Water pump for power tiller with his hands

Water pump for belt engines

We offer to buy the water pumps SKOUT with belt drive from any minitractor engine as well as from a power tiller.

  • Water pump SU-25 (1′)
  • Water pump SU-40 ( 1,5 ′)
  • Water pump SU-50 (2 ′)
  • Water pump SU-80 (2,5 ′)
  • Water pump SU-100 (4 ′)

Pumps are designed to pump water from swimming pools, wells, basements, and in agriculture. To pump water from any reservoir to the field to irrigate crops.

Case Material. aluminum. Required rpm at pulley. 2600/3600 rpm.

Performance of water pumps. from 10 to 100 m3/hour:

Pumps pass solid particles up to 5 mm in size!

The kit includes the water pump itself made of aluminum housing and filters for primary treatment (from fish, stones).

Sell water pumps for power tillers and tractors in our online store YOUR tractor with delivery all over Russia.

Homemade water pump for overflow

The simplest mini pump for overflow or pumping water can be assembled in just 10 minutes. Not only will you not spend money on making this device, but also solve such an important problem, as disposal of household waste. This water pump, which is essentially a check valve to which the tube is connected with an outlet, will be especially useful in those cases where you often have to draw water from a large container in buckets.

So, to make the simplest water pump with your own hands, you will need the following consumables:

  • several plastic bottle necks cut off and corks screwed onto them;
  • A piece of hose of a required length;
  • a tube that will act as a stem.

To pump water in this way you can use a suitable check valve

A homemade water pump is made of the above materials according to the following algorithm.

  • From the cork plastic bottle to remove a thin gasket and cut around the circumference, reducing its diameter by about 2 mm and leaving untouched segment width of 3 mm.
  • In the center of the cap drill a hole with a diameter of 8-10 mm, through which the tube-stem will enter the pumped water.
  • The gasket is inserted into the cork and the bottle neck is screwed into it. Thus, the screwed neck of the cap will press only an intact segment of the gasket, leaving the rest of it mobile.
  • To the resulting valve, which will work as a nipple, connect the tube-stem.
  • To increase the surface of the water capture, the “skirt”, also made from a bottle cut to the required length, is put on the rod with a valve.
  • Complete the manufacture of a mini water pump with their own hands by connecting a piece of hose to the back of the stem-tube.
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To bring the water pump into action, you must immerse its intake part in a container of water and, holding the stem, make it a few reciprocating motions. As a result, the liquid medium from the tank will begin to flow into the hose by gravity, if there is a difference in levels. To stop the process of water overflow from the tank, it is necessary to raise the end of the hose above the level of finding the valve or simply remove such a valve from the aqueous medium.

How to do single axle tractor hydraulics with your own hands: the installation of NSH-10 and NSH-16

Working with a power tiller on a large area is very difficult due to the fact that you have to constantly walk behind it. It’s physically exhausting, plus you have to point it in the right direction. With a design weight of about 150 kg, it is heavy.

MTZ-09N single axle tractor

An adapter. a design that attaches to the power tiller and allows you to control the power tiller from a sitting position. can help make the process easier. And all attached equipment is attached to it afterwards. That is, you actually get a “mini-tractor” with slightly smaller capabilities.

From the manufacturer

There are no such machines from the official Smorgon factory, but other manufacturers offer you their adapters.


There are some variants of adapters for MTZ power tillers from other producers.

water, pump, power, tiller, hands

Celina tillage adapter

The most extensive and frequent work on Belarus is related to tillage and hilling. Plowing adapter is installed on MTZ-09N tractor and allows to connect power tiller, harrow, hoe and plough to it. This will greatly facilitate all work processes and plus you will manage it sitting.

Celina PM-05 adapter

Feature of Celina PM-05 adapter:

  • This adapter is equipped with 4×10 pneumatic wheels. A belt brake on the rear wheels is provided, which helps make steering more versatile.
  • The track size is 62 cm.
  • Maximum operating speed is 10 km/h. Most of the attachments operate at lower speed, so this speed is enough.
  • Plowing adapter weighs 50 kg.
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Khorsam IS-2

This adapter is made by JSC “GMZ” and represents a mini trailer with a seat and steering wheel. It is designed to work in orchards, vegetable gardens and homesteads in any climatic zone.

Adapter Horsam IS-2

By means of this adapter the single-axial MTZ tractor turns into a full-fledged “mini tractor”. The operator’s workplace is made with maximum comfort and versatility, the steering wheel is made in the style of motorcycles.

Water pump attachment | Agrimate power weeder | ��7378780745

Important! It is worth understanding that this is not a car and should not be used on public roads

All the main levers of Belarus control are placed on it: gas, brake, clutch, gear change (including rear), engine on/off. And all this is competently positioned and there are no problems in controlling the horses.

In addition to the arable model, it is compatible with a large number of workable attachments, such as:

  • Plow, cultivator, ridger, harrow;
  • Potato planter/digger;
  • Bucket, dozer blade, snowplow equipment
  • All kinds of mowers, etc.

Potato planter CS: GO-1 Potato tiller KM-1 Tiller OK-2 Ploughs PU-00.000-01 Cultivator-defender KB-00.000 Snowplow CM-0,6 Rotary mower KRM-1

information about the range of compatible equipment you can find in the article on our site: MTZ toolbar attachments review

  • Compact dimensions;
  • Convenient steering control;
  • Low weight (only 70 kg);
  • The same size track of rear and front wheels (70 cm).

Homemade version

The adapter is not a complicated construction, and if you want, you can even make a homemade version of the Khorsa type. But still more common are conventional adapters, in the form of a seat, to connect to the power tiller at the back.

Scheme of a homemade adapter

Construction of a homemade adapter

  • Homemade adapter for Belarus is made with a steel profile, approximately 170-190 cm long.
  • Another profile with the same length of 50-60 cm is welded perpendicularly to it. This profile will be responsible for the size of the track. If you need a narrower groove, reduce it, if a larger one, increase it.
  • At the ends of the perpendicular base attach the wheel struts. Their height is usually in the range from 25 to 40 cm.
  • After that, additional stiffeners. struts. are welded to the sleeves. Their size should be selected based on the angle of inclination of the structure.
  • The next step is to make the frame to connect it to the attachments. Its side rails are connected to the wheel posts with bolts.
  • To the middle of the wheel frame, where the two profiles are connected, the seat is installed. It should be placed just above the frame, so that you can comfortably place your feet during the movement of the homemade adapter with a MTZ motoblock. Anything you have on hand will do, as long as it is comfortable.
  • The distance of the seat must be chosen based on where the steering wheel will be located.
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“On level ground, there are no problems at all when riding with the adapter, just as there are when tilling the soil with a plow or tiller. The only nuance arose the movement of Belarus with the adapter and trailer. If the weight of the load in the trailer is high and the single-axle tractor hits a bump, it stands on its pendulum. If you increase the speed of such a problem is not observed.”

“If you ask which adapter is better, purchased or off-the-shelf, there is no clear-cut option. On the one hand, Horse is good when you’re almost done with it. But on the other hand it is all ready to adjust to your MTZ and your needs. And the price for it is not small. Better to make it yourself. Yes it is longer, but it will be oriented to you and you can always tweak its work”

Self-made sprayer for a mini tractor

The equipment can be created by yourself, and you need the stamina and desire to do it. The operator does not need to buy expensive parts or study whole manuals. It is enough to follow a simple scheme.

How to make a self-made sprayer with your own hands on a tractor from a compressor?

Prepare the necessary accessories:

All the parts need to be connected. It is necessary to install the mount, with which the construction is connected to the tractor. Next, you need to check the performance of the atomizer. If all the steps to design the sprayer are carried out correctly, it will perform the required work efficiently.

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