The tire on the angle grinder for cutting wood

discs for routing and wood trimming

Cutting and milling work in wood with an angle grinder is dangerous enough, because the tool is not designed for this purpose. But in some cases the angle grinder is still used for cutting and milling work in wood.

This endangerment is caused by the high RPM. Compared with a circular grinder, the angle grinder has a high rpm that no circular grinder is designed for. The cutting wheels for angle grinders that can be used must be of particular brand. The 125 mm diameter disc is the most suitable size.

While working with an angle grinder, on which a circular disc is installed, the latter can burst and break. To avoid this, you should use a special kind of saw for wood and protective guards, and in some cases even weaker types of electrical equipment.

For wood sawing special chain discs are popular, they allow to make milling, modeling, peeling of wood bark and create cups in logs for log houses. When selecting such cutting discs, not only should the tool diameter and cutting depth be taken into account, but also the shape, frequency and number of teeth.

  • If you plan to use the saw blades for angle grinder 125 mm not so regularly, and at the same time there is no clear idea what kind of wood you are going to work with, it is best to choose products with alternately beveled teeth.
  • Sawing needles or any other soft wood is done with cutters that have straight teeth.
  • The trapezoid tooth has the widest possible range of applications. The 125 x 22 disc is suitable for cutting moderately dense particleboards. Particularly suitable for bilaminated chipboards, USB boards and lightweight fibreboard.

It should be taken into account that the operation of the angle grinder occurs at high RPM, so there may be a strong overheating of the discs. And the use of water cooling in such a situation is not possible. Therefore, to avoid overheating and deformation of the cutting tool, you should give preference to discs with rounded slots, width. about 2 mm, depth. 20 mm. Their cavity can be empty or filled with copper alloy. This design compensates for the expansion of the metal disc and prevents it from deforming.

Specialists also give recommendations on the observance of safety when milling wood with an angle grinder. Such measures imply:

  • Always wear protective gloves and safety glasses;
  • The use of discs with fine teeth;
  • rigid fixation of the cutting equipment;
  • checking the material to be drilled for foreign objects (nails, self-tapping screws, etc.).

Wood milling angle grinder does not allow for high precision machining. When milling a wooden bar, it is necessary to use thick types of cutters, which are distinguished by their high cost. Self-made disks for such work is strictly prohibited.

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For beginners, milling and cutting wood with an angle grinder is a dangerous occupation, so for safety reasons it is better to refuse this work, not having the proper experience.

How to choose a saw blade for wood for angle grinder?

angle grinder, or angle grinder. a tool that has no analogues in its popularity. If originally its scope of application was limited to the operations that defined the name of the unit (sanding and close to it technologically types of processing material), gradually the range of application of this power tool and manufactured to it interchangeable accessories has expanded incredibly. Now the angle grinder cuts metal, grind different surfaces, clean dirt and old paint, and much more.

The presence of a rotating rod made it possible to adapt the angle grinder for sawing wood as well. They started trying to put saw blades on it, produced for circular saws. Manufacturers of nozzles for this tool responded by developing and releasing special circles, similar in action to circular saw blades, but adapted to the high RPM and increased safety requirements of hand tools.

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How to cut a truck tire into pieces.

You then just push the rubber rounds out of the sharpened tube.

Cutting wood with an Makita angle grinder and saw blade

The main thing is not to forget to moisten the rubber with water when drilling or cutting. It should be noted that it is much easier and more convenient to cut the circle, using a sharpened tube, than in the classical way. with a drill. However, if you need to drill through rubber with a drill bit, it is also quite easy to do so by sharpening the drill bit and periodically dipping it in water.

Rubber should be drilled at low speed and periodically wetting the cutting edge. However, if you need to drill a large block of rubber at high RPM, you should preferably submerge it in water completely.

Drilling rubber in water with a drill bit.

In the last resort, holes in thin rubber, as well as in plastic, can be melted by heating a drill bit shank or an iron tube with a lighter flame.

The main thing is to be careful when working with red-hot metal. Also remember that rubber can release toxic substances if overheated, so drill under a hood or in a well-ventilated room. Observe all safety rules even when drilling in rubber.

An unusual type of disc can be used for rough sanding on different surfaces. Instead of the usual composite disk, there are many wires coming out of the center of the disk and creating a metal brush. Such a disc is able to remove any dirt from metal in the shortest possible time, but leaves behind a very rough surface that requires additional sanding.


Such discs are designed for sharpening various metal tools. In terms of appearance and purpose fully duplicate the stationary sharpener. As a rule, such discs have greater thickness from 6 mm and more. High spindle speeds sharpen the cutting tools very quickly. Working with such a disc is unusual, but with proper skill, the result will be identical to sharpening on a stationary sharpening machine. Discs differ in diameter, thickness and grit size.

Grinding and polishing

For high-quality processing of metal surface grinding and polishing discs are used for angle grinder. The most common type of grinding wheel is a set of pieces (blades) of sandpaper glued to the disk around the circumference at an angle. by using discs of different grit sizes, the required quality of the metal surface is reached.

For further polishing, the Velcro-type attachment is used, which is screwed directly onto the spindle of the angle grinder. On the market a wide range of sandpaper for this attachment with a grain size of 40 to 12000 units.

Metal polishing to a mirror shine is performed with cloth and felt discs. For this purpose, a hard polishing paste, such as GOI paste, is applied to the surface.

The nuances of working with an angle grinder on wood

Professionals rarely use the angle grinder specifically to work with wood, there are special devices and tools for this purpose. a belt sander, an electric saw, an electric jigsaw. But in everyday life, if there is a need to perform woodworking works, to buy a whole set of expensive tools is impractical, then come to the aid of angle grinder with a nozzle for grinding wood.


Angle grinder is not the most popular tool for sawing wood, because it is a material with a fibrous structure. In case of insufficient fixation and the slightest fluctuation and change of the cutting angle, the fibers will heave, delaminate, form chips, defects and splintering of sawdust and chips.

Cutting nozzle is justified only if the most stable fixation of the angle grinder on the table for sawing. With the angle grinder you can make only a rough, not precise cutting, as it is impossible to organize the observance of all conditions for precise work. to fix the material, tools and see the place of cutting.

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Grinding and Polishing

angle grinder is great for grinding. The works are performed according to the following algorithm:

  • preparatory work. Initially, a rough sanding is made with a scraping nozzle. It has the form of a bowl with a twisted wire around the perimeter (similar in appearance to a brush with metal bristles). At this stage old layers of paint are removed from the board.
  • Preliminary (rough) sanding. From the surface of the material to remove coating residues, protruding fibers and other defects. Work is carried out with the use of grinding discs for wood angle grinder. At this stage the material is prepared for painting.
  • Finishing (fine) sanding. Applicable for wood, which will not be painted. The work is done with the attachment for the angle grinder for wood sanding with an abrasive of minimal grain size. nulivki.
  • Polishing. Produced at low engine speeds, fabric wheels are used as an abrasive.

In order to maximize the convenience and quality of all processes, you need to choose the right nozzle from the whole variety of their modifications.

What are the discs for wood for angle grinder and how to use them properly?

the angle grinder is one of the most popular tools for working on different surfaces, be it metal, stone or concrete. It is also called an angle grinder. The angle grinder is typically used for machining metal or masonry workpieces. But in some cases the angle grinder can also be used as a woodworking tool.

In the possession of every craftsman at home has an angle grinder or simply angle grinder. The main purpose of the tool is known to all. Expanding Spectra capabilities is achieved through the use of different attachments. discs or circles. To increase the ability of the angle grinder, manufacturers produce discs for wood. What they are, and for what purposes they are used, let’s get acquainted in detail.

angle grinder for sawing wood. why under the ban

Manufacturers produce special discs for angle grinder, through which you can cut wood and wood materials. plywood, fiberboard, particle board, etc.п. However, an angle grinder is by no means the best tool for cutting and sawing these materials. This is due to the poor safety of the tool when working with wood.

This applies not only to woodcutting discs, but also to milling discs. The danger of using an angle grinder to cut wood is that the tool develops high revolutions. A large-toothed bit or wheel causes a “kickback” effect when it comes into contact with wood. It occurs in 95% of all cases, and if a person is not prepared, the attempt to saw the wood will result in injury. Everyone can imagine the level of injury when a tool, with a disc rotating at 12 000 rpm, snaps out of your hands.

Sawyers who work with chain saws are familiar with the kickback effect. On a chainsaw, kickback occurs when the end face of the chainsaw blade touches the wood. That’s why most household chainsaws are installed with a narrowed end part, to prevent the occurrence of backfire. Backfire is very dangerous, so when buying a wood cutting disc for an angle grinder, the seller will make sure you know how to use it?

This is interesting! If you need to saw the wood, then it is better to take a hand saw or a chain saw. Use an angle grinder for such purposes should be used in the most extreme case. And it is necessary to do it with a special disk installed in the spindle (we will get acquainted with their varieties below). It is strictly contraindicated to use concrete or metal discs for cutting wood with angle grinder. Such discs overheat in the wood or can get stuck, which will cause them to break their integrity while rotating.

Young craftsmen are always interested in whether the angle grinder can saw boards? Let me answer right! Although such an operation is allowed by many people, but it should be very carefully performed, because any failure to be careful and disregard of safety rules can lead to disc breakage, followed by particles flying out in an unpredictable direction.

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Why is it impossible for a beginner to do it? Naturally, following the law of meanness, this direction can be your face itself, or other parts of the body. The speed of the angle grinder’s disc torsion can give the flying splinter great acceleration.

Let’s consider at once the most frequent and fraught mistakes of beginners:

  • Using an angle grinder without a hood, the removal allows you to better control the direction of the cut, but completely removes all insurance from breaking the disc, or flying splinters;
  • Using a non-standard disc for the angle grinder, most often beginners try to use a heavy circular, which is also dangerous and can lead to irreversible consequences;
  • Grasping the tool in the wrong place can cause the angle grinder to slip out of your hands.

Shocking photos on the internet and equally horrifying eyewitness accounts on forums confirm the dangers of using an angle grinder to cut wood. These are the people whose lack of safety has resulted in amputations, serious injuries, and even death.

The following information contains comprehensive tips to prevent accidents like those inexperienced guys.

I also recommend reading my books on woodworking to know the ins and outs of the job. Read more about the book in the Books section of the top menu.

It is for the angle grinder that there is a special wood blade designed for sawing wood at high speed. You don’t find this kind of wheel on sale very often.

tire, angle, grinder, cutting

Do not remove the guard! It is the only barrier between your skin and the highspeed grinding wheel.

Large angle grinders won’t make good cuts. Because of the sawing of hard wood, they can escape from the hands, because at the speed of the angle grinder, the tooth of the wheel is unlikely to cling to the tightly pressed fibers of the wood.

Gloves are a must when working. Better yet, get a device to hold the saw firmly in place. This will turn the angle grinder into a full-fledged machine, protecting you completely from tearing out, in the case of high-quality installation of the design.

Do not use discs with large teeth, they make it even less likely that the angle grinder will snag, especially on wood. Possibility of tearing out increases many times over.

With an adjustable number of revolutions on the machine, set the minimum value. Unfortunately, most grinders simply do not have such a feature.

You should put the tool at right angles, you can cut the workpiece, relative to the plane to be cut. Any misalignment can be dangerous. Tilting the machine is also highly discouraged.

If a button lock is present, do not use it. In a critical situation, you will not be able to disconnect the device in an attempt to minimize damage.

Despite all the tips and rules, the process of sawing wood with an angle grinder can be so accidental that following all the above precautions, cannot guarantee to keep the craftsman safe. This is due to the fact that the angle grinder is not the target tool for such tasks.

Therefore, if you have any alternative in the rejection of using this tool in favor of a stationary machine. make a decision to use it right away, even if it takes a lot of effort and time to transport it. In any case, your health, as well as your own life is more expensive.

The advice of many experts is a categorical rejection of this tool for this purpose. If there is a large amount of work to be done, then the choice should fall on the jigsaw, which will never be superfluous in the household.

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