The tool for insulation stripping ws 12 kwt

Stripping tool WS-12 (KVT)

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Insulation tool WS-12 (KVT)

Insulation tool WS-12 (KVT) for stripping wires 0.05-10 mm2.Cutting of wires up to 10 mm2.Stripping flat wires VVG-P, PUNP.

In the standard range 0.2-6 mm2: automatic adjustment to the desired wire size and insulation thickness

In the micro range of wires from 0.05 mm2 and for cross sections up to 10 mm2 a microtuning screw is used

Strip insulation from solid and stranded conductors without damaging the conductor

Reinforced clamping jaws with 13 mm gripping width

A window for dropping insulation cuttings so that the stripped insulation does not get stuck in the mechanism

Simultaneous stripping of multiple wires in a single movement, thanks to wide clamping jaws

Partial stripping function. Notching and displacement. Strip from the middle of the wire

Built-in “CutPro” module for cutting wire.

Professional-grade stainless steel blades in place of the sharpened metal blade on the right handle body on the WS-04 and WS-07 models

tool, insulation, stripping

Two anti-slip guides and anti-twist cutting blades

Two built-in return springs with extended service life

Metal flanging of mechanism cover

Removable all-metal zinc alloy stripping length adjuster

Ergonomic two-piece handles with rubberized non-slip inserts

WS-12 KVT 69476 stripping tool

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Кабельный стриппер WS-12 КВТ

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Wire stripper WS-12 (KVT)

3 in 1:; stripping wires 0.05-10 mm2; cutting wires with cross-section up to 10 mm2; stripping flat wires VVG-P, PUNP; In standard range 0.2-6mm2:; Automatic adjustment to the correct size and thickness of wire insulation; In the micro range of wires from 0.05 mm2 and 10 mm2 cross-section with fine-tuning screw; Stripes solid and stranded conductors without damaging the conductor; Heavy-duty 13 mm gripping jaws; Winding window for stripping insulation without sticking in the mechanism; Simultaneous stripping of several conductors in one action, thanks to wide stripping jaws; Partial stripping function. Notching and displacement. Strip from the middle of the wire; Built-in “CutPro” module for wire cutting; Professional stainless steel blades instead of the sharpened section on the metal body of the right handle in the WS-04 and WS-07 models; Two guides to keep the tool from coming loose and the cutting blades from tilting; Two built-in return springs with extended operating life; Metal flanging of mechanism cover; Removable all-metal zinc-alloy stripping length adjuster; Screw that locks position of adjuster; Ergonomic two-piece handles with rubberized inserts of non-slip material; Weight: 350 g; Length: 205 mm;

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