The Partner 350 chain saw will not start

Partner 350 Saw Overview


  • power of 1.52 kW;
  • The working volume is 36 cm3;
  • idle speed 3000 rpm./min;
  • Recommended maximum rpm 13,000 rpm./minute;
  • the saw bar is 40 cm long;
  • chain pitch 3/8.

45 cm long saws are permitted, but the saw is still too weak for this length.

The saw is equipped with a manual chain brake, easy start system, primer for fuel priming, carburetor air damper regulator, has chrome-plated cylinder walls and cyclotron air system. It is assembled quite well and, while it is inferior in class to more distinguished classmates from Husqvarna and Stihl, it surpasses almost all other chainsaws in the domestic segment.

Fixing the chainsaw’s fuel system

When the fuel supply is restricted, it is not surprising that the chain saw fails to operate. There is only one problem: no fuel is getting to the cylinder. And there can be several reasons for this problem, and it’s up to you to find the very cause.

Try disconnecting the fuel hose for starters and observe the fuel pressure. Weak, intermittent flow signals a clogged filter. Take it out, rinse and dry it, and if possible. replace it with a new filter. Clean the breather valve, too.

Check the condition of the carburetor filter and, if necessary, rinse it thoroughly, dry it and put it back. We told you in detail above about carburetor adjustment, and these actions in this case are also not superfluous.

If the cause is not the breather or the carburetor, it could be trivial. Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank.

There may also be malfunctions in the cylinder-piston group (or CPG) of your Partner chain saw. This breakdown can be considered serious because the cylinder and piston are the foundation of the engine. That’s why the cylinder-piston group is an expensive component, costing up to half the price of the tool.

How well the cylinder and piston work together is a direct influence on the chainsaw’s power. Cylinder, piston and rings can wear out during operation, especially if improperly operated. In this case, only the replacement of parts will help.

The parts of the cylinder and piston can be mechanically damaged. You can diagnose these defects yourself. Remove the muffler. You can see the CKD in the hole. Scratches and scratches on the cylinder surface, located chaotically, occur when debris, splinters, and hard foreign particles get in.

If the cylinder is darkened, and this defect is observed throughout its surface, then, in all likelihood, you fueled your chainsaw with low-quality fuel. Bad gasoline also damages linchpin rings. frayed cylinder surface on the muffler side is a sign of critical overheating of the chainsaw during operation. Minor mechanical damage can be corrected by replacing bearings, rings, etc. But if you have a heavy scoring, you will need to have the cylinder completely replaced by a Partner chain saw repair shop.

We have prepared an entertaining article on the care of Drymiopsis.

Learn more about ageratum care here.

Safety precautions when working with a chainsaw

It is imperative that you use your Partner chain saw with both hands only. You can see how to do it properly in numerous videos. It is imperative that you protect your senses from dust, dust and chips with headphones, goggles and a mask. Also remember to wear protective gloves, close-fitting but not restricting clothing, and closed, comfortable shoes.

Before starting, be sure to check that the emergency chain stop is working properly, and that the fuel and oil levels in the tanks are present and level. The manufacturer does not recommend using the chainsaw in closed rooms, because the gasoline engine produces harmful emissions for the operator.

Your Partner 350 chain saw

If you find any problems or malfunctions, you can make repairs and service yourselves by carefully reading the owner’s manual and watching this video on how to assemble and disassemble your Partner chain saw. But the producer himself insists on a high-quality, professional and qualified service in the service centers.

Partner 351 chainsaw fails,fixed bad starting.

Partner 350 chainsaw. model specifications

The high performance of the Partner chain saw in the garden was achieved due to good factory parameters.

Gardening tool specifications include:

  • The capacity of the factory internal combustion engine is 1.8 liters. с./1,3 kW;
  • The regular forged cylinder volume is 36 cm3;
  • The idle speed of the motor is 4,000 rpm;
  • Fuel tank capacity of 400 ml;
  • Oil reservoir capacity is 200 ml;
  • The recommended length of the bar. 40 cm;
  • chain pitch. 3/8 ;
  • weight. 4,7 kg.

Your Partner chain saw makes very little noise and vibration when it is running. Sound pressure on the operator when the motor at maximum speed does not exceed 108 dB.

Partner 350 chainsaws: causes of breakdowns, repair with your own hands

There may be several reasons why a chainsaw does not start or does not start. To install them, you need to diagnose the unit. Possible causes of malfunctioning starting:

  • there is no spark on the spark plug;
  • Poor condition of the air and fuel filter;
  • Poor fuel flow and poorly functioning exhaust port;
  • The breather, which is located on top of the tank, is not functioning properly.

There is often soot on the spark plug electrodes and the tool will not start. That’s why you check the spark plug first. If the cause is not hidden in it, then the other elements are examined.

  • To check the ignition spark, remove the spark plug. To do this, remove the tip, located on the high-voltage wire, take out the spark plug and put back the tip. The spark plug is placed against the cylinder and the starter is started. The engine ignition assembly is functional if the electrodes give off a spark when turned on. When there is no spark, you must use a feeler gauge to adjust the distance between the electrodes or clean the entire part. To start the chainsaw, the distance between the electrodes must be between 0.2 and 0.5 mm.
  • To check the fuel supply, the tank must be filled with fuel mixture. The system tube is disconnected from the carburetor and the carburetor is primed. Fuel comes out jerkily when the system is working properly. If there is a weak supply, clean the channel through which the fuel or filter is fed. When there are gasoline leaks under the tank cap, it means the tank is overfilled and may be affecting engine performance.
  • Fuel filter is checked by disconnecting it from the carburetor. Disconnect petrol line and pump fuel. If there is no pressure in the nozzle, then the fuel is drained from the tank and the filter cartridge is pulled out. It is cleaned or replaced with a new one.
  • The breather (valve), located on the fuel tank cap, is designed to equalize air pressure, which allows gasoline to flow freely into the carburetor. Sometimes it gets dirty, the air doesn’t flow in and creates a vacuum that prevents the chainsaw from starting. Disconnect the hose, through which the fuel is fed, from the carburetor, then check. Fuel should come out of the disconnected hose. If not, clean it with a simple needle or high-pressure air blast.
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Widespread Partner Saw Failures: Diagnostics at Home

You can’t call your Partner chain saw unreliable. Many users have had no problem with it in winter and summer for years. But others complain about the same typical problems:

partner, chain, start

All of these problems have internal causes in the parts and components of the tool. So to get to the bottom of it and fix the breakdown, you’ll have to disassemble the electric saw. It’s not as hard as it might seem, because the manufacturers always consider this option.

Partner P350 does not start earlier ignition hits in the return line

To independently diagnose malfunctions at home, you need to understand that the common problems of the chainsaw in the vast majority of cases are caused by the same reasons. So you can guess from your symptoms where the source of the problem is.

For example, if the chainsaw won’t start, the cause is most likely in the ignition system, namely the spark plug. If air is leaking into the cylinder, then you need to look for a defect in the fuel system. Contaminated filter causes the engine to turn off and smoke, and so on. Let’s look at these cases in detail, so that you feel confident when you repair your Partner chainsaw yourself.

Your Partner chain saw won’t start.Diagnosis and repair of the carburetor.Adjusting the carburetor

Repair Partner chainsaw.Repair the carburetor.Adjusting the carburetor.

Petrol Master, tell me why my dear man, why can “sneeze” and not start the saw.

Tell me a Chinese chain saw has floating engine speed at idle speed, when the engine is hot then adding gas goes through a lull or beats all throttle?

And tell me.Show me in detail how to adjust the carburetor on this saw

I watch your video you like a magician once or twice and ready everything works here I have a Hus 440e she bewitched some when sawing the speed goes up and then not enough in the local service arms and say go to the shamans but now it is cold and need wood, and probably no one but you check the pressure is holding the breather works ignition ok.I thought the carburetor like in this clip is a booster but there is no booster there is a blank spot then I checked the valve the nozzle is working the gaskets are good it turns out I touched the carb for nothing what do you think is wrong with it thank you

As always, kudos to you for always keeping them so clean before you repair them? If it’s not a secret, how much in Ukraine does it cost to rebuild. Saw’s CPG, Trimmer? (China or brand-name.)Thanks

Your booster pump fell out so easily I couldn’t get mine out

If it is deepened to the end how the carb will work.

So on the 351-m and the cold compression is great! In general, the saw is reliable, I have more from Electrolux’a.

I have a wet carburetor, the spark plug is wet all the time ?

Why isn’t there a screwdriver cut where the adjustment bolts are, but there are ribbed bolts?

tell me the Hog240 does not work at idle stalls

I have never understood the purpose of these videos, as I understand you are engaged in repair tools, and you are not afraid to stay without a loaf, that is, without customers, I myself have a business and engaged in repairs and increasingly notice the youth are turning to our services more and more rarely, and the question of why not bring the saw in the repair the answer:. and I saw a clip on YouTube and did myself.I know you’re a nice guy and you think about people and their money, but do you have any idea who’s thinking about you? you breed competitors, and why is your experience a talent you went to it by trial and error, received tricks from customers for poorly repaired tools, well, look your business.

You should take these saws by the back handle and throw them in the middle of nowhere for fun.

The chainsaw Makita DCS 5000 cold starts fine when hot it is impossible to start it and tell the reason.

Why is it that when I primer the fuel is pumped into the carburetor but the blower does not go into the blower blower blower is empty?

The carburetor repair is a thankless pain in the ass (ruins the reputation of the master), do only for yourself

the repair of a carburetor is a thankless pain in the ass (ruin the reputation of the master), do it yourself these scuffs on 12.45 minutes will ruin the new rubber in a moment, and he comes back and says you’ve done recently I paid the money and it does not work again ONLY A NEW CARB AND ONLY THE ORIGINAL AND FUCK

partner, chain, start

petrol master tell me what to do the saw works on idle and shuts down on full throttle.I changed the crankshaft oil seals, carburetor diaphragm.It is true that at idle also sometimes stalls, picks up speed and shuts down as if it is out of gas

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It is better to sell a new one and make more money ))) and you are struggling

Saw johnsered 535 carb with no booster and no valve and nozzles

Hi, I have a Partner p340s saw in the fuel tank 2 hoses one with a filter and the other for what?

The piston is blocked by the piston piston and the piston stops working ? I heard from someone that you can put a rubber stopper in there, you can shut it off. it helps, without the pump booster it will work ?

I’ve had my Parterre for 9 years without a problem and now it won’t start at all. Tell me what the problem is.

Hi I have a partners saw that has worked for 9 years without faults and now it will not start what is the problem and how do I adjust the carburetor for a partners 350. Thanks in advance

Do you think it is possible that the saw stalls because of the electronics?

Hello gasoline repairman checked everything changed the gasket in the cylinder on the sealant still will not start. What is the problem?

Hi there is compression in the cylinder and spark in the spark plug I think the problem is with the carburetor I decided to change it for a new one

These Partner series saws are bad. the new generations of p340s and p350s have already been improved

Can I send you or “new mail” saw al-ko bks 40/40 for repair. Dad says the screw unscrewed from the carburetor, and got into the cylinder and damaged the piston Dad somehow scratched the piston and like it should work, but the saw does not start I understand can be funny wrote well maybe you have something to suggest and then tortured with it.

Hello, ! Who had a problem with chainsaw repair please help. Stopped starting the saw. You need to expose it gently to start it up. Once again I tried to start it and failed. I put it on its side and gas leaked from the exhaust. Removed the exhaust and started the engine. I’ve been getting gasoline droplets coming out of the cylinder outlet. What is the reason? Thought the needle wasn’t holding. I took it apart, flushed the carburetor. Needle is fine. So I’m wondering what’s the reason. I would appreciate any help.

Hello! say, I face the choice between buying a used partner 351 saw or getting a stihlms180/16, but new, ie.е. at an authorized dealer. You can also use mineral chain oil in both partner and STIHL.

you are not a common expert, good for sure

Does not start on hot. it is clear. And here’s what happens when the saw is cold and barely able to crank the starter (sometimes even jams) Hot starts without problems.

Good afternoon! I have a Partner 350s chain saw, has been running for 4 years with no problems, but when I bought it in the manual said that when starting a cold chain saw you need to pump gasoline primer 10 times. When I did so I just did not stop, I screwed the spark plug out, it was wet, put another one on the starter, the result is the same, I screwed it out again, turned over the chainsaw and noticed that in the cylinder collected a lot of gasoline, then I poured out the excess gasoline and waited, screwed the plug and only then the seventh or whatever, it started and so initially I had this problem three times, and then I realized that what.That’s how I pump gasoline into the cylinder.Now on a cold start I pump gasoline primer only 3 times and all, and fire, starts with a bang. I’d like your advice on why I have no problem with the hedge trimmer, but I have a problem with my chainsaw, maybe there is something wrong with the carburetor.

Thank you. informative. I have the same overflow all the time and when hot. does not start well. I will try to jam the gas pedal likes of course no talking and subscribe. Well done, guys.

Hello. I want to buy a Partner 421 chainsaw. Can you tell me what it is about? I like the performance and the price.

Hello! In general, an interesting question about the chain saw. Chainsaw is Chinese, in a trailer works perfectly, the power and idle hold excellent, also starts well, but one point is still there, and this point is initially present in the saw since the day of its birth, because it works this way since the purchase. And so, what is this interesting issue? And the question is this, take our chain saw, of course it is cold, we start it without any problem and work, sawing wood for about 20 minutes, for these 20 minutes, it heats up, begins to increase the speed, as if to go into a gap and after a minute nada on pro, and start it already can not. But when the saw cools all comes back to the original state, it also starts up again perfectly and runs again until the full heat, and after 20 minutes again in a breakdown and shuts down, and so on in a circle, in this perspective chain saw works for a year and a half. Again, and I want to emphasize that this picture only happens when the chainsaw is heated. Earlier would be grateful for practical advice, what you need to pay attention to. Thanks.

I look at it all not bad need all parts from the carburetor sketch and in what order to assemble them back to number )))).I look at it and realize if I take it apart, I can’t put it back together.

Bought a new case from Partner, since mine is deformed from overloading.There are three tubes coming out of the fuel tank of the new housing.There are two on the old one.Where and how to connect them ?

Hello!Chainsaw accidentally ran on gasoline and now will not start what can be.

I have the same problem with my STIHL FS 38 chain saw, I can’t find it anywhere. If you can not help, send it in the mail in the usual letter? I will pay.

partner, chain, start

Algorithm and description of the disassembly process

If you need to completely disassemble your Partner 350 chain saw, the first thing you start with disassembly is cleaning the saw with a compressor. Next, the chainsaw assemblies are removed in the following order:

After the first stage of disassembly is complete, we clean the chainsaw again with a compressor, t. к. the air ducts are already accessible, which in most cases are heavily contaminated with wood dust.

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The next step is to conveniently remove the air filter housing and carburetor of the Partner 350.

After removing the carburetor, the cylinder intake window should be plugged with a rag, this will keep foreign objects from getting into the engine crankcase.

The muffler can be removed after the carburetor is removed or after the engine is removed. Exhaust port, also covered with a rag.

It is necessary to apply the piston stopper by installing it in the spark plug hole.

The clutch on all Partner 350 chain saws is unscrewed in the direction of the chain, to prevent it from unscrewing during operation. Flywheel nut has a standard thread and unscrewed with a 13 head, counterclockwise.

After removing the clutch is access to the oil pump, it also needs to be removed.

The last step is to unscrew the screws of the engine and remove it from the body.

Instructions for removing the flywheel from the crankshaft

To remove the flywheel you will need to use a special puller, but most craftsmen use a soft metal hammer, t. к. With its help the process of removal is greatly accelerated.

The idea is that the flywheel nut is unscrewed until it is level with the plane of the shaft, then with a hammer and a mallet placed on the nut, with one sharp blow, the flywheel is removed from the shaft.

The method is a little barbaric but time-tested and recommended by many masters as the most practical and reliable.

Instructions for tuning and adjusting your Partner saw with your own hands

before starting the saw, be sure to check that the cutting attachments, i.e. bar, chain, sprockets, etc., are properly set and in good condition. д. It is essential for a good grip.

The first time you use the machine, it should be run-in for the first time. It is enough to work for 20-30 minutes at minimum rpm. Watch a video on how to run-in a chainsaw here.

Remember that you first have to test the saw with a low load by cutting small branches and twigs. After a tank of fuel has been used up, it is worth stopping the saw and turning it off. In this mode, you need to check the tension of the chain, because the failure in this aspect can be traumatic! If the chainsaw does not start the causes and remedies can be seen here.

Improper care of the machine can cause a breakdown or injury. Be sure to check the chain’s sharpening and tensioning. It is desirable to get a chain saw chain sharpening machine, how to choose it you can see here.

A badly sharpened chain puts a strain on the chainsaw engine, a poorly tensioned chain can cause injury to the operator because of the chain flying off

Бензопила Partner 350 отказ в работе Причина и устранение неполадок

If it starts up and shuts down

When the chainsaw starts and stops, it is related to the carburetor or other parts. Causes of malfunction:

  • The fuel does not flow properly to the engine. It is caused by a clogged breather valve.
  • Not enough fuel in the tank. Tilting the tool sideways drains fuel residue into one spot. That causes the saw to stop working.
  • Poor fuel quality.
  • The spark plug insulator overheats, when there is a bad contact between the wire cap and the spark plugs. The contact between them becomes worse with fouling or mechanical displacement.
  • Spark plugs are faulty.
  • Fuel is not flowing properly to the carburetor through the fuel filter or pump. As soon as the tool starts to increase revolutions, it immediately stalls.
  • If the air filter is dirty, the engine can not withstand high loads and stops.
  • There is little or no lubrication in the chain.

Reasons for not starting your Partner chain saw (Partner) and how to fix the problem, we’ll explain in detail

Good day, dear readers and subscribers to my blog! At one inopportune moment you may find that your chainsaw won’t start. STIHL ms 250. Why the STIHL STIHL 250 chain saw will not start? Sometimes there are situations. But don’t rush off to get it repaired, maybe you can fix it yourself. I will tell you what to do, in cases when the chainsaw will not start, and how to find the right solution to the problem.

Cleaning the carburetor

The Partner 350 chain saw is very picky about fuel. The carburetor is repaired when its nozzles are dirty. In this case, check all internal mechanisms. When a fuel leak occurs, there should be a mark on them. If everything is okay with the hoses, you need to examine directly the carburetor. To do this, first of all remove the cylinder. Next, it is important to remove the crank, which is next to the clutch.

After that it will be possible to look at the carburetor. It consists of the lower unit, as well as the upper part with the ignition system. To unscrew the part, you will have to use wrenches. After disconnecting the carburettor you should inspect the carburettor base. If it is not deformed, then the problem lies in the ignition system. Contacts, in particular, can burn out. Unfortunately, they cannot be replaced separately. In this case, it will be necessary to buy a new carburetor. Setting it up will be pretty easy.

The need to make adjustments

The need to adjust the carburetor of the Partner-350 gasoline chainsaw arises quite rarely. Most often the problems that arise are related to engine wear or improper fuel supply. There are several indications that tell you when a readjustment procedure is needed. One of these symptoms is that the engine immediately shuts down after it is jump-started. In other cases it may not start at all. Such malfunctions are caused by an excess of oxygen or a lack of fuel. The malfunction can be caused by an increase in fuel consumption which leads to higher exhaust emissions. This process is caused by oversaturation of the fuel mixture with fuel.

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