What are fishing lines for trimmers?

Top 10 best lines for trimmers: pros and cons, reviews

Grass trimmer is one of the most important and necessary things for every amateur gardener. It helps to maintain the site in a neat appearance. There are different types of devices on the market, but on which to stop your choice? The article will tell you how to choose the best fishing line for a grass trimmer to cut the grass quickly and efficiently, its features, proven manufacturers, advantages and disadvantages of their products. The article is accompanied by the rating of the best fishing line for trimmers according to experts and customer reviews.

Trimmer line for trimmers are classified according to these characteristics:

  • Thickness of the line. You can find out about the thickness from the technical data of the device itself. Each machine requires a line for the trimmer of a certain diameter. If the unit is electric, it will need 2 mm of thread. Gasoline grass trimmer should be filled with a line with a diameter of 2.4-3 mm.
  • Section shape. It is usually preferred to use lines with a circular cross section. It is affordable, in addition, it perfectly copes with fresh grass. The main disadvantage is the noise that comes from the working device. Manufacturers also produce trimmer fishing line with a square cross-section. Rectangular shape is seen far less often. Two-component twisted line for trimmer is produced, which is used for mowing dead wood. Its peculiarity is strength and resistance to rupture. The downside is the price.
  • The composition of the line. It can be used to determine the lifetime of the model. Often there is a line for the trimmer of nylon. It wears down gradually, effective at heavy loads. Coaxial line for trimmers is considered one of the strongest. It is difficult to cut with a knife, it makes minimum noise in the process. Used mainly by utility workers.

Which shape is better?

Don’t forget about the shape of the line, too: it influences its cost and efficiency. So, let’s talk about the basic shapes of the section:

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  • Circle. the most common, easy to make and therefore cheap line for trimmer. Perfect for mowing thin, young grass. However, it makes a lot of noise when working, which is unlikely to please both the grass trimmer user and those around him. As a result, manufacturers have released a round line for the trimmer with a twisted section. it is a little more expensive, mowing is noticeably quieter, but consumes faster.
  • Polygon or square is more efficient than round. Thanks to its sharp corners, even quite thick grass will be cut in no time. A square trimmer line is a little more expensive than a round line, thus being a good compromise between cost, comfort and efficiency.
  • A twisted square or star-shaped cutter boasts the highest mowing speed, and even dry or hard grass is not a problem. the sharp edges can easily dispose of it. Noise level is comparatively low, but the cost of such a line is the highest. This discourages some potential buyers. In fact, the “star” is well worth its cost when mowing tough grass, saving a lot of time for the user.
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In addition, you can see on sale a line for the trimmer of different cross-section, but with special serrations. They increase efficiency, but at the same time they increase the cost of the material.

As you can see, it’s quite easy to understand the cross section. After remembering these simple rules, you will surely easily decide what kind of line for the grass trimmer will be the best choice for you.

What line to use?

Note that the nozzle can have at least nine different diameters:

Sometimes you may come across Chinese “nooneymov” nozzles, the thickness of which “floats” between the standard indicators. What is the best line for grass trimmer?? Much depends on the power of the machine. Here are the average figures for matching the power of the grass brush and the diameter of the bait:

  • From 1.3 to 1.6 mm. suitable for electric devices up to 500 watts. This line is ideal for grass growth, lawns and small weeds.
  • 2. 2.4 mm. electric and gasoline grass trimmers from 500 to 1000 watts will work with them. Both sparse and dense vegetation, as well as weeds like burdock, nettles, etc., can be mowed with this string.
  • 2,7. 4 mm. designed for petrol brushcutters with power from 1000 watts and above. Even dry grass, brushwood, and bushes can be cut with these attachments. Note that a 4 mm diameter trimmer line is very rarely used and is designed for very powerful chain saws, which consumers usually do not buy for home.

It is worth noting that a thin string, such as 1.6 mm, cannot be put on a grass trimmer of 1000 watts or more, as it will be consumed very quickly and you will not get the desired result.

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Also note that starting from a thickness of 2mm, the head may have a core. a steel wire inside the nylon cord. Such a core increases the strength and durability of the cord. Steel wire also cuts through thick stems and dense weeds better. The most common core is equipped with a solid and twisted circle as well as a solid and twisted square (twist). Here’s an example of a twisted two-piece cord. Denzel Extra Cord.

Which manufacturers are trustworthy??

In our opinion, we’ve selected five manufacturers that we’ve used ourselves and that users recommend:

  • Bosch. One of the best manufacturers of blade discs for trimmers. Generally speaking, it is the paddle discs that are more common among the products than the toothed ones. This is probably due to the fact that most of mowing equipment has low power. Some models have the ability to change just one blade without replacing the entire disc.
  • Husqvarna. There are all kinds of discs for thick grass and bushes, for cutting brushwood, and for making hay. Top quality discs. The price is a little steep, though.
  • STIHL. There are a lot of blades and serrated blades. Blades are made of high-quality steel, they will not blunt for a long time, even in contact with the ground or hard objects. Cost about the same as Husqvarna.
  • Rezer. The company makes a lot of discs for cutting brush and shrubs up to 60 mm thick. But from the disks of this brand it is better to take the toothed ones with 40 teeth and more, otherwise the grass will get wrapped around the nozzle.
  • Champion. Here are some good reasonably priced blades. If there is no possibility (or desire) to pay more, but you want a normal disc that will not die from the first stone, the nozzles of Champion is a great option.

What brushcutter blades do you use?? Share your own experience in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев?

Diameter of lines

When choosing a grass trimmer, it is important to choose the right diameter of line/string/cord, which directly depends on the power of the device. For example, for models with power up to 500W the thickness of no more than 1.6 mm is recommended, for trimmers with a motor up to 1000W. 2-2.5 mm, and with high power. up to 3.5 mm. There is also a thicker line for trimmers, but it is used very rarely and only on powerful (not household) trimmers.

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Incorrectly sized line diameters that are too small can lead to poor cutting performance. Due to the grass trimmer’s high rotational speed (power), the line will be used quickly. A mistake in a larger direction can cause more fatal consequences: the load on the motor will increase, and the device may fail.

The main mistakes when choosing a fishing line

The main mistake of trimmer line buyers is to destroy the packaging. It tells you what kind of tool you are using it with. This can cause problems:

Fishing LINE Types 101 | When to Use Mono, Fluoro, or Braid

  • Choosing a line that does not match the power of the grass trimmer’s engine. Improperly sized cords lead to cords wearing out or overloading the machine.
  • Incorrect diameter selected. The opening in the trimmer, through which the string is passed, has a different width. So if you buy the wrong line for your trimmer, you simply won’t be able to tuck it into the machine.
  • Improper selection of the cross-sectional shape. You need a different line to suit different cutting conditions. If they are not shaped as required, the quality of cut will suffer and the life span of the trimmer will be reduced.

For cultivated lawns with soft grass, you should not use a line for the grass trimmer with a twisted, multifaceted or shaped section form. Such lines can easily cope with cutting, but the costs in this case are unjustified, as there is a round cord, which is cheaper and perfectly mows fresh grass cover.

Oregon line for grass trimmer

Manual line feed

Manual. the name implies that the line for the trimmer will have to be extended by hand every time. Let’s make it clear that the device must be turned off during this operation. Which makes sense in principle. Pros: this type of spool is recognized as the most reliable. the line for the trimmer is consumed evenly, no unnecessary loads on the grass trimmer device, a budget version of the spool. Disadvantages: labor-intensive manual cord lengthening.

What is the difference between grass trimmer lines of different thickness?

In addition to the cross-sectional shape, lines also vary in diameter. Their standard sizes range from 1.2 to 4 mm. The choice of line directly depends on the work you will be doing on your property. the more vegetation you need to mow, the thicker the string should be. But it must be remembered that you should not exceed the diameter of the fishing line recommended by the manufacturer, otherwise you can damage the tool itself.

Experienced gardeners say that with the right choice of fishing line, the time of work on the plot can be reduced by almost a quarter.

The thickness of lines for grass trimmer should be selected, based on the power of the equipment. For example, a line of 2 mm diameter is good for a 1 kW tool, but a line of 1.6 mm is good for a 500 kW tool. Here are the approximate characteristics of Greenworks trimmers in relation to the diameter of the line and purpose, based on their power:

  • In the cordless trimmer line of 24V is used trimmer blade diameter of 1.65 mm. For them, a trimmer line 29627 1.65 mm is ideal. These grass trimmers are used for leveling well-maintained lawns.
  • 40V line grass trimmers are divided into two groups, depending on the type of motor. For trimmers with a brushless motor, which will cope with the care of neglected lawn, the line for trimmer 2905407 with a diameter of 2 mm, and for devices with a brush motor. a line for trimmer Greenworks 1.60mm 29187.
  • Thicker strings with a diameter of 2.4 to 3.2 mm are mainly used in gasoline-powered tools.
  • Trimmer strings thicker than 3.2 mm in diameter are used infrequently, mainly on some types of powerful petrol mowers.
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Rating of the best grass trimmer line manufacturers

The market is filled with a huge number of proposals, but only some manufacturers have earned a good reputation and trust of buyers.


This model is used when working with trimmers. Its main features are its durability, high resistance to wear and its performance. Thanks to the sawtooth profile, the trimmer line does not make too much noise during work.

  • The trimmer line is excellent for trimming weeds;
  • is soft and resilient;
  • Available in several diameters from 1.6 to 3 mm;
  • reasonable price.

This model is used in trimmers that run on gasoline and electricity.

It is made of high quality nylon with a serrated-square cross-section. The main feature is its high wear resistance. Comes in a set of 50. Each arm is 30 cm long and has a diameter of 3 mm.

This model is recommended for high-powered trimmers. It can easily handle tough grass, dense weeds and young bushes.

With core

Denzel Extra Cord is used to control weeds, young growth of bushes, mowing tough and dense grass by means of motor and electrokoshas. The string is made from a two-part material: The core is a highly stable synthetic compound and the outer layer is high quality nylon. Cords are tough and resistant to wear and tear. Compared to ordinary fishing line, Denzel Extra Cord has a 40% longer service life.

DUAL-CUT Rezer is used when working with trimmers. “Cord is a cutting element that is installed in the brushcutter head and differs in shape and diameter. Important for different applications: correct selection of stringline thickness and diameter. This will significantly reduce wear and tear and increase mowing speed. The line for the trimmer, which has a square cross-section, is durable and long-lasting. It is used for cutting deep-rooted weeds and thorns. The string has a high tensile strength, long service life and is made of 2 types of raw materials. the core and outer layer.

DUAL-CUT Rezer. for craftsmen. It combines several positive qualities. durability and significant resource. Because the manufacturer combined the two materials, the string has an important quality for professionals. a high tensile strength.

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