What blades are suitable for Zubr saws?

Types and characteristics of blades for sabre saws

Electric sabre saws are used in construction and finishing work on cutting and making the necessary openings in various materials. Design features of the sabre saw allow it to cut ledges flush to the wall. These saws are lightweight and easy to use.

How to choose a blade for a sabre saw

Sabre saw blades are a narrow plate with a cutting part and sharpened teeth. They are made, as a rule, from different kinds of metal and especially high-strength steel alloys. The type of blade is considered the most important criterion for determining the quality of the sabre saws, which affects the life of the tool as a whole.

ProfiDom journalists.com.At ProfiDom.ua we learned how to choose the right band saw blade and what criteria to follow when choosing a blade.

Best sabre saw | TOP 12 Rating Reviews

Choosing a sabre saw for home: the criteria and basic parameters. Popular models. The best sabre saws in 2020 according to customer reviews.

Sabre saw. indispensable tool for construction and repair work. With its help you can effortlessly cut a variety of materials, ranging from wood to metal pipes. The rating includes the best sabre saws from well-known brands, which are suitable for both professionals and beginners.

A man should always have a set of tools in the house. And the more versatile they are, the better. Today we will tell you about the best sabre saws of 2022, with which you can cut tree branches, beams, saw boards, bricks, steel reinforcement, make openings in wooden walls and even cut frozen meat (or not so frozen, remember “Scarface”).

Zubr ZPS-850E saber saw, “MASTER” series

Acquisition of a saber saw Zubr ZPS-850E came from the need to perform a relatively large amount of wood sawing in the home. You wouldn’t have the strength to saw that much by hand. I had no experience with sabre saws before, so I chose something simpler, but with sufficient power and reliability characteristics. the weight was important, in this case 2.8 kg, because less fatigue when using it for different purposes. Power of 850 watt turned out to be quite normal for domestic purposes, the lack is not noticed. The maximum thickness of processing for wood is 150 mm, for metal 12 mm, the 5-year warranty from the manufacturer. It all seemed attractive, the purchase looked good.

Supplied in a cardboard box, the package is minimal, only the hacksaw and the instruction manual, in a plastic bag.

Power cord is 3 meters long, fairly long, elastic. Standard 220 volts, 50 Hz. The tool body is made of plastic, and there are rubber inserts on the handle. Separate rubberized handle, for a better grip.

Combination v. General Purpose, Which Table Saw Blade Is Right For You?

The speed is controlled smoothly, there is a wheel to set the desired value and pointers.

The handle is rotatable, it has a red lock, by sliding which you can change the angle of 90 degrees to both sides. The function is useful, sometimes it is convenient.

Hacksaw blade chuck has a standard fixture, the instructions have a detailed description of the sequence of operations. Permissible blade thickness up to 1.5 mm.

Thanks to the possibility of changing blades, the list of materials to be processed is quite wide. There are blades for metal, wood and plastic, aerated concrete with different characteristics and use options, the choice is quite large. Additionally there is an adjustable stop with a lever that can be adjusted as required. The stroke of the blade is 28 mm.

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In use the tool has proven to be quite confident for this class of device, there is no lack of power. Sawed the branches up to 100 mm in thickness, the corresponding blade of the same brand, pretty fast, the vibration is minimal when used properly. This type of tool requires a good supporting stiffness. Heating of the housing is not high, after half an hour of work in the summer time, there is good ventilation, but the manufacturer recommends making breaks to avoid overheating.

The disadvantages of this model can be attributed to the peculiarities of the price category of the product. This includes less wear and tear parts, for example the rubberized parts are easy to scratch, the material is somewhat soft, gentle use is required. The rotary handle is a little loose, not critical, it was not a problem. Taking into account the price, the warranty from the manufacturer, the complaints are almost irrelevant. Blades are not included. Certainly, it takes some skill to work with a power tool of this kind, there are rules of use, limitations.

Despite the fact that the Zubr ZPS- 850 E model is the most inexpensive in the line, with its pros and cons, the impression is quite positive. Significantly increased productivity compared to manual work, with proper use, the quality of the result at a good level. Less fatigue in various activities related to the processing of lumber. Affordable service, 5 year warranty, hope it’s a great choice.

Review: Zubr ZPS-850 E chain saw. A good helper will not let you sweat at the cottage

Sawing something in the vegetable garden. it’s one of the hardest tasks for me. At the global volume, I ask relatives and friends to do it with a chainsaw. But I can’t take pride in bowing down every time. And if something minor comes up, then it’s inconvenient to ask.

All years have made do with hand saws, but they are uncomfortable and unproductive. I really wanted to buy a tool for sawing, but one that was not heavy, easy to operate, of course inexpensive. I immediately ruled out the chainsaw option. Power saws require maintenance, lubrication. I read the reviews. Too much hassle with them, and the weight is still a bit heavy. I have a son growing up, I teach him a little to work with tools. “Couch experts” advised to work with a simple electric jigsaw, circular saw. I have it all, but it seemed to me just a mock version.

The search for an ideal alligator saw came to a dead end. For several years I have not found a way out of the situation. I drew in my head what I wanted to see in the store. And, while surfing on forums and sites I found a mention of an alligator saw. Here it is! Eureka! As I saw the price, then bidding farewell to the idea of getting a gizmo. I even do not remember how, but I found a simple variant of such a saw. It turned out to be a saber saw.

Since I work in a construction store, in the spring I went to the departments to get acquainted with and range. Different brands, prices, weight, power again stumped me. Sifted out the professional and super-budget options. I called my “sofa expert” and he chose the best option out of the remaining models, evaluating the parameters “price, features, brand. Bought “Zubr” in the “220 Volt” department. Especially the fat bun with sugar was very satisfying. 5 years warranty, but subject to registration on the site of me as a future consumer. Other manufacturers’ tools in the same price range had only a 1-year warranty.

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There are spare brushes for the motor in the box. The saw is delivered without a saw blade, and it is up to the consumer to choose it. You just need to know what type of shank fits the tool. The consultants will show you samples and can offer you something from the assortment of the department. I was offered a choice of files in the same department. I voiced my concerns, the choice of options narrowed, and took the most inexpensive Hammer Flex 225-002. But in general, saws come in different lengths, blade widths, and with different teeth.

The manual is printed at once for all models manufactured by the factory. They differ in power, which is encoded in the model name. The numbers stand for power. The letter “E”. electric. You can see from the table that the saw can cut even metal, if I use an appropriate saw blade.

This saw model has a handle that can rotate 90 degrees to the right and left. To do this, pull back the red slider, rotate it, and put it back in place. The position is locked. In the accompanying video I have tried to show this in practice. Very good for hard-to-reach places. You can always choose a comfortable position so you don’t injure the tree or bush.

The saw blade is locked in the quick-action chuck. Once installed, be sure to check how firmly it locks into place. just try to get it out. The frequency of the saw’s stroke depends on how hard the switch is pressed. If you work at slow speed, you get a cleaner cut. It is recommended to cut plywood, chipboard, metal with a slow travel speed.

Easier to saw wood on the sawhorse. Adjust the plunge-cutting saw stop so that you are comfortable to work with and the drill doesn’t shake. You can hold the log with your foot and use both hands to hold the saw or have someone else help you. My son and I were sawing several thin tree trunks at the same time. A few seconds. And you are ready to use the wood for one fireplace. That leaves me to put them away to dry until next year.

After sawing, the cut is not perfectly clean. So it will be, because I chose a saw for a quick cut. This saw blade has been in my service for a year now. If you use the tool for joinery, I advise to choose a blade with a “clean cut”.

I also did fall pruning, and instead of varnish, I used acrylic putty from the Collection to protect the cuts. We are going to uproot old currants. And it is convenient to do it when there are no branches, at the shrub they are spread in all directions. In about 10 seconds I completely sawed off the whole thing at the root. It is very good to destroy gooseberries this way, since the branches are incredibly prickly. One person can bend them with a pitchfork or shovel, and another person can cut them with a saber saw.In about half a minute, I chopped up an apple tree branch with one hand into a brush that would fit in the stove.

Rose growers know that some rose varieties need to be rejuvenated. That is, cut out the old branches. This is difficult to do, even with a very fine electric sabre saw. The branches are prickly, growing closely together. And the saber saw coped with the task easily, and it became neat, the stumps do not stick out.

The tool does not have any special maintenance requirements. Manufacturer recommends periodic replacement of graphite brushes in the electric motor. The basic product warranty is 3 years. When you register on the manufacturer’s website and only for domestic (not professional) use, the warranty increases to 5 years.

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Saw blade fastening device on electric sabre saws

Fixation of saws in the electric hacksaw is made by means of a special clamping mechanism, in which the shank of the blade is inserted. This mechanism can be implemented as a quick-change chuck that does not require a wrench when changing saw blades. There are other locks that require a key. Of course, the first option is much more convenient, especially if the saws on the saber saw have to be changed often.

Many saw blade mounts on electric hacksaws have unified saw blade shanks. In such cases it is not difficult to choose and replace the saw blade. But there are also situations when only hacksaw blades of the same manufacturer are suitable for the clamping lock in a certain sabre saw model.

Advantages and disadvantages of the sabre saw in use

Aerated concrete is a strong material, it can not be taken by any blade. Saws with Pobedite inserts on teeth should be selected for successful sawing.

It is possible to use the usual, which have already become traditional mechanisms. a saw with band or chain blades. However, you will immediately encounter the fact that these units are bulky and heavy. In addition you often have to change blades while working.

Opinion of the expert Vitaly Kudryashov builder, novice author

No problems with the choice of tool in fact. The way out has been found a long time ago. Twenty years of experience in the construction of aerated concrete houses has proven that there is no better tool for aerated concrete than the sabre saw.

The main advantages, which you will immediately feel when using a saber saw, are the following:

  • The ability to work continuously for a long time;
  • Getting perfectly even, straight cuts;
  • Durability of the tool. low saw blade wear;
  • high performance.

The mechanism has a mass of advantages that other similar tools do not have:

  • Versatility: thanks to interchangeable blades, the saw can handle any material from wood to reinforced concrete;
  • Safe: the reciprocating motion virtually eliminates the possibility of injury
  • High cutting speed;
  • Easy access. the ability to carry out cutting in angular recesses, in s, inside the masonry;
  • Reliability: the mechanism is perfected, the manufacturers have long ago taken into account all the difficulties of using the tool and eliminated the reasons for complaints.

Most electric sabre saws are designed for making straight cuts. However, there is a category of narrow blades. With them, you can cut parts of different configurations and even make through or half holes.

The electric sabre saw: choose the tool wisely

The electric sabre saw. an indispensable helper during demolition work. It cuts wood and metal, rebar, plastic and stone equally well. Unlike its closest “brothers”, chain saws and jigsaws, the electric hacksaw does not need a fulcrum or table to operate. All work can be carried out in a suspended position, and the angle of the saw can be varied. The tool can reach the narrowest and most inaccessible places. Today in our review we will study different variations of electric saws, consider their main characteristics and determine the best models of hand tools based on the reviews of real users.

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