Other types of transmissions are used in light and medium-sized power tillers. At the same time, regardless of the type of transmission, in the design is the PTO. PTO shaft, which transmits the torque to the working units of the machine.

As for the clutch, it can be different:

  • In the form of a V-belt drive. The essence of the process is the clutch lever, which tightens or loosens the belt than transmits, or stops the transmission of torque from the motor to the gearbox.
  • Single-plate or wet multi-disc clutch, dry or wet.
  • Conical clutch.

The majority of quality power tillers Sadko, Don, Huter, Pro, LANDER, Champion, Carver use the second type of clutch, which is the most reliable.


The running gear includes not only the wheel base itself, but also the frame structure to which these wheels are attached, and where the main working nodes of the power tiller are located.

modern models of power tillers have a possibility to change the distance between two wheels, which makes it possible to adjust the track size of the power tiller.

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Today, there are two types of wheels. pneumatic and metal with grousers.

Main control elements

The control of the power tiller is on the handle of the machine, which is responsible for changing the speed and direction of the device. Among the controls are:

There is no seat for a man in the design of the power tiller (as well as in the Salyut power tiller), so the control is done by a man himself.

A selection of videos

Perhaps the most interesting option for self-assembly is a self-made minitractor 4×4,

which is made on the basis of a power tiller. In general, this is a fairly common method of assembling a minitractor, which proves its effectiveness and efficiency in operation.

Externally, this design looks quite bulky, but internally it is completely proportional, t.е. every part is in its place, precisely adjusted to dimensions and parameters. Let’s consider the design features in more detail:

  • The frame construction will consist of two components, the spars and crossbars. The longitudinal members are made of three components. The front part will be made of channel 0, the latter will be made of steel pipe, having the parameters of 8 × 8 cm.
  • Rear cross-bar will be made of channel 6, and front one. of channel. In principle, all self-made mini-tractors have a similar frame design, with the same technical parameters.
  • Almost any power pack can be used as an engine. which will be powerful enough to carry out agricultural work. The ideal option, in this case, would be to use a 4-stroke diesel engine that has water cooling.
  • Gearbox and PTO transfer case can be taken from the GAZ-53. The clutch is designed for GAZ-52.
  • There may be some problems when coupling the clutch and the engine. You’ll have to rebuild the flywheel, as well as make a new clutch casing to fit the engine. The flywheel is ground on a lathe, cutting off the rear area, as well as turning out an additional span in the middle.
  • In general, the self-made mini-tractor involves adjusting to certain parts. so you should be ready to the fact that it will be necessary to turn to a turner for turning some components.
  • The bridge is installed in the design virtually unchanged. It is attached to the frame with the help of four stepladders.
  • As the wheels can be used similar, taken from passenger cars.

But there is one important nuance: the front wheels should be about 14 inches, which is the optimal value for the wheels of the front axle.

Tips on making a karakat

To assemble a self-made karakat, to begin with it is necessary to determine from what equipment the frame can be taken. The frame taken from the motorcycle brand “Ural” will suit perfectly. Next. you need to make a suspension, as well as the rear drive. Then it is necessary to connect the steering column, spars and a special bracket with the help of an angle.

After that you can proceed to fixing the wheels. You can take the rubber from such cars as “Ural” or “KamAZ”. The last to be installed is the motor from the power tiller, as well as all the additional systems. you must connect the brakes and clutch, as well as deal with the system for the release of gases.

After assembly it is necessary to test the made karakat. With the help of this homemade all-terrain vehicle without effort can go even to swampy places.

What can be made from a power tiller

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Homemade things for power tillers (52 video clips)

Supervideo selection of the best video clips

Potato planter for your MotoBlock with your own hands

How to make electric power Tiller Machine for Agriculture

A potato planter by Ildar Sunagatullin

How to make a potato planter for power tiller (beginning)

How to make a potato planter for power tiller 2

How to make a potato planter for MotoBlock 3

How to Make a Potato planter for MotoBlock 4

How to make a potato planter for MotoBlock 5 (dimensions)

Made potato planter (Test)

made, power, tiller

Self-Made Potato Planter. I am plowing and planting potatoes.

Homemade cultivators for power tillers

Homemade hedgehogs-cultivators for power tillers

Homemade cultivator for a tractor from a tiller

Homemade inter-row cultivator for power tiller

Quick Weeding Tiller

Homemade planters for power tillers

Potato row spacing trowel for power tiller with his hands. Ploughshare for MotoBlock

Cultivator-ploughshare 2 rows for power tiller

Homemade power tiller for your hoe

The disk hoe for the tiller with his hands

Circular disc mower for your power tiller with your own hands. Dimensions

Hillers for planting potatoes. Super option!

Disc mowers with cultivator tines for potato hoeing

A photo review of making a disc mower for a power tiller

Homemade mowers for power tillers

Homemade rotary mower for power tiller paired with adaptorThe blades are positioned higher one in relation to the other 1 cm. Rotors are made of scrap metal 3 mm. The air intake has an additional paper air filter, half from a passenger car.

Mower on a tractor HAND (single axle tractor Neva MB 3) In this video, I will show you how to work rotary mower on a tractor single axle, made from scrap metal. Grip width of homemade mower is 45 cm, the height of cut is 3.5 cm. The rotary mower is made for the Neva MB 3 power tiller, it cuts the grass well, both low and high.

Homemade grototsevs for power tiller

How to make hitch hooks for power tillers. Manufacturing process.

Mini video about making homemade trailing arms for a power tiller with your own hands.

Homemade Potato Digger for MotoBlock

made, power, tiller

A potato digger is designed for digging root crops on a garden or household plot. Aggregating your single axle tractor with a vibrating potato shovel you will greatly simplify the process of digging out potatoes that used to take a day of your time turns into an hour. In this model of the potato digger the manufacturer has taken into account all the shortcomings of previously released copies. In accordance with the requests of customers who had previously purchased this model, changes were made to the design of the digger. To date, Poltava vibrating potato harvester is the most popular model in its class, as evidenced by the search queries in Yandex and Google. Manufacturer’s price, delivery to any region of Ukraine will be a pleasant conclusion to pokoupka digger.

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Characteristics of potato shovelers for the tiller:

The simplest homemade fan type potato harvester for power tillers. In this video I show a potato puller which I made. I have been digging potatoes with this puller for more than 3 years on my site.

Potato digger is made from improvised materials for a single-axle tractor “Neva”, without the use of a screen. Light, simple, reliable and with minimum costs.

Homemade crafts for the tiller with his hands

A single-axle tractor is an assistant in soil cultivation, in transportation of cargo, in harvesting. For these manipulations it needs to be equipped with additional attachments. But they are expensive in the store, the full set is more expensive than the power tiller. Many craftsmen design and make do-it-yourself potato pullers for the tiller with their own hands. Articles, photos, instructions from the Internet help.

Having the simplest skills in working with an angle grinder, welder, drill, you can assemble useful self-made items out of improvised material and used parts. Homemade structures are often made of stronger metal than commercial ones and last longer.

Homemade things from a power tiller with his own hands

At the moment, self-made tractors from a power tiller are very common. One of the most popular conversion options is a minitractor. It differs from the motoblock by an increased level of comfort in operation.

Creating a homemade tractor on the basis of a power tiller, you have to solve several problems. The main one is that the center of gravity is off-centre. It occurs when the driver sits in the seat of the created mini-tractor. To solve this problem, you must first install a second auxiliary axle. At the same time it should be wide enough (about 100 120 cm).

You also need to enlarge the front axle, which was originally installed on the motoblock. Currently, for such purposes, there are special extensions (bushings) on the market for sale. They are mounted on the drive shaft.

In addition you may need to install a differential, as on some models of power tillers it is simply absent. Thanks to him it will be possible to increase the stability and maneuverability of the homemade tractor. As a tractor can be complemented by a trailer for power tiller made by hand.

Production of such devices from power tillers has become so widespread that today the whole kits are sold for more comfortable making them.

Order of assembling the homemade tractor

The very manufacture of the mini-tractor is as follows: according to the drawing you weld the steel profiles and sheets, forming the frame of the future tractor. This, in fact, is the body of the machine. Then there is the installation on the technique of its “internal organs”. engine, transmission, running gear.

Manufacturing of ridge plough power tiller || kalappai || agriculture tool || Building Strong

When installing and attaching these parts it is extremely important to do everything correctly and in full accordance with the drawings. Once you’ve installed these essential parts of the mini-tractor, you should add the “cherry on the cake”: install the seat, steering wheel, and stops and turn signals if you’re going to drive on the roads.

Usually the last point is unnecessary, but you might want to make your machinery really perfect.

However, it is also worth considering some of the features of power tillers, which will manifest itself when using a minitractor made of it. So, Agro power harvesters have the disadvantage of weak overhead arches.

For more details about the Agro power tiller see

Certainly, it is absolutely imperceptible for a power tiller, but it can be critical for a minitractor, especially if you want to carry heavy loads on your equipment.

How to make mini-tractors from different models of motor blocks?

From a power tiller Zubr

If you need a minitractor, characterized by high power, it is best to use a single-axle tractor Zubr as a base. The drawings, which will help you create a small tractor yourself, involve using the same parts as the previous version.

The order of making this type of equipment is identical to the mini-tractor on the basis of Agro.

How to make a power tiller with your own hands

If you do not want to spend a lot of money to create homemade machinery, then you can use the Neva MB 1 single-axle tractor as the base for it (see. How to make a snowplow from this motoblock here, as well as how to make an adapter for the motoblock Neva with his own hands drawings and dimensions) This kind of motoblock you can buy for a penny, and after your recycling it will become an indispensable assistant in the economy.

The only thing is that it will be difficult to find suitable new parts, as the MB 1 motor blocks have some design features.

Cultivator from a cascade tiller

If you want to use exactly a new single-axle tractor, but buy it for not much money, then one of the best options can be called Cascade.

The purchase of MTZ 05 will also be very profitable.

Cultivator from the Kentavr power tiller

For those who appreciate maneuverability, power and the ability to perform the widest range of works, you can also advise a single-axle tractor Kentavr. However, it is worth considering that it is quite expensive. But this base for a mini tractor can safely be called one of the best, because it will work like clockwork.

As an initial raw material for the manufacture of minitractors with their own hands often use motor blocks Oka.

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For the manufacture of a minitractor will do and single-axle tractor Salyut C.

Here specially selected domestically made power tillers, as they are cheaper than their foreign counterparts. You hardly want to spend extra money on a product that is going to be reworked and improved anyway. Therefore, the models listed above are ideal as a base.

What can be done with a power tiller engine? (Drive2 homebuilders review)

Not for the sake of advertising, but for the sake of interest 🙂 Not so long ago I told about Miracle yudo fish whale, or “bierkiste” in Russia 🙂 Today, my dear friends, I will share with you my observations of homemade projects from our favorite site. Drive2, where as the power plant is used motoblock (general purpose) engine 🙂 Why? First of all, these projects are available to all Drive2 Residents like nobody else. Secondly. general purpose engines are light, easy to operate, and widely available for purchase. Thirdly. well, maybe someone will still be interested in a buggy rather than a tarabike, or a swamp walker, and maybe someone wants to build a kid a small replica of a Willis. Of course, someone may already be subscribed to all these creations, in which case it will be nice to remember again the most interesting creations of our fellow countrymen. And so! Let’s begin 🙂

Perhaps it is necessary to begin with the project “Bucephalus” of my pen-friend Sanusha. Perhaps the most elegant and simple design of a light buggy based on the exact same engine as mine. Lifan 190FR.

The project of buggy of comrade vital-bmk from Mariupol is not less original. Of course this is not a separate independent machine, but an offshoot of the main project, so the history of creation will have to read separately from the BZh.

Continuing review of wheeled vehicles 🙂 The next candidate in my list was probably one of the most striking projects with a motor-powered drive. highway quad from nika67 from Vitebsk. The same motor-block engine with a reducer for 13 horses, plus a box from a motorcycle Dnepr, but you look what implementation! In general, at first glance, even difficult to say that the vehicle garage production. It seems that the ATV came off the production line.

Well, once we had such a conversation from the quad, the following interesting creation for me was a quad-block from St. Petersburg from Miha1508. The six-wheeled quad moves in and out of the swamp, as for me. just super, ehh my stool can only go on asphalt 🙂

One of the recent and interesting projects that appeared on the drive, for me was a project homemade from the town of Kiknur (Kirov region) from Karetn. As it seems to me the project was created spontaneously without any plan of action. The creator of periodically for the “thought” appeals to the people, from which all become similar to the creation of a small “Willis”, to me so is not less interesting than the previous projects, especially as it also falls into the category of self-made with a motor from a power tiller. According to the author in the project is implemented 6.5 strong analog of Honda 🙂

How to make a Cultivator Mini Tiller with 49cc 2-Stroke Engine

Also one of the young Drive2 projects is a creation from Volokalamsk in the form of a go-kart from Wowka82. I will say this it is exactly what I wanted to do originally, well, more precisely what I wanted to come to 🙂 but in the end, life turned out so that I decided to make a tarabike 🙂 So for me this project is the realization of my dream, though another person, but still, personally, I am pleased with the way this technique “lives.

Perhaps this is the most original technical application of the motor block engine! 🙂 It was a pleasant surprise to me that you can make such a vehicle in your garage conditions! And so I will not be dark it is a hovercraft yes yes! This technique moves on the traction from the motor-block engines. Previously, it was an independent project, I’m not ashamed to say, my mentor Alex5799 from Chelyabinsk distant 🙂 however, apparently, he was banned, which for me was a very sad event 🙁 and now for the fate of this unique technology can only follow the blog of its creator.

Just today I came across here is such a wonderful unit owned by AleksMlv 🙂 And despite the fact that the technique has two wheels, it (pay attention!) not a motorcycle, but a snowmobile! :)) And of course as a power plant is used motor-block engine with 7 horses. Although not homemade, but still people with hands would be able to repeat this miracle in a garage, so has every right to place this entry 🙂

Another one non-independent project “resident” Drive2 Impala2 trike turned out to the glory 🙂 Unfortunately, tightly acquainted with the creation can only be by communicating with the creator. Earlier about this technique you can read in the blog and the blog, but then the owner considered this information is not relevant and removed it. Now we can be satisfied with just a photo, as in all other creations in this technique as well as a power plant is used motoblock engine 🙂

Does not bark, does not bite, and carries a lot of useful? 🙂 Of course! Of course, I almost forgot about the self-propelled sledge, or in common parlance called a power sledge. From recent on our site there is a record from Sever29 about his self-made doggie 🙂

That’s all for now! 🙂 if you missed it. whistle, I’ll add it.Р.S. If it was interesting do not forget to give a thumbs up and share with friends:)To all in good mood and success in endeavors! 🙂

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