Tool for assembling furniture made of chipboard

Where to start

The easiest way is to take measurements and order accessories. These are usually pre-finished parts, from which it is easy to assemble furniture with a minimum of skill.

Some stores together with accessories offer such a service as a design project and drawings to the measurements of the customer. They usually also provide the cutting, edging and delivery of the laminated chipboard. In this case, the material and fittings can be chosen according to one’s own taste.

To help the craftsman, there are also special programs to calculate the project and its visualization of furniture. One of the most affordable is the PRO 100, which is suitable for beginners.


The basic tool for furniture assembly is a drill. It is recommended to buy a reversible with variable speed. You will also need:

  • Manual milling machine;
  • Jigsaw;
  • A circular saw;
  • Construction level 600 mm;
  • Drill bits;
  • Cogs;
  • Hexagonal L-shaped wrench.

You need a tape measure, a metal ruler, an angle piece, and other small items. But one of the most important tools is the conductor (template). It is used for drilling holes for fixtures.

It provides the holes strictly at a given distance from the edge of the product and vertically, which in Laminated chipboard perform other tools is not easy. Universal template allows you to make holes and for:

Usually a jig from a good manufacturer is quite expensive. But alternatives can be found. For example, ads on the Internet for the sale of homemade pattern.

Choice of material

The best option for furniture with their own hands is considered to be Laminated chipboard (laminated chipboard). You can find products of different thicknesses on sale:

  • 16 mm─ almost universal size it is suitable for the production of many elements;
  • 10 mm─ more often they are used to fill doors in closets;
  • 22 mm─ are suitable for bookshelves and cabinets, as they need good bending strength. They are often used to decorate furniture.

It is practically impossible to make even cuts on the rails with your own hands at home. Roughness and chipping may remain around the edges. That is why it makes more sense to order laminated chipboard with a rip edge.

Edging varieties

Saw cut Laminated chipboard is its most vulnerable place. It is through it that moisture can penetrate into the structure and as a result the ends of the sheet will swell. Their protection should be paid special attention. You can buy in a store already finished product with edging.

  • Made of melamine. It can be glued with a hot iron at home. But the protection is not always of good quality;
  • PVC edging comes in 0.4 mm and 2 mm;
  • ABS edging is an analogue of PVC made of environmentally friendly material.

If you want to save money, you can cut invisible cuts with 0,4 mm PVC edging and use 2 mm for visible surfaces and where the load is intensive. Two kinds of profiles are also used on the slices:

  • T ─ mortise type. A groove is specially prepared for it, where it is mounted;
  • The overlay is used more often. It can be planted on liquid nails with their own hands at home.

Attention to detail

All cabinet furniture consists of parts. These are shelves and walls, lids and countertops, fronts. There are two varieties of elements:

In order for the furniture to last a long time, it is important to choose the right arrangement of parts. Here you need to intelligently determine the operating voltage. For example, in the floor cabinet it is directed downward on the legs. In the hinged one, the attachment point must be at the top, and the screws must be subjected to fracture loading.

How to fasten the elements

There are special furniture fasteners or hardware for this purpose. Most often today use Euro screws (furniture screws). They have large, special threads and work very well. Usually 7 × 50 mm fasteners are used.

tool, assembling, furniture, made

How to make a simple tool for joining plywood (chipboard)

  • Wood screws. Special holes are drilled for them. They are used to pre-fix the part or to increase the shear load;
  • Furniture corners are used less often. They are rather bulky and will loosen over time.

To make the hole for the euro screw you need a special drill bit with different diameters for different parts of the screwdriver. It is important to make the holes strictly perpendicular.

For fixing the tool is suitable electric screwdriver attachment or Allen key. The hubs are decorated with plastic plugs in Laminated chipboard.

To attach furniture parts, eccentric ties are also used. It is a very convenient method, which leaves a hole only on one inner side of the furniture. They are most often used to secure doors on drawers. Ties require precision drilling.

Tools for assembling furniture made of particle board

Furniture board is an option for those who prefer natural materials, but are not ready to overpay for solid wood. In this article we will talk about the features of this material and share instructions on how to assemble three pieces of furniture from a board.

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Furniture boards are assembled from individual small bars of wood. They are glued together and sent under the press. Wood remnants from sawmills are used, so the material is environmentally friendly.

Means of connecting the bars to each other:

In Leroy Merlin you will find boards with these characteristics:

It is convenient to work with furniture boards because

1) the wood is already smooth; 2) you can easily pick up planks of the right length and width.

All you need to do. cut blanks, go over the edges with sandpaper and assemble the design you have in mind. And then. to cover it with a special oil for wood, stain and varnish (or just a varnish) or paint.

If you want to try your hand at carpentry and make something simple, like a table or shelving unit, furniture boards are a great place to start.

How is a furniture board better than solid wood??

The furniture board is as high quality as solid wood, while costing less. We have put together the key benefits of laminated veneer lumber.

The most common furniture boards are made from spruce and pine bars. This kind of wood is easy to handle, it is resistant to temperature changes, it smells nice and emits phytoncides that fight bacteria.

  • The pattern of pine is more noticeable;
  • The wood of pine is stronger, denser and heavier than that of spruce;
  • Spruce is stronger at absorbing moisture;
  • Pine keeps longer the aroma of the wood.

If you have a very humid home, or if your furniture is going to be under a lot of pressure, choose pine. Otherwise there is not much difference between the two conifers.

To assemble your own furniture out of the boards, you will need electric and hand tools.

Let’s proceed to assembly! Below you will find diagrams and instructions.

  • 200 mm wide pine furniture boards: 2 pcs with a length of 1800 mm and 1 pc with a length of 3000 mm (or 2 pcs of 1500 mm);
  • Hangers. 4-6 pcs;
  • screws;
  • joinery glue;
  • Sanding paper with the grain size of 100 and 400;
  • dowels.

1) Sawing all parts out of the panels. We need:

2) Finish the finished parts with sandpaper.

3) Fix the upper shelves on a long horizontal shelf with dowels. Drill holes, insert dowels, smeared with carpenter’s glue.

4) We attach the lower sections with screws. Screw them from above through the holes in the long horizontal part.

5) In the diagram above, the parts that are marked in yellow, we attach to the horizontal shelf on dowels. Orange and green. on dowels. This way you won’t see much of the fasteners.

6) After you connect all the parts, you can paint the shelf with a stain and colorless varnish, varnish or paint in the desired color.

If you plan to store light items on the shelf, attach it to the wall with concealed dowels, if heavy items. use hinge hangers.

  • pine furniture board: thickness. 28 mm, length. 1500 mm, width. 800 mm
  • Two pine boards for long supports, on which the table top will lie: thickness. 20 mm, length. 2000 m, width. 96 mm;
  • Two pine boards for the short legs of the table top: thickness. 20 mm, length. 650 mm, width. 96 mm;
  • Pine beam for four legs: section 40×40 mm, height of each. 700 mm;
  • Four ties for the countertop;
  • 10 smaller metal brackets to fix the worktop to the supports;
  • self-tapping screws and bolts.

Sequence of operations: Sand all cut parts. Assemble the base for the future countertop, attach legs to it with the help of angle pieces. put tabletop on top.

For durability you can glue all joints with waterproof PVA glue. When the table is ready, you can coat it with stain and varnish or paint.

  • top cover: 400×1000 mm, thickness 18 mm;
  • 2 side panels: 800×400 mm, thickness 18 mm;
  • 2 bases for the top shelf: 400×964 mm, thickness 18 mm;
  • middle shelf: 382×964 mm, thickness 18 mm;
  • separating post for the upper shelf: 400×215 mm, thickness 18 mm;
  • bottom apron: 100×964 mm, thickness 18 mm;
  • 2 drawer front panels: 231×964 mm, thickness 18 mm;
  • 2 rear panels for drawers: 200×964 mm, thickness 18 mm.

Cutouts on the apron can be any

1) Connect the sides to the top cover of the dresser. From the inside, draw parallel lines on them at 10 and 16 cm from the bottom. This is where the base will be attached.

2) Fasten the base with the four screws.

3) Cut the base for the bottom of the chest of drawers from a piece of plywood. Choose a shape that you like. Screw this part on.

4) Make a mark on the inside of the side walls. They should be 212mm and 228mm below the top ends. Screw on the upper shelf.

5) Install a divider between the upper cover and the upper shelf. Mark off 492mm from each side wall and screw in the part.

6) Measure from the upper shelf 212 mm and mount the middle shelf. Be careful not to let its end protrude over the sidewall.

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7) Fasten the bottom and back of the chest of drawers.

tool, assembling, furniture, made

8) Put the drawers together and fit the runner rails. The runner is needed so that the drawers slide in and out easily and smoothly. Each rail consists of two parts: one to be mounted on the wall of the drawer and the other on the inside wall of the cabinet. The runners must be screwed down strictly to the center of the side walls of the drawers, they should not reach the front edge by 20 mm. Install the drawers in the dresser.

You can decorate the front panels of the chest of drawers with decorative plates. Lacquer or paint the whole construction to make the wood last longer. Do not forget about the handles for the drawers, you can put two small or one long handle on the front panels.

Come to Leroy Merlin with your ideas and drawings. We can help you choose the furniture boards, cut the board, advise you on materials and tools.

Furniture assembly tools

A screwdriver can help you speed up the assembly process

A drill for drilling holes in the chipboard, preferably with reverse

Wood and metal drill bits of various diameters

A jigsaw is needed for sawing parts

A rubber mallet may be needed if something needs to be tapped and put in its place

Hexagonal screwdriver for cabinet furniture assembly

Furniture clamps for work on fixing, gluing, joining parts

A stapler will be very useful for stuffing the back wall Fiberboard

tool, assembling, furniture, made

Remember about vigilance and caution when using these tools. Don’t make hasty moves. It is best to invite a helper.

Fixing tools have an important role in furniture twisting, and more as important “helpers”. These and other gear perform the function of installing fragile parts (mirrors and handles). They help attach and adjust doors.

Tools for the furniture maker

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Other tools

Self-tapping screws and mortars for furniture assembly

Rafix eccentric ties, which are used to tie horizontal and vertical furniture parts.

Minifix serves to connect furniture workpieces made of particle board, fiberboard, plywood, solid wood

Drill bit for furniture hinges is used when assembling furniture in places where it is necessary to install furniture hinges

The drill bit is different from the other drills in that it makes an additional hole for the seating of the head of the confirming element

Furniture tools are very different. They differ in size, function, purpose. This can shock a novice needleworker. It is difficult to know the features of each device, and even more so on the fly to decide where it is worth engaging. But the right tips and practice will help to achieve the desired tops.

Creating such a specific creation as furniture, we need to get acquainted with another interesting group: consumables. It is any materials. Unique in that they lose their properties over time. They are indispensable for twisting cabinet furniture.

Types: choose the right one

Overhead. They do not need to be fixed before they can be used for their intended purpose. Structurally simple, mobile, but they need to be held by a hand free of the drill, because often the tooling is not fixed in a special device, which is not very convenient. Considering the simplicity of the design, it is quite easy to make it with your own hands. Suitable for drilling Fibreboard and hardboard.

Drilling jigs for drilling at an angle. The design is easy to visualize, since the name says it all. These jigs can also be mounted on top of the machine. In the production of quality furniture is present and drilling at an angle, which is not the easiest operation in the manufacturing process. it requires skill. Although in this case, sometimes the right angle is violated, the resulting assembly will not be such a quality and appearance of furniture, especially if it is not made of particle board, and wood. there certainly is not ugly drilled putty. But using the right accessory for the job prevents you having any unnecessary problems at all.

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Pivoting jigs. They have hinged brackets, and this allows you to drill on two adjacent planes.

Sliding Hole Drillers. They can be used to drill several holes without re-setting. To work with such a tool is still required the necessary skills.

If you plan to start assembling furniture with your own hands, then you will need to prepare in advance a tool for assembling furniture.

You will most likely need a screwdriver, which can be used to tighten screws and screws. In addition, you will need it in order to fix the furniture fittings. In its absence, you can use an ordinary electric drill, but then you will need to constantly monitor the length of its wire. You will also need to regularly replace screw bits and coffer bits.

At home you can make do with a standard set of tools, most of which can be found at every craftsman.

  • Drawing joiner angle is a kind of ruler, a device is necessary for drawing perpendicular lines of marking.
  • Hard-soft simple pencil, ruler, eraser will allow you to make a correct marking.
  • Five-meter tape measure, equipped with a button of permanent fixation.
  • Construction levels will help determine the height of the furniture, make it flat.
  • A thick awl with a rubber handle will be needed to make a marking for furniture fastening.

An electric tool is needed for more demanding work associated with sawing and processing furniture blanks.

An electric jigsaw allows you to do most of the work of making furniture. Experts advise to use a tool with power from 500 to 750 W, with reverser and regulator of speed modes. The tool should be light, not heavy in the hand. The tool can be with a metal or plastic chuck.

Many craftsmen prefer an electric impact drill in case the furniture has to be hung on the wall. An alternative to the drill can be a cordless electric screwdriver with reverser and speed regulator. It’s convenient to work with a light tool that makes 400-500 revolutions per minute.

Electric jigsaw

The device saws boards, makes shaped notches, prepares holes. With its help, you can improve the design of furniture, adding it with shaped or radiused elements. Choosing a device, you need to consider its power. The optimal settings are 450-750 watts. A powerful jigsaw makes several thousand vibrations per minute. It will greatly facilitate the work of the master, will serve him for a long time, effectively. It is desirable that the saw has a pendulum stroke, speed regulator. There are jigsaw models with a removable cutting blade.

Finishing machine

This accessory supplements the jigsaw. It gives the parts a smooth even surface. At home, it is better to use the band version, 650 watts, with metal roller guides. It doesn’t hurt to have the extra features of the fixture:

Special tapes are purchased for the sander. They come in two varieties. for rough and finish material processing up to finishing. It is practical to buy oblique glued segments, as they are reliable. Tape sizes depend on the grinder.

Electric iron

On the metal sole, industrial hair dryer power of 1600-1800 W are indispensable items for furniture manufacturing. They allow you to glue melamine edging to the end part of the elements Laminated particle board. It is good if the hair dryer will be equipped with a heating regulator, without a fragile ceramic insert.

You’ll also need additional tools for furniture making.

A flexible metal ruler up to 1000 mm long comes in handy for uneven part marking.

Hammer. a joinery tool that scores fasteners on furniture.

The stapler is indispensable in furniture production. It is a versatile tool that can perform many operations. These include fabric upholstery, cabinet assembly, re-stitching material. Nails, screws, staples are used for fastening.

Hex wrench is needed for tightening or unscrewing screws when it is impossible to do it with a screwdriver, drill, electric screwdriver.

Screwdrivers of various types: wood, metal, pobedite, Forstner.

Pliers fix parts at a specific angle.

Pliers take fasteners out of wood and particle board.

Many furniture makers use a mallet to hammer sheets of Laminated Particleboard.

Preparing blueprints for making furniture

Assembly drawings are a personal guide during the work process. If we pay due attention to this part at the preparatory stage, the master will not have to frantically make calculations and be afraid to fix something in the wrong place. Facilitate yourself the task of assembly, you can sketch everything on a simple sheet of paper by hand or using special computer programs.

Remember that the drawing should be understandable and readable at least for the person who will be engaged in assembling the furniture.

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