What can be done with a hand router on wood

Why you should not buy a wood router: a few words from a craftsman who is used to do everything with his own hands

It’s been a long time since I asked myself whether to buy or make my own. When it comes to how you see the work and what results you want to get, the answer is obvious. To do only with the hands, but to think with the head. Like everyone else, I sit on the Internet, enthusiastically searching for homemade things, and exclaimed in amazement “oh, well done!!”, finding a solution for myself, which no matter how hard I tried, it did not occur to me. Today on the pages of my favorite magazine I will tell you how to make a wood routing cutter with your hands and with your head. And even so that it does not spend anything. Or practically nothing.

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  • Cutting depth adjustment should be set on all models of the tool, as it is possible to use a wood router with high accuracy only with the help of this detail. The regulator must have a scale with marks, and the more accurately you can set the depth, the better the quality of the cut will be. Most often these graduations are in millimeters, but can also be in inches. The most accurate products can change the plunging depth by 0.1 mm. Can be equipped with a special screw for easier change. This part is usually made in the form of a rod that the milling cutter rests on the workpiece when it reaches the desired depth.
  • the unit in which the cutters are installed must be interchangeable, and most often has a collet chuck. There must be a button on the body to block the movement of the spindle. It is needed for safe nozzle changes. On large mechanisms, the maximum size of the node provides for installation of 12 mm of the cutter, and on small ones. up to 6 mm. Also for some models it is possible to replace the collet with a larger diameter for a smaller one. But if there is no RPM regulator on the device, using a small cutter when going over the speed limit can cause tool breakage.
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There are additional features that can improve the quality of the cut, as it will be more convenient and safer to work with the cutter:

  • The starter lock mechanism can help relieve the constant pressure on the hand. This is so that you don’t have to hold the button all the time during operation.
  • The accidental start safety feature is usually made in the form of a fuse button on the body of the device. It is needed to lock the trigger if there is a possibility of accidental pressing of the starter.

Technical characteristics of a handheld wood router

Price when buying a hand router for wood is not a determining factor. Much more important are the technical features of the device. It is from them that the possibility of achieving the desired result will depend.

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Engine power affects the size of the device and cutter

Engine output

The main parameter that determines the operation of the device is the motor power. On this indicator depends on the diameter and length of the cutter, which you can buy for a hand router on wood, as well as the time of continuous operation. According to this indicator all presented models can be divided into three categories:

  • Light-weight up to 750 watt and 2-3 kg in weight;
  • medium, with indicators 3-5 kg and 1500 W respectively;
  • Heavy ones with power up to 2300 W and weighing more than 6 kg.

For your information! Don’t think that getting a more expensive and powerful router will be the solution to all problems. This will only lead to the fact that the buyer will get a device with increased size and weight.

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Precise work requires adjustment of the rotational speed

Spindle Speed

Even people who are not familiar with technology can understand this characteristic. The higher this indicator, the better the quality of the final result of processing. But if high accuracy is required, a reduction in spindle speed is required.

Note! It is very important to be able to adjust the parameter when machining plastic, because too high speed leads to overheating and melting of the material.

Since the speed depends on the diameter of the wood cutter for hand router, choose from a catalog of presented models of devices should be those that have the ability to change this indicator. Usually allowed up to 8 positions, and the change in rotation itself can occur in steps or smoothly.

The cutting depth can be set with a special depth adjustment bolt

Working stroke of the cutter

It is the value that represents the maximum possible plunge depth of the cutter. The light-weight devices for home use are characterized by values in the range from 20 to 50 mm, the professional models have a stroke of up to 80 mm.

Additional options

In addition to the key features that determine the quality of machining, there are additional options that serve to improve comfort and safety.

  • Constant electronics. System that allows you to maintain speed when the density of the workpiece increases and the load increases. Since this is only found in industrial environments, this option is available for professional models.
  • Soft start. A feature that ensures a gradual increase in speed, which increases the life of the appliance because frequent overloading is avoided.
  • The protection system. An option that is needed to prevent the motor from stalling. The system activates when the temperature rises.
  • Accidental start protection. Some models are equipped with a second button, which must be pressed together with the main button, otherwise the device simply will not turn on.
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The presence of two keys that must be pressed simultaneously is a reliable protection against accidental start-up

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