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Window cleaning tools: an overview of the best devices

Every housewife wants to keep window pane clean using different tools for this purpose. In search of suitable devices for cleaning windows, we strive to choose the most suitable ones, with the help of which the whole process will take a minimum amount of time and effort. What does the modern market offer and how to make the right choice??

First of all, window cleaning device purchase should be based on personal preferences and convenience of use. It is also necessary to take into account the type, size and number of windows in the apartment, because it will be difficult to wash panoramic glass with a rag, even made of good quality microfiber. Why waste time and effort when you can pick up a more suitable tool? Pay attention to the thickness of the glass pane if you decide to buy magnetic window cleaning tools. Such devices are presented in various modifications, so the consumer has a choice between models designed for different thicknesses of glass. Magnetic brushes are divided according to the following principle:

The important thing is to choose a tool that can effectively clean the outside of the window, i.e.к. It is the exterior that causes the most difficulty. If you go to the store, follow some rules, and then the purchase will certainly pay off in your work:

  • do not save on quality. The saying “the miser pays twice” just fits this situation. Regardless of what device for cleaning windows with your own hands, pay attention to the materials of manufacture, functionality, nozzles, etc;
  • nozzles made of microfiber and foam rubber absorb and release water better than cloth ones;
  • for tall panoramic or balcony windows, it is better to choose a tool with a long handle;
  • Washing quality depends not only on the device, but also on the detergent. Ask your salesperson which product is best for your unit.

If the device you bought the first time did not meet your expectations, do not get upset. Sooner or later you will find a tool that fully meets your needs, and the following review of the most popular, will help in choosing.

Reasons for cleaning windows in the office

Dirty and dusty glass in organizations can drive away visitors. An office that does not think about the presentability of the room is not able to take care of customers properly. Or perhaps the company’s reputation is so low that it does not have the funds to clean windows. Yes, and the room can seem gloomy and uncomfortable, which will reduce the efficiency of employees. That’s why you shouldn’t put off cleaning windows at a company.

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No matter what time to wash: once every three months, once a week, or as the glass gets dirty. It is important to know the rules of the process and choose the right tools.

A very popular type of window cleaner that has a powerful magnet at its core. The brushes fixed to the glass move simultaneously on both sides of the window and clean without streaks.

Veila You Can Count

Veila washes both sides of the window simultaneously and synchronously. Even if the outside half loses its grip on the other half, a safety cord keeps it there. The nozzle material is absorbent and easy to clean after use.

  • A wide working field allows you to quickly clean large windows;
  • Strong grip;
  • Sturdy plastic housing;
  • Safety rope;
  • Brushes are easy to care for.
tool, cleaning, windows, brush, spray

Doesn’t handle multiple pane windows, but works great on single pane windows.

Window Wizard

It’s really easy to use: Just apply detergent to both halves of the window and hold them in place on either side. The brush washes, polishes, and dries glass without leaving streaks or scratches. Protective cord with a ring on the end can be attached to the window handle or put it on your finger, preventing accidental fall of brushes.

  • Usability and practicality;
  • Washing in hard-to-reach places;
  • Handy holder;
  • Economical use of detergent.

This brush is only for single pane windows. no magnets will be attracted through thicker pane windows.

How to properly clean the glass with a squeegee?

To wash glass well, you have to use the window washer correctly. Procedure:

  • Remove all dust and dirt from the glass and from the frame. this is done with a dry brush or rag;
  • If the windows are heavily soiled, you can wipe them with a damp soft cloth;
  • pour warm water into a suitable container, if you will be using a liquid glass cleaner, add it to the basin;
  • Fill a second basin with clean water, which is needed to rinse the nozzle;
  • Sponge or nozzle with a microfiber cloth (it depends on the type of window cleaner) wet in a prepared solution and wipe the glass, it is not necessary to press the mop strongly;
  • The window is moistened over the entire area, if there are heavily soiled areas, they are additionally treated with circular motions;
  • rinse the nozzle in clean water, squeeze the water from it;
  • squeegee is placed in the upper corner of the window, pressed to it and led downward. the rubber nozzle will collect dirty water, leaving behind a clean surface;
  • when the squeegee is at the bottom, wipe it off and perform the same action again, with the rubber band going slightly over the clean glass.
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When the entire window has been cleaned, it is wiped down. If the squeegee has not completely collected the dirt in the corners, you can finish cleaning with an ordinary cloth or soft paper. If the procedure is done correctly, the glass will shine with cleanliness.

Selection criteria

Choosing the right cleaning device depends on the tastes of the hostess, efficiency and ease of use.

  • The model must be able to wash exterior glass well.
  • It should match the parameters of the windows in the apartment.
  • you should not economize on quality.
  • if you need to wash big windows, it is necessary to have a handle of sufficient length.
  • Choose the type of device, mechanical or electric, which is more convenient to work with.

For your information! The chosen option will make cleaning windows easier and more effective.

How to choose a tool?

How convenient and functional the mop is will determine the quality of cleaning windows and the convenience of using the tool.

For home use, you can choose a telescopic brush for window cleaning and water drainage.

Mop with a long telescopic handle. a convenient option for cleaning large or awkwardly located windows. This option is suitable for cleaning windows outside and inside.

Thanks to the ability to change the angle of the working nozzle, it is possible to effectively cope with the work even in cases where you need to wash the sashes of the window that do not open.

When choosing a model, it is necessary to take into account the following points:

  • reliability of the construction as a whole;
  • the quality of materials;
  • handle length;
  • attachment of nozzles;
  • the presence of a swivel mechanism;
  • Easy to install the nozzle in the desired position;
  • ease of use;
  • tool weight.

Scraper with a rubber nozzle is an obligatory element of window mops. Such a variant of the tool is called a mop or coupler. The main purpose of use is to pull soapy liquid and foam down from the window. It must have a secure attachment, just like the cleaning nozzle.

If it is more habitual to wash windows with a rag or sponge, you can buy not a brush with a long handle, but only a coupler. a compact tool with a short handle for draining water from the washed vertical plane.

Telescopic mop

Sliding window wipers are also characterized by having a handy double-sided nozzle with:

By turning the mop 180° you can quickly clean and wipe away residuals from the window at the same time.

tool, cleaning, windows, brush, spray
  • low weight
  • the handle sits comfortably in your hand;
  • sliding design;
  • availability of several nozzles at the same time;
  • safety in use.

Of the disadvantages can be noted only high On the other hand, buying such a mop once, in the future you can save on microfiber cloths, for a set of.

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When buying a mop with a telescopic handle, it is important to correctly calculate its maximum length. For standard windows it is better to choose models extending up to two meters, for panoramic windows this figure can reach ten meters.

Remember that the maximum length of the mop handle should be at least half a meter longer than the height of the window.

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From the general range, you can give a real assessment of what kind of window cleaning brushes there are:

tool, cleaning, windows, brush, spray
  • With an adjustable handle. telescopic models;
  • With a fixed handle: short, long, with a sprayer or water supply;
  • Magnetic models: adjustable and non-adjustable in power;
  • Steam models: self-contained, semi-automatic, remote-controlled, wired and wireless and combined plan.

Common body material for window brushes. metal or plastic. As for the rag. microfiber, foam rubber or medium-hard bristles. The most popular and in demand is the first type of rag. copes with the most persistent dirt.

Budget variants. belong to Chinese manufacturers. As a rule, the reputation of such products does not inspire confidence. Therefore, after studying customer feedback, a list of the most effective and durable designs for window cleaning was compiled.

The best manufacturers of window brushes, other than China, do not have such a wide range. In this regard, some devices from the product lines of Germany, Italy, Finland, etc. were taken into account., And the popularity of the models was determined by the buyers themselves. Therefore, it is up to the buyer to decide which firm is better to buy a window cleaning brush.

According to their purpose cleaning devices can be highly specialized or combined type. The second option is in better demand, but the cost of such models is much higher.

Where to buy the necessary goods? The easiest way to arrange this procedure is to use the online store. Courier will deliver the goods at a convenient time for you. The calculation can be made in any way in this case. If the order is made through “Ali express”, then you should be prepared for the fact that the product may not correspond to reality.

Therefore, before buying, it is worth carefully studying the description of the product, its features and customer feedback. Then decide which brush is better to use at home and buy it.

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