Tools for tile removal. How to clean the floor

Removal of old tiles, nuances of removal in the bathroom, methods of removal from the walls without damage

Sometimes it is necessary to carefully remove old tiles from bathroom walls, e.g. when they can be used to tile another room in the future or when you want to leave them to repair individual pieces. In addition, careful removal reduces the likelihood of defects in the vertical structure. As a result, repairs can be made in a shorter amount of time, because. к. no effort is needed to restore the rough surfaces of the load-bearing walls.

Before you start the work, you will need to make preparations:

  • Wear gloves, close-fitting clothing and headgear. This is necessary to avoid contact with splinters flying off during the dismantling process.
  • Respiratory protection is the most important preparation step, i.e. к. When working, a lot of dust is released, often containing heavy fractions. For this reason, personal protective equipment, such as a respirator or multi-layer gauze mask, must necessarily be used.
  • Special glasses. Even if you are very careful when carrying out the work, there is a great risk that small splinters could be flying to and fro. Your eyesight may be damaged as a result.
  • If you need to remove old tiles in the bathroom, you should remember that in the process of work there is a lot of dust. Contamination will also spread into neighboring rooms, which means that dismantling must be performed with the doors tightly closed.
  • Preferably work with the window open if there is one in the bathroom.

Removal of part of the masonry

If the damaged parts or the part to be removed are not on the edge of the pavement, it is almost impossible to save the parts without damaging them. Because there is no way to get under the masonry to the bonding material. If the part that requires replacement is somewhere on the edge, the process of removing tiles is much easier.

Before you remove the tiles in the bathroom, you need to remove the old grout. You can do it with the help of an ordinary kitchen knife, or any tool with a sharp, thin tip. You can try to soak the grout with ordinary tap water. If hard grout was used, most likely you will need an angle grinder with a stone cutter.

In any case, at this stage, the dismantling of tiles in the bathroom comes down to the need to save the tiles that do not need to be replaced.

Then it is necessary to drill several holes in the removed fragment. In which you need to insert a chisel and make careful strikes on the striker. First of all it is necessary not to hurry and try to do everything accurately, it is better to remove in small pieces, preserving the neighboring elements.

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After removing the damaged fragment it is necessary to remove the tile adhesive. It is done with the same hammer and chisel. It is very important to remove all unnecessary fragments, so that the new tile does not stand out against the old one.

Evaluate the extent and timing of the work

You must immediately determine on what kind of mortar the glazed tile will hold. The laboriousness and complexity of the process, the time spent on the work and the efficiency of the effort depends on it. After all, our goal is not just to get rid of the old floor covering, but also to keep it intact.

As noted by experienced craftsmen, it is quite realistic to keep intact 80-90% of the dismantled old tiles.

So, the compositions on which the floor holds the old tile, may be as follows:

  • Cement-sand mortar. Most likely, it is holding on to the floor covering, left over from Soviet times. Made good quality, to the conscience, but the tile is old, has lost its “relevance”. If you decide to remove the old tiles undamaged and reuse them, you must prepare for a hard, time-consuming process, stretched out in time. In addition, you will need water-salt solutions for long-term wetting of the old cement base to make it loose and pliable. If this does not help much, in a construction store will have to look for a special solution on an acid basis, designed for this purpose.
  • Tile adhesive. The modern material used for the past 20-25 years, which also has cement in its composition, but more plastic and easy to handle. In this case, the work with the floor goes faster, requiring less effort.

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Tip. Before working, it is important to make sure that there is no hidden wiring or piping in the floor. If you have moved into a new apartment, don’t be lazy to remove baseboards all around the room and inspect corners and suspicious blotches on the wall adjacent to the floor before dismantling.

If there are warm floors in the bathroom and kitchen, you need to dismantle the tiles with great care. It is easy to damage electrical cables or pipes close to the flooring. It is not yet known how the craftsman laying this system equipped the cables.

Treatment of joints

To speed up the dismantling of tiles, conduct a special treatment of joints and the surface. They are moistened with soapy water, incubated for 15-20 minutes, and then scraped seams with a knife or spatula. The joints released in this way need to be cleaned again with a sponge soaked in soapy water, or treated with a scrubber. To speed up the work, it is attached to the drill.

Cement-based grout is removed with an angle grinder or drill. The joints are cut, making sure that the depth of the cut is greater than the thickness of the tile. If you plan to save the tiles, its edges are protected from damage, gluing with masking tape in 2-3 layers.

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The subtleties of removing tiles from drywall

The probability of qualitatively removing tiles from drywall is negligible. In the course of removal when acting on the adhesive, you can damage the surface and the products themselves, since the glue is quite strongly bonded to this finishing material.

Eliminate the problem of how to carefully remove tiles in the bathroom from the wall in an area of insignificant size will be possible by replacing the damaged fragments with new elements, but this option can be effective only with a small amount of tile.

If it is necessary to perform the dismantling of a huge volume of products from drywall, there is no way with a perfect solution to this problem. By removing tiles with extreme care and caution, you can achieve not only a positive but also a negative outcome at the same time. In the first result, the procedure will go well, and the tiles will manage to remain intact and unharmed, easily detached from the wall. With another outcome other than its damage, the boards are able to hold firmly to the surface, so to remove them will require the dismantling together with pieces of drywall sheets.

Once the procedure is complete, the overall condition of the coating must be evaluated. If it is unsatisfactory, it is necessary to make a replacement. An important role can play an important role and the amount of adhesive residue on the surface, to remove which will need to use an angle grinder with a special attachment. This work is quite time consuming, requiring great effort and a lot of time.

When the tiles are fixed to the wall under the comb, then in this case it is allowed not to remove the excess adhesive substance from the plasterboard. In this situation, the priming is done. On the surface of the wall mortar is applied in a thin layer, allowing you to hide all its shortcomings. Before performing this work, it is required to make a preliminary assessment of the condition of the old adhesive, because if it begins to crumble, then the likelihood of premature lagging of the tiles increases significantly.

Features of removing tiles from the ceiling

Technologies of how to remove tiles from the ceiling, floor and walls, for the most part, are identical. The only difference is only that the elimination of the plates with vertical parts and horizontal coatings in the room they should be supported by hand, and dismantling facing material on the floor, you do not need to do this.

Removing tiles. the process is not complicated and does not take much time, but requires compliance with safety precautions.

When working, there will be a lot of dust and dirt, which will not only spoil the appearance of the surrounding objects, but also damage the eyes and respiratory organs. Therefore, before you begin to remove ceiling tiles from the ceiling, all the furniture in the room should be covered with cellophane film. Your head should be covered with a hat, your face should be protected with respiratory protection and goggles, and you should wear cotton gloves on your hands. It is better to work in overalls.

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There is a simple and effective way to remove the ceiling tiles. Its essence is that the finishing material is separated from the ceiling with special construction tools.

A set of necessary tools

Tools for work are chosen depending on the final goal of repair. Dismantle the surface, without damaging its integrity, it is possible with properly selected tools. Let’s list the tools you’ll need to remove old tile:

  • scalpel (chisel) and hammer for careful removal of tiles;
  • Peorator with nozzles in the form of a spatula for quick removal;
  • A hardened wire with a diameter of 3-4 mm for removing tiles from the floor.

The auxiliary tools include:

  • sprayer for wetting the joints;
  • knife, spatula for cleaning joints;
  • angle grinder with a metal brush, sandpaper to remove mortar from the tile.

Technology for dismantling depends directly on the method chosen and the material with which the old tile was attached.

How to use old tiles

Finishing the bottom of the pool with old ceramic tiles

Whole or broken ceramic tiles do not need to be discarded. It can be used to create extraordinary beauty with your own hands, applying a little imagination. It can be done by any non-professional craftsman. Materials and tools are inexpensive, and the basis for creativity is already there.

The motley and colorful tiles make a beautiful mosaic. It can be made of fragments of arbitrary shape and size, or sawn into equal squares or elements of any geometry.

From the fragments of tile can make a beautiful mosaic on the wall

With floor tiles can be laid mosaic floor, combining neutral colors and elements with bright colors and patterns.

The floor tiles can be used to make a mosaic floor in the boho style

From boring picture and photo frames, coasters and flower pots in combination with tiles it is possible to make the fairy-tale bright design objects.

Floor tiles will look great on a garden path, protecting it from mud in wet weather

Even if you can not keep ceramic tiles in one piece during the dismantling process, do not worry, because there are many interesting ideas for designing modern interiors. Designers gladly use mosaics, creating masterpieces of amazing beauty and originality, which can both solo in the interior, standing out as a bright accent in a neutral gamut of other elements, and complement the harmonious ensemble, merging into the overall style and palette.

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