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Ranking of crosscut saws with wood pulling: the best models 2019-2020 (top 10)

The purpose of the coping saw is clear already from its name. facing (in other words, cross cutting) of long pieces: moldings, baseboards, fillets, moldings, etc.д. A craftsman unfamiliar with a coping saw will probably be surprised. all the parts listed above can be cut perfectly with a circular saw, and if you need to cut cleanly and at a certain angle, you can use a hacksaw and a jig saw. So it is. a hacksaw and a jig saw is intended to replace the coping saw, for which it is sometimes called the “power saw.

Anyone who has ever had to connect the “in the whiskers” platbands and baseboards, knows that this case is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Even with a cross cutter it is not easy to make a perfect 45-degree cut without the right skills. And what if the part is not flat, but has a complicated shape?? If it is a wide exterior casing or a decorative element and there is no saw that fits inside it? And if the angle of the joint is not straight and you need to cut not under 45 degrees, but, say, under 57? And if you need to cut also at an angle to the vertical? Even a hacksaw on a pivoting frame will not help.

So we get an ugly gap at the junction, which has to be covered with putty and masked with tinted color of the parts.

But such problems cannot occur with the mitre saw, and any master who has tried this tool will never go back to the mitre saw and hacksaw. The more so that now on sale there are not only expensive professional models, but budget household, standing not much more expensive than the usual circular saw, and thus able to provide previously unattainable quality connection “by whiskers” details of any shape.

How to choose a crosscut saw

The choice of a crosscut saw is a rather difficult task. Pay attention to the following points not to make a mistake:

  • Power. The choice of this parameter depends on the tasks that are set before the tool. A saw with power of 1000-1500 W is quite enough for home use. If you buy the equipment for daily, constant work, you need the power 2000-2500 W.
  • Max. disc diameter. It is also selected according to the task at hand. The bigger the motor, the bigger the size and power. That is why models with larger discs are more expensive, as in the case of bolt cutters.
  • Turning speed. Varies in the range of 3200-6000 revolutions per minute. The higher the speed, the better the quality of the cut. Inexpensive models have low speed. up to 4000 rpm.
  • Type of engine. Asynchronous motor works almost silently and has an exceptional durability, but its disadvantages are low power and large size. Collector motor can be powerful, but requires maintenance and is quite noisy. The highest quality motors are considered to be commutatorless motors that contain the advantages of both of the above-mentioned types of motors. However, they have another disadvantage. a high price.
  • Laser power. A must if you need a high-precision cutting tool.
  • Standalone operation. If you have to work in an unplugged environment, you should get a battery-operated trimmer saw.
  • Casing and build quality. Plastic housing is not the most reliable, it is better if it is aluminum. Make sure all the body parts fit together nicely.
  • Testimonials. If you have chosen the saw that works best for you, check to see if there are any good reviews online. Otherwise it is better to refuse
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Some useful features of crosscut saws have become a trend in recent years, which include automatic shutoff in case the disc jams, soft start and the ability to adjust the speed.

Our top 12 best crosscut saws for 2019, compiled taking into account such factors as cost, equipment, features, as well as user reviews. The rating includes the most popular models from trusted brands.

What is the difference between a crosscut saw and a circular saw?

This question often arises among those who think about the acquisition of electric sawing tools. To begin with, trimming saws are a subspecies of circular saws. It is accepted to divide the family of circular saws into three groups: stationary (table) models, manual circular saws and trimmer saws.

The end trimming saw table wins first of all in the matters of compactness and mobility: the average weight of a trimming saw is about 16 kg, while its stationary analogues have the figure can be up to 100 kg and more. The second objective advantage is the safety of work. Generally it is possible to perform all the same sawing operations on the saw table as with crosscut saw, but it turns out many times slower. in the matters of convenience and quickness of adjustments the crosscut is far ahead.

The main disadvantage of trimming saws is the work with workpieces of limited width. And for obvious reasons they are not suitable for longitudinal sawing. A stationary circular saw or a hand-held circular saw is still indispensable here. At the same time, some manufacturers of trimmers decided not to give up and tried to solve this problem by creating combined models that combine the capabilities of a trimmer and a saw.

Of course, due to the limited size of the top cover, such a hybrid is not able to fully replace the sawing table. Nevertheless, such equipment has proven itself in the household and home carpentries.

Combination versions

If you need woodworking equipment, you don’t need to make a big list. It is enough to buy a combined model, which can qualitatively process the ends and split the board on the circular saw.


The DeWALT DW711 circular saw is installed in workshops and small workshops with small batch and individual production.

Judging by the characteristics, universal trim saw DeWALT DW711 can be attributed to the semi-professional, but it is also used for home use. Motor power 1300 W, the gear transforms it and the output is 900 W with a circular saw speed of 2750 rpm.

  • High capacity
  • Machining precisely to size
  • Engine brake
  • Complete pusher
  • Vacuum connection
  • Supplied with a top cover with dust extraction, mitre saw key, saw blade

Makita LH1040

The Makita LH1040 all-purpose crosscut saw is a semi-professional saw. Its power is 1650 W and speed is 4800 rpm. The machine can cut a workpiece with a height of 93 mm and a width of 130 mm. Circular saw has a diameter of 260 mm and is set on a standard axis of 30 mm.

Multifunctional saw processes faces at an angle of 45⁰ and swivels up to 52⁰. Supplied with saw blade and saw blade adjustment triangle, limiting plate, socket wrench, dust bag. Warranty period 12 months.

  • Multifunctional
  • High working precision
  • Soft start
  • Dust collector
  • Spindle lock
  • Motor brake
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Elitech PTK 1625

The all-purpose cutter model Elitech PTK 1625 is ideal for DIY enthusiasts and those who like to repair woodwork. Saw power is 1600 W, cutting height is 70 mm, width 150 mm. 45° tilt and swivel angle guarantees tight joints in the corners. The 255 mm diameter blade rotates at 4,800 rpm. Manufacturer gives 12 months warranty.

  • Stable, no need to be secured to the table
  • Easy to operate
  • Optimal price/quality ratio
  • High cutting precision
trimmer, home, saws, crosscutting

Zubr ZPK-210-1500

Like all combination saws, the model Zubr ZPK-210-1500 easily transforms from a table saw to trimming saw with a turntable. The tool is designed for working with wood, plastic, fiberboard, aluminum profile trimming and laminate. Sturdy feet and a wide base ensure stability during sawing.

Universal mitre saw power 1500 W. 210 mm diameter disc cuts 55 mm high by 120 mm wide workpieces. Tilting angle up to 45⁰ in both directions.

trimmer, home, saws, crosscutting
  • Trimming saw can be transformed into a table saw
  • Spindle locking
  • Clean trimming
  • Dust Collector
  • Nozzle for vacuum cleaner connection

Hyundai M 2000-255

The Hyundai M 2000-255 was designed by a South Korean company. High power and speed with compact size and light weight. The saw has an electronic speed control function that allows you to adjust the saw for processing a variety of materials, in addition to wood workpieces. Smooth start with “off-off” protection helps you start with ease and get a better cut surface. The tool is equipped with a table opener for long pieces.

  • RPM adjustment
  • laser marker
  • dust extraction feature
trimmer, home, saws, crosscutting
  • soft start
  • clamp to secure the workpiece
  • table extensions

Watch a video with an overview of tool features regarding machining accuracy:

Best Saws for 2022

Below is a rating of both cordless and corded mitre saws as well as dual power devices (cordless and corded). Models are listed in ascending order of their power.

Low power saws

Low-maintenance, small tools are great for occasional home use. Has an adjustable depth of cut, not bad deals with wood, and with plastic and thin metal (in the presence of the appropriate disc). For the collection of chips, there are special compartments on the pallet.

Power, W 1010
Disc diameter, cm 19
Speed, rpm 6000
Tilt and swivel angles, deg 45 и 57
Cutting width, cm 5,2 и 30

This model has a cast aluminium housing, which achieves a lightweight construction. The workpiece clamps are of the highest quality, hold the material securely in the grooves, the machine has a laser marker to facilitate work. Quite suitable for use as stationary equipment in the construction of frame structures made of wood.

Power, W 1200
Wheel diameter, cm 21
Speed, rpm 5000
Tilt and swivel angles, deg 47 (both ways)
Cutting width, cm 6,5 и 30,5

With power up to 1500 watts the machine can only work for 7 minutes.

Most popular of all low-power models. In the design includes a soft-start, spindle lock, separately able to connect a vacuum cleaner. The hood is made of durable and transparent plastic for a certain precision in the sawing process. The machine cuts excellently laminate and clinker board.

Power, W 1400
Disc diameter, cm 21.6
Speed, rpm 5500
Tilt and turn angles, deg 45 и 47
Cutting width, cm 7 и 27

Medium power saws

Extremely versatile model and is distinguished by its dual power supply. it can operate both from the mains and from the batteries. Brushless motor design means more power and quiet operation. “Pulling” in the tool is extremely smooth, does not inconvenience the operator. The machine works perfectly with dense wood.

Power, W 1550
Circle diameter, cm 30
Speed, rpm 5400
Tilt and swivel angles, deg 49 и 60
Width of cut, cm 11 и 34
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Not bad for medium-sized jobs. The machine has a dust extraction system that is designed to keep the workplace clean and protect the user’s respiratory system. The set includes a special clamp, which guarantees a more reliable fixation of the workpiece. The model perfectly copes with plastic and metal materials, as well as with hardwood.

Product nameUnit
Power, W 1600
disc diameter, cm 25
Speed, rpm 5000
Tilt and swivel angles, degrees 45 и 42
Cutting width, cm 89 и 144

This machine is the older brother in relation to the device of the same company “Makita”, specified in the 3rd place of the previous section. Despite its medium power, the equipment retained its mobility and compactness. The model has soft start, electrodynamic disc brake, electronic adjustment of constant RPM. Also a dual power system is available. mains and batteries (not included), but the latter can be replaced by regular 18-volt batteries.


Cordless facing tool, can be used in places where there is no power. Suitable for working with wood, the maximum beam size is 110 x 130 mm. XPS system developed by the company enables precise alignment of cutting element along the cutting line. In addition, provides backlighting zone kerf. The machine has a quick tilt adjustment system for both sides (up to 49°), as well as a cam clamp to adjust the kerf to the left side 0/-50°, to the right side 0/-60°.

Powered by a 54 V lithium-ion battery. The disc (diameter 305) is rotated by a brushless asynchronous motor with a high level of performance. Soft-start and constant-speed operation are not possible.

Bosch GCM 12 SD

Professional and even industrial grade. Can be used in manufacturing, construction, and woodworking workshops. The 1800 watt power is powerful enough to handle industrial scale. Can be used for cuts up to 47°, not only in wood but also in plastic and aluminum. Precise table indexing scale (up to 60°) and saw head pivoting scale for accurate sawing direction adjustment. Special clamps ensure the immobility of the workpieces during machining. The machine has sliding rails for work with wide sawblades.

No laser pointer is provided, but this is compensated for by the precise adjustment of the cutting direction.

Makita LF1000

Model of combined type, classified as a professional tool. 1,650 W motor installed. The device can be used for cross-cutting, angular and bevel cutting of wood, plastic and aluminum. Variable speed allows for adjustment to different material hardness. Double protective insulation protects the motor in the event of a power failure. Soft start system avoids major strain on mains power supply when starting. Has a floor-standing design, but folding legs make it comfortable to transport.

Metabo KGT 501 0102505018

Face saw combination on column for professional use. Stand design with folding legs makes it possible to place the unit on the floor or on a table. Table saw, mitre saw and crosscut saw all in one tool. Features a powerful asynchronous motor (2000 W) that requires no periodic maintenance. Robust metal cover provides operator safety. Sawing table made of cast aluminum, lightweight but durable and rust-free material.

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