Trailer for power tiller with his hands

The simplest trailer model

To build the construction needed in the household, you need to prepare:

  • Steel tubes 60×30 mm and 25×25 mm;
  • Rims and wheels (can be from a Moskvich car);
  • Aluminum duralumin sheet with thickness of 2 mm;
  • A piece of sheet steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm;
  • A channel ;
  • Fixing elements;
  • Tools (electric jigsaw, angle grinder, welder and electric screwdriver).
  • The frame of the trailer is a single piece construction, placed on a frame grid. For its arrangement is necessary to make two beams of angle 25×25 mm, which will act as a front and rear cross-members, and spars of 60×30 mm pipe. All elements are connected by means of five crossbars so that a grid is formed as a result.
  • Simple model of the trailer with folding sides. very useful thing in the economy. With its help one can transport not only boxes and bags with harvested crops, but any long goods
  • When erecting the platform for the cross-bars and beams, place them against the frame side members so that little slack is left over. To them the longitudinal tubes will be welded afterwards.
  • To the longitudinal pipes with the help of welding attached four racks to the top of which is welded strapping 25×25 mm angle. To equip the trailer with folding sides, the frame is made separately from the frame. The platform grid is covered with aluminum duralumin sheet, fixing it with bolts. To board up the sides you can use thinner metal sheets, attaching them to the stringers and racks by welding.
  • To make the beam, two channels of the same length are inserted into each other, equipping one end of the structure with wheeled axles. The ready-to-use beam is connected to the spars with the help of springs. For this purpose, the ends of the leaf springs are put on the bracket axle and the axle of the suspension eye, and the central part is welded to the beam with stepladders.
  • Drawbar is made of rectangular pipes 60×30 mm. To make a double-beam structure, the front ends of the pipes are docked and welded to the body of the drawbar hitch and the rear ends are welded to the front ends of the longitudinal frame with a 200 mm overlap.
  • The trailer is ready. If desired it can be equipped with stop lights, turn signals and parking lights.

A trailing device for the power tiller consists of:

The body’s ability to support a particular load depends on the quality of the workmanship. The cart must be made of durable material that can withstand the weight of the load and all weather conditions. In addition, it is desirable that it has hinged sides for easy loading and unloading. The dimensions should be roomy and correspond to the power of the trimmer.

Carts use wheels: car wheels, motorcycle wheels, etc. п. The main thing is that the cart for a power tiller can withstand heavy loads.

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Wide wheels are preferable as they increase the vehicle’s flotation capability.

There are wings on cars, too. It serves as a protection against dirt and stones from the wheels.

All modern trailers are equipped with seats. Some craftsmen build a box under them to store the necessary things.

Drawbar is a triangle-shaped attachment that connects the trailer to the tiller.

trailer, power, tiller, hands

Brakes will improve the process of transporting goods.

Trailer equipment for power tillers can be purchased from manufacturers of agricultural machinery, or you can make a homemade trailer for your power tiller. Let’s consider both variants.

There are many ready-made models for power tillers on the market. They have different sizes, weight class, payload and cost. Their advantage is that they are assembled by professional mechanics according to pre-designed schemes. You do not spend any time or effort on it. The disadvantages are, firstly, in finding a bona fide manufacturer who sells quality products, and secondly, a good product is not cheap.

CF 18CY Steering Wheel Tractor Chassis Testing

A single-axle tractor acts as a horse-drawn carriage. It acts as a drive connected to the trailer by the drawbar. For this purpose, such brands of power tillers are suitable as: Patriot, Ural, Caiman 320, Forza, Crosser, Proab, VIKING, Texas.

You can make a trailer for a Neva motorblock made of durable metal. Carrying capacity of the body is 500 kg. The cart has a brake drive, which facilitates driving. On the Internet you can find a lot of drawings of trailers to the motor-block Neva. They have a successful design with minimal consumables.

trailer, power, tiller, hands

Among the ready-made models, you can find a device with the function of a dump truck. The design is basically the same as on an ordinary cart, but with a modification that allows you to make the unloading by tilting the box. Although such a model is more expensive, but in the economy it is necessary.

Hand tractor trailer | Power tiller Kubota ZT | Powerful mini tractor tiller

Manufacturing and assembling the cart is often made by the owners of power tillers themselves. There are a lot of homemade, but you can assemble them on the same principle of running gear on the wheels, sides and axle to connect the trailer with a power tiller.

From the beam VAZ-2109

Trailer made from a VAZ-2109 beam is suitable for power tillers with high power. 10 liters.с. The design will be quite heavy, so you need a lot of pulling power. Such trailers have a large carrying capacity.

Make a trailer out of a beam VAZ-2109 with your own hands is simple, just watch the training videos, which are available for free. You can also find drawings and dimensions of the design, almost any size will do, with one or two axes.

The beam will be used as an axle, for the rear axle will suit a whole axle with wheels from VAZ-2109. For the front axle is enough one beam, the wheels can be any. Wide wheels are recommended for large trailers, providing passability and stability.

The advantage of the trailer for a motor-block on the basis of a beam from VAZ 2109 is that there is no need to spend time on making additional units, especially if you take the rear axle as a whole.

Drawing for a homemade trailer

The home handyman does not always know exactly what parts he can buy to implement his creative ideas. Therefore, it does not make sense to begin work on the design of equipment with a complex and detailed drawing.

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At the preparatory stage it is enough to depict the general appearance of the trailer, with approximate dimensions and the main technical units.

In the process of preparing the necessary materials there may be adjustments to the preliminary design, depending on the actual capabilities and found elements.

How to make a hitch for a power tiller with your own hands: drawings and dimensions of a universal hitch, video

In some situations you may need to make a hitch for a power tiller with your own hands. A single-axle tractor is an essential attribute of any gardener and vegetable grower. Buying a power tiller is often accompanied by the purchase of related parts: trailer, dip bar, plough, harrow and other parts. In order to attach them to the machine, you need a hitch. Now on the market there are many manufacturers of cultivators, but not every unit can be matched with a suitable spare part, so you can make a hitch yourself.

trailer, power, tiller, hands

Tractor with Trailer. Changfu Brand 18CY Model

Every towed or attached equipment for power tillers, whether it is a cart-trailer, haymaker, ridger, harrow or any other piece of equipment is fixed with a coupling. If the basic element is not suitable, the owner has a choice. buy a suitable or make a coupling for the machine with their own hands.

Be that as it may, deciding which of the variants of the mechanism is able to meet to the maximum the functions that the unit performs, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, in the list of which:

  • distinctive features of the cultivator or power tiller;
  • The scope of use of the unit. the duties it performs;
  • the equipment that will integrate with it;
  • loads;

On this basis, it is necessary to get acquainted carefully with the particularly frequently practiced devices and choose, taking as a basis the properties of what is best suited in this case.

Basic nodes of the trailer

Universal design will include several auxiliary nodes:

  • the hitch frame, which takes the main load;
  • the body itself;
  • drawbar (hitch), designed to connect the vehicle to the trailer;
  • a seat with footrest, taking into account the chosen configuration and dimensions;
  • The undercarriage of the trailer (wheels);
  • the steering mechanism itself.

Trailer for power tiller with his own hands

The trailer for a power tiller with your own hands increases the possibilities and efficiency of the device. With this device, the amount of work performed manually is reduced.

The presence of a power tiller greatly facilitates the work of cultivation. But if you expand the capabilities of this device, you can get an additional means of transportation of goods. Having the necessary resources and tools, the master will implement such a device as a trailer for a power tiller with his hands. This device will be useful in the farm or in the countryside.

A hitch for a power tiller with your own hands

The big advantage of a self-made device is that the owner takes into account his needs and makes it on the basis of the inputs he needs: the model of the tiller, the load, the parameters of the attached equipment.

But the first thing to consider. this unit will in any case have an increased load, so it is important with all the attention to the size, design and level of strength of all parts of this part. Correctly set parameters of the attachment will provide the most reliable aggregation with your power tiller, the necessary mobility of the unit and its durability.

When deciding on the design, pay attention to the dimensions of the towbar of your power tiller and the specifics of the attachment (existing and planned to be purchased). The main aim is to ensure maximum compatibility of the implement with all necessary implements and implements. It is also important that the unit is easy to use and can be combined with equipment that has different parameters.

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The main working part is usually U-shaped and serves as a bracket that is attached to the power tiller through the holes in it. On the other side of the headstock, there is a headstock attached to the implement.

Carefully read the instructions before assembling the hitch

Assembly tips for the adapter

Special equipment for power tillers can be easily made by almost any craftsman. To create an adapter, you need to take a tube that has a straight section, its length should be 1.7 m.

To one end perpendicularly will have to weld a tube, the length of which will be 0.5 m. This part will be the base to hold the racks under the wheels. The height of the struts from the axis to the top will be 0,3 m. In a new step, struts must be attached to the center tube and wheel bushing and secured. The length of the workpiece depends on the slope and angle.

The square frame can be any size. In our version, the following dimensions will be taken apart: 0,4 x 0,4 m. If you are going to make such an attachment for a power tiller yourself, you need to attach a channel to the rear end of the frame, the length of which will be 0.4 m. To assemble the side pipes into one structure you can use bolts.

In order that you have the opportunity to adjust, it is worth attaching a lever, which should have 3 knees, their length will be: 20, 30 and 50 centimeters respectively.

In order to increase the forces exerted it is worth adding a 75 cm lever. You can buy a hitch or make one yourself.

On the quality of the coupling depends the duration of use of our equipment. On the metal support you need to fix the seat, which is attached to the central tube. After these completed actions, you can consider that you have succeeded in creating a great equipment for a power tiller. Its advantages are the low price and ease of construction.

Tips for making a hitch

If you want to make this equipment with your own hands, you have to work more with the instructions to create a hitch. The lightest design will be a 15-centimeter pin, which is placed in the hole in the towbar drawbar of the device. As a disadvantage of this possibility is a very fast wear and tear, because under the influence of a rotating trailer, the coupling holes are broken.

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