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Adjusting the plastic windows with their own hands

Nowadays the popularity of plastic windows is not in doubt, because they are not only of high quality, but also affordable. And that’s not to mention the fact that they are easy to use and provide excellent noise protection. But, despite this, even the highest quality windows require maintenance, so from time to time you need to call a master to adjust them. Many people ask: “Is it possible to adjust plastic windows without calling a master??”. In fact, it is not as difficult as it may seem. Therefore, after reading this article, you will be able to cope with minor problems yourself. Remember that this way you save not only money but also time. And now let’s move on to the instructions themselves and look at the main problems.

  • When closing the sash hits the frame from the side or bottom
  • The sash does not fit tightly enough to the frame
  • Worn locking bars
  • The handle is blocked when the sash is open in the “closed” mode, the window does not close
  • The sash is closed, but the window does not close, the handle does not turn
  • Handle is broken
  • The handle is very stiff

We may need the following tool to repair it:

Possible problems with the plastic window

The problems that occur most often are

  • The handle does not properly lock;
  • appearance of a draft from the seals;
  • The handle is too tight and cannot be turned;
  • Incorrect position of the sash in relation to the frame;
  • Cracks on the handle surface.

Why does it break?? As with any mechanism, window components tend to wear and tear. If the wear is severe, you need to correct the sash’s pressure to the frame surface. the matter may be due to faulty installation, and a specialist will need to be called in for complete reinstallation of the system.

Step-by-step instructions for adjusting a plastic window

These designs are available from many manufacturers, all with different performance characteristics. But the engineering features of the hardware, the drive system, and the controls are almost indistinguishable. Can change the size and shape of fasteners, the material of the rods and eccentrics, the required set of tools, quality, size and mechanical strength of metal plastic profiles.

Use a special or an ordinary Allen key for the work. Special key is much easier and comfortable to work with, its geometrical shape provides for specific location of all adjusting screws and provides access to them. Some of them are located in hard to reach places and are difficult to reach with a simple spanner. The lubrication of moving parts is done with window or common household oil. In terms of operation and efficiency there is no difference, despite large price differences.

Lubricate hardware thoroughly and check again the function of the window. There are cases where minor malfunctions can be repaired with this elementary method. Because of excessive friction, not only uncharacteristic sounds appear during adjustment of fittings, but also jams occur, that prevent separate parts from moving to the required position. Lubricate a few points, there are quite a few. You don’t need to pour oil, just a couple of drops. After that, you need to turn the window handle a few times in all positions and repeat your actions. Remove excess grease immediately with a clean cloth.

of greases for plastic windows

Some inexperienced masters for such purposes look for a special oil without acids and alkalis, they are afraid of the possibility of corrosion by aggressive compositions of plastic. This is not true. Firstly, oils do not and, in principle, can not be alkaline and acid concentration, it slightly increases only during the operation of the car engine. As for the domestic oil, it is completely clean. Secondly, plastic is not afraid of flammable and lubricants. Oil got on it. no big deal, wipe the surface and all problems solved.

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There should be technological holes on the hardware with the appropriate inscription, it is in them that it must be buried. After lubrication with the sash closed, place a rag on the window sill, the excess will collect on it. After a day you can remove it. If after lubrication, the problems do not disappear, it is necessary to proceed to the adjustment.

Practical advice. expensive window systems have a special handle lock, it makes it difficult for unwanted persons to enter the room. In addition, it is a safety device for children, the lock can be locked with a key. Window cannot be opened.

To check the effectiveness of lubrication press the locking mechanism to the sash and turn the handle in this position. When the sash is open, never try to move it into the tilted position of active ventilation mode. the rods are in the wrong position. To return the sash to the initial state is difficult, you must accurately understand the principle of operation of the mechanism, the so-called scissors.

Make very careful inspection of the window condition. If in the fully closed position there is a gap between the seals and the surface of the frame or mullion, it is necessary to adjust the position of the trunnions. They are in the form of eccentrics; when rotating around their axis, the surfaces of the elements move closer to / away from the counter strip. The more expensive types of windows have special markings on the parts that indicate the direction of rotation when you want to increase or decrease the pressure and facilitate the process of adjustment.

Do not overdo it when adjusting this parameter: the complete closing of the window must not be too heavy: in such a position, all hardware elements wear out quickly. In addition, the microventilation mode can disappear, in which the gap between the seal and the frame is a few millimeters.

Check gaps all around the perimeter of the sash, not just in accessible areas. Each window has a minimum of six cams, all adjustable separately. Not only are the pivots located on the sides of the sash, but also on the lower and upper pivots. The latter must be adjusted from a stepladder or armchair.

You can check the tightness of the fit with a piece of paper: place it in the sash and close the window. If the paper is pulled out with force, everything is normal. Check also the perimeter of the window. If the eccentrics are set to maximum pressure and the sheet of paper does not hold, you must change the seals. This is not difficult and can be done by yourself. The main difficulty is to find the same seals, and there are a huge number of types. Almost all manufacturers install their own and in this simple way increase sales of their products.

Main adjusting points for PVC windows

There are three points with which to make adjustments:

  • Lower hinge. You can lift the sash or lower it, move it horizontally. Displacement is usually not more than 2 mm.
  • Top hinge. Here you can only move it horizontally.
  • Trunnions, aka eccentrics, located in the side of the sash of a plastic window. Use them to adjust the pressure. Their number varies from 4 to 8, respectively, and there may be several control points.

How to adjust the hinges of plastic windows

Standard PVC windows rarely have a window vent. such a model is considered a non-standard and leads to higher in the final product at the expense of more waste. Airing is performed by turning the handle in the up position (the so-called airing mode), and the latter is performed by a special hinge. If a plastic window does not close properly, then you need to start with them. Depending on the location of the hinges, there can be horizontal adjustment (horizontal settings) or vertical.

The top hinge is torn from the hook usually if the window was improperly or abruptly opened. Bad fit does not allow to close tightly and leads to blowing. To fix it, press the sash to the frame and make several movements for opening and closing, stopping in the “closed” position.

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If you notice an unusual clicking sound when you open or close it, it means that the side and bottom hinges have come loose and are scuffing the frame. This often happens in old houses. the building shrinks, which primarily affects the windows. Open the window, find the hinges, and in them adjusting tools (special hexes). Use a 4 mm spanner to adjust the position of the sashes by alternately loosening and tightening the screws. The threads are right-handed, turn clockwise to screw in, anticlockwise to unscrew. This method eliminates the slanting movement by shifting the frame.

Adjusting the fittings

Other problems that may arise during the operation of plastic windows are also solved by adjusting the hardware:

  • Knob is loose. Adjustment is as simple as possible: pull back the decorative plate, tighten the fasteners with a wrench or screwdriver.
  • Handle is jammed. If the handle does not turn in the open position of the window, just press the lock located on the side end, put the handle in the desired position, release the lock. If the window is closed and does not open, try to press the sash tightly, especially in the upper opposite corner and turn the handle in that position.
  • Does not open tightly or does not open fully in ventilation mode. Drip lubricant on the “scissors”, the sash opening limiter.
  • The sash is rubbing against the frame when opening or closing. Adjustment of a sash on a vertical, horizontal with bolts on hinges is required. see the detailed instruction in section “How to adjust, that it does not blow?”.

Whichever part of the window you have a problem, now you know how to fix it. But if the problem is serious or you doubt your abilities. it is better to contact an expert.

In winter, the plastic window should be closed as tightly as possible to keep air exchange between the street and the room to a minimum. No one needs the cold outside in the winter in the house. In summer, on the contrary, even in a closed position it should provide some air circulation (micro ventilation), so that the room is not too stuffy because of the heat.

Seasonal adjustment of a home window by turning it into a “summer” or “winter” mode is carried out with the help of locking pins on the side of the opening sash. They can be fixed, rectangular or roller-shaped (round with a groove on one side or oval).

Depending on the type, this fitting is adjusted by turning manually, with pliers, a screwdriver, or with a hexagon wrench. In some cases it is necessary to pull the mechanism towards yourself before turning and only then turn it.

The window trim can be set in one of three positions:

In the first case, the round cam is set towards the street and the oval is set horizontally. in the second one, the rib is set inside and the oval is vertical. The third option. the dash looks up and the oval is fixed at an angle.

Instead of a movable trunnion on the sash, some manufacturers of window frames install a non-adjustable rectangular-shaped closing element. In this case you can adjust the plastic window only by adjusting the screw on the striker.

Adjustment of the window for winter and summer periods

The main point of seasonal adjustment of window sashes is the necessity of their constant switching from “summer” to “winter” and back. With a strong “winter” squeeze, the rubber seal is compressed, and therefore gradually begins to deteriorate. It is not uncommon for owners of PVC windows to face the fact that after several years this gum has to be replaced. This happens precisely because the window sash according to the window product manufacturer’s instructions is not transferred to the summer mode with the reduced pressure, but is left as is after the winter.

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The main points for adjusting the window

To summarize, once again enumerate the main points of adjustment of plastic windows:

  • there are screws on the bottom hinge to adjust the vertical position of the whole sash and the bottom corner of the sash horizontally;
  • The upper hinge adjusts the pressing force and aligns the upper part of the sash horizontally;
  • the eccentric locking pin on the end face is responsible for adjusting the tightness of the window sash to the frame.

Before starting adjustment of plastic windows check all the listed points for possible deformation. In case of their failure immediately call the master. If you find debris in the moving mechanisms, then clean and lubricate, and then check how the window works.

Any self-adjustment of a plastic window requires accuracy, gradualness and deliberation. Incorrect calibration can lead to malfunctioning of mechanisms and malfunctioning of the entire design.

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