Tool for removing window glazing beads. Ignoring the thermal insulation of the wall

What is it?

Modern windows made according to State Standards of the latest generation of materials, as well as wooden products of the old sample as an integral part of a home or room for other purposes have individual technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

Fundamental role in the construction have components, a special place in the list should be given to such, at first glance insignificant element, as glazing bead. As a result of mistakes made during the installation of such a detail can cause serious problems concerning the integrity of the entire glass unit and sealing the structure.

Such detail is an elongated metal, often aluminum, wooden or plastic rail, whose main task is to create a protective barrier that prevents dust, dirt, moisture, as well as the formation of drafts through the window and the gaps between the parts.

In addition, glazing beads increase sound insulation of the room by blocking the passage of extraneous external noise, and, importantly, acts as a decorative component of any type of window construction. Some craftsmen carve shaped elements from wood that can be used in door constructions, to serve as furniture accessories or as a baguette-type product for decoration of interior and exterior finish.

Window glazing beads are made according to the drawings, since such parameter as length is of great importance. Its dimensions must coincide with the parameters of the window for a secure fit. The element is additionally completed with a fixed sealing gum.

Wooden products are made of various types of wood, and the raw material for plastic products is defined by every single producer.

Glass mounting and its fixation is carried out through glazing bead, it is established in specially allotted groove and clips by the stopper of groove. On window structures made of wood it can be fastened with small nails.

What is a glazing bead and why it is needed

Glazing glazing bead is a narrow bar, usually made of a corresponding profile material (PVC plastic, wood, aluminum, fiberglass), which holds the glass or glazing unit in the window frame (door) and gives it structural completeness. Plastic glazing bead has a shaped form and when installed enters the profile grooves, where securely fixed teeth at the expense of the elasticity of the material for a more tight fit strip is equipped with bonded or glued sealer.

The outer surface of a PVC glazing bead has various shapes and, depending on the design solutions, can be rounded, rectangular or shaped. One more peculiarity of plastic glazing beads is different width which allows to install glazing beads of any standard thickness into window opening without changing construction or replacement of window sash.

In addition to sealing the glazing unit in the frame, the glazing bead prevents dust from entering the room, insulates it from street noise and reduces heat loss by acting as a kind of plug.

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Plastic glazing beads. types

What wooden glazing beads are

Wooden glazing beads are usually replaced in the following situations:

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  • As wood is not very resistant to moisture and mold, glazing beads sometimes lose their appearance, changing color or geometry, in which case it is easier to replace them.
  • During the initial installation of double-glazed windows, glazing glazing beads are sometimes coated on the inside with silicone (putty) for better sealing, if the glazing is replaced, it is easier to put new laths than to tear off the sealant from the old.
  • Also, when replacing the glazing, the wooden laths are easy to break, in which case they need to be replaced.
  • When replacing single-chamber glazing with double-chamber glazing, narrower glazing bars will be needed, so the old ones need to be replaced.
  • Glazing bars are not to be replaced, but reinstalled in cases where the glass or package rattles in the frame, leaks moisture and dirt.

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Glazing beads made of different types of wood in windows

Glazing beads are usually removed in the following cases:

  • replacement of the insulating glass unit as a result of external or internal damage.
  • For glazing defects caused by loss of air tightness in the form of internal fogging.
  • When a package is replaced by another type. with more or fewer chambers, the use of energy-saving modifications.
  • If glazing beads are damaged from the inside of the room, their physical characteristics deteriorate (hardening of the gasket) or their appearance deteriorates during usage (yellowing).

Tool for removing insulating glass units

Glazing beads and their functions

This mandatory element. a narrow hollow plastic strip. Now they are also made from another newcomer material. fiberglass composite. It consists of fiberglass and polyester resins. The purpose of glazing beads is to securely fix the insulating glass unit or glass in the window frame. Thanks to the shaped shape during installation, it goes into the profile grooves, where it is secured with claws. For the element to adjoin tightly to the frame, it is strengthened by glued or fused rubber sealing strip.

Plastic glazing beads do other work too. they prevent dust penetration into the apartment, get rid of noise, significantly reduce heat loss. These stopping plugs can have different forms. round, beveled or shaped, they give aesthetic and finished look to the leaf. The width of elements also differs. it depends only on the thickness of the double-glazed window unit, established in a window aperture. Wide “protectors” are necessary for one-chamber products, narrow. for three-chamber constructions. Four- and five-chamber windows already require reinforced laths.

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One of the main functions of this small element is to provide tightness. If the installation of glazing beads is performed poorly, then the window is threatened by the loss of thermal and soundproofing properties. Such double-glazed window will constantly sweat, which will inevitably affect its appearance.

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How to remove a long lath to reinforce?

Initially, the material is removed when replacing a structure of glass. Some experts believe that the process lasts a maximum of five minutes. But this approach will only lead to the deformation of the lath and the tightness of the window as a whole.

To prevent such an outcome, it is rational to choose one of the presented proven methods of disassembly.

The first method is to call a professional, pay for his service and do not understand the ways of dismantling.

The second method is more affordable. to do all the work yourself. According to information on numerous forums, it is better to dismantle from May to September, because in November, the air temperature drops to below zero, which affects the plasticity of the material. Increases the chance of damaging it.

To dismantle a long rail to strengthen the glass and not deform it, you need to buy construction tools. These are: a sharp, office knife, a tool with a steel flat, pointed at the end of the blade and an impact hammer.

Removing the rail

Useful tip. Before dismantling, you need to mark the side of the rail removal. This will simplify the further installation procedure

Table. How to remove the glazing beads from a plastic window: step by step instructions.

Summarizing the first results, we can say that it is possible to carry out the disassembly of the rail yourself. you do not even need professional, expensive tools for this. Dismantle it from the vertical area, then the bottom and finally the top. It is also worth remembering that before dismantling it is necessary to mark the side of the removal to prevent the formation of voids.

Is it worth removing the glazing unit yourself

Knowing how to remove a plastic window from the opening is not enough to dismantle. Glass is a vulnerable construction element. It is fragile and negligent handling can lead to defects.

With a lot of experience with tools, you can do the dismantling and installation with your own hands.

Cutting glass

It is easier to order finished glass in a specialized glass repair shop, then you only need to worry about transportation. On the other hand, if you have old stock, you can cut it yourself. If you don’t have that experience, you can practice on some scraps. Over time, you can tell by the sound of it if the glass is cut or not.

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Cutting glass takes some skill

If you plan to cut a wide enough strip, you can break it off with your hands, without any additional devices. The only thing is not to forget about the hand protection, the usual gloves can save from very serious cuts

A little advice: as a ruler, you can use a wooden bar or flat board, but do not use metal objects. Before you begin, the place of the cut should be thoroughly cleaned from contaminants.

Tips to help

The first recommendation concerns the temperature suitable for this work. It is better to work on removing glazing beads in a warm season. In winter, plastic strips “harden”, so even with careful action, they are easy to damage. Possible defects in the elements. cracks formed at the bending points.

  • The numbering of all glazing beads is obligatory, because the strips only look absolutely identical. A difference of even 1-2 mm will be noticeable at their joints, if the laths are accidentally mixed up.
  • It is not recommended to keep the dismantled strips for a long time on the weight, it is also not recommended to put them “in the corner” vertically, because they can deform. Therefore, a comfortable place for them should also be provided in advance.
  • Some craftsmen use not quite the usual tool for removing plastic glazing beads. an axe. If you have experience with it, the operation can be done successfully. For beginners, such “heavy artillery” is not recommended.

Since removing a glazing bead from a plastic window is not particularly difficult, some owners decide to do this work without long deliberation. Yes, the process is clear, fairly simple, but it requires a careful approach and compliance with the rules. If there is no certainty that the operation will be successful, it is better to ask for help from experienced people. Lack of skill can play a bad role: not having experience, it is easy to damage the components and the plastic frame itself.

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