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SDS resaw with pullback: what it means?

Trimmer is indispensable when making lots of even cuts at different angles and diagonally. This handy table saw makes it easy and fast to get the job done by sawing away at the workpiece. You can find it on sale with or without a broach. Let’s see what this feature is for.

A high degree of accuracy and compliance with the built-up corner of the cut is the main feature of this type of installation. With high-precision technology, the operator selects the angle of the disc and makes the most accurate cut.

Compound mitre saw: why you need this type of mitre saw

Refers to a highly specialized type of technology for processing workpieces at a specific angle.

The peculiarity of the design is the presence of the swivel module, which simplifies the realization of tasks. Laser system with jewelry accuracy sets the angle of cut, and a quality disk provides a quick separation of parts from each other.

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Trimming saws are used to work with:

Often used to separate profiled laminates, decorative mouldings and profiled aluminum.

Diamond and abrasive discs are not used in this kind of installation, as they are not safe for the operator.

The purpose of a crosscut saw

The very name “trimmer” is an indication of the intended use of this saw. the design of the ends of the workpiece, cutting wood across the grain. That is where it differs from its closest cousin, the circular saw, which is generally used for making longitudinal cuts in wood.

Modern powerful motors and especially durable saw blades allow crosscutters to cut not only wood, but also plastics, thin metal profiles and pipes, wood-based composite materials. For these materials, the terms “longitudinal” and “transverse” are very arbitrary. if such terms are used, they refer not to the structure of the material, but to the shape of a particular workpiece. Of course, the shape of the workpiece can be very diverse, sometimes without a clearly defined longitudinal axis.

The applicability of the mitre saw in one case or another is determined solely by the ease of feeding the particular workpiece. So, the name “trimming saw” cannot be considered as fully reflecting the potential of this tool, it is just the name historically fixed for stationary circular saws with a movable cutting unit.

Trimmer saw can cut material not only at right angles but also at any angle, which is why it is sometimes called a power plier. Many modern machines have the possibility to change the angle not only horizontally, but also vertically, i.e. е. it can also saw at an angle. The mitre saw can even be used for slotting, if necessary.

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As you can see, the capabilities of this tool are much wider than you might first think. No wonder trimmers are becoming more and more common in small carpentries, construction sites and in home workshops. Their help is used in the manufacture of window frames and door frames, for laying floors (cut parquet, laminate, skirting boards) and other finishing works (cut wood molding, various aluminum and plastic profiles), in the manufacture of wooden furniture.

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What other features to look out for

Dust extraction system with dust exhaust port and dust bag. A dust extractor can also be connected to the nozzle. All fine dust and shavings, which will certainly be formed during cutting, will go into a bag or a vacuum cleaner. Two pluses: keeping your lungs healthy and clear, keeping your work area tidy, and cleaning up quickly after.

Cutting guard Available on nearly all modern mitre saw models. It covers the saw blade, reducing the risk of work-related injuries.

Depth stop is a necessary feature for grooving or trim profiles.

Laser guide line The laser guide line determines the cutting direction. It saves time when working with the workpiece, because you do not need to manually measure the level and angle of the line.

Backlighting Many craftsmen love this option.function. It is especially handy to have an illuminated workstation in rooms with little or no lighting or when working with small workpieces.

Smooth start Gradual acceleration of motor speed excludes abrupt start, which can cause damage to materials or even production injury.

Automatic shutoff This setting activates if the disc jams. The stop saves you from injury and damage to the product and the saw blade.

RPM adjustment This feature allows you to change the cutting speed. Particularly useful when working with different materials (wood, plastic, metal profile).

Trimming saws ranking

This selection will help you choose the right model for both home and professional use.

Trim saw Diold ptd-1,4m-210 10062020

Model is designed for processing blanks of wood of varying degrees of hardness. The tool can be used to cut a workpiece at any angle. The laser allows to make the cut with high accuracy.

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Trimming saw 1800 W Zubr ZPT-255-1800 PLR

It is used when working with parts of width up to 340 mm. A nozzle allows you to connect a vacuum cleaner, to collect dust and debris from the place of cutting. The removal of dirt gives the operator a clear view of the laser beam to determine the position of the cut.

Trim saw Corvette 4-430

Saw with great speed. Spindle lock permits fast saw blade replacement. Widely used for carpentry and finishing work.

Trim saw 1800 W Zubr ZPT-305-1800 PLR

Proven quality and long service life. Laser guide to ensure accurate cuts. Safety guard eliminates injury to the operator while working.

Trimming saw PT 1221 ELITECH 178339e

Equipped with reinforced construction and a protective cover. In an emergency situation, the spring has time to work for 0.09 seconds. Durable materials and safety of the model, did not affect its weight.

Trim saw 1300 W Zubr ZPT-210-1400 L

One of the favorite models on the market. Low weight and size make this easy to handle for jobs of all difficulty, and easy to transport to and from jobsites.

JET JSMS-12L mitre saw

For wood of different hardness levels. Can be used for professional purposes. Easy replacement of the graphite brushes on the collector motor. The change of elements can be carried out by a person without prior training, knowledge and experience.

Circular saw 1900 W Zubr ZPTK-305-1900

For sawing particleboard and fiberboard. With this model, it is possible to carry out both cross and longitudinal cutting of the workpiece.

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Makita LH 1040 trim saw

It is a combined device. Used for cross and lengthwise cutting of wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials. Refers to the professional equipment, and at the same time is a popular model among consumers for home use.

Using a compound mitre saw

Compound trimming saw allows you to perform trimming and beveling at the same time.

On a compound mitre saw the bevel and end mitre adjustments are independent of each other. You make the bevel by setting the angle of the saw on the horizontal axis to any angle other than 90 degrees. You usually have to rely on a gauge to set the angle because of the difficulty in aligning the blade with the angle marked on the wood.

When making a compound cut (in which trimming and chamfering are done simultaneously), run the trimmer line to cut at an angle, set the cutting angle, then set the angle. Adjust the part on the table so that the saw blade is as if it were on the cut side of the line, as in a perpendicular cut, and then make the cut.

How to use the crosscut saw

Once the saw is selected, it needs to be set up. Then it’s ready to use. Follow the rules. And you have to figure out how to operate the tool depending on the material you’re working on.

For wood

The trigger switch is used to start. But the tool will not start making cuts until the locking lever is pressed. After that the equipment is lowered to the material. Before working, it is advisable to wear protective equipment to protect yourself from chips that will appear when processing the wood.

The wooden workpiece should be held by hand if cutting is done at right angles. But if the work is done by a beginner, it is advisable to use a clamp. It holds the material stationary, allowing you to concentrate on cutting. Clamping is absolutely necessary if workpieces are not cut at a right angle, but at any other angle.

To correct the angle of cut, you need to use the platform reversal. Unscrew the rotary knob and push it downward. Platform is ready to be moved.

Warning! Increases cutting area as you change angles. This reduces the usability of the saw and it is therefore necessary to use the clamps.

To change the angle of the wood cut, you can use the vertical tilt of the trimmer. First loosen the knob, set the slope and fasten it again.

In metal

Check that all components are secure and that the blade can move freely before switching on the saw. For the bevel cut, loosen the clamping screw on the rotary table and start turning it to the desired angle. The set position is immediately locked. If you are working continuously, periodically check the accuracy of the mitre cuts. This is because the fastening screw loosens after a certain time.

If you want to saw with a left-hand slope, it must be set correctly. Loosen the fastening screw for the tilted corner and set the correct angle. To fix the set parameter, the screw is tightened firmly. Then continue sawing.

Important! When the job is done, you have to wait for the cutting wheel to stop completely after turning off the tool. The handle then returns to the up position.

The blade guard must not be removed from the device. It is raised when the blade is lowered for sawing.

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To sum up

The wood mitre saw is one of the most popular tools not only in industry, but also in the household. However, it is important to understand that it belongs to a class of highly specialized equipment, which is ideal for operations such as facing and cutting boards. That is why it is not desirable to use it for other tasks.

When selecting this equipment for your home workshop, you need to keep in mind not only the purpose of the cut-off saw, but also the operating conditions. All of this will help you choose the right saw blade in the future to perform woodworking operations more efficiently and with less time.

Purpose of the end saw

The device has an uncomplicated design. The basis is the functional module, which consists of:

This module is attached to a special base. When making this unit at home, it is necessary to take into account that the electric motor can be used of two types: either a collector or asynchronous. The latter work much quieter, and are also characterized by greater practicality and durability.

As for the electric motor, it is installed on the right side of the saw blade. Although the market can also encounter models in which the engine is installed behind the disc. This variant is clearly more convenient, because the view is not blocked, which is especially important when working with a tilted tool.

The gearbox carries out the transmission (belt or toothed) of the movements from the motor to the saw blade.

The toothed transmission works easily without slipping, even at maximum speed, in turn, the belt drive is more practical, as it significantly reduces vibration and reduces the sound.

It is worth noting that there are also models with direct transmission, which are the most reliable option. However, their torque is much lower.

What the broach is used for? It is thanks to the pulling mechanism that the mitre saw is able to cut even the widest boards.

Since the saw is quite a dangerous cutting object, in order to prevent unexpected injuries, any manufacturer adds a protective cover to its design.

As for the high-power device, they are usually equipped with a soft start for the greatest safety. Such a part is characterized by the blocking of the torque mechanism when changing the wheel and a complete stop when the wheel stops.

Types of crosscutters

First of all, we would like to divide all the variety of types of crosscut saws by execution into:

In the multifunctional version of the saw has a movable cover or table, which easily turns it into a miniature circular saw. It is already more professional type of the tool which we do not recommend to get for home use because of considerably (2,5-3 times) overstated price.

Secondly, the crosscut saws can be divided according to their functionality. The more advanced versions have a broach, a very popular feature that allows you to make a longitudinal cut much wider than the diameter of the saw blade. Or the ability to make cuts at different angles. The most inexpensive crosscutters usually only cut perpendicularly.

How to Choose a Mitre Saw (3 Steps)

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