What can be made of a chainsaw

What can be made of a chainsaw Ural with their own hands

Due to the Russian ingenuity and directly growing hands, on the basis of domestic gasoline-powered saw Ural it is possible to create a variety of home-made devices that can surprise anyone with their originality and efficiency. This article will be about such devices, making life easier and more interesting.

By its reliability, the degree of productivity and simplicity of servicing chainsaw Ural can give a head start almost to any modern chainsaw. The main components of this saw are the drive with the motor and the bar itself for cutting, which were made quite qualitatively.

The key factors that allowed folk craftsmen to make from old and temporarily unnecessary chainsaws Ural wonders of design thought should be included:

  • a fairly powerful and tractive engine;
  • The low weight and the relative compactness of the engine;
  • the ability to work under heavy loads for long periods of time and in a variety of conditions;
  • well-thought-out and qualitatively realized design of the saw itself, for example, the clutch clutch, which does not allow overloading, as well as eliminating the breakage of major nodes.

All this combined with the universality of the drive and ingenuity allows craftsmen to independently create functional devices of various orientation.

DIY options

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about what you can do with a chainsaw is to use it as a sawmill. Many builders have had to dissolve logs into a beam with this tool.

Holding the saw in his hands, it is very difficult to control the accuracy of the entire length of the cut. So when the log is three or four meters long, it goes a lot away from the intended line. This problem can be solved quite simply. For this purpose the chainsaw is rigidly fixed on the frame, which moves along the guide profile.

In this case the log lies motionless and is accurately sawed along the entire length without wiggles or slanting joints. If such a mobile carriage is equipped with four lifting screws, then it is possible to precisely set the thickness of the sawn bar.

The bandsaw also will work without problems on boards, only in this case there will be too much waste, as its cutting chain is several times thicker than the band saw’s.

Features of making homemade products from the Ural chain saw

The choice of a chainsaw for remodeling should be taken extremely seriously. It is very important to calculate the power of the device and the tasks that the new product will have to solve. For example, the Ural chainsaw is considered one of the most powerful in its class.

made, chainsaw

Beware of lumberjacks!

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Use a chainsaw “Ural” for modification of a children’s bicycle into a moped is extremely dangerous. Too much rotation can simply cause the chain to break and cause injury. But a huge plus of “Ural” is that chainsaws have not been withdrawn from production and are still in operation. Consequently, replacement parts can always be found.

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What you need for work

To make with your own hands, self-made devices from a chainsaw Druzhba need a set of tools of the novice master, desire and idea. The main tools required for the work are an angle grinder and a welding machine. You already have the desire, otherwise you would not be on this page. The very idea for converting a Druzhba chainsaw into some kind of unit you will find in this article.

made, chainsaw

In this article we offer only an idea, without step-by-step instructions for action. Otherwise the article would be dozens of times larger. If after reading you still have questions and you need detailed instructions, then leave your wishes in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the article and we will write a step-by-step guide to converting a chainsaw into a specific machine that will collect the most wishes.

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Motocultivator, snowthrower, ice chisel and drill with their own hands

A chainsaw motor will also be perfect for making a rotary tiller, designed for plowing virgin land (for light soils). The power and torque of the engine will most likely not be enough to work with dense and wet soils, but a chainsaw cultivator will be enough to loosen the surface layer and remove the roots of weeds left in the ground. The main part of the device is a rotating cutter, at the expense of which is the movement of technology on the site.

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Blueprint snowplow made with their own hands using a chainsaw

If you replace the shaft with ploughshares with an auger, as well as equip the design with a snow throwing pipe, the cultivator turns into a snowplow. A motor from any saw with 3-5 horsepower will be more than enough for cleaning loose snow on the site. It is only important to perform a convenient auger mechanism. To do this, most often used blades made of thick rubber. As a fence device, parts made of galvanized steel will do. Ejecting snow is easy to do, installing a plastic pipe with a large diameter.

Drilling ice or frozen earth with a hand tool is quite a long and physically difficult task. Creating a power drill with their own hands will greatly simplify the task. In this case, in addition to the motor, you need to have a gear that regulates the number of revolutions per minute, because such a strong rotation, as in a chainsaw, the device is not required.

Useful tip! If you don’t have enough knowledge about the gearbox, you can ask an engineer to help you choose the right gear. The necessary type of device is selected according to the characteristics of the motor.

To create a power or ice drill with their own hands, the first thing you will need to do is to perform a reliable body, which is a truncated pyramid, consisting of two rectangles of different sizes. We will need an angle grinder, a welding machine and metal pipes. It is inside this frame that the reducer will be installed, respectively, the dimensions of the housing will directly depend on the size of the reducer.

made, chainsaw

The chainsaw drill will become an indispensable helper in the economy

For reliability, experts recommend that as an auger to take a part of a good power drill, made of solid steel, because the low-quality material will not withstand heavy loads. Another important issue is to securely fasten the auger, which can be done with an ordinary pipe fixed on both sides with dowels or pins. This method of attachment will allow you to change drills or use other devices for work.

What kind of chain saw do-it-yourself products can be made?

A chainsaw is a very handy tool for making homemade. By attaching it to a special platform with wheels, and connecting the chain to the shaft on which the knives will be installed, you can get a powerful lawnmower. By the way, in order not to bother, you can install a sprocket on the shaft from the rear wheel of a bicycle.

In addition, it is possible to make an excellent sawmill from a chainsaw, because reworking of the tool, in this case, is also reduced to a minimum.

In general, all the self-made chainsaw, can be divided into two large groups:

  • In the first group fall those self-made, in the manufacture of which there is almost no need to disassemble and modernize the chainsaw;
  • To the second group of homemade, include all kinds of equipment: snowplows, mopeds, snowmobiles, ATVs, etc. д. In other words, complex mechanical devices, for the manufacture of which you will have to radically disassemble the chainsaw, make a water or air cooling system, in general, completely change this gasoline tool.
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Nothing can stop this chainsaw

Let’s consider what you can do from a chainsaw, which will definitely come in handy in the household.

For example, on the basis of the chainsaw “Druzhba” you can make the following self-made machines:

If it comes to automobile self-makes, then practically any chainsaw can be made:

Of course, the second group of chain saw makes, requires a thorough approach and a complete study of the design.

Also, you will need to buy all the necessary materials, and in some cases, you can not do without a welding machine.

Making an angle grinder

Angle grinder. a necessary in a number of works multifunctional tool. Despite its availability and prevalence, craftsmen have made an angle grinder from a chainsaw (the sample is shown in the photo below).

The disk of such homemade equipment will not rotate with an electric motor, but with an internal combustion engine from the saw.

Assembly of the angle grinder using a special attachment for chain saw is as follows:

  • remove the chain and bar from the gasoline saw;
  • install the pulley on the gearbox shaft;
  • instead of the bar mount a special attachment also with a pulley, having previously put a belt on it;
  • pull the belt drive like a chain;
  • attach the blade guard;
  • put a disk.

The whole process is shown in detail in the video below.

Assembled with your own hands angular grinder-cutting machine will help in many practical tasks. it has enough power to work the concrete product product efficiently.

A scooter with a motor from a chainsaw

A self-made scooter can also be fitted with a chainsaw motor. The engine must be prepared: it is necessary to remove the saw bar and the chain. Other parts remain intact. The preserved motor housing makes it easier to attach the motor to the scooter platform.

Chainsaw crafts can be very different. They are helpers in the household, help save the budget. However, in order to create a safe device, you need to have certain skills and knowledge. Therefore, it is important that the homemade products are made by real craftsmen.

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