Waterjet cutting of tempered glass. Cutting the material – a detailed algorithm for beginners

for waterjet cutting services

KIT-KOMPLEKT offers its services in waterjet cutting of metal and other various materials. The table below shows the cutting costs per square meter depending on the material and its thickness. In addition, we can supply you with waterjet cutting machines from a well-known manufacturer. the company Dardi, their accessories and spare parts (nozzles).


We provide discounts depending on the volume. Send drawings for calculation to info@kit-cut.ru. Calculate the cost in 1 hour.

Material Thickness of material (cost in ) 2 mm 5 mm 10 mm 15 mm 20 mm 30 mm 30 mm
Cutting steel 115 295 769 1 091 1586 2784
Cutting of stainless steel 124 321 706 1 174 1 814 2 998
Aluminium cutting 74 104 229 379 552 963
Copper cutting 89 227 503 830 1 206 2 093
Cutting brass 85 216 478 799 1 146 2 023
Cutting granite 400 500 800 1 000
Marble cutting 300 400 500 800
Cutting of porcelain stoneware from 100 per m/p. Depends on complexity and volume
Cutting fiberglass 74 110 240 392 593
Titanium cutting 103 273 588 966 1 424 2 475
Cutting sheet metal 144 357 792 1 325 1 964 3 348
Plexiglas cutting 110 250 550 930 1 250 2 200
The curved cutting of glass 300 370
Mirror cutting 300 370
Acrylic cutting 100 240 530 890 1 150 1 970
Tile cutting 370
Magnesium cutting 78 112 240 395 620 1 070
Cutting rubber 70 100 230 370 550 920
Panel cutting 370
Ceramic cutting 370
Composite cutting 370
Cutting polyethylene foam 35 55 150 200 300 450
Caprolon cutting 140 350 780 1 300 1 900 2 500
Cutting of plastic stencils 74 108 235 385 602 1 033

This material is not cut.

The in the table are approximate. Can be used for self-evaluation of small volume orders.


Cutting costs are calculated individually according to drawings. We provide discounts depending on the volume. Send drawings for calculation to info@kit-cut.ru. Let’s calculate the cost in 1 hour.

All the pros in one app

Glass works, Glass replacement, Glass shape cutting

The work is done: the master inserted glass in the balcony door and put two ratchet-restrictors (on two balcony doors). Everything is perfect. The master is polite, calm and professional.

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I liked everything from the first call to the reception and implementation on time and excellent work of a unique Master of his craft. Who I called just Bogdan. Came in the morning by the appointed time. which pleased me immediately I think. that we. more

Removal of trim, gluing fleece wallpaper, gluing wallpaper with the selection of patterns

Needed warm glazing panoramic loggia in a new house (was single glass in the frame of aluminum). I chose between a relatively budget and with good reviews glazing company and Vladimir. Vladimir at the first inspection of the loggia gave the impression of being experienced. also

Good time! Guys for all the time how many I treated in any place phones or laptops I got the first decent most importantly honest man. The problem was that I had a laptop was divided into two parts keyboard separately screen separately all broken. more

As a result of the work performed, we can say that we made the right choice in favor of Sergei! Repair was made in compliance with all standards and requirements. Performed the alignment of the walls and floor plaster, on the beams, rather than the proposed many masters to apply in the bathroom and. more

I liked everything! Dmitriy contacted us promptly. On the phone immediately discussed the specifics and preliminary terms (2-3 hours) and warned that if the size of the finished thing will not pass on the installation. Will not install. (professionalism and concern for quality). came. more

Waterjet cutting of mirrors

Mirrors are water-jet cut using the same technology and with the same advantages as glass.

The choice of this particular method of work is based on the simple conclusion that only non-contact cutting methods such as waterjet can avoid microcracks and material distortion, help save material, and have high productivity.

Laser technology is much faster than waterjet technology, but has a number of limitations associated with the inability to process materials with a reflective surface.

Cutting of mirrors by means of water jet along a curvilinear path is widely used for interior design of premises of various purposes.

You can get the approximate order price for cutting mirrors or glass by calling us at 7 (499) 372 07 78 or by writing to us by e-mail info@kit-cut.ru.

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How to cut refractory glass

Glass is a very popular material that is used for building all kinds of structures. It depends primarily on the physical and chemical properties of the substance.

Glasses that can withstand exposure to high temperatures for a long time without losing their basic properties are very popular today. Learn more about heat-resistant glass at https://spark-decor.com.ua/ru/ogneupornoe-steklo.html.

What do reasonable experts say

So why do connoisseurs of glassmaking so categorically reject the cutting of tempered glass??

If you cut this jelly, you will cut the strings that bind it. their scraps will no longer hold this jelly-like mass, and under the action of elasticity will gather into lumps, clumps at the sides to which their ends are attached. The jelly will disintegrate, and not into two pieces, but into a shapeless amoeba.

waterjet, cutting, tempered, glass, material

Exactly the same thing will happen to tempered glass: if it is cut, the surface tension lines will lose their attachment points. Even if such glass does not collapse immediately, it can burst or “explode” at any time, for no external reason.

That’s why the questions “How to cut tempered glass?”and “How to drill through tempered glass?”The question is still unanswered. Whoever finds a solution to this problem (so that it is also economically sensible) will probably win the Nobel Prize.

Getting ready to work

Before starting work, the glass itself must be prepared: rinse it with water, degrease it with benzine. If it will be mounted in a frame, you will need to adjust the product to the right size. In doing so, you need to cut off an additional 2 mm of material on each side. This applies only to wooden frames because they are capable of shrinking and expanding when exposed to the weather.

Before you cut the glass, you need to prepare the space. To work with it need a table or some kind of stand. This will make cutting easier and help you break the product more evenly. If this is the first time you are going to cut material, it’s a good idea to practice on some small pieces to understand the basics. Only then can you move on to cutting large sheets of glass.

What can you use to cut the glass from a gas oven??

mastak It’s either quartz or hardened, but when you try to cut it with a glass cutter, it crumbles. I have an old Electrolux and no way to order the glass on it. Found some glass from domestic stoves, already ruined one. Slayer The glass is tempered. No chance at home. OleghkA mastak, try a thermal saw (angle grinder). Just pick the right disc. Rag with corundum. And I would use a worn disc, the angle is higher, the temperature is also higher. I recommend goggles or better a mask ryzhanin OleghkA wrote: mastak, And I would use a worn disc, angularity is higher,temperature is also higher.
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In my opinion the speed will be lower, the power will be higher, the temperature will be lower.

rijanin, maybe (I do not know the relationship between cutting speed and angular velocity), but the power to rotate will be less, the shoulder will be less.Then the disk will be smoking at full power. A compromise means to calculate.

Try using a diamond wire in a bath of water.

Saw, Shura, saw! mastak, sorry, that reminds me

Make local heating and cool it down fast.When cutting it will most likely crumble.Just like that nichrome wire by the cut heating dip it in the water.You have to get the hang of it.

I’ve also heard that you soak a cowhide string in gasoline and put it on the cut, then light it and put it in the water I haven’t tried it myself.

ARTHUR,johanh, this will not affect the glass from such a stove, as this process (hot and damp) when frying is present.

I wonder if the problem is solved or not, you would write off what you tried, what happened. Not like soon as half a year of the question.

there are plenty of glass cutters. I have not even applied to simple glass-unless of course it’s window glass.

m.ix, johanh, OleghkA, you look at the date of this post!

Examples of machining

You can order equipment by calling the hotline 8 800 1000. 111, on the website of “KAMI” or use the leasing and credit programs Association.

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