Weeder with my own hands from a chainsaw. What can be made of a chainsaw

Making a single axle tractor with their own hands, from a chainsaw description, photo, video

Among home craftsmen, a chainsaw is very popular. It can be used as a universal drive to make a single-axle tractor with their own hands from a chainsaw. Solid power and low weight are well matched by its compact size. This makes it possible to attach the chainsaw to a bicycle, a winch, an ice pick, a sawmill and a power tiller.

hands, chainsaw, made

Everyone can make interesting self-made structures from a chainsaw with his own hands. This will require a knowledge of the basics of drawing and design, as the main conditions for the normal operation of the unit, is the quality of the assembly and the accuracy of all dimensions.

hands, chainsaw, made

Work on the auger and features of the process

Home-made ice drill is not without an auger. To carry out the next stage, it is necessary to apply a thick-walled tube borrowed from the former shock absorber of the car luggage compartment. Shock absorber should be attached mechanically to the body with two screws. It is also necessary to work on the adapter, which will lead from the reducer to the auger. For its manufacture, you can use a pipe, from which you need to cut a 15 cm long piece. After that, the rings are welded on the segment. Also the adapter should be carefully reworked by the user, for example with a lathe.

How to make a winch and a chain saw with your own hands

DIYs from the “Ural” often help in construction as well. For example, when erecting buildings from solid wood, you have to split the logs into logs. Sawmill from a “Ural” gasoline saw makes it possible to perform this action as quickly and accurately as possible, preserving the accuracy of the cut. The main advantage. no need to perform any complex modifications. The device just needs to be securely fastened in a homemade frame, which can be made from metal angles or profile pipes. A log for processing is then already laid on the prepared guide rails.

Scheme of making a sawmill from a chainsaw with your own hands.

To create drawings of a sawmill from a chainsaw with their own hands is not necessary, because a large number of ideas are available online, suitable even for a person without experience.

Safe use of the structure is ensured by the fact that you do not need to move the log by yourself. For this, the saw is mounted on a carriage with a saw, which is positioned at the desired height, depending on the thickness of the log. Once the winch is activated, the frame is moved accurately and the cut is precise and straight. You can operate the device not only for a solid beam, but also for sawing boards, in order to prepare firewood.

Also, you can use a winch to pull out a jammed car or a boat out of the water! Always be prepared for the large amount of sawdust that will be produced in the process of work, as a chain of considerable thickness is used for sawing.

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Homemade winch will also be a good assistant in construction, because with its help it is easy to lift loads to a height, to move the cut wood. In addition, using the winch, it will be possible to pull out a jammed car or pull a boat out of the water to the shore. Efficiency of operation will depend on the gear ratio, in some models the figure can be up to 1.5 tons.

Sawmill from a chainsaw will allow you to quickly and easily turn logs into a bar.

To make the device convenient to use, it will be necessary to make a strong frame, using welding work. On the frame should be firmly fixed motor, gearbox and drum with a braking system. To fix the frame on the body, you should provide holes and eyelets, through which you can install the device on any surface.

Pros and cons of homemade construction

After analyzing the results of this self-made machine, based on feedback from owners, video operation, we can conclude that the design is effective. With a competent approach, the single-axle tractor with an engine from “Druzhba” is not much inferior to its factory counterparts in terms of performance.

The main advantage of self-made, of course, is the saving of money. Find the necessary parts and materials, you can just dig in your garage or shed, or buy for a small amount of money.

Also among the advantages of the homemade unit can be noted:

  • Sufficient power of the resulting machine. up to 4 liters.с.;
  • compactness, small dimensions of the power tiller;
  • Small weight, maneuverability, mobility;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • The engine of “Druzhba” is not fastidious in terms of choice of fuel and lubricants;
  • The single-axle tractor is capable of performing a variety of operations.

The engine used in chainsaws, especially in the Soviet “Druzhba” is durable and can withstand prolonged use.

The main disadvantage of a homemade power tiller from the “Druzhba” chain saw is that with any design you can not get a real single-axle tractor. The power of the walking tractor is enough to work areas with good soil. There are also limitations in carrying out operations. The tool does not have the full range of attachments found on a factory-made block.

Advantages and disadvantages of a homemade tractor

Having analyzed the results of this self-made device, based on the reviews of the owners, the video of operation, it can be concluded that the design is effective. With a competent approach the single-axle tractor with the engine from “Druzhba” is not much inferior to its factory counterparts by its characteristics.

The main advantage of self-made, of course, is saving money. To find the necessary parts and materials can be found by simply rummaging around in your garage or shed, or you can buy for a small amount of money.

Also among the advantages of the homemade unit can be noted:

  • sufficient power of the obtained unit. up to 4 liters.с.;
  • compactness, small dimensions of a power tiller;
  • low weight, maneuverability, mobility;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants
  • The engine of the “Druzhba” is not fastidious in terms of choice of fuel and lubricants;
  • a single-axle tractor is capable of performing various operations.

The main disadvantage of a homemade motoblock from a Druzhba chainsaw is that with any design you can not get a real single-axle tractor. The power of a walking tractor is enough to work areas with good soil. There are also restrictions on the operations. Using the full arsenal of attachments on the factory tractor, most likely, will not work.

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A single axle tractor from a chainsaw. making it with your own hands, instructions

It is hard not to agree that power tillers have no rivals in functionality. Technical equipment and versatility allows to use them all year round. Attachments, including a trailer, seed drill, plow, snow shovel, potato harvester, etc. allow you to combine a dozen of units in one device, thereby saving the household budget.

But even the purchase of a medium-class power tiller is not cheap. When there is no such a possibility, there are two ways out. either to take on their shoulders all the gardening cares, or make it with their own hands from improvised materials. and more farmers in our country are inclined to the second option, the nuances of which will be discussed below.

Self-made single-axle tractor: chooses the power plant

The central question that everyone who has decided to make such a self-made tractor will have to resolve will concern its propulsion part. It will depend on it, “will hold” the future single axle tractor assigned to it loads or not.

In this case, there may be several options:

  • The old engine from a motorcycle, moped, scooter or even a car, which is not always available at hand in good condition, and buying a new one can pull enormous investments;
  • Motor from professional trimmers;
  • the engine component from a high-performance chainsaw.

Each of them can become a good basis for a power tiller, but the most famous way is the one based on the use of a chainsaw.

The unconditional advantages of this method are considered:

  • High power, reaching in some models up to 10 liters.с.;
  • Lightness. a small weight will not weigh the single-axle tractor and adds to its maneuverability;
  • compact dimensions. a small motor does not need a reinforced frame, which reduces the material costs of its production;
  • economical consumption of fuel and lubricants;
  • endurance, which is determined by readiness to work for many hours.

With the right choice of power plant for a homemade power tiller, it functions no worse than its factory counterparts.

How to make a single-axle tractor from a chainsaw with your own hands: several design options

a single-axis tractor based on a chainsaw can be recreated by different methods

  • universal, designed for any type of powerful chainsaw;
  • specific, applicable to a particular modification, for example, “Druzhba” or “Ural” of the Soviet or modern model.

single-axle tractor from a chainsaw: the simplest and most versatile way

For him we will need:

  • A motor base from any productive professional chainsaw;
  • steering (motorcycle steering will do);
  • transmission, which can be removed from an old car or moped;
  • electric welding;
  • stainless tubes;
  • a metal sheet to design a grouser or old wheels from used machinery;
  • Connecting parts, which are needed to connect the frame and the engine.
hands, chainsaw, made

Principle of modification

At the heart of almost any chainsaw homemade device is its use as a universal drive that can be applied to a huge number of different devices. The scope of their use is very wide: cutting stone and metal, pumping out water, removing snow, drilling wells and holes, driving, moving various objects, swimming and even flying.

Realize the potential capabilities of the chainsaw with a variety of devices and attachments. At the heart of any remodeling is a simple principle of engine power takeoff: the device needed by the craftsman is connected to the output shaft. Powerful motor, compact size and relatively light weight of this tool, autonomy and ability to work in almost extreme conditions make its capabilities truly limitless. Of no small importance is the practical design of the clutch, which protects the nodes and systems of the saw from breakage and overload. The tool, made from a chainsaw, is characterized by its tightness, so it can be used in almost any position.

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Moped from a chainsaw Ural

Hello DIY enthusiasts, today we will look at how to combine a chainsaw with a bicycle, resulting in a moped. Chainsaw the author used quite old, but powerful, it’s notorious chainsaw “Ural”. The author remade the bike, made a safe frame, as well as replaced the wheel spokes on more durable, reinforced. Makes a pretty simple assembly, we need to make a bicycle gearbox from bicycle parts and install everything on the bike. According to the author, pulls the homemade tool perfectly, as for the maximum speed, it remains unknown. If you are interested in the project, I suggest you study it in more detail!

Materials and tools used by the author:

The working shaft of the chainsaw engine develops huge revolutions, but we do not need them, they need to be turned into lower revolutions with high torque. We assemble the gearbox from a bicycle carriage, cut off the excess parts of the frame, and also cut off the connecting rods. Next, we need a small sprocket from the back wheel, and it needs to be welded to the part of the axle where the sprocket is missing. That’s it, after that the reducer will be ready.

To connect the saw to the gearbox we need another small bicycle sprocket, it must be welded to the chainsaw sprocket. We attach the gearbox to the body of the chainsaw, weld it to the thrust spikes of the saw, and additionally reinforce everything with iron bars or other parts. Install the chain on the gearbox, start the engine, check if the chain keeps coming off. If the sprockets will be welded too crooked, the chain is very likely to fly off often.

Later, the author will install the chain tensioner gear, used a machine from a multi-speed bicycle.

We need a large-diameter drive sprocket to get a lot of torque. Suitable sprocket from a bicycle, cut off its connecting rod. The author welded this sprocket to the part of the wheel where the foot brake lever is mounted. In the end, we have almost no change in the design of the bike, you can ride it both pedal and motor. And if you don’t have enough motor power, you can always use your feet to help.

We proceed to installation of the engine, and we will install it on a back rack. It goes without saying that the trunk alone can’t cope with the loads, so we additionally reinforce the construction with profile pipes.

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