The tool for stripping the insulation of the coaxial cable

И57. Wire stripper (Tolsen, Rexant, Shtok, KVT)

tool, stripping, insulation, coaxial

И5775. Stripper HS-2204 for stripping wire insulation 0,6-2,6 mm (Electromontazh)

И5779. Stripper 38050 for insulation stripping of wires 0,5-6 automatic device. (Electromontazh, pr. Tolsen, China)

И5704. Tool 12-4231 Rexant HT-318M type MINI for twisted pair patching and cutting (Rexant)

И5734. Stripper 61668 WS-04A for removing of insulation.insulator.wire. 0.05-10 automatic. multifunctions. stripper (KVT)

И5741. Stripper 69278 WS-11 for stripping wires insulation 0,05-10 automatic. multifunctional. stripper (KVT)

How to Strip a Coax Wire

И5700. Stripper 10028 INDUSTRIAL 160mm up to 10 kV. mm (Electrical Installation, made by Tolsen, China)

И5780. Wire stripper 10013 for stripping wires insulation up to 10 kV. (Electromontazh, made by Tolsen, China)

И5701. Tool 12-4201 Rexant HT-3141 type 110 for twisted pair termination and cutting (Rexant)

И5705. Tool 12-4201-4 Rexant HT/HY-3141 type 110 for twisted pair patching and cutting (Rexant)

И5737. Stripper 61671 WS-09 for stripping wires insulation 0,5-6 stripper (KVT)

И5743. Stripper 60409 WS-06 for wire stripping 0,2-6 automatic stripper (KVT)

И5706. Pliers 12-4001 Rexant HT-150B for stripping wire insulation 0,2-6,0 (Rexant)

И5707. Pliers 12-4005 Rexant HT-766 for stripping wire insulation 0,2-6,0 (Rexant)

И5736. Stripper 61670 WS-07 for stripping wire. 0, automatic. multifunction. stripper (KVT)

И5702. Tool 12-4221 Rexant HT-3140 type 110 for twisted pair termination and cutting (Rexant)

И5711. Tool 12-4024 Proconnect HT/HS-1041 for stripping 1-6 kV cross section cable. mm (Rexant)

И5721. Tool 12-4016-4 Proconnect HY-302 for stripping coaxial cable RG 58-59-6-11 type (Rexant

Review of the best stripper models for stripping wires

The tool for insulation remover from the domestic manufacturer KVT is very popular. The company offers a quality model of strippers at an affordable price. One of the most popular models is the WS-04A stripper, which is designed to remove wire sheaths from 0.05-6m² wires. With the microtuning screw you can adjust the diameter of the hole to the size of the cable. The stripper can be purchased for 1.2 thousand roubles.

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For sheath removal from flat conductors PUNP and VVG-P and jacket cleaning from cable with 0.05-10 m² cross section you can use KBT WS-11 model. Insulation tool has a microtuning screw that allows you to adjust the diameter of the hole for a particular size of cable. For convenient operation, the tool is equipped with two-component handles and heavy-duty clamping jaws with a gripping width of 13 mm.

The WS-04A stripper from KBT is one of our most popular products

This stripper model allows several wires to be stripped simultaneously in one motion, thanks to its wide clamping jaws. Tool features a partial stripping option. Stripper costs 1.4 thousand.

Another good model of domestic production is the stripping tool KBT WS-12, which is used for stranded and multi-conductor cables with cross section of 0.05-10 mm². The tool is equipped with a built-in module for cutting wires. Tool blades made of stainless steel. They have guides that protect against loosening and oblique cutting. The tool can strip insulation from the middle of a wire. With the removable all-metal knob, you can set the distance needed to remove the braid. The tool costs about 1.5 thousand Euros.

Demanded KBT stripping tool

Compact and easy-to-use stripping tool. KVT CS: GO 25. Designed for LV-ABC cables 4.5-25 m² cross section. The stripper has a pivoting blade that is adjustable in length and removes 3.5 mm of braiding. Insulation cuts can be made in longitudinal, transverse, and spiral directions. The device housing is made of impact-resistant plastic that guarantees the device’s reliability and durability.

The tool can be mounted on a table and secured with a spring-loaded clamp for wire manipulation. You can buy a stripper for 1.5 thousand.

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WS-06 is an automatic stripper that can be set to the necessary insulation thickness

The KBT WS-06 stripper is an automatic stripper that can be set to the desired wire diameter and thickness. It is designed for stranded wires up to 2 mm in size. Removes 0.2 to 6 m² of braid. Fiberglass tool body for strength, durability and ease of use.

Important! This model has narrowed ends, which allows the tool to be used in hard-to-reach places.

Tool is equipped with a length stop for stripping. Handles have a lock in the folded position, which provides convenience and safety when storing the device. With this stripper it is possible to perform V-cutting of cable edges when stripping wires of insulation. The tool can be purchased for about 1,300.

What markings can be found on the stripper

According to buyers, such markings are not worthy of special attention, as evidenced by the numerous reviews on the web, but this is a misconception. Not only the alphanumeric dial is important, but also the color. An example would be some American brands that mark the size grid by coloring the handles in different colors. Products from China (AliExpress) have standard designations. The numbers are the operating range of the section supported. Opposite to each blade, there is a sectional designation that refers directly to the wire.

The designations may be in square millimeters or in AWG format, which has its own calibration. It is recommended to use the mechanism strictly as intended, otherwise there is an increased risk of damage to the wire. Popular models may be labeled 1000V, indicating that the customer is facing a design equipped with electrical insulation. A special type of material is used for this purpose. Dots of red, blue and yellow color can be found on the product, the complete set of which allows you to crimp terminals. This indicates the correspondence of the lug collars, which can be processed by means of the selected device, where the cross-section will be:

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Product line overview

If we analyze the stripping tools produced by various manufacturers, we can notice that there is no definite division into any categories. All strippers are part of the electrical installation hand tools, but their shape, size, and function may vary greatly.

It is common practice to divide household and industrial wire strippers into 3 groups based on the degree of automation

  • mechanical, requiring additional adjustment;
  • Semi-automatic, partly adjustable;
  • automatic, non-adjustable.

For the most part, they are peculiar pliers or cutters with insulated handles and two “lips” that move by means of a hinge that fastens them together. There are holes of different diameters or knives on the “lips”, which are used to remove the cable braid.

There’s no strict division between the categories, nor is there a single design for the insulation biting mechanism. Examples of popular types:

It is not possible to list all the types. there is a huge range from a small device that fits in the palm of your hand to a compact machine that works continuously in production. But the strippers remain popular because they are easy to carry in the toolbox, comfortable to hold in one hand and can be adjusted as needed to cut different types of cables.

But keep in mind that besides universal models there are many special tongs. for fiber optics, Internet cables, power wires, copper wires, etc. However, for household chores, it is better to buy versatile. inexpensive and multi-functional.

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