What belt for the Neva MB 2 single axle tractor

Features of drive belts replacement

When tensioning the fixture, follow the algorithm:

  • Remove the protective cover;
  • unscrew the guide pulley;
  • Remove the running V-belt by first loosening the ties;
  • Install the new product.

All further steps to assemble in reverse order, and when tensioning the belt itself, leave a gap of at least 3 mm between the rubber and the fixture. If one element is worn out, but the other is in normal condition, you need to replace both.

The installation of a second element will ensure the longevity of the new product.

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What does replacing the engine on the Neva MB1 or MB2?

Replace the engine on the motor block can be not only on the model of the brand with which it was delivered, but also another, for example, more or less power. This raises the question of which engine to choose for the Neva power tiller? The first models of Neva motobloks in the initial configuration were produced with the engine from the Russian manufacturer type DM-1K. At the moment, the new motor blocks Neva can be supplied with foreign-made engines Robin-Subaru, BriggsStratton, Honda, etc.д.

Заменил ремень на мотоблоке Нева мб 23 идет 1280 ремень, 1180 короткий и не подходит

Replacement of the engine for the Neva motorblock by an imported one will make its life longer, but such engines are much more expensive than domestic ones. So if you have to do the replacement of the engine on the motor-block Neva, you need to know. these motors are durable, hard-wearing, but expensive. It is necessary to know what are the alternatives to Japanese-made products. It is also necessary to consider whether the replacement will be done by hand or at the service station.

belt, neva, single, axle

Loader wheels

Soilers are a modified group of wheels that do not have tires and chambers.

The main purpose. to work in the fields (the key value is the performance of traction with the ground).

These refer to steel discs with special outer inserts, which provide significant assistance when driving.

Kum 680 wheels for ploughing

A distinctive feature is the presence of:

Dimensions of the wheels of the Neva motoblock of this modification:

Installation is carried out on the gearbox shaft. no additional connections are provided.

Kum 540 universal wheels for tillage

The distinguishing feature from the 680 model is not a solid rim, but the presence of only the side. inside it is full. In addition, the spikes are not inclined to one side, but have a V-shape.

When driving into the ground, the grip is not only made by the spikes, but also by the rim itself, thus achieving maximum effect.

Important! For installation it is necessary to buy an extension cord, because the standard version does not have any fasteners. only holes up to 65 cm in diameter.

Kum 540 universal wheels with long hub

KUM 540 is often used for ploughing, but the sleeve is already fitted. connected directly to the gearbox shaft.

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Additional feature is the width of the wheel, which can be up to 68 cm.

  • Number of spikes. 2 pcs.;
  • wheel diameter by spikes 540 mm, by hoop 460 mm. Width of studs. 90 mm;
  • Bushing diameter 30 mm.

Mounted on the gearbox shaft. Total weight not more than 13.5 kg.

H tines for ploughing

Of the features are the large diameter and width. Used when it is necessary to work on virgin soil or fields after winter downtime, when the surface is still hard and requires preparation.

To ensure the best passability of your equipment Installation is possible on the shaft of the Neva power tiller or on extensions. depending on the situation.

Track width for direct mounting: 40 cm; with extensions: 65 to 70 cm.

H mini grousers for ploughing

Tines for Neva cultivators are similar to the KUM model range.

Optimal for plowing.

Tillage tillers H with a long hub

Full identity with the considered model range. The only difference is the presence of an already installed bushing.

This modification has a fixed track size. 65 cm.

Mini H grousers for ploughing

Today they are one of the lightest models of the MINI H for ploughing. During ploughing, the soil is already prepared and not hard, so there is no need for a solid type.

The ring diameter is set at 28 cm and the working width for ploughing is 9 cm.

Designed for summer and winter operation.

Choice of belt models for power tillers

In order to correctly select this mechanism for your motoblock brand Neva, you need to comply with a number of recommendations that the manufacturer, as well as experienced owners of special equipment for agriculture. Let’s consider the main points you should pay attention to when selecting:

  • First of all, the length of the belt used is taken into account (depending on the model of equipment, this parameter may vary);
  • When choosing it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer (buying products of unknown brands is not recommended);
  • also when selecting pay attention to the cost (here we are talking about original spare parts, not analogues);
  • It is not recommended to choose too cheap models, since there is a probability of running into low-quality goods;
  • before buying, it is required to carefully study the number of the device, which was previously installed on the singleaxle tractor;
  • Purchase the same belt as was installed (the same length of the replaced and purchased belt);
  • you should not try to compare the tension of the two copies, because the old model stretches during operation;
  • experienced owners recommend using a second belt on a Neva single axle tractor from the manufacturer of wedge-shaped and cross-sectional.

There are several criteria for selecting a belt Despite all these conditions for selection, the owner of special equipment must first himself to understand the model of the mechanism used, and then decide for himself what replacement to pick up. Because the nature of the machine’s use means that there are different replacement parts for your power tiller.

It is important ! When selecting a mechanism that is responsible for the transmission of torque, you should not go to the first available spare parts store, because you can get into the sale of low-quality goods.

Care rules

You want your power tiller pulley to work for a long period of time? To do this, you must follow certain procedures.

  • Regularly check the strength of the attachment of the part on the engine so that the mechanism does not fail and does not loosen.
  • The idler pulley or drive pulley should be inspected before each use to clean the covers to protect the part from dirt and other foreign bodies.
  • Carry out self-diagnostics of the unit to avoid chips and cracks.
  • It is also necessary to follow the safety rules when working with the pulley for your motor-block.
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Regular procedures can save money on repairs and prolong the life of the unit.

Belt on Neva single axle tractor

Belt dimensions on a Neva single axle tractor information every owner of this equipment needs. Belt type, length, tension and regulation, V-belt transmission malfunction issues that we will try to deal with in this article.

While writing this article I faced an interesting fact: the information about the types and sizes of belts for Neva and other tractors is available on the web mostly from internet stores, that offer to buy their products. And very often there are mistakes.

Therefore, you need to be very careful when buying a belt, and be guided by the instruction manual of your power tiller. Data on this page is compiled from Red October catalogs and from the manual for power tillers.

There are a large number of modifications of Neva motor blocks. There are. there are different belt sizes for motor-block MB-2 with different engines (see lines 3 and 4 of the table below)

Table of belts for Neva power tillers and cultivators

Type of Neva motoblock Belt type
MB-1 old version A-1180 VN-T drive belt GOST 1284.1-80. GOST 1284.3-80 (front travel)Drive belt 0-1400T GOST 1284.1-80. GOST 1284.3-80 (reverse)
MB-1 А53 (1380)
MB-2 A-45 13×1143Li A1180Ld or A1180 GOST 1284.2-89
MB-2C-9.0 PRO А46.5 А (1213)
MB-3 A52 13×1320 Li A1350Ld
MB-23 A49 (data are different in different catalogs) A50 13×1270Li A1300Ld
MB Compact A47 (1200 Li A47 (1230 Prof A )
MK-80 A37 13940 Li A 970 Ld
MK-80P Z31 1/2 10x805Li Z825Ld
MK-100 A-100 GOST 1284.1-89
MK-200 А44

Table of pulleys and belts on motor blocks Neva MB 2

Modification engine Belt type
Model Ø of crankshaft
MB-2K-6,2 DM-1K (JSC Krasny Oktyabr-Neva) Ø25 A1180 GOST 1284.2-89 or A45 13×1143Li A1180Ld
MB-2K-7,5 DM-1K-7,5 (ZAO Krasny Oktyabr-Neva) Ø25
MB-2B-6,0 I/C 6,0 (BriggsStratton) Ø19
MB-2B-6,0 PRO Vanguard 6,0 (BriggsStratton) mod.117 Ø19
Vanguard 6,0 (BriggsStratton) mod.118
MB-2B-6,5 PRO Vanguard 6,5 (BriggsStratton Ø19
BB-2B-7,5 Vanguard 7,5 (BriggsStratton) mod.1384320190E1DD1001 Ø19
Vanguard 7,5 (BriggsStratton) mod.1384320162E1DD1001 Ø25,4
MB-2B-5,5M I/C 5.5 (BriggsStratton) Ø19
MB-2H-5,5 Honda GX200 Ø19
MB-2B-6.5 I/C 6.5 (BriggsStratton) Ø19
MB-2C-6,0 PRO EX17 (Robin SUBARU) Ø19
BB-2S-7,0 PRO EX21 (Robin SUBARU) Ø19
details about the types and sizes of belts, pulleys and ropes used for power tillers and other Neva modifications you can find here

Identification of V-belts

The V-belt transmission of MB 1 and MB 2 power tillers has the function of a transmission and clutch mechanism and ensures

transmission of torque from the engine crankshaft to the gearbox input shaft:

Disconnecting the motor from the gearbox during gearshifting and reconnecting them smoothly to prevent sudden load changes on the motor:

smooth starting and stopping of the power tiller without stopping the engine operation.

V-belt drives of MB 2 and MB motor blocks.Structurally different drives 1 Because they use different types of gear units

Possible malfunctions of the V-belt transmission

Type of failure Possible cause Remedy
Insufficient disengagement of the clutch Belt tension is higher than normal when the clutch lever is depressed Adjust the tension of the belt when the clutch lever is depressed to ensure that the deflection of the upper belt strand is within 8-10 mm when a force of 5 kGf is applied to its middle section between the pulleys.
Incomplete clutch engagement 1.Belt tension less than normal when the clutch lever is depressed 2.Belt separations 1. Same
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Checking and adjusting the belt tension on your Neva power tiller

Types of belts for Neva power tillers

There are three types of belts that are installed on your power tiller.

In order to accurately choose a drive belt for units of the Neva brand, it is best to use the table, which specifies the correspondence of parts to a particular model of power tiller.

This table will prompt you how to choose a belt to the Neva motoblock, based on the modification of the agricultural unit.

Belt replacement

After figuring out which drive belt is suitable for installation on a similar model of power tiller, you need to proceed directly to its replacement. To do this, the technician will need a standard set of tools, including a set of wrenches, as well as a new element to be installed.

It does not take long to install the belt

To avoid damaging important structural elements of the Neva motoblock when replacing it, you must carefully follow the instructions for carrying out the work. First remove the old belt if you haven’t done this before. The general order of work is the following manipulation:

  • Remove the belt by first detaching the guard.
  • Remove the spring, which is used to maintain the proper tensioning level.
  • Unscrew the fasteners and special stops by means of which the element is held on the pulley.
  • Make sure that the gearbox and motor shaft are in the same plane. Minor variances of no more than 0.01 centimeters are acceptable.
  • Adjust the pulleys by adjusting the position of the power unit longitudinally. It is also necessary to adjust the tensioning pulley until the required degree of tension is reached.
  • Install the new belt, starting from the gearbox.

It is extremely important to exercise caution when performing such work, since careless handling is fraught with element breakage and additional financial costs.

Be sure to read: Repair dimensions of crankshafts


The tensioning procedure deserves special consideration, which begins with cleaning the pulleys of dirt. After that you need to remove the fasteners that release the motor part and place the key on the adjustment bolt. Using it, it will be necessary to approximate or remove the motor part to the desired degree of tension.

After performing all the necessary procedures, it is highly recommended to make sure that there is no misalignment, which is not uncommon in machinery of this manufacturer. Before the test run of the engine, the adjusting nut should be loosened slightly to ensure the mobility of the installed product.

Driving belts for Neva motor-block: replacement, adjustment, types

The Neva MB-2 singleaxle tractor is an agricultural machine designed to work on a wide variety of soils, including previously uncultivated.

Available in different modifications with different types of engines:

The main works that can be performed on the Neva MB-2 power tiller are:

  • plowing the soil;
  • cultivation, milling;
  • irrigation (pumping station);
  • hobbling;
  • cleaning of territories from grass, snow, etc.д;
  • harvesting potatoes, onions, etc.д.

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