Trailer to the motoblock with his hands. Types and peculiarities of designs

Trailer for power tiller with his hands

Trailer for power tiller with your own hands increases the possibilities and efficiency in the operation of the device. With this attachment, the amount of manual work is reduced.

The power tiller makes it much easier to work the ground. But if you expand the possibilities of using this device, you can get an additional means of transporting cargo. Having the necessary resources and tools, the master will implement such a device as a trailer for a power tiller with his hands. This attachment will come in handy in the farm or in the countryside.

Types and purpose of models of basic designs of motor-block trailers

The main types and models of trailers for power tillers, created with their own hands, are classified according to the type of designs of the body part of the self-made:

The trailer’s one-piece construction includes the rigid, fixed board body. Thanks to the rigidity of construction the trailer allows to transport cargo both in bulk and packed form. The body has a large rigid frame platform, connected by a welded joint with the side guards. For loading and unloading, a hinged tailgate is provided.

Designs-transformers are trailers of universal application, they have functions as a trailer with a rigid body, and a platform for transportation of bulky goods. The frame base is a rigid base, and the folding or removable sides form an additional flat platform area when transformed.

Dumping type of motor-block trailers allows tipping and unloading of bulk cargo without additional effort.

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Key steps in the process

The algorithm of creating attachments for a motor-block includes several basic steps:

  • drawing the exact schematic diagram of the product, taking into account the expected dimensions;
  • preparation of the necessary materials and auxiliary components;
  • organization of the workplace itself with easy access to the necessary tools;
  • transfer of drawing data directly onto the materials used;
  • The process of assembling, as well as fitting the received components into a single whole;
  • painting or varnishing, final decoration of the body.

After a preliminary acquaintance with the course of the work, it becomes quite clear how to make a trailer for a power tiller with your own hands.

Coupling for trailer

Make the swivel unit with your own hands from a steel piece of metal of suitable dimensions. In it they drill or grind a hole, which is designed for the passage of the console. It is recommended to make the coupling according to the drawings of the cart for the motoblock, using bearings of a certain size. Fixed part shell located in the body of the rotary knot and fixed by welding, and the inner part is connected to the console, well checking that there is no backlash.

So, with the model features and materials figured out, it’s time to start drawing a drawing of a trailer for a power tiller or an outline diagram of the intended equipment. Optimally, the correct option will be, if we represent the trailer from different sides with the marks of the selected dimensions of the components of the attachment.

You don’t have to be a real engineer or draftsman here, a well-thought-out sketch will suffice.


So, with the features of the model and materials are sorted out, it’s time to proceed to the drawing of the trailer for a power tiller or an outline of the scheme of the expected equipment. Optimally, the correct option will be if you depict the trailer from different sides with the markings of the selected dimensions of the components of the attachment.

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You don’t have to be a real engineer or draughtsman, a well-thought-out sketch will suffice.

How to make a self-made cart. step by step with drawings and dimensions

As the drawing of the cart for the power tiller shows, the design has four main units, which are connected together by welding seams: the body, the driver, the frame and the wheels. All assemblies are assembled separately first, and only then connected together.

The frame of the product is made first. It should be aligned as evenly as possible with the help of a level and put on tacking. The metal expands from heating, so it will need to be exposed repeatedly. Next, you need to weld all the joints of the frame on both sides.

Further, crossbars and longitudinal members are welded that form a kind of a grid on which the bottom of the trailer will be fixed as a result. The body can be made as non-sliding or tilting body. both have their advantages and disadvantages.

The chassis, one of the units of the undercarriage, can be made of channels or pipes with a circular cross-section. The tube must have a rather thick layer of metal and be strong. it will be difficult to reinforce it additionally along its length. It is firmly fastened to the trailer axle with a few beams and angle bars.

This attachment is very important, because it, in fact, holds the balance of the entire undercarriage. thanks to it, the cart goes where it is directed. And at some point it is subjected to heavy loads. when turning with a full, loaded trailer and when driving on rough roads.


Trailer to the tiller with their own hands is appreciated by many users. The owners note the convenience of transporting oversized tools, bags of trash or fertilizer. The technique is in demand among dacha owners, who have plots far from construction stores. Video trailers for power tillers with their own hands

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Depending on the payload.

Drawings of trailers for power tillers allow you to get a product that will be useful in the economy. over, you can use the available materials for manufacturing.

This equipment will help to do the heavy work of transporting the necessary materials.

Attaching the construction to the power tiller

Like the main frame structure, the drawbar is made of profile pipe. Drawbar can have a triangular shape, be in the form of a straight beam. This element on one side is welded to the spars of the trailer and reinforced with stiffening ribs, which provides high strength and reliability. On the other hand is made and assembled device hinge type. You can use a tube with a diameter of 1 1/4″-2″ with bearings installed in the middle, which provides easy and smooth rotation, inside is installed an axle, which is fixed with a nut and a stud.

The hitch is then connected to the factory-made eyelet on the tiller. This type of connection ensures that the wheels of the trailer are independent of the position of the wheels of the mini-tractor. For connection, you can use the factory coupling for car trailers with a towbar.

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