What battery-powered trimmer for grass is better?

On a limited budget, or if you buy a grass trimmer for the first time “for the test”, it is worth taking a closer look at the models from the first part of the rating. Their cost will not hit the wallet, and the models are quite successful in their niche, judging by customer reviews.

Makita DUR181RF

Portable cordless grass trimmer from Makita will be a great helper on the site. The download width is 26 cm. The blade speed can reach up to 7800 rpm.min. Powered by a rechargeable Li-lon battery, which is located at the bottom. Its voltage is 18V. Battery capacity is 3 Ah. Electric motor. The body of the grass trimmer is made of plastic. Height adjustable handle and D-shaped handle. Comes with 2 mm fishing line. Grass trimmer dimensions are 29.7x115x23.5 cm. Its weight is 2.6 kg.

Users note the telescopic boom and adjustable head, the rotation of which is 90 degrees, the difference from a number of other models.

Huter GET-18-2Li

Cordless portable grass trimmer with Li-lon electric motor. Battery voltage is 18V. Its capacity is 2 Ah. Cutting width reaches 28 cm. Knife rotates at 7000 rpm./min. The motor is located on the bottom of the grass trimmer. The handle height is adjustable and the handle folds up. Its shape is D-shaped. Grass trimmer shaft is straight. Comes with a 1.2 mm fishing line and a shoulder strap. The set also includes battery, charger, protective cover and fixing kit.

Users note the complete set and the telescopic boom as a priority among other trimmers.


A Li-lon battery operated hand-held grass trimmer. Battery voltage is 40 V. Its capacity is 2.5 Ah. The engine is located at the bottom of the grass trimmer. Cutting width up to 30 cm. The blade rotates at up to 7,500 rpm./min., there is no grass catcher box. Handle can be folded down and its height is adjustable. D-shaped handle shape. High quality plastic housing. Grass trimmer boom is straight. 2mm fishing line available. Includes battery charger and battery pack. Grass trimmer weight 4 kg.

Customers note the 90-degree rotation of the boom suitable for trimming lawn edges.


Handheld cordless trimmer will be a faithful helper in the yard. Grass trimmer body material. plastic. Li-lon electric motor. Voltage of 18V. Battery capacity is 1.5 Ah. Has 9000 rpm. The engine is located at the bottom of the grass trimmer. Cutting width up to 25 cm. Grass box is not included. Noise level 90 dB. D-folding handle, height adjustable. Straight boom. Comes with 1.6 mm fishing line. Grass trimmer weighs up to 3.5 kg.

Users notice the telescopic boom.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230 (0.600.8C1.A00)

Portable cordless trimmer for grass from the famous technology manufacturer Bosch. The grass trimmer runs on an electric battery. Type Li-lon. Battery voltage is 18 V. And its capacity reaches 2 Ah. Lower arrangement. Grass cutting width is 23 cm. No grass catcher box included. Height of handle is adjustable and folds down. The body is made of plastic. Grass trimmer rod is straight, collapsible. There is a fishing line of 1.6 mm. The weight of the grass trimmer is 2.1 kg.

The peculiarity of this model is the processing of the edges of the lawn by turning or pressing the handle. There is also a cutting head, which can be rotated 180 degrees.

How to choose?

Buying a cordless grass trimmer is a responsible and important process. In order to correctly choose the technique among the variety of models that the store offers, it is recommended to consider the following characteristics:

  • Brand. It is not recommended to buy cheap equipment of little-known brands. Such an attempt to save money can lead to the fact that in operation the device will quickly overheat or break down, resulting in increased repair costs.
  • Price. Cordless grass trimmers are more expensive than corded or gasoline counterparts. this is a fact. However, if you plan to use the device infrequently and for processing small or medium-sized areas, you can buy a variant of the budget price category. Additionally, it is worth noting that expensive battery models are equipped with a number of useful functions.
  • Type of battery. In this case, it is preferable to buy a grass trimmer of a well-known brand, to which it will be easy to pick up the battery in case of its failure. It is worth noting that it is this element that breaks down before the others.
  • Accessories. The trimmer must be supplied with a battery charger and a charger for organizing the work of the mower. Some manufacturers additionally enclose a removable battery, and expensive models are also equipped with interchangeable blades.
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Finally, you should pay attention to the weight of the device and the ergonomic handle. On these indicators depends on how comfortable it will be to use the trimmer after the purchase.

Cordless grass trimmers appeared long ago and have become a real breakthrough in the field of garden equipment. Over time, manufacturers have perfected the technical part, developed high-capacity batteries. now the units are not inferior to mains or gasoline batteries, neither in convenience nor in performance. In the rating from our editorial board a selection of the four best representatives in their class, which gathered a lot of positive feedback.

The advantages of battery technology is undeniable. they are more maneuverable, can be used in areas without power supply, or in remote corners of the garden. The constructional part has kept all the best. convenient, compact and acceptable weight.

To correctly decide which electric trimmer for the grass is better: cordless or networked, it is enough to assess the conditions of operation. For large areas are more suitable mains models, for remote from electricity. wireless.

Makita DUR181RF

battery-powered, trimmer, grass, better

Grass trimmer is equipped with 18-volt battery capacity of 3 A / h, which is enough for 20-30 minutes of continuous work under load. Fast charger fully charges it in about the same time, so there is no need for a replacement battery. The unit is fairly lightweight (weight 3 kg) and maneuverable, suitable for mowing grass, turf, design beds, paths. Well-fitting housing components of the cordless grass trimmer protect the engine from dust and foreign objects inside, increasing its service life. According to reviews, this is the best representative in its class, the Japanese brand has taken care of ergonomics and durability, and the reliability of grass trimmer is not inferior to competitors of domestic or European production.

  • charging level indication on the battery;
  • battery and charger included;
  • low noise level;
  • reliable design;
  • low weight;
  • length-adjustable boom.


High-speed cordless trimmer for grass is designed for maximum comfort of work in the garden. It has a 3-position adjustment of the mowing angle, the modern EasyEdge function for quick formation of the lawn edge. The height of folding handle and telescopic boom can be precisely adjusted to the operator’s height. Grass trimmer works from 18-volt battery ONE series, depending on the capacity, continuous operation time is 11-38 minutes.

The unit is highly appreciated by experienced garden equipment owners. it is convenient, the design is of high quality, all fasteners and adjustment units withstand long-term operation, there is no backlash. Separately, owners note the durable batteries for Ryobi trimmers, providing sufficient power and duration of mowing.

  • easy replacement of the line;
  • automatic spool;
  • adjustments for adjustment to the user;
  • durable fasteners;
  • Large selection of batteries with different capacities.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-26

The Bosch model is the best cordless grass trimmer in terms of price-performance ratio. A pleasant bonus is the complete set, which includes a universal 18 V Li-ion battery and a quick charger. the grass trimmer is lightweight and very maneuverable, suitable for women, the elderly. It is convenient to hold in hands, the position of the additional handle can be adjusted individually. Cutting element is a fishing line up to 1.6 mm, the cutting width of the grass is 26 cm. The unit is purchased for the formation of flower beds, paths, areas around buildings, buildings, fences. mowing angle is adjustable, there is a function of processing the edges of the lawn at an angle of 180 degrees. Some people call the rod non-dismountable, but the lack of additional connections only extends the service life of the tool.

  • The battery fits other Bosch tools;
  • Continuous work time on a single charge from 20 minutes;
  • small weight;
  • semi-automatic line feed;
  • low noise.

greenworks 2101507 GD40LT30

Technological trimmer electric for grass with battery for home use in a small garden or household plot. Like many well-known brands, the grasshopper is designed to operate with either 2 or 4 Ah battery packs, depending on usage. A full charge and a working time of 20 or 40 minutes respectively. As a cutting element of the grass trimmer is used removable bobbin with a line of 1.6 mm, this thickness is enough to cut fresh grass or small growth of tougher weeds. Despite its relatively high weight of 4.1 kg, the electric scythe is very easy to handle due to its excellent weight distribution and well thought-out design, thanks to which the model is confidently in the top of the best.

  • The collapsible shaft makes it easy to store and transport;
  • good ergonomics;
  • the mowing width is adjustable;
  • runtime;
  • accidental start protection.

best cordless trimmers

Grass trimmers have long replaced the ordinary lawn mower due to their convenience. They are available in several versions. cordless, petrol and battery-powered. The first ones are lightweight, but because of the permanently connected cable, they are not too mobile. Gasoline solutions, in turn, can be used anywhere for almost unlimited time (as long as there is enough fuel), but they are too heavy. For this reason, we decided to choose the best cordless grass trimmers for grass. Yes, the operating time of such equipment is very dependent on battery capacity and power. At the same time, the latter is usually not too high. But to maintain order on a small garden plot it will be enough, and thanks to the moderate weight even frail girls will cope with such models.

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Rating of the best models

Choosing a manual battery-powered mini mower, you should pay attention to the top models on the market. Not every small etheric trimmer for grass with a self-contained power system will meet the expectations of buyers. Among the models that have earned the trust of consumers, note the following.

  • Husqvarna 536LiLX. The lightweight, only 3 kg, powerful cordless top mounted trimmer with a cutting width of 40 cm. Model uses a fishing line as a cutting element, straight boom, D-shaped handle, easy to use for extended periods of work. Shoulder strap not included.
  • Makita DUR364LZ. Cordless grass trimmer with 5 Ah Li-ion battery, top mounted motor, shoulder strap and cutting width of 35 cm. Powerful technology with high output enables attachment for cutting brush or limbs. Comfortable D-handle with height-adjustable handle, weight 4.5 kg.
  • Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BSC. Grass trimmer with top-mounted motor, straight boom, shoulder strap. Comes without a battery, weighs 5.46 kg, regular battery is rated at 4 Ah. Cutting width up to 35 cm, the grass trimmer is suitable for use with loppers and brushcutters. Standard cutting element is a fishing line, cutting range of the blade is less than 24.5 cm.
  • Black Decker STC1820CM. Cordless grass trimmer with wheel base for easy mobility and safe use. Mowing width is 28 cm, with the help of such equipment can be processed up to 2500 m2 area. Battery has a capacity of 2 A / h, the cutting element is a fishing line, boom straight, height-adjustable. Features four wheel platform, bottom mounted motor, rear discharge.

The technology is equipped with a four-wheel platform, bottom-mounted motor, rear grass clippings.

  • Ryobi OBC 1820B. Lightweight cordless grass trimmer with 30 cm cutting width, top mounted engine. T-handle, straight boom, height adjustable. Includes shoulder strap, grass can be cut with a fishing line or knife. Weighs 4 kg.
  • DeWALT DCM571N-XJ. Compact cordless grass trimmer with extensive features and quite high performance. The model runs on a 3 Ah battery, has a cutting width of 38 cm, the bottom-mounted motor requires additional protection for the ventilation hole. Includes shoulder strap, fishing line, knife, pruner and brush cutter.

The grass trimmer comes without battery and charger.

  • Patriot TR 340XL. 4 kg cordless grass trimmer with straight cutter bar, 30 cm cutting width, bottom mounted motor. Battery capacity is designed for 2.5 Ah. There is a D-shaped handle that is adjustable in height, the model supports axial swivel to mow the edges of the lawn carpet.

Popular until recently trimmers for grass “ENCOR” AccuMaster series is discontinued and in spite of attractive technical characteristics and price can hardly be considered as a topical option for purchase.

How to choose a cordless grass trimmer for the grass

Cordless grass trimmer. the all-rounder for lawn mowing. Compared to electric mowers, it is more mobile: it does not need a socket, the wires do not limit the freedom of movement, the extension cord does not need to be pulled to a distant part of the garden. Comparing to lawn mowers it is more compact and maneuverable: it is convenient to work along fences and facades, between flower beds, under benches and in other hard-to-reach places.

Before buying a tool, it is better to get acquainted with its main characteristics. We’ll tell you all about them, and at the end we’ll give you a rating with a review of cordless trimmers.

Rating TOP-12 cordless trimmers for grass: review and characteristics of the best models 2020-2021

Analyzing all the participants in the rating, we can say with full confidence that each model, regardless of cost, will be a good help in the care of the land plot and will greatly facilitate it Choosing a helper, you should consider the weight of the device. The lighter models are suitable for women and the elderly, the heavier models can be operated by men.

  • If there is coarse vegetation on the site, it is worth looking at the Worx WG163E.2.
  • With its powerful STIHL FSA 65 engine, it will cut large areas very quickly.
  • Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-260 is equipped with 2 batteries, which can significantly increase the working time of the trimmer and work a large area at a time.
  • If you already have a battery and charger, the Makita DUR181Z or Husqvarna 115iL might work for you. The main thing to check the compatibility of the grass trimmer and battery beforehand.
  • Greenworks 1301507 is probably the heaviest of all presented models, but it is equipped with a special disk that allows you to cut weeds.
  • PATRIOT TR 235UES is the most budget of all trimmers, but in spite of this, it has good features and will help keep your lawn neat.

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How to choose a good option?

When choosing an electric grass trimmer for dacha, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • The area of the area to be treated.
  • Types of work required.
  • The presence of obstacles in the area of activity: rocks, buildings, etc.д.
  • Product weight. It is an important parameter and depends on the equipment and physical abilities of the person who will mow.
  • The required power and type of motor.
  • The need for interchangeable attachments.
  • Location of handles, their shape, strap and many others.
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As a rule, there is no ideal variant for everyone. To choose the best model for themselves, it is not superfluous to read reviews of options that suit all parameters. Consultation with experts in this area also does not hurt, and will simplify the choice.

The best cordless trimmers for grass on the choice of buyers

The following models are reasonably priced and of good quality, as evidenced by the positive feedback from owners. They are suitable for almost any area, and will help effortlessly bring the lawn near the house in order.

GARDENA EasyCut Li-18/23R

Grass trimmer battery has excellent battery life, allowing the owner to cut the grass even on large areas. LED indicator will let you know the battery level.

Best Battery-Powered String Trimmer Roundup | Hand-Tested for Performance & Value

Adjustable handle increases ease of use. Telescopic boom lets you adjust the length of the unit. You can mow effectively and comfortably under hard-to-access places like benches and bushes. All thanks to adjustable boom angle.

  • High capacity battery.
  • Adjustable handle and boom angle.
  • LED battery charge level indicator.
  • Robust plastic blades easily replaceable.
  • Wet grass clogs, so the owner will have to clean it manually.

Huter GET-18-2Li

Inexpensive cordless grass trimmer that is great even for tall grass. It makes little noise, so the gardener can concentrate better on the job at hand.

Lawn edges are easy to mow due to the 90° swivel head. The low weight reduces strain on the owner’s arms, so he or she will be less tired while mowing.

Champion TB400

Grass trimmer has an adjustable boom that allows the owner to adjust it to his height. Limiting clamp protects bushes from damage when mowing.

D-handle provides a firm and comfortable grip. The special hood prevents grass from flying out on the lawn. Lock-off switch helps prevent accidental starting.

  • Adjustable boom.
  • Limiting bracket.
  • Locking switch.
  • Cover that prevents flying grass from hitting the owner.
  • Does not include battery and charger.

Makita DUR181Z

An additional handle at the front with an adjustable angle allows for a stronger grip on the grass trimmer. The angle of the mowing head can also be changed.

Compact battery makes it more portable. A limiting clamp protects the reel from mechanical damage.

  • Battery charge indicator.
  • Low-noise.
  • Compact.
  • Wear-resistant.
  • Not powerful enough to cut hard grass.

Bosch EasyGrassCut 18-230

Even long mowing sessions won’t tire the homeowner out, since the grass trimmer is lightweight and well-balanced. That gives it excellent maneuverability. The owner does not even have to bend over to switch to mowing mode. All he needs to do is push the button on the top handle and turn the tool.

Semi-automatic spool feeds line when trigger is actuated. This saves the homeowner the trouble of manually adjusting the reel.

  • Low weight.
  • Maneuverable.
  • The line is fed by a semi-automatic system.
  • Quick switchover to cutting mode.
  • No belt.

Worx WG163E.2

The front limiter allows you to cut the grass without damaging ornamental plants. The grass trimmer has a telescopic shaft which can be changed in length.

A special filament feeding system by COMMAND FEED makes it easy to change the line. Handle releases the line with a button. So the owner does not need to disengage the grass trimmer or use tools to extend the cord.

  • Front stop to prevent ornamental plants from being cut.
  • Easy line replacement.
  • Telescopic boom.
  • The stop wheel makes it easy to mow along walls.
  • Little play in the adjustable handle.


This grass trimmer is comfortable to hold thanks to its rubberized grip, which guarantees a secure grip. If people with different heights have to work with the model, this will not be a problem, since its boom is adjustable in size.

Battery charge level is indicated by a charging indicator. Cutting blades and lines do not take long to change.

  • Restrictor arc to prevent damage to the mowing head.
  • Rubberized handle.
  • High power.
  • Small size.
  • Long battery life.

Greenworks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

Semi-professional cordless grass trimmer features a brushless motor. Low-maintenance, more reliable than a brush-type battery and as powerful as a combustion engine.

High-quality battery for long working hours on a single charge. Front handle for maximum operator comfort.


This cordless grass trimmer is designed for mowing grass in areas that do not exceed 200 square meters. м. The wheels make it easier to mow.

The boom is made of a sturdy aluminum profile and has a double clutch for easy adjustment. The rounded middle handle makes it possible to hold the tool without a belt, which makes it easier to cut the grass under trees.

  • The wheels for edging.
  • Comfortable middle handle.
  • Low noise level.
  • Easy to use.
  • Battery lasts about 30 minutes.

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